Spiritual Awakenings and Business with Michelle Villalobos

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Hey hey everyone welcome to another Episode of the make money your honey Podcast another interview this week Y'all and you know we've got a theme Going on on the podcast recently which Is things are getting kind of deep and Spiritual and and you know even if we Talk technical things like email Marketing or sales or business there's Always this added element going on Lately where things are just going a lot Deeper I think people are ready for the Deeper conversations and this episode is No different we have our guest Michelle Villalobos she is the Superstar Activator She does so many things she's done Retreats she's taught sales she's taught Marketing he also teaches now something Called me which we'll talk a little bit More about in this episode before Getting into you know what we cover in This episode this episode is sponsored By our 90-day sales training persuade to Profit listen if you're in business you Need to know how to sell otherwise You're not making any money and Something that a lot of people have Realized recently is things that worked In I don't know 2017 18 even 2020 things That worked back then are just no longer Working people are they have more sales Objections the coaching industry has Changed a lot so the buyer's a bit more

Skeptical or the consumer has gotten way Smarter they know all about your funnels So you might be hearing some more sales Objections or maybe something else that Has gone on for you is that you used to Have a lot of lead flow and a lot of Prospects and a lot of people coming to You and that has dried up a little bit Maybe some of you might be experiencing That and or another thing is maybe you Were getting a lot of attention but that Convent that attention isn't converting Into Dollars it's not converting into Money so if that sounds like you you Need to join us in persuage profit Because what we cover and persuade your Profit is we're going to teach you sales Process we cover a five-step process in The program and then we teach you the Skills that are required in each stage Of the process and what you're going to Hear about in this episode is how people A part of the issue is that people build Women in particular but people build Business they don't really build Businesses they build prisons for Themselves so what we've done in Persuade to profit is we teach you a Process that is repeatable and scalable It's also a process that you know if you Grow your business and you want team and You want them supporting you with the Sales process you just plug that process Into your your client relationship

Manager you're already going to have all The scripts for your team and it's going To be a lot easier to duplicate yourself Through other people we thought about That in the updates that we made and Persuade to profit because as you will Hear from our guests today so many People don't think about this and end up Getting into a lot of trouble in their Businesses so the new and improved Persuade to profit is here if you want To learn more go to persuade2profit.com You'll figure you'll see the curriculum Client stories things that we cover and You'll find the application as well and If you are a female entrepreneur who's Already making six figures and you're Like Amanda I've seen What You've Done Right you've Got these systems tight you've got it Squared away you've trained team you're Super visible you're having the time of Your life help me I feel trapped in my Business then I also want to invite you To our Empress weekends this is where You'll work with me one-on-one in a Beautiful hotel in Miami in beautiful Coral Gables and this is this is for People who want to really bring more of The feminine into their business but Also just work smarter instead of harder And in order to do that you gotta get Away from your business and in a Beautiful setting so that's what we will

Do we will spend two days together Working one-on-one in one of the most Beautiful hotels in Miami so if you want To learn more about that go to Persuadetofrofit.com forward slash Empress I only have five of these Available for the entire year so once Again that's persuade to profit.com Forward slash empress and if you're Enjoying these episodes like I said We're getting kind of deep in these Episodes recently do us a favor leave us A review if you are listening on Spotify Or apple I think on Apple you list on Your phone scroll to the bottom leave us Five stars leave us a review we'll shout You out in a future episode this goes Out to a hundred thousand social media Followers every single week and they Will hear your name when we shout you Out uh this also helps us get this in Front of as many people as possible Because you know this podcast is brand This company the training it all exists To help give women the tools and the Mindsets that they need in order to Succeed in spaces that have been Primarily dominated by men and it's time For the feminine to have more of a say In this conversation which is part of What we're going to be talking about In this podcast episode as well so do us A favor we can't do this by ourselves we Need your help to actually do this so

Leave us a review and share this podcast Episode because it helps it get it in Front of as many women as possible so Let's get into it I'll let our guests Introduce themselves when I'm Interviewing them but here are the Topics that we talk about with the Michelle Villalobos so y'all This is this is some deep this week Okay so number one we talk about Spiritual Awakenings and how they blow Up lives and businesses Michelle talks About a major one that she had and Basically how her life fell apart and She had to completely rebuild her life And her her business and how a lot of Women build businesses were and lives Where eventually they run into brick Walls so we talk about that how to avoid The brick wall if you hit a brick wall How to overcome that we also talk about Why you need to be convicted in order to Be good at sales and why that's so Important we talk about women pushing Back against hustle culture this is this Is part of the feminine coming into the Conversation how we're pushing back Against that narrative and what that Looks like we talk about how to tap into Your deep self in order to find the Answers that you need we talk about the Importance of ancestral healing and Epigenetics in our entrepreneurial Journey and we also talk a little bit

About healing that entrepreneurial Lone Wolf syndrome where we think we have to Do everything our damselves I'm laughing because I've been there and So much more guys so much more it is Such a deep healing profound Conversation so without further Ado Let's let's Jump Right In let's get to It Hey everyone welcome to another episode Of the make money your honey podcast I'm Here with another Superstar of the Industry Michelle Villalobos of Superstar activator she's a Miami girl Although you moved around a lot but I Kind of consider you a Miami girl and You too okay good Are you Cuban Cuban yeah Me too okay I wasn't sure because I Heard that you'd lived in Dominican Republic and stuff like that That too because that's where Cubans go When they can't go back to Cuba I spent some animated together Miami's the other Dr in Puerto Rico or The other two So local Miami girl wanted to get some Miami voices out here and generally I Have seen your work I think for 15 years I think when I was just starting my First business as a writer I was just looking for anybody running a Business in Miami on the internet and I Was like is anybody out here doing it

Like hello hello and I'm the only one And I found you and Nikki Novo and that Was it oh yeah totally I love her So I've been following your work for a Long time and I feel like I've seen a Transition over the last 10 or 15 years Or so and I actually went to one of your Events back in the day but the audience May not know this is actually the first Time we're meeting exactly So we got some juicy stuff to talk about But before we get into all of that who Is Michelle Villalobos and how did she Get here Oh boy you have a few hours who is Michelle I'm a Creator I'm an artist I'm a Student I'm a teacher I would say that's my who I am at a deep deep soul level And how did I get here it was all you Know it's a it's been a quite a journey A lot of ups and downs and you you Mentioned you've seen a transformation Or a transition and I would say the last 15 years certainly since I became an Entrepreneur have been some of the most Intense transformational beautiful and Painful years of my life and and really In the last I'd say eight years has been The biggest shift which is I've had you Know what you might call A Spiritual Awakening and I've learned to or I've Endeavored to integrate that into my

Business and make it part of what I do And part of what I share with people So that makes total sense because I Think I found you before the spiritual Awakening because I think I was I'm Going on like 12 years so that makes a Lot more sense now yeah and I think even From when I saw you at the event a few Years ago I think it was 2017 to now When I'm watching you on your videos Like I still feel a shift yeah for sure Big shift I mean if you want I can get Into a little bit of what happened yeah Let's get into it because I I mean I Know what happened the audience does it But I know there's a lot of people out Here myself included who in the last Couple years I mean everything just Feels like it's falling apart and you Know on a global level yeah but there's Also a lot of individual breakdowns Going on right now yeah mine was Certainly an individual breakdown At the time I you know I what happened Was that I uh in 2014 April 2014 to be Exact I had a a situation where I found Out the person that I was engaged to you Know was just not who I thought and and It was a big big kind of one of these Like Mo like one day I found out Everything you know and it was like what Who is this person and and really the What that led to was like who am I that I missed you know all those red flags

That I ignored so much that I lowered my Standards in so many ways and I don't Just mean like you know with that one Relationship it's just all over my life It was a literally you know My standards were just poor around all Around my physical health around money Around business around relationships it Was just like The it was like you know basically a Catalyst for me to face all the Shadows All at once And it was you know so the relationship Broke apart obviously very quickly and Then my health I had a breakdown in my Health at the same time which those two Things together sort of with the two Dominoes that excuse me brought down my Business so I stopped making money Because I stopped working because I was Depressed and I was you know like having My Dark Night of the Soul you know I was Having my breakdown and I couldn't bring Myself to pick up the phone and call People or do things so the business Dried up and and part of what the Realization was is that I hadn't really Built a business at all I had built a Job for myself and a job that required My constant show up you know and so I Had burned myself out and in the process Of burning out was so kind of focused on The business and succeeding and Maintaining appearances and looking good

And that I allowed this thing this Relationship into my life that didn't Serve me you know I was drinking heavily I was partying to to let off steam you Know it was just so many you mentioned That at the event I think at the event This was 2018 you were even like I'm a Smoker and I've been trying to hide it I Was a smoker I was worse yeah so you Quit okay yeah and I hid that and I hit It you know even to some degree from Myself like if you'd ask me are you a Smoker I'd be like no no I mean I was Smoking a pack a day but I wasn't even Admitting like that I couldn't you know I couldn't identify with that so there Was such a fundamental like disconnect Between who I was actually being and who I saw myself as just massive Misalignment with you know everything it Was just it was a completely inauthentic Life ultimately is what I and the funny Thing was when I came to terms with that I was like I'm I'm the inauthentic one Like I I'm not saying he didn't do Anything wrong or bad or whatever fine But ultimately he was a mirror for me You know he was a mirror for me I was Doing the same thing he was doing just With different things you know yeah you Were just doing it like in the business And it's interesting I had I just Interviewed someone earlier today and They were talking about hiding things

And how it was it was more hiding the Positive things that could help people In the world and how that actually Negatively affects you and your business Because you're being an authentic and It's interesting so that was my morning Interview and now I have the afternoon Interview I have the book end and now It's kind of the opposite direction Where it was like I was hiding all these Negative things and it was like Destroying my life it was it was it was My you know it's really what I know to Be now Shadow material is the shadow it Was all the Shadows you know like what Had happened like now in hindsight with Awareness and you know having worked Through a lot of it like I'd spent my First probably 30 years of life creating A mask like you know kind of trapping Energy and things into these dark places Like things I didn't want to see or Didn't want to acknowledge or didn't Want to feel or you know whatever and I Just kept eating it all up eating it Literally and and drinking it and all The things and shopping and but Basically like packing away shadow until Finally this thing happened and it all Came like tumbling out and it was just Like you know onto the world it was Really bad it was really just it just it Was a it was a tough tough time and and It was a necessary thing it was not

Option like the universe brought me that Situation I believe that lion Spirit However you you know it occurs for you It was organized for me to have the Breakdown I had because there was no Other way I was going to wake up I was Gonna stay asleep forever you know I Could totally have have lived and died That way but you know I had I think Truly believe I think we all have a Greater purpose and there's there's Events that organize for our Awakening And for our evolution So how does one because I recently went Through one of these as well in 2021 I Did it's funny I had one when I was 21 Years old and then I had one in 2021. uh It wasn't as bad as it was when I was in My early 20s I got my Dark Knight of the Soul a little early with health Breakdown money breakdown relationship Breakdowns I got it I got it over with Early [Laughter] Really really early but I had like a Mini breakdown but but the good news was This time I was like oh something's Wrong and I know where this is heading Because I've been in this direction Before so it still got pretty bad but I Was able to catch it so it wasn't as bad As the first time and definitely this Time there's more faith and surrender And volunteers back then I had no idea

About any of that stuff it was just Constant panic attacks but I'm noticing That a lot of people are going through These major breakdowns right there's Breakdowns in business models in Marriages in letting go of businesses All together for a lot of people it's Letting go of the way they thought life Was gonna happen you know or the path That they thought was on it's kind of It's weird it's like the universe has Come in and been like hey you haven't Dealt with your so you all are Gonna deal with your all at the Same time yeah yeah exactly and it's Been very intentionally the the Individual has to so my mentor one of my Mentors her name is Nani Leia Diamond She's a very very wise wise woman and She talks about this process called Alchemy she didn't make this up I mean Alchemy is a concept in spirituality and In a lot of things but she's the one That taught it to me and her take on it Is that Alchemy is the process of taking These dark dark this Shadow and bringing It into the light And transmuting it and liberating the Energy that's been bound up in it And she does this through a combination Of like physiological techniques and Practices and you know there's a lot of Stuff to it but essentially the idea is Like I I hadn't even met her yet when I

Did this process I did it by basically Getting in my car every day and driving For three hours down to the Keys bawling And screaming and and then driving all The way back bawling and screaming every Single day I did this for weeks almost Not every single day but a lot and so I Didn't know it then but that was alchemy That was me bringing the shadow into the Light that was me making the sounds Allowing the tears to flow like being Angry being mean being upset you know Screaming you you know all the Things that I would never have done Before I had no choice it just came out And as it came out other things came out With it like old things and so my point In this is simply that when we do this Work individually when we clear that Those channels for ourselves we are also Often clearing it in the collective as Well there's a collective field you know If you believe in that sort of thing Whether you believe in it or not it's a Truth but there's we are connected you Know there's like Carl June called it The collective unconscious but Essentially there's a connection between All this so when you do the work and When I do the work we it's a gift that We give to humanity Foreign That's a good way of putting it but one Of the things I'm curious about is

Because I see it happening with a lot of Women entrepreneurs lately right it's The over basically you built a business And a whole life you didn't even want Yep yep yep I did that yeah I did that For seven and a half years and then I Didn't do that but there were moments I'm like oh I'm heading in that Direction or what the hell is going on But I've seen it a lot right and I know You had that where you basically built a Whole business and a whole life you Didn't want I'm seeing it a lot online Right now I'm seeing a lot of I'm sure You've seen this as well but to me like A tall tale sign of it is um Is when you see like in Facebook groups And things like that when someone's like Oh this strategy worked for me and then Suddenly there's like 45 comments of Women who are changing their whole damn Strategy that they've only been doing For two weeks uh yeah yeah there's a lot There's a lot there's a lot of pain a Lot of them there's a lot of pain and a Lot of uncertainty and a lot of not Feeling connected to self that's right I Feel there's it's it's that's what it is Like there's no connection to to the Self going on or and and yeah and it's Like a lot of women are heading for Trouble Yeah yeah it's it's the the living of Life from the outside in instead of from

The inside out I mean that's the easiest Kind of way to put it I I you know I I Use the analogy of putting on Ill-fitting clothes like you know it Just doesn't feel right the waist is too Tight the tag is itchy you know like all You want to do when you get home is take Off those clothes and they look okay From the outside but they don't feel Good you know and that's how most people Build their business from the outside in Like what's what's the market want how How could I make money will this work Like these are all you know a certain Level of Consciousness associated with Those questions like will this work will People buy this well you know it's very Externally focused and it's also you Know squarely in a I want to say tier One Consciousness but people might not Know what I mean by that but like a a Consciousness that's you know about Commercialism and you know all the Things right and what I what I invite People to start doing is to elevate the Conversation Elevate the questions that They're asking like why am I here what Is what am I how will I serve who do I Want to serve who is my heart feeling Called to serve like just asking higher Level questions and having space and Grace to answer those questions it's not Like a five minute you know YouTube live It's you know that's why I love the

Model that I use now because I shifted My whole business business model you Know we take these three intensive days And dig deep into these questions I love that you know and I think we're Actually adding more of that kind of Content into our training programs Because I got the green light I teach Sales by the way and the thing is that In order to be really good at sales like You have to be so convicted you have to Be convicted to be good at sales yes and And part of conviction it has to it has To come from within like yeah yeah you Know and it's not I mean people get so Caught up and like what's the messaging What's the strategy what words do I use It's like those things don't matter when You know right when you I can't tell you How many times I've told clients to Throw away scripts and teachers This group that takes them through a Structure not through like yes words or It's more of these exact words Yeah yeah and it's so interesting Because in our training program persuade To profit sometimes we will get the People who are like but can we like get To the sales can we like get to the Sales groups but early you go to like Tell me what to say on sales costs like Yes we're gonna get there we're going to Teach you the skill set but there's a Lot of groundwork we gotta go first

Before you can even be good at that Right like it happens that's what Happens in my you know my Consulting and My coaching it's like can you give me The strategy it's like well yeah I could And then it wouldn't probably work There's a journey we gotta go on and it Doesn't have to take a really long it Took me like years to figure it all out It can be done in a faster way and it You know sometimes it takes longer Sometimes there's more layers to get Through you know Yeah and I also want to be super Compassionate to anyone who's hearing Right now like Michelle and I have been Around the block like we've both made a Lot of mistakes So many right and it's interesting and I Want to understand because I think one Of the transitions going on right now That I'm speaking to a lot I I went Through this already but what I'm Noticing with a lot of clients is a Shift in business model yeah right total Shift in business model and a shift in The audiences that they're talking to That's one of the things that I've Noticed and it's terrifying you know There's a client coming to mind right Now who's um you know she's a salon Owner she's been been doing she's a hair Stylist she's been doing it for 24 years And she's like I can't do this anymore

Like I do not want to be behind this Chair for another year But I'm terrified of transitioning into Something else because this is making me Six figures yeah yeah So it's like a real fear it's scary Because things have to fall apart and Then you have to sort of rebuild Yeah exactly I mean there's there's a Lot of ways to facilitate that and I Know it's scary yes So total compassion for the because We've been through it already and that's And we teach from that place but let's Talk about business models for a second Because this is an area recovering under Earner here okay I built a whole first Business that was profitable but not Scalable okay yeah that's what most We've all done it is Their money their energy it's the Easiest thing to sell and be profitable Off the bat Right you know and and the problem is Yeah it's not scalable and it really the Only way to grow the only ways to grow Is to create you know raise prices which You can do to a point or add volume and The only way to add volume is add more Hours in a model like that where you're Providing service so you know I the Model that I shifted to is not Infinitely scalable that's for sure but It makes a whole lot more money with a

Whole lot less effort you know yes yes Right and and I've one of the other Themes I'm noticing online maybe you've Seen it too is this kind of like Revolt against hustle culture great I'm A fan of Miracles against social culture Yeah all right and like I've had a lot Of male mentors and I've had a lot of Very masculine mentors and I've learned So much from them and I appreciate them So much I mean they were training me Before the women even came around so I'm So grateful but there's a point where I'm like no I'm putting a stop there Like Like I'm not doing it that no no there's Got to be a better way of doing this and The hustle culture is one of those Things and I'm noticing a lot of women Really push back against the hustle Culture good that's what we're here for Is to lead the collective in in a new Way of doing life but they don't know How to get out of hustle culture because What we've done a lot of the time you Know sometimes there was no example Sometimes you know it's it's what you Went through you know you end up Building a whole business you don't even Like because you weren't listening to Yourself there's not a now there's Models you know you're a model I'm a Model but there's a lot of like okay but Like how do I do that like how could I

Possibly make money while working less Than having a life like I like it's not Computing like I just don't understand How that's possible so for the one who's Thinking that right like I'm thinking of That client who dm'd me and she was like If you would have told me six months ago I would have made 25 Grand without Touching anyone's head I would have Called you a bold-faced liar so So for those who just can't see it can't Compute because they've just been Operating from this Grind Mode and we've All had those moments and they can't see The forest from the trees what would you Say to them so they could Take a step like take a step back and See it before they run into a brick wall Like we did yeah yeah well the the There's a couple components to it the First is is obviously there's a mindset Piece there's a there's a beliefs piece There's a limiting beliefs there's you Know potentially right any number of Limiting beliefs like for example you Know you have to sacrifice to succeed Right the you have to work hard to make Money right there's a lot of people grew Up with this Cuban culture right I was Gonna ask um I was gonna ask how that Affected you sure like my family I don't Know about yours but mine was just like Don't get cute You know just stick to what we know

Works get good grades in school get a Good job make six figures get promoted Every few years like have some babies That's all you need to do right like That's common when I worked in the Financial space that's a common story a Lot of Latino immigrants get it's like The professional track you go get an Education and you will be a professional Right and if you got to work three jobs And you work three jobs but you Make it work and you go get your house And you have babies and there's your Retirement plan yeah and the the grand Irony of that was my dad was an Entrepreneur but he did not want me to Suffer because he had a belief that I Inherited that being an entrepreneur Meant no life no health You know and I and I recreated that Pattern so really my mom was the Opposite she worked for Miami-Dade County it was like I don't want you to Have to deal with this ever you Go figure out how to run a business I Don't know how but somebody needs to Figure it out because it's the same Story my dad didn't want me to do what He did your mom didn't want you to do What you did right yeah but they had Prescriptions they had we they had Prescribed a way that you needed to do Things and they would reward you for That I was an artist I love to paint I

Love to sing I love to dance I love to Create things was I ever like really Encouraged to do those things no it was More like all right you can do those Things but remember what really matters Like how you're really Gonna Learn make Money your retirement and the money in The bank and security and and because For Latinos it's it's all about that Security for those listening who don't Know much about Latino culture because It's kind of a Shows in a lot of cases I worked in the U.S Hispanic market for a while in the Marketing field marketing and Advertising and so I've read a lot of Like studies and research and you know All this stuff and Cubans I mean Latins In general have a very higher than the Anglo Market a higher value on education They place a higher value on education I Think it's more important than the white Community does which is really Interesting and from what I remember From my my finance days I believe African Americans as well or perhaps I Didn't research that culture like I did The Hispanic culture so I was surprised I'm like you know they placed a much Higher value on being like speaking English than the Anglo community did Like it was just interesting to me and So my parents were perfectly aligned With that they really cared about

Education and so that's so you asked me The question how do you make that number One it's like examining all your beliefs Examining what you're what you learned From your mother what you learned from The father not what they said but how They lived and were they anxious around Money were there fights about money were They did they did they hate people that Had a lot of money You might subconsciously not want to Earn a lot of money because you think That it's going to get you kicked out of Your tribe right think that happened to One of my employees yeah so she's from Nicaragua and a similar situation Actually where her grandmother had to Flee because of political situations and It's it's different in Nicaragua than Cuba but but anyway she grew up with a Story that wealthy people were like they're evil they know what Other story she also got a story of Nicaragua that Cubans are cocky and I'm Like well we are Mention the word polarity earlier and it Just feels like we're in such a Polarized culture and society and and What I what I invite people to is just Like Letting go of all those kind of black or White this or that masculine feminine Like you know it like choosing between But like wrong black white do it this

Way not that way embracing what Nani Liam my mentor calls the sacred third Like what's beyond that polarity what Lives beyond it not the middle of it Because when you're in the middle of it You're still in the polarity But the Consciousness that's beyond that You know that Embraces diversity and not Just diversity of colors and and Cultures but diversity of thought and Diversity of energy and diversity of Like business models and like like Really understanding because when you do That you'll understand like I can do my Own thing I can be me I can do it my way And it doesn't have to be her way or his Way or Dad's way or mom's way or the Market's way And I feel like when people really tap Into their unique self and like really Get into like Spiritual you know questions then the Path reveals itself and things are a lot Easier when we do that there's just more Girls One of the Shadow things I had to deal With in this last round and I didn't Even know it was there like this stuff Runs deep is actually related to my Family and what they went through Getting out of Cuba I don't know what Yours went through but mine went through Some crazy and like a lot of Cubans Have and

Um what was so interesting was I would Always feel guilty making money or Having pleasure in my life or like Things are supposed to be great but why Do I feel so terrible and I never Understood why and I started working With a mentor who started working me Through it she asked me about my family History and she goes Amanda you have Survivor's guilt And I was like what what like I wasn't Born in Cuba I was born in the United States I grew up in a first world Country everything is good like every I Mean yeah you know the stories and you Know I have like family members I didn't Even know existed dming me on Facebook Right now you know because you know and So you're connected to the story and the Struggle and all that stuff she goes you Have survivor's guilt you inherited it From your family they literally left Countrymen and family behind behind Because it was such a bad situation and They had to get out for future Generation I'm getting like emotional Like I just got chills talking about it You know and I was like holy Because I had that my whole life and I Was like is it because I was raised Catholic that I feel guilty About everything is that what it is Right but no That might be a part of it definitely a

Part of it but it was survivor's guilt Area and I didn't know I had it You know this stuff is multi think about It like we're start we're just Scratching the surface now of Epigenetics right where we know for Example I mean Studies have been done of Grandchildren of Holocaust survivors of The children of the people from The Killing Fields in Cambodia we know now And from studying earthworms too that That trauma is passed down genetically Epigenetics is the study of how trauma Is passed down now if you think about it Like we have 10 000 years more I mean Ten thousand years of modern civils not Modern but since farming since Agricultural you know agrarian societies Began which is when we started you know Agrarian societies when we started Farming and all that is when we started You know seeing women and women became Property and you know a lot of things Change we stopped living and sleeping And eating and screwing you know based On the seasons and the time of day and The day and night and the cycles and Rhythms like we lost touch with all of That and as a result you know we we've Disconnected from our real true human Human self And getting now I kind of lost my train Of thought where was I going with that Oh the epigenetics like if you think

About it there's an unbroken chain going Back you know thousands and thousands of Years and certainly some of those people Endured some pretty serious you know Trauma but you know that they were that They passed it that was passed down so That's weird a lot of a lot of women Have a fear of visibility and it's Basically a wish wound think about it Because you were burned at the stake Yeah well and there's so that's one Layer of it and there's there's more Even than that but yes exactly yeah Exactly yeah the stuff is like I I never Did ancestral healing I'm like yeah I Don't I don't get it like I don't I Don't feel a knit yeah and then that Came up and I'm like newfounder spent For ancestral healing it's worth it and It's like I remember one of my very First Retreats with manilea she was Hosting the retreat and I was Participating and we we you know we have A special connection with our our Lineage feminine our mothers and Grandmothers and all that and I remember Calling in my grandmother my dad's Mother to join us and oh I was not Expecting I got so emotional just saying Her name and I'm like what is this and So she the beautiful facilitator she is She guided me through like some deep Deep Alchemy because she hadn't wanted To have my father

She she Yeah she didn't want my dad and she was Forced to she was forced to have him in The 40s and she went crazy after she Gave birth basically I don't want to go Too deep into that story because it's Not only my story and you know I I Worked on that lineage wound I and I Believe that I healed it for my whole Family Yeah I want to talk about healing for a Second I just posted on Facebook earlier Today I've been doing a lot of podcast Interviews like bashing them up to roll Them out and because I have control of My calendar now not the other way around Lost control there for a minute but it's Back and I I noticed how a common theme I've noticed two things Number one I've never interviewed a Successful person that didn't have a Spiritual connection of some kind I just Haven't even met them I've never Interviewed a successful person that They didn't have a spiritual connection Of some kind That's amazing yeah I believe you I Believe you never even met him I don't Even know if it exists yeah well and it Also depends too like how do you define Success right like and that's a just Just an interesting question right like Because there are certainly people that Make money that that maybe don't have a

Spiritual connection because I was that Person at one point but I wasn't Successful like by by my definition now And at the time even I wouldn't have Probably called myself so I don't you Know it's just an interesting question About what does success even mean right And I think one of my clients is working On this her name's Debbie Peterson like Her whole thing is around like you know The problem is that you've let someone Else Define that for you and the Solution is to create that definition For yourself as ground zero start with That Yeah yeah I'm going through that a Transition with that now actually but The second thing I noticed and it's come Up on this podcast episode is healing Yeah Healing healing is a part of making Money It is Now it's a part of everything right Because it'll affect relationships money Your health absolutely everything that Being said right you don't have to be in An endless whole of healing and not Actually do anything Very well it can be very beautiful Though but there's always something new To heal or something old I should say You know there I feel like I mean I Haven't come to the end of my healing

Journey even every time I think I've Already done something like oh shoot are We here again are we doing what if we Come back what if we come back what if We die and come back who knows it's a New version of us I think that we'll Always maybe run into some of the same Patterns but from a new level from a new Version with A New Perspective and a new Awareness and a new sense of Responsibility and empowerment like That's what we build so that we can then Face the healing I I believe that that's Why your second go-around of your you Know of your breakdown was so much Easier because you were a different Person No it was still pretty hard but but it Was good yeah I had some awareness and I could be like I need help I don't know what kind of Help but I'm at least That's a big part of feeling is allowing Ourselves to be supported the one of the Biggest things that I see with Entrepreneurs that is the wound to be Healed is the Lone Wolf like I have to Do it all myself that's a common So I still deal with a little bit of That pattern like even today I had a Client who's doing so well and she's you Know three years into this work she's She didn't realize that she was trying To do it all herself she had a breakdown

All of a sudden everybody comes in and Supports their fixes it helps her and She's like oh I forgot I'm supported you know like it's all at My fingertips and I was trying to figure It all out do it all myself you know Yeah that's that's a big one we like to Wear like a badge of honor or for me it Was like you know it was a protective Mechanism yes for a lot of people at Whole like I'm just gonna do it myself Because I can't really rely on other People to be there which is a rooted in Childhood and all that stuff so my Question becomes back to that Self-wisdom right when it comes to Healing How do we Heel and at the same time move forward Because you know us humans like to go to Extremes I don't know if you've noticed That Michelle we like to go to extremes Right where it's like I'm gonna do all The healing but not do anything or I'm Going to do all the action and none of The feeling right so how do we use that Self-wisdom to be like this is what I Need in this moment so I'm going to take A step back because I need a little Extra time to myself right and then okay Well now it's time for me to actually Like maybe it's a season where it's a Little bit more go time for a season not Forever you know like how do we use that

Self-wisdom and that self-knowledge and How do we tap into that so because it's So individual to everybody it is it is That's a great question I don't know That I have an exact answer to that Except to say like You know he number one healing can be a Lot faster than people think it is that Take like the first time I did it I kind Of it was you know very clumsy You know the first time I did it I would Say like it was unconscious but it was Like you know I broke down all the way You know I was driving away to the Keys Every day for you know whatever that Happened for weeks you know I had a big Big but that was like the the heart Cracking open which I needed to like Open the channel oh we opened the foot I Needed that because otherwise my heart Was gonna stay all all locked up but now You know and I've now I've taken I take Clients through a lot of this as well Like now You know I know how to like do it in not I don't want to say I heal in like 20 Minutes but yeah I have many sessions Maybe every day or every other day or Like of alchemy where I can process Something fast and move through it fast Just because I know that the process Like okay you know here's what we got to Do we got to set aside an hour or Whatever and like fully feel what we

Feel like acknowledge the impact and get Angry and scream the things and you know Whatever I have to do because you know If I let that move all the way through Me on the other side there's always a Resolution Always there's always a knowing there's Always a wisdom the challenge comes when I avoid it I resist it you know and I Don't go there and I maybe I don't do This anymore but like grab a glass of Wine instead or go on Amazon and shop Maybe I do that sometimes for work or Work or open my email yeah The self-awareness really because you Asked about self-awareness like what is That it is the awareness to notice when You're feeling feelings that you don't Want to feel What and naming the feeling like getting In touch with it feeling it in the body Like what is this feeling oh I feel Betrayed oh betrayed I feel betrayed I Feel betrayed like that sucks to Feel betrayed and like feel it like to Feel it instead of be like how do I get Out of feeling betrayed how do I fix This feeling right it's just like what If you just felt it what if you just Felt it you'll find that it's not going To last forever if you give it the space To be felt Yeah when I feel my anxiety I haven't Had a panic attack in almost a decade

But I felt I started seeing the red Flags of oh they're gonna come back If I don't figure out what's going on Like I'm heading in that direction and It was so interesting because To anybody who's ever had panic attacks The worst thing you could possibly do is Try and resist the anxiety because it's Going to make the panic attack worse Like the physical symptoms will get Worse I did not know that you know I Didn't it's like the worst thing you can Do so it's it's like you surrender to it And it goes and it's you move through it That's what Alchemy is that's what I do With my clients it's like and that and They resist it so much they have to make Some types of appointments with me like Can you do alchemy with me like because It's like they don't want to do it by Themselves or they do it with each other Now you know and I have mindset coaches Now that do it with them you know so It's just it's like holding space for The feelings to be felt and to not make It wrong or bad and that's where we're Back to this getting away from polarity There are no bad emotions there are good Emotions they're just emotions on a Spectrum and and and the more of the Emotions we allow ourselves to feel Nadilia I keep quoting her but she's That smart it's like keys on on the Keyboard right if there are certain Keys

We won't play certain emotions we won't Allow ourselves to feel there's a Limited amount of music we can make yeah Yeah and and I recently learned this From one of my mentors like when you get In those spaces you cut off so much of Your brain power you do you do and you You use a lot of energy to keep all that Bound up it's a lot of energy to to stay Like this you know it's it The Liberation comes from the surrender into That which we resist and that's a whole Nother conversation right I want to do a Quick disclaimer that I am not a Therapist when I said that thing about Resisting the anxiety but that was told To be by a therapist so was it good no I Think I'm glad we cleared that up Because that's important yeah Um yeah because that's important and It's also been my experience for Experience yeah yeah as I'm like oh If I resist it it just gets worse but if I'm like okay anxiety because think About it if you're resisting it you're Adding Fuel to the fire it's more anxiety yeah It's you you just if you start resisting Then you start getting anxiety about the Anxiety just spiral in this so basically Just spiral because then you get anxious About the fact that you're anxious and It's just like this never-ending thing And before you know it you feel like you

Can't breathe and you think you're Having a heart attack oh girl yeah it's Like the worst feeling in the world Right I have one that's what was Happening to me at 21. I had I had one of those in college Maybe two when I was hospitalized Overnight for that in college I don't Know if it was overnight I don't know I Was hospitalized in the hospital I think It was overnight actually and you want To know something it was brought on by About three days of Hardcore drinking Something interesting for me like that Was a catalyst for it what brought mine On was that I was physically ill like I Haven't shared this story a lot and then I want I gotta I remember the last Question right but I was physically ill I had to take like a medical leave of Absence from school and everything and It was one of those things that like a Lot of I I had H pylori I just had like A bacteria in my stomach and my lower Intestine right that no one knows how The hell I got and apparently a bunch of People end up with this thing but it Doesn't really give them bad side Effects but for me it was like I Couldn't hold down water oh girl it was It got really really bad right and like The antibiotics kind of just me Up even more Up your whole digest and your you know

Your vag your vagus nerve your your Nervous system and your your like a lot Of your you know a lot of your Neurotransmitters are are based in the Gut in your gut yeah so my gut was all up like physically and then it Started triggering panic attack oh girl Yeah yeah and it was it was not like I Had to finish my last year of college my Last semester I had to finish it on Medication because there was no other Way I was gonna get through it yeah Right and that's like I didn't know Anything else back then I mean later I Learned about meditation and I got into A person yeah that's right isn't that Funny like I don't know how old you are But when I was I remember they sent me Home with Klonopin which is a pretty Significant drug that I think is off the Market now even but no no no Tech Techniques for management of like Stress Management or or meditation or even like Don't drink so much you know like it was No it's just like and then you don't Know anything I mean I could go That's a conversation for another day I'll have a Lisa Vitti on the podcast Maybe we'll talk about that with her but That's her Jam but yeah so that was the First one and I just felt the symptoms Starting to come back I wasn't Physically ill but like mentally I was Starting to feel it come back but like I

Said because I had more cell phone and I Was like I don't want to meditate I Meditate every day I don't want To go meditate I don't want to exercise I exercise every day it's like I was Like I felt totally disconnected from my Intuition it was the craziest thing ever And it was on the cusp of like major Business success wow it was a little While because it's like oh yeah because My parents were wanting to go and there Was like There was a nasty reaction to it and Then you know my father had two near Death like life-threatening situation at The exact same time so it was just like Everything was like mayday mayday mayday Pay attention to me and what I realized And you know we're not gonna have time To go into this today but my inner child Was screaming for attention yeah Yeah I've had one of those too my little Inner child like can we just go play Please can we just call her can we just Call her can we just go swim dress up You know yeah can we just go swimming Can we can we just do that and then once I started paying more attention well I Found some work which is where I found Out about the survivor's guilt and uh Which was fascinating to me that was Like liberating I'm like that's why I've been feeling guilty my whole life That's huge that's a huge breakthrough

Inherited survivors guilt wow never Would have come to that conclusion on my Own so sometimes you just need help and The other thing was when I started Paying more attention I took like six Weeks off I wasn't driving to the keys I Was basically just going to nice Restaurants and Coral Gables All right I was like hey team go handle Stuff I I need a break and then I Started picking up swimming and painting And all these things that I did when I Was like nine years old Skating And it was so healing and it was so Liberating and my creativity started Coming back the intuition started coming Back the good idea started coming back The anxiety started going down and That's when I got the green light from Spirit which was like now you need to Start talking more about this stuff Yeah this is you weren't ready before And now you're ready now you're ready Absolutely you might do you have a dog Yet I have four cats Okay cat that was my other big big big Shift that that made a big difference in My life you got fur babies no I've been Having fur babies And it's been like the best experience Been having for a baby so Michelle what Are you most excited about right now

Thank you for asking I've got I'm Actually waiting for UPS to arrive today With the proof of a book that I'm that I Wrote Yes it's not what you expect most likely It's I in March 2021 I was just getting Over a flu and coveted back to back and I woke up at four in the morning with us Like a little song melody in my head With some words and I couldn't go back To sleep I got up and finally like wrote It down and just kept writing and I Wrote this poem it's like 22 stanzas it Rhymes I've never written a rhyming poem Either and it's like a joyful poem about What we've just talked about about it You know about a transformation from a Dark Night of the soul to following your Dreams and it's very Whimsical it's like Kind of like Dr Seuss meets Roald Dahl Meets like Avatar I got a an illustrator In Germany to illustrate each stanza and I turned it into a I call it a Children's book for dreamers of all ages So it's really the audience is you and Me or we're the audience it's not really For kids although some parents might Want to share it with kids but it's Really for transformational leaders and It really if you if you read the book It's fun it's beautiful and it's a Blueprint for this process of Awakening That I just told you about that we just Talked about I love it when does it come

Out it I'm hoping to launch it September 10th in Miami actually so I'll let you Know you know the plan is to I mean it's Called the book is called but I want to Fly and I'm getting the proof today and Ordering prints and I'm gonna put it up For pre-sale soon and hopefully launch It at the last day of my three-day Retreat in Miami in September yes keep Me posted because then we can get the Podcast scheduled kind of around the Same time and then okay yeah let me know Of course yeah it's because you know What happens when you take control of Your calendar and you start watching Things is you have tons of podcasts So you can rearrange the schedule when People have books coming out Awesome yeah yeah so the book's called But I want to fly and I'm so excited About it I've never this was part of my Transformation my Alchemy around you Know I had a realization a couple years Ago that even this was still a couple Years ago it wasn't even that long ago That I was you know pimping myself out My pimping out my creator Pimping out my artists using it in Service of clients only to get paid and Then so exhausted that I never created Anything for myself and this was a Process of you know the claim that I Made that two years ago was I create From pleasure

I create something oh I'm doing that now Too I'm like everything is joyful now It's supposed to be fun yeah and that's Where this book came from it came purely As a pleasure it's like every moment of It I've enjoyed I even made the book Trailer myself and I loved making it and I like every part of it has been joyful You know and so it's a different Energetic that's been infused into the Book you know I recently did a Facebook post about That too because it was the same for me Like I'm a very creative person Built a whole business as a Content Marketer obviously I Market all the time I love it but all my creativity was Being used to work and make money which Is great I love what I do but there was No creative Outlet just because Exactly and it's interesting because I Had family members for years who'd be Like hey we bought you some paints no we Got you a Sketchbook hey we got you the Drawing pencils but I just I wouldn't Touch them I'd be like no I have to be a Responsible adult now I don't have time For this what do you mean I have to go Run a business I have to go be Responsible and make all this money and Do that secure thing that Cuban families Want you to do retirement right Right but they're like hey we got you This and I would just ignore ignore

Ignore but I relate to that very much Because it depletes you like when you're A very creative person and you don't Have an outlet to create just because For me right now it's painting it can Really deplete you like it because you It's like you're not feeling your own Creative cup you're are using your Creativity for everybody else yeah Absolutely so exactly that was the Breakthrough that I had and and this Whole process has been a result of that Kind of new claim I love it all right Michelle tell the people where they can Find you I know you have a very active YouTube channel Yeah you can look look up Superstar Activator on YouTube that's me I have Like 500 videos at this point about Business and you know kind of really That integrated masculine feminine Spiritual you know all of it all of it And that's the best place to get content Free content and then if you want to Learn more about working together you Can check out superstaractivator.com All right thank you so much for being Here Michelle this was so juicy we're Gonna have to have you back for a part Two so we can talk about really inner Child and how you even found like Because another question that came to Mind was like wait how like you found The modality that worked for you how the

Hell does that even happen like You know and then deciding to use that In your business like we could do a Whole other podcast episode and they Have so many Miami people that are in This space like Monica Reyes is the one That introduced me to psychosynthesis Which is that inner child sub Personality integration work she's Brilliant she'd be a great guest for Your podcast she's absolutely hook it up Michelle Absolutely no more Miami voices the Better yeah and I have another one too So like yeah but I'll give you a list of People happy to be my pleasure thanks Michelle all right well thank you so Much for being here I'm I I can't wait For your book to come out and I can't Wait until I get the recording for this And I can listen back to it While I'm bullet journaling tonight Because that's my new thing right it's Like the whole bullet journaling to stay Like consistent and not let my calendar Take control of my life and not let team Or other people take control of my life So I'm very excited to listen back to This and thank you again so much for Being here you've been doing a lot of Really good work for a long time and I've just been watching from afar I Haven't been like really involved but as Someone who like didn't know that much

And just knew you were there and has Been watching from afar and did a couple Things like I can see the transformation Like even from 2018 I can sense more Peace in you oh gosh yeah thank you I'm Working on it I'm on the path sister Thank you for the work that you're doing And your commitment to Bringing Miami Voices to the fore I love that and I'm Down for your mission All right until next time everybody Cheers to making money your honey

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