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What's going on everyone Chase Reiner Here and today we're going to be talking About a super easy way to make over a Thousand dollars per day with chat GPT And short form content this is something You can start with today and I'm going To give you a over the shoulder strategy That you can follow along with but I'm Going to also explain to you the mindset That you need to have in order to do This because it's not something where You're just going to click a button and Immediately start earning money if Somebody tells you that you can do that They're probably lying to you it does Take more than just a few clicks you Want to create a strategy that you can Follow every day even if it's for 30 Minutes to an hour and eventually you're Going to be able to start earning money If you stick to this process now I'll Show you back in the day when I started About 2017 you can look at my videos From back then I was in a garage I Wasn't making any money And I followed this outline I followed a Lot of the principles I'm going to be Sharing with you today and I've been Able to get to over a million dollars a Year in Revenue now I'm not saying this To brag I'm not saying I'm super cool Because I can do this or because I did That I'm saying that anybody can do this If they put in the right steps and if

They work at it So let's talk about what this process is Before I do though I want to ask you a Question if you're interested in videos Like this if you want me to keep you Updated with all the things that I'm Doing all the tests that I'm running all The ways that I'm making money please Respond with the word yes in the Comments right now And I know to keep making content for You So one of the things that I'm going to Recommend to you right out the gate is Realizing that you can sell whatever you Want if you can build a following and so It doesn't really matter if you build The fall a following in the form of a Email list in the form of a YouTube Channel following subscribers Tick Tock Instagram if you can build a following You can start selling whatever you want Because there's a certain principle that If you follow which is called traffic Versus EPC we'll talk about that in a Second but if you follow this principle It is very easy to sell anything because It's a numbers game and as long as You're in a certain niche as long as You're sticking inside your your selling Things that are relevant to the niche That you're in It's very easy to sell as long as you Are paying attention to numbers

Um and so what I want to talk to you About today is how to kind of build a Following how to get people interested In your content or in whatever you're Talking about even if you're not talking About it you can use other people's Content you can repurpose content you Can use AI there's all these different Ways that you can actually build a Following without actually you having to Do the content yourself but if you can Do that it's very very simple to sell so I've actually done this multiple times With brand new accounts like Tick Tock Accounts I've built an account from zero To a hundred thousand followers and then I built another account from zero to 100 000 followers I have people that are Inside of my program that are doing the Same thing they're following the methods And they're taking brand new accounts up To 10 000 followers within the first month or So So let's talk about all the different Um channels first of all I have a Painting over here And there are so many different places That you can actually post content build A following so you got YouTube shorts You got long form content like this Video you know anything above a minute You have Instagram Instagram reels Facebook reels Facebook groups you got

Snapchat you got LinkedIn you got Podcasts you got Tick Tock you got email You got Pinterest you got you know all These different platforms right and so All you have to really do is figure out How to grow a following on one now the Cool thing though is you can actually Utilize something like short form Content that will allow you to grow on All of them and what does that mean so Short form content is like 30 to 60 Second videos right it's like uh you've Probably seen YouTube shorts or tick Tocks or whatever but it's any video That looks like this you know it's 50 Seconds and it basically is just a short Video that shows you how to do something Or you know it ideally sends traffic From the short into some sort of email List and you can start retaining your Traffic but Before we talk about that let's talk About just getting content like this Posted if you can post a video like this If you can make a video like this it's 55 seconds you can post that same exact Video on somewhere like Instagram or on Facebook and check this out this video We posted uh last night on YouTube Shorts got 1 000 views if we go on Instagram I got 5000 views if we go on Facebook I probably got another 6 000 Views 5000 views Tick Tock and so they All start to compound and you can start

To build a following on all these Different platforms Now by doing this Short form content What you're going to notice and this is Like uh something that I actually kind Of ran as a test recently If I go over to my Google analytics I Can actually show you that When I stop doing short form content my Traffic went way down so like I stopped Pretty much all of March And April and this was my traffic when I Was doing shorts before it was crazy it Was like sixteen Thousand Eleven Thousand and then look it went way down And then I started doing it again now It's kind of slowly going back up but Short form content is really cool Because again you could post it on all These different platforms and the the Traffic starts to compound as you start To get views on you know Instagram you Start to get views on YouTube you start To get views some of your videos usually Like one out of your 10 videos will Start to take off and that one video on One of the platforms that might not you Know that video might suck on YouTube or It might be bad on Facebook but all of a Sudden it takes off on Instagram or it Takes off on Twitter or wherever it Takes off on that one video will start Bringing a bunch of traffic the majority Of your traffic and then as you start to

Build more and more content maybe one Takes off on YouTube And what happens is all these videos That start to take off They start to build this massive amount Of traffic that's going into either an Email list of yours or your website and So what does that look like so if I go Over to let's say convertkit here this Is my uh CRM here That manages all of my emails If I go in here You can see Uh April 17 they got 440 new subscribers That's today yesterday I got 898 new Subscribers that's new leads and the way I'm doing this is I'm building Email opt-ins I'm telling people in my Content to go and grab a checklist or go And Um you know Check out my tools or check out my Classes or whatever the thing is so like For example this is a checklist I have Here people can go check it out they Have to answer their email and so the Game here is remember as I said in the Beginning if you can start building a Following if you can start retaining Your traffic now the cool thing about The email list is it's a little bit more Efficient than maybe a following on Social media because following on social Media doesn't really you're not really

Guaranteed to reach your following Algorithmically where with email it's a Little bit more direct where if you send An email you're more likely to hit the People that follow you And so I recommend using short form Content and sending traffic to some sort Of list like something like this Now I want to talk to you before we kind Of go into the method I want to talk to You about so again remember how I said In the beginning it's more of a mindset Shift A lot of the reason why people aren't Successful at this stuff isn't because They can't do it it's not because it's Not possible I I hear all the time chase You know it's impossible it's not Impossible What's hard for a lot of people to grasp Is that It's it's very important to keep doing The thing that you said you're gonna do Because you said you're going to do it And to have a list of the things That you want to get done and so what I Recommend Is instead of having a list of Something that you wrote like you know Three weeks ago or a month ago or Whatever you know when it was uh January 1st Write it out every day every single day Write out what you want to get done and

So this list even if you already know What's on the list at the beginning of Your morning delete it and rewrite it And what this kind of does it trains Your brain To keep going for the thing that you Want to do and so like for me I know I need to do certain things I Need to do a long form video like this Every day I need to do shorts every day I need to go for a certain amount of Traffic I need to go for a certain Amount of Revenue and What I'm doing is I'm training myself to Keep doing the thing even if I don't Want to do it like I'll be honest with You when I do these long-form videos or Even the short form videos most of the Time I either don't know what to say Or I just don't want to do it I don't Want to figure it out right but the Thing that I want to accomplish is more Important than the thing That I'm I'm not going to be able to get If I don't do it if that makes sense so Like if I don't do this thing I'm not Going to get the thing that I want the Accomplishment right and so I need the Thing that I'm going to accomplish to be More important than the thing I don't Want to do and so I do the same thing pretty much every Single day even if I don't want to do it And so that comes with having a list

Though if you have a list you just keep Doing it over and over right like or you Do the thing until it's no longer on the List and so you can change your list at Any time it just depends on what your Goals are but most of the time the Things that you don't want to do will Lead to the accomplishment And so you just have to keep doing the Thing And so write it down do it anyway Um The formula that I'm following right now So I've been I've not just been doing The short form content the long form Content every day I've also been doing Like live streams and you can actually Check my channel and watch the previous Live streams that I've done but In the live streams I've been kind of Building out the strategy that I think Is going to help scale Uh our traffic and our sales from where They're at now to basically double And a lot of what that is is it's the Short form content but it's also a Certain type so there's different types Of content That do really well and Uh what I mean by that is like you can Have manually made short form content Where you're going recording it manually Like you're taking out your phone or Using like some sort of recording

Software like this one and you're going And manually creating the content every Day like minute videos Or you're going and having somebody else Or yourself repurpose your long-form Content or or long-form content that you Want to repurpose from somebody else we Actually have or I have a subscription Called viral video Vault where you can Actually get access to all of my content If you want to take videos like this one Clip it and then build up accounts With the repurposed content the only Thing about the repurposed content is That it sometimes doesn't do as well and I'll give you some examples if I go on Somewhere like Instagram here you can See like this content here this is Manual content 5000 views 11 000 views 34 000 views 79 000 views and then the Repurpose content it was still getting Not terrible views six thousand four Thousand thirteen thousand But just not as good as the manual and So my game plan and Again this could be your game plan too Is to basically have a couple channels Just for repurposed content And the cool thing about this is you're Not just building a couple like YouTube Channels you're building a couple Brands And so these Brands go like they expand Across all of these different platforms Right so if you have one brand devoted

To repurposing content you're going to Have that one video that you repurpose Every single day or you have somebody on Fiverr upwork create for you reap and Repurpose You're going to have them post that Content on a different YouTube channel Different Instagram Channel different Facebook Channel different Twitter Different Snapchat and so if you have a Couple of these repurposed channels You're going to end up getting Uh you know Let's say 20 or 30 posts a day between All of these different platforms just by Having you know one to two repurposed Videos you do a day but across all these Different platforms and so my game plan Is to kind of have my main channels Be Uh original content like manual and Manually made content And then these other channels to be the Repurposed content which is really Content that's just clipped from longer Form videos like this now one of the Other things I want to mention though Is that my strategy is not to try to get To you know 100 000 a day or a hundred Thousand dollars a week Overnight uh at the peak of my business I think in January I've made about three Hundred thousand dollars which is great But

That's not where I'm at right now so I I The the revenue went down a little bit I I I'm back at like two to three thousand Dollars per day and so right now my goal Is to double down like the way I got to 300 000 a month was not by saying I'm Gonna get to 300 000 a month and the way That you're gonna get to let's say a Thousand dollars a month or ten thousand Dollars a month or whatever the you know Hundred thousand dollars a month Whatever The Benchmark is for you I wouldn't recommend going and trying to Get to some big number right away I Would recommend Doubling down right so like my traffic Right it was over here before I'm not Going to try to go to 13 000 visits a Day right now I'm gonna try to go from 2 000 visits to four thousand visits a day And then I'm gonna try to go from four Thousand eight thousand because it's Much easier to double down on something Than it is to 10x down on something and So what I'd recommend is if you're not Making that much money let's say you've Only made a dollar And then you want to make two or you've Only made two and you want to make four Whatever the number is that you're at It's a lot easier to double down because All you have to do is either double your Quality or double your output right your Quantity

And That's a pretty easy problem to figure Out right so for me if I want to Double my traffic I probably just need To double my content right if I want to Double my income or I want to double the Amount of sales I make and this is what I was saying earlier it's called EPC I need to up the amount of money I make Per visit to my landing pages and so What does EPC stand for I actually Always forget the name the actual Definition of this EPC definition it's Basically the amount of money you make Per visit Affiliate marketing It's the amount of money you make per Visit earnings per click that is that's What it is so when you go and sell Something online I'll show you a product here We have one of my classes so This product here has made twenty eight Thousand dollars I've had 42 000 people visit the page so Every person who's clicked on this page It's worth about like let's say 80 or 90 Cents because that's what's gonna Probably end up uh Becoming thirty thousand if you divide The numbers so That's that offer is only worth about 80 Cents 90 cents every traffic I every Visit I send and so ideally if you want

To make more money you either up the Offer make the offer more valuable so That the EPC goes up or you up the Amount of traffic or you up both but You're really usually only focusing on These two things and so if you can just Double down on these two things make Your offers more valuable Uh get more traffic You're gonna make more money and so that Is a lot easier to figure out than like How do I go viral and get millions of Views and make millions of dollars right Just focus on where you're at right now If you get 10 visits a day to your Website And you're making two dollars a day you Know again whatever the number is Up the value of the offer double your Traffic get to 20 visits and make your Offer slightly more valuable Um So Another thing I want you to know is that You create your own luck and that pretty Much everybody's uncertain with what They're doing it doesn't matter how much Money you make like I make thousands and Thousands of dollars online and you Would think I'd be super certain about Myself and what I'm doing and all this Stuff I'm telling you the more money you make The better you get the more uncertain

You actually become Because the more you realize How much there actually is to do and Um there is never an end like the only Thing that happens when you get to the Thing that you want to do when you Create the list as I said earlier like This is you build a new list and so Realizing that every day you're gonna Have a list And if you don't have the list then it's Very hard to get things done because you Don't have goals that are specific and That are accurate and again Don't create goals people always say Well you know dream big and it's like Yes dream big but also be reasonable and Focus on just doubling where you're Currently at don't worry about what I'm Doing don't worry about what the next Person is doing just focus on beating Yourself in your own race and so Again for me I don't want to have to do Videos every day I don't want to do Certain things I want the result of it Though and so I do it anyways I put it On the list and I do this with life too Right so like you know go to the gym Every day you know go Get something done at the house fix Something you know Um one of the things that I've been Doing lately is I've been putting plants In the house like have things because

I'm telling you I guarantee you as soon As you get that done there's going to be Something else because you can only have So many things on a list you can only Focus on so many things at once and so Put stuff on the list mark it off feels Great when you Mark when you check it Off and then put more stuff on the list But you're always gonna have a list You're always gonna have problems even You know billionaires still have a list They still have problems and so Don't worry about getting you know light Years ahead of where you're at right now Just focus on doing the thing in front Of you just focus on getting to the next Level doubling down if you can do that Eventually you're going to do what I did Which is you know go from making zero Dollars and this is all this is here is It's just me doubling down doubling down Doubling down and eventually getting Over a million dollars a year But I'm still the way I feel over here Is the same way I feel over here I'm Telling you Um it's just different problems but the Problems are just as relevant and they Feel just as real so if you're Struggling over here or you're Struggling over here or you're Struggling over here just know you're Not alone I'm there with you so anyways Um if you want to check out some of my

Stuff I would recommend This is a live boot camp we do Zoom Calls you can ask me questions you can Join our live chat uh you can also check Out my shine ranker tool that I'm Building Chase forward slash Shine I'll leave links to all the stuff in the Comments but thanks for stopping by We'll see in the next one till then Happy money making see you guys bye

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