Top 3 Lo-Fi Expansions from Native Instruments

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What's good y'all my name is landmark And welcome back to the channel today I Want to talk about my top three Expansions if you want to make Lo-Fi Music with Native Instruments now the Expansion library has grown Exponentially over the last couple of Years and there's so many to choose from But you may be wondering uh what do I Spend my money on if I want to make Lo-Fi hip-hop music within Native Instruments so I'm going to show you What I think are the top three that you Can use to make Lo-Fi hip-hop so without Further Ado y'all know what it is Let's get into it So here we are in the groups panel and You can see all of the expansions listed Here uh if my big head wasn't in the way You'd be able to see all of them but There is a total of 94. different Expansions that you can choose from and Uh it's a wide variety of different Genres of music and if you're looking For Lo-Fi hip-hop I have your favorite Three that you would be able to choose From pull out sounds drums and Everything to create that Lo-Fi hip-hop That you're looking for now out of the 94 if I had to choose three these three I believe in my opinion will give you Everything that you need from drums to Loops all the different types of sound To create Lo-Fi hip-hop music within

Machine two that I can think of off the Top are like no-brainers but the third Is uh strictly opinion based there's a Few others that I'll point out but uh in My opinion the top three are Crate cuts Faded reels And I'm gonna go with Aquarius Earth there's A lot of different Lush sounds within Aquarius Earth they have some really Good drums that you can choose from Those three in my opinion you can bind Sounds from maybe all three of those can Create some really good Lo-Fi hip-hop Music so we're going to go through all Three of these to help create a sound Profile for you so that you'll be able To make a decision say you only want to Get one you'll be able to make a Decision based on what we go through Here today let's start off with crate Cuts because that's in my opinion the Closest to Lo-Fi and it's basically this This expansion was made specifically for Lo-Fi So we're going to dig into that we'll Bounce around to five different kits so You can kind of hear what some of the Presets are Foreign Thank you So that's just a little sample of I mean You can immediately hear like all Lo-Fi

So there's a few of these that I really Like the loops that are in some of the Kits I like the drums that are in others So we're going to try to mix and match Some of these preset patterns and kits And see what we can come up with Isn't that a tick tock I'm pretty sure I heard that on a tick Tock somewhere The good thing about these Loops is that You can see the key that it's in and the BPM and when you add them into your Project it will automatically use the Audio function within machine And sync the sample to whatever your Project Tempo is So even though this Sample is 74 beats per minute It's going to automatically adjust This timeline And time stretch it see stretch right Here to match whatever I decide I want The bpms to be So if I play it right now it's going to Play at 120 beats per minute But if I wanted to speed it up more or Slow it down more I could get real crazy with it Which essentially it's close to this BPM Uh double so What if we match See what that sounds like Another feature is is that the audio Function right here

Maintains the key that the sample is in Regardless of if you change the tempo or Not if you wanted to change the pitch of The sample that's where you could do That here That's kind of nice I want to speed this Up a little bit Score 88 let's find some drums So I'm going to go back into here and go Back and cycle through these Kits and listen for a drum kit that I Like I mean on top In this preset group they had a Flanger on it which made this weird Sound on the high end I don't really like that so I turned it Off Maybe I'll add a little Reverb to this Sound give it a little Space Foreign Foreign Emerald eyes in the key of G that I have Down pitched uh four semitones And so what I can do after that is I can Go up here And type G And what it's going to do is it's going To help me locate other Loops that are In the key of G now it's also going to Give me everything that has a g in it But at least I'll be able to then just Look through here and see

Any Loop that has a key of G in it and Maybe I can pair it along with something Else We'll see if this goes along I'm gonna Pitch it down to match this sample and We'll see what it sounds like Surprisingly This is just one drum kit and two sample Loops and I have something that is a Nice shell to begin with All right let's move into faded reels Next Foreign Is just crazy it's one of my favorites In general but some of the Sounds in This and uh some of just the presets Itself I'm like how did you not when you Created this Loop for this expansion how Did you not just release it bro because Some of this stuff is just Fire It's too good to like not pass up as far As the drums go it's like it's one of my Favorites Foreign See what Loops they have in here to mess Around with Let's go Oh my gosh It's definitely low-fi vibes If I play this out Thank you Thank you

Foreign I don't know something like that You get the idea So the last one I want to look at Aquarius Earth I really like a lot of The Sounds in this kit so Let's go through a few of them Now this specific kit right here if You've been with me for a while you'll Remember that Datsun messed around with This exact kit when we were in Germany And we had a moment with this joint Right here Thank you Foreign Foreign that moment right there core Memory one of my favorites Foreign Stuff in here Sugar sugar No this isn't really Lo-Fi and this is Where the kind of like I was saying the I wouldn't say controversy begins but There's you know it's a specific sound Lo-Fi is its own thing and uh some of Some of these sounds aren't in that same Realm I mean maybe You know that last that last stuff is Kind of I would say borderline you know I would I would really say that crate Cuts has pretty much that exact five but If you wanted to kind of pair some of Those three together there are specific Sounds that you can pull from each one

Of those kits to uh create that Lo-Fi Sound but some of these uh are not I get It I understand uh another honorable Mention that I would like to point out Is I think is a soul Magic But it has a lot of different genres From different time periods And then also satin looks has satin Looks is more like an r b thing uh but There are some kits in here that create That Lo-Fi feel Foreign That's a love joint right there Foreign Minus the drums Listening to The Sounds that's very low Five ish so There's there's some play there so but In my personal opinion that is uh those Are my three I really like this though All right so that's pretty much it you Guys have heard three different types of Uh beats and the low fives ish range There but those are some of the kits That I will combine if I'm trying to Capture that specific feel or that Specific Vibe I'll I'll match those Expansions with other instruments in my Library to create that feel so that's a Good place to start crate Cuts faded Reels for sure And the others are Aquarius Earth and Saturn reels that I like to dabble into

But there's a lot of really really good Expansions in here and I'm I'm gonna Kind of start a series to go through Some of my favorite uh expansions there Are 94 but most of what I create is in The hip hip hop realm and there's a lot Of stuff that I have not gone through Over the years that I really want to Touch on and talk about some of my Favorites so let me know uh what your Favorite expansion is or top three let's Do top three what are your top three Expansions leave them in the comments Below and maybe I'll touch on those Because I really haven't gone through Some of these expansions in a while and There's been a lot that's come out so if You're interested in any of these three Expansions there's links to them in the Description down below clicking on those Links helps me helps my channel helps me Uh you know retrofit uh this studio to Continue to make the music that I make So those are affiliate links down below If you're interested in them or you know You got anything out of this video it Kind of helps weigh your decision use Those links to get those pick up those Expansions and they're they're Relatively inexpensive so I will do a New studio walkthrough here in a few Weeks and show you my setup and my mics And everything else I got all my cameras And stuff once I figure out how to do it

Properly I will make that video for you Guys but again thanks for watching Appreciate you all sticking around and I'll catch y'all in the next one peace

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