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Hello everyone my name is Amanda obeya The resident sales Queen welcome to your Weekly sales training aim of this group I'm so excited to be here Elaine I love Teaching women these Concepts because You have like big aha moments your Confidence goes through the roof you Start making more money and just Everybody wins so this is actually one Of my favorite parts of the week Um and my intention with these live Streams is to just you know help you Make sense of all the bad advice on the Internet about how to make money and Actually teach you communication skills That you could be using to increase your Sales by 30 and today we're going to be Talking about how to actually make sure Potential buyers and Prospects give you A decision on the closing call a lot of You are probably very tired of hearing Things like uh let me think about it can You send me more information uh those Those are stalls those are objections I Know a lot of people don't think people Don't realize that something like can You send me more information after the Call they think the person's going to Close and buy no they just gave you an Objection and now they're probably going To ghost you so today we're going to be Talking about how to make sure that Doesn't happen and you actually get a Decision on the call and I'm going to be

Sharing my favorite tip of all which Really sets the tone and lets people Know that you are there to do business So we've moved on since stage three of The sales flywheel now we're going to be Spending some time on stage three Because there's lots of skills right in Stage three that need to be addressed And what we're going to be talking about Today is a pre-close intention so Basically One second a pre-close intention is Pretty simple it just sets the tone for The call and it lets people know that They will be making a yes or no decision That day now here's the thing A lot of People are like oh my God I can't do That what do you mean and I'm like so Let me let me set this up for you real Quick If they've gone this far in the sales Process they already want what you got Okay you don't have to question it They're already interested in whatever It is that you have to offer they've Probably Googled you they've probably Been through your funnel they've Probably sat through a webinar they've Probably done all the things by this Point like they're ready to go they just Need to make a decision the other thing That you need to understand is if Somebody tells you I need to think about It and they've gotten this far into the

Call it's not true it's a stall they've Been thinking about it or they wouldn't Be talking to you so that's the way that You need to to look at it right so how Do you make sure that you always get a Decision on a closing call you just do Something very simple it's called a Pre-close intention and I'm going to Share it with you right now so free Close intention is very simple a Pre-close intention sounds like this Thank you so much for giving me your Time today we are having this call Because You filled out the application we were Talking about this in the DMS you want To ground them in and remind them of why It is that you're having a conversation That day and then from there you move on To the next part I get an idea of where This call is going to go but I have a Few more questions so that I can get More context from you about what's going On for you if we can solve your problem I'm going to tell you how and then I'll Just need a decision yes or no on Whether we'll be moving forward today is That cool with you And they always say yes and the reason They always say yes it's because it's Direct but it's transparent so part of What's going on out here on the Internet Is y'all are trying to turn coffee chats Into closing calls and people are

Getting very mad if it's a closing call Just tell them up front it's a closing Call uh so it's very transparent it's Direct it lets both parties know what's Going on and you know then you get to The end of the call you make an offer And if they tell you I need to think About it well I mean I already explained The psychology of why that's not true And also you just gently remind them You're like well you know we we did Discuss that you would be making a yes Or no decision today so which one is it Going to be and it's it's totally cool If it's a no if it's a no I mean just Let me know And then you can get a yes or a no then If it's a no you'll go into objection Handling that's a live stream for Another time but that is how you are Always going to get a yes or no decision On a closing call that's how you get rid Of I need to think about it that's how You get rid of can you send me more Information none of those are true They're stalls and when I teach you all About objection handling your minds are Going to be blown by the objection Handling so I have a treat to help you Guys out if you need help with any of This stuff at all you can check out our Sales script Vault this is a collection Of 25 plus sales scripts that you can Use in pretty much any situation from

How do I reach out to people what do I Say on the closing call how do I qualify Them what if there's a customer service Issue it's all there it's all there for You we already did the hard work for you All you need to do is customize it for Your own business so the QR code is There for you where you can grab it and I just want to show you some client Results Elisa you know twenty thousand Dollars contracts after she told us she Literally hated sales and couldn't sell Anything uh Jessica same thing along the Same lines a lot of these women were Just afraid of sales because they didn't Understand what to say and they didn't Understand the sales psychology and once They worked with us and they did then It's like the floodgates opened up for Them Sylvia 13 calls in 13 new clients In four weeks uh Adina adina's been Closing sales for years Athena's moved On from closing individuals to now Negotiating with school districts in the State of Florida Brandy six sales in two Days Alex 12 sales tomorrow doubled her Launch uh Charlisa made 25 000 with like Seven hours worth of work Rolanda closed A fourteen thousand dollar one-on-one Client in like two weeks by the way that Was two weeks after working with us uh Tamar uh you know three 2500 sales in Three days uh we have Claudia who went From seven thousand dollars a month to

Having her first seventeen thousand Dollar week these are the same skills That I taught them these are the same Scripts that they have access to they Had to pay us tens of thousands of Dollars for an entire training program In order to get access to the scripts And now the scripts are available Separately for you because we had so Many people who were just like can you Just tell me what to say okay great Now we can tell you what to say so you Can grab them if you have any questions About what I said today leave them in The comments and let me know I'd be more Than happy to answer them for you uh and I'll see you guys next week where we're Going to be doing a little bit of a Deeper dive into what a closing call Actually is and if you need any help at All with your sales process your sales Skills my DMs are open slide right in And I'd be more than happy to assist you

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