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What's up guys Ryan Borden here today I'm going to show you how you can unlock Twenty thousand dollars a month using Chat GPT and honestly it's just a fast Way to make money online so let me show You what's possible here and if we go to Stripe here which is our payment Processor right One of them and if we look at today it's Like three thousand dollars if we look At the past seven days you know it's Like forty one thousand dollars and then Of course the past four weeks or the Past month is 144 000 and I was saying Here we're doing twenty thousand dollars A month obviously I'm not saying this to Brag and I'm not saying this for any Other reason other than just to show you What's possible so obviously you're not Gonna go from wherever you are right now Probably in this online space perhaps Making zero or a small amount of money Whatever you're making two twenty Thousand dollars with this concept today Or tomorrow and you're not going to get To 144 000 in a month's time like in a Month's time right so there's a lot here So stick with me till the end and I'm Gonna show you how to do everything That I can I'm going to show you the Whole process in this video right but it Is going to take a little time and a Little effort Of course so if you like stuff like this

Do me a favor too if you'll drop a yes Down in the comments down below that Really helps because one it helps us on YouTube to be able to reach more people And two it helps me to know that this is Good content that you want right so I Run a lot of tests and a lot of Different things going on new methods Finding all the time in fact this is a New method today and I want to show you This and I want to know if this is what You want if this is helpful so drop me a Yes if you like this and you want me to Keep updating you that way I know that We are on the right track so if we're Going to earn twenty thousand dollars a Month with chat GPT then it does it is The fastest way to make money on their Line right so it's fastest way but it Still does take some time and it does Take some work we actually have live Classes at fortunebots.com if you go Here you can enter your email address And get in the live class it's every Tuesday and every Thursday because we Break it down step by step and so the Important thing to understand there is You're not going to get to 20 000 and Dollars with one 10 minute YouTube video And five minutes of work it just doesn't It's just not how the world works it Takes a little time it takes a little Effort now we can shortcut the process Tremendously with chat gbt we're going

To shortcut the process with other Bots And Ai and Bots are going to help Cut down the workload tremendously in Fact just one bot that I use saves me 38 Weeks a year if I do the process Manually it takes me 38 weeks and the Bot does it in 24 hours and during that 24 hours I'm still not doing it so we're Going to massively shortcut the process But you gotta take a little effort which Is where live classes come in in the Community the way we start this is we go To scary toolbots and we get a checklist The checklist is just something that is Put together that helps us not have to Go do a bunch of work so if we go here To scarytoolboss.com enter an email Address and jump in here We can see a list now Um I've been showing different ones in Here and I'm going to show a new one Today that I haven't shown before There's obviously all these different Tools through here and so what are these These are affiliate tools what does that Mean well affiliate means you can sell Someone else's product and you get paid When someone buys but you don't have to Deliver the product so for example Here's one I've shown a lot Jasper you Can go watch the other videos and it's a Really great tool it's an AI writing Tool and it's an amazing tool but when Someone signs up through your link then

You get 30 reoccurring for life which is Amazing because I mean if you think About it if they say a customer for five Years you get paid money on that sale For five years right so there's another One here called Pick 3 and we're Actually going to look at that today And I'm going to show you a concept of How we get from start to finish So if we go here to pick 3 and I'm just Going to click on it here and jump over Here most of the affiliate offers they Have an affiliate program link down at The bottom somewhere here's the Affiliate partner program and this is Actually going to give you 50 recurring Commissions are up to 50 for the Lifetime as well right so anyways they Have I'm not going to read the terms you Can sign up for it that's pretty easy Let me get logged in here so you can see So this is actually the control panel so And it looks like we're at the you know They start you out at a starter level Here and so this is a new we haven't Really promoted this much just like a Tiny little bit we did some promotion on It and you know of course it's going to Take a minute to get things rolling so We've got like 1800 clicks 523 referrals Eight people became a customer and we Have 115 dollars that's not been paid Yet right so how does this work Now that you're saying 115 how does that

Translate to twenty thousand dollars Stick with me I will show you that Um how we do this is someone has to go To this link right when they go to this Link and they buy you get paid Well how do we get people to the link Great question so what we're actually Going to do is we're going to use a bot To accomplish this so let me get out of Here and let me show you So this is the bot and what this bot is Going to do is it's going to go out and Send and again don't worry about all This like there's a lot here don't worry About it we're going to break everything Down for you in the fortunebots.com live Classes but what this bot does is it Goes out and submits contact forms and Submits our message and promotes it and Then people can click on the link so it Gives them the link they click on it They sign up you get paid right so let Me just put in we need to put in a Subject and a message so the easiest way To compare this is to email it's not but You could think of it as that email has A subject and a message right so let me Do that so I have just the subject of Really which is fine I've gone ahead and Added a message here are you tired of Spending hours on tedious video creation Tasks and I didn't really actually tell You what Pick 3 was you know you can go In there and look but the short of it is

Is Pick 3 is an AI video tool you give It a script and then it creates video For you based out of AI and then it can Also even create the audio for you So anyways uh picture is here to help And then the list it goes on basically Saying how amazing it is and then it Says hey we can click a link so what we Need to do Grab our link here from our Pick 3 Affiliate dashboard now you would use a Redirect link here you don't want to put This actual plain Link in here so again I can't cover that here in the video We'll do that in fortuneboss.com classes When you join the live class you can and You get all the replays too right so any Old live classes are in there but each New week is Tuesdays and Thursdays live Classes but so you want to put a Redirect Link in here but let's just put This link in here first for the sake of This video again because I can't teach The whole thing in 10 minutes I can't teach how to make how to the Full process of how to make twenty Thousand dollars and you know in ten Minutes it does take a little bit of Effort so We're gonna put this link in here and Pretend that that is the redirect link And we're going to click OK and I'm Going to reset this here so that we can See the stats on all of this and so what

We're going to do is let me just reset It so everything's reset and what I mean By reset is we can see I've got a bunch Of websites here loaded up that I'm Going to promote to and then the Cent is Zero so I'm actually going to start this Here So now we're going to actually submit The message and it's just going to take Just a moment here to prepare And it's just finishing up yes and now We're going to see what we're looking For here is the sent column so this is The count of websites that submitted the Contact form to promoting our link and Remember once they click the link and Get paid then or once they click the Link and they pay we get paid So and just while I was explaining that It's already contacted 20 right so this Is why it's crazy insane like I was Saying it takes some work to earn twenty Thousand dollars a month because you Start with you know maybe a few hundred Dollars the first month and and then Maybe the next month is a few thousand Dollars and then maybe it's ten thousand Dollars it takes a few months right to Build up to twenty thousand but the Bots And AI help expedite this because we can Contact like this literally runs what I Eat while I sleep why you know whatever Right tonight's movie night I'm gonna go Watch a movie

Here in a little while and get some Pizza and it's gonna run right it's just Gonna work and so that's really amazing That a bot is doing work for me whilst I Go watch a movie and eat pizza so now What are we gonna do well we need to use Chat GPT here and get set up with the Lander so what does that mean well let Me show you What is a landing page what is a Lander I say Lander as short for landing page Some people call it a squeeze page it Would be like this fortunebots.com this Is a landing page it typically has an Image and it has some text and then it Has an email address that you want to Enter in and the idea here is that You're offering something to somebody so The offer here is if you sign up we're Going to teach you how to make on this Particular landing page it says we're Going to teach you how to make 2100 Daily with Bots you know it's more than Twenty thousand I'm saying because 2100 Daily is Um you know I guess 60 000 a month ish But so which is true right but as far as This goes there's some sort of promise Now it doesn't have to be that you're Going to teach them anything it can be Something in exchange so we could say That we're going to give them a Three-page report on how using video can With social media for example like Tick

Tock and YouTube can help increase sales For their business right so they call That a lead magnet what is a lead magnet It just means you're giving them Something in exchange for their name and Their email so if you if they will give You their email address you will give Them The report on how they can increase Their business with video for free right And then you're going to turn around of Course we're framing them for video and We're going to turn around then and Offer Pick 3 which is a video you know a video Creation service is an AI video creation Service which is our affiliate link so Stay with me here hopefully I didn't Lose you But Um what we're doing is we're going to Create a landing page to capture the Email and the reason we want to capture The email is the secret here because so Chat gbt is going to help us with the The report and let's do that but we're Going to capture the email and that's The secret so stick with me because it's Like like this is step four is the key To the whole thing right and step three Is going to facilitate that so let's go To chat GPT And I'm going to create my report so Um bear with me here I'll do this really

Quick and then I'll show you why this Matters So I have asked chatgpt to create our Free report that we're going to give to The businesses and I'm going to go ahead And let it do this and I'm going to save It as a PDF and then we're going to make It on our landing page and I will show You how that gets you their email Address and I will show you why the Email address is important to helping You earn twenty thousand dollars a month So let chat gbt do its thing here I'm Going to pause the video and I'll be Right back All right so it wrote everything for us All the pages I even had it give us a Title And I even had it generate a high Converting title for our landing page Which is what we're going to talk about Right now so how does this tie together So we're into this and how do we bring This together well let's review what we Had so far we had chat GPT write us a Free report and the free report we're Going to give away when someone enters Their email address and they enter the Email address on a page that they get to Because the bot sent them there and then When they buy with the link we get paid And we got the link from scary toolbots So what does that mean well we're going To capture the email in step four so I

Have this free report that chat GPT has Written this entire report it wrote Literally for a business on how and it Actually worked out to be four pages Because if I did the spacing The report is about how to maximize The return on investment with video for A business so we can actually see up Here chat GPT said maximizing sales Through video  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">marketing how your Business can increase visibility Engagement and trust a report by chat GPT now I I named it the chat gbt part But you get the point so Obviously you probably wouldn't put the Report a report by chat GPT in there Just leave that off they don't need to Know where it came from and I just put It in there for a sake of reference Because I wanted to know the file name When I did it so now we have this great Report so this is our lead magnet and Literally we didn't do it like it's a Fantastic thing if you had to pay Someone to write this you could easily Pay them a hundred dollars to do the Research and write this and chat GPT Just did it for you now we're going to Use it to capture their emails so what Does that look like well here we go So if we take and build a landing page That looks like this and unlock the Power of video  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">marketing boost your Sales and business growth with our

Comprehensive guide where did I get that Title of course I had chat GPT give it To us so let us stop for a second and Make sure we're on the same page we Started out by getting a checklist of Things to promote we chose pick 3. then We are using a bot which is this bot Here that is running which by the way Has sent 2 600 of these while I've been Recording this video And contacted 2 600 people promoting Victory and Counting And it is sending them to a landing page Which is this landing page here where They can then enter their email address So we're going to capture the email and Then after we enter the email address so Here we put the title I just threw in a Picture and some stuff here so we're Going to put an email address I'm just Going to make up one hit start we get a Thank you page if we hit download now on The thank you page voila here is our Report that we got from chat GPT but Most importantly we got their email Address here when they enter their email So what does that mean That means they gave us permission to Sell to them over and over and over Again so as soon as they enter the email Address they get dumped into a sequence Like this this is the starting thing Right here this yellow box it basically Is tied to this form and as soon as they

Do it it triggers and it sends them an Email with a link to buy Victory right And then another email a day later and Another email a day later and so on and So forth each day every single day they Get an email and then when at the end it Dumps them into another sequence to Continue to sell to them right so they Get an email every day offering them to Buy whatever it was that we're selling From scary toolbots in this case Pick 3 And the Beautiful Thing then is we get To rinse and repeat because we captured The email and gave them a free report That jat GPT created which that's the Real value chat GPT created a valuable Product that we would have had to pay One to three hundred dollars for or more And we're giving it to them for free Except chat gbt just did it like it just Like chat GPT is amazing it just went And created it for us for free out of Nothing it's just still sometimes it's Hard to wrap your head around how Amazing chat GPT is and we're only in Like the super duper beta At least at the time of this video right So now that we have used chat gbt to get Them the free thing they gave us Permission to sell to them and that's Where we go back to our scary toolbox List here and We can then sell them the next things Right so we're selling a Pick 3 now then

We sell them Jasper so what does that Look like we send them a whole another Section of emails to sell them Jasper And then now we have four thousand Dollars of Jasper earnings and we can See we've been doing this for a while And have we haven't actually promoted Jasper in a while but you can see two Three four thousand dollars payouts in Jasper each month that's why I'm showing You pick 3 is we have way too many Picture Pages open okay so Um we can see we're just starting with It it's 115 dollars but we can build it Because we got their email and now that I have their email address I can send Them offers over and over and over again Automatically Completely I'm not doing it like the System's doing it and that's how we Build an account to start out from 0 to 115 dollars we build it up to four Thousand dollars a month and then from There we just keep building it and that Is how we get to our case like this Where we're making 144 000 a month or You can just stop at twenty thousand Dollars and go from there but that's the Process and then of course we're just Rinsing repeating like I just said and Just go after product after product After product after product after Product and just do them all and then go To the next Tab and do them all and

Don't get me wrong it's going to take a Little bit of work that's why I said you Know you can't get to twenty thousand Dollars instantaneously right this is a YouTube video and I showed you the Process but it takes some time to build All of that and you're gonna have to Have a little bit of understanding which Is why we have the fortunebots.com live Classes but what's important here to Also talk about is what do you really Want here like AI is coming to take your Job it just is right we already see AI I Mean look at this chat GPT already wrote For us a lead magnet that we can use That may have cost us hundreds of Dollars And we were able to get it with just a Few commands here and away we go and it Didn't cost anything and it took no time And took basically no effort right so That part chat GPT is totally just Eliminated so AI is coming to take your Job now if you do nothing It'll just take your job If you want to get out in front of it And be ahead of it and be earning money With AI That's when you need to go to These fortunebots.com classes and go to Fortuneboss.com enter your email address Click let's do this and then join the Live classes and then every Tuesday and Every Thursday myself and other teachers Are going to be in the classes teaching

You how to do stuff exactly exactly like This so this process and other processes Because there's more you can do Obviously I said you could make twenty Thousand dollars with this obviously we Are making more than twenty thousand Dollars in a month so there's even more You can do but you have to start right Starting is the most important thing Right like I said what do you want if You want to have ai take your job just Keep doing what you're doing live your Daily life do whatever you're doing and Make no changes at all and it will Happen AI will take your job if you want To get out in front of it you must take Action you must it's as simple as that Change is coming by like it or not you Must take action or you must have ai Take your job so My opinion is you must take action and The action you need to take is go to Fortuneboss.com enter your email address Click let's do this join the next live Class and I'll see you there and until Then Happy money making

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