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In this video I’m going to reveal a Totally free Vibe you can use to Automatically make commissions promoting Affiliate products which will allow you To generate up to three hundred dollars A day even if you don’t have a website a Following or any experience online now I’m literally going to share every Single step as far as how to find a good Product to promote with this buy how to Set up the bot to begin getting clicks To your affiliate link even while you’re Sleeping and towards the end of the Video I’m just going to share some key Tips so you can make even more money With this powerful method so if you’re Excited to learn this be sure to like The video comment let’s go to show Others you’re serious about creating Income online now real quick before I Dive in I do want to share some recent Proof so you can see I know what I’m Talking about when it comes to making Money online now you can see right here In one of the affiliate accounts I’ve Been promoting you can see total paid is Over 34 331 dollars with still a result Reserve Coming every single week now what we’re Going to do is first off find a product To promote so you can go over to a site Like ClickBank has tons of Different products and all you have to Do is click Start here and go ahead and

Create an account now once you’re inside Your account you just want to go to the Marketplace tab now I will say that ClickBank is not my favorite place to Find products to promote the payouts Could be a little slow if you want to Discover my number one affiliate program To promote that pays you instant 100 Commissions be sure to click the first Link down below but in this video we’re Going to be using ClickBank okay so for Categories we can go down and we can Literally just click cooking food and Wine e-busin marketing this method works For all of them we’re going to do Health And Fitness for this example and you Just want to click that now once you do That you just want to go here and you Want to sort results by gravity this is Going to list the best selling products At the very top of the page now you can Choose any one of these top products for This example we’re going to be promoting Exit pure so you can just go ahead and Click promote right here and then create Top link now on ClickBank this is going To give you your affiliate link this is The link you want to promote and get People to click on and I’m going to Share with you a bot that’s going to Allow you to do this very very easily Now the next step is we want to go over To a free website called now This site does have plans and pricing

You can do but we can do this method Totally free so all you want to do is Type in PDF okay you can see right here And then we want to just choose you know One of these right here you can do free PDF and we want to look at the different Templates okay because what we want to Do is we’re going to actually create Very quickly a PDF and we’re not even Going to have to write it ourselves okay So we just want to look through now if You see Pro okay that means you have to Pay so let’s just look for a free one Okay so I can go ahead and go through And I can just find one that is free Okay so this one seems to be free right Here and I can just open that up like This now once it’s opened up what we Want to do is we want to actually edit This to fit our product okay so you can See right here this has to do with Procrastination now if we go back here To our product we can actually open up This sales page and we can kind of look Over it and see what this has to do with So it says the tropical secret for Healthy weight loss so this has to do With losing weight losing belly fat as Well so what we can do is we can go back Here and it says how to beat Procrastination get more things done how To lose belly fat and get lean today Okay so you can see I just took the Basic template and I just edit it to fit

Our product now right here it says The Ultimate Guide to time management apps So we can say this is going to be kind Of the title of our PDF so we just say Something really to our product The Ultimate Guide to losing weight without Hard work or a lot of effort so you can See that is a good title it basically is A benefit and then you put without and Then things they don’t want to do okay So that’s really powerful and then right Here you can actually just erase because We’re not really going to have a website And then if you want to actually edit This slightly I can click here go to Color and I can see maybe a different Color it looks better okay so you can Kind of just play around with that so That looks pretty good to me and I can Go ahead and click there if I want to Change the color okay you can really Just make it you know very customizable Like this okay so but that look that’s Looking pretty good you can actually Also make this bigger okay like this and Then Center it so again we’re just Playing around with it making it look Good now the next thing we want to do is We want to go here and we want to go add Page okay so this is going to add Another page and what we want to do is Go to text and we want to click add a Subheading we can make this bigger and What we’re going to do is we’re going to

Actually create a very simple PDF now Like I said you’re not going to have to Actually write this yourself in fact We’re going to use the little known bot So if you go to the link will Be in the description you can actually Sign up for a totally free account by Clicking start writing now once you’re Inside here you can actually go ahead Choose a language choose a tone of what You want the writing to be so I can do Formative since this is an informational PDF and I can choose a case so I can say Blog section writing blog ID and outline Okay so I’m going to do blog section Writing because again this is the best For a PDF now for Section topic we just Want to write a few words that have to Do with what our product is about so in This case it’s you know how to lose Weight and you can do one variant Optimal and then right for me click that Button towards the bottom and what it’s Going to do is literally start writing a Blog this bot is going to start pumping Out content just like this so you can See right here that it created some Words as far as the PDF now we can also Just highlight this and I can go Continue writing and it will actually Write more so we want to actually go Through and we want to format this and Let it do its job so you can see right Here we can we can do that I can hit

Enter okay I can kind of format this to Make it more readable and again I could Just highlight this again go continue Writing and you can do this for as much As you want so now that we have a good PDF we want go back to Canada right here And in this subheading right here if we Want to paste one or two of the Paragraphs okay as many as will fit That’s still readable and still good Okay so I can go here and I can just go Ahead and copy this first you know few Paragraphs there I can go here and I can Just hit paste okay so I can go ahead And make that smaller I can also make This bigger like this I can hit enter so Again we’re just formatting it now I can Highlight this and I can change it to Let’s say white okay so that’s looking Pretty good and you can see that the PDF Is actually coming together very nicely Now one thing you want to keep in mind Every few pages okay you want to add a Call to action to click our link our Affiliate link okay so let’s say right Here I can say click here to see the Best way to lose weight now I can just Make this a little bit smaller to make Everything fit just like this okay so You just want to play around with this a Little bit but it shouldn’t take you More than just a few minutes and then we Just highlight this text right there and Then what we can do is we can actually

Add a link so if we go up here to the Three dots I can click there I can click This little link right there and what I Can do is I can open up our notepad file Where we saved our affiliate link and I Can go ahead and paste this in just like That and now it’s clickable now I can Also change the color okay so if I want To make it you know stand out a little Bit more I can see if that blue looks Good okay or if that’s not readable okay You can actually just change it to there Okay so that’s slightly different and What I would do is I would just click Add page and you just want to go through And do at least five pages okay again it Should not take you more than just a few Minutes you just go through copy the Next paragraph put in the call to action Now once you do that you just want to go To share and we want to go down to Download and we can actually download This okay as a PDF standard and this Will actually download as a PDF that we Can go ahead and give away to people They’ll go through click this link see Our sales page and because the product We’re promoting is high converting or You’re using my number one recommended Program down below people will buy and You will start to make money possibly Now how do we share this PDF to get tons Of free traffic even while we’re Sleeping but what you can do is go to

File sharing PDF sharing sites one of Them being there’s Actually a lot of these online I’m going To include a link to in The description when you go here and you Just create a free account you can go to Upload here and you can select that Document that you just created in Minutes from canva okay so as it’s Uploading what we want to do is first Off for the title we want to actually Make the title relevant to the product And the PDF so we can just title it this Right here how to lose belly fat how to Lose belly fat and get lean today for The description you just want to write a Little bit more about this okay so you Can say you’ll discover some powerful Methods to lose weight fast without hard Work or much effort at all so this is Very similar to what we wrote earlier For this you can actually choose okay Whatever category is best for this PDF Because it will start showing up under These categories and people will start To stumble across these PDFs and they Will start to read it and go to the link And buy so for this one I can do health And Medicine okay for tags you just want To add a few words that have to do with What the PDF is about this will help it Rank on SlideShare where people can Discover it so I can say something like You know keto no weight loss that’s

Pretty good and then we would just click Publish and what would happen is this PDF will start showing up on SlideShare Just like these other PDFs here and when People stumble it again they’re going to Read it and they’re going to see our Calls to action and they’re going to Decide to buy and that’s how we can Literally start making money in just a Click of a button copy pasting in a Matter of minutes now as I said before Be sure to click the first link below to See a free video revealing how to easily Set up my number one affiliate system to Promote with the method shared in this Video to get paid in instant 100 Commissions also click the Subscribe Button with the Bell icon so you don’t Miss out on my latest money making Methods and last if you want to discover Another incredibly easy method to make Commissions online be sure to click the Video that will show on the screen in Just a second to discover that one also Thanks for watching and I’ll see you on The next video [Music]

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