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On this video today I want to show you One of the easiest ways that you can Make money with affiliate marketing and Earn hundreds of dollars if not Thousands of dollars every single week Using a free automated bot that doesn’t Require you to have any followers this Can be done with 100 free traffic and You don’t need to have any websites Utilizing this you can make hundreds of Dollars per sale if not thousands of Dollars and it’s only going to take you A few minutes to set this up and I’m Going to walk you through and show you How to do this step by step so if you’re Looking to learn how to make money with Affiliate marketing and you want to work From home and start your own online Business make sure you consider Subscribing to the channel because I’ve Got some more awesome content coming Your way and you don’t want to miss it Let’s get into it hey everyone Alan here Again from the smart money tactics Channel like you saw in the intro today I want to show you how to use an Artificial bot that you can get started With absolutely for free to make money With affiliate Market getting Essentially what I’m going to show you How to do is how to create a valuable Piece of content that’s going to have Different products in there with it You’re going to promote I’m going to

Show you where you’re going to get that Free traffic and once people get this Document or get this information they’re Going to be able to go in and purchase Some of the products that you’re going To have in there and you’re going to Make money with affiliate marketing and The first thing that you want to do to Make this successful is you want to come Over to this platform over here called This is an amazing software That can create a document for you in Just a matter of minutes by you putting In a title and as you can see there’s a Lot of reputable companies that are Using this software and as you can see Guys that you can start to generate High Performing  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">marketing copies for every Channel or any format let me show you Exactly how this works so the first Thing that you want to do is you want to Come up to here and you want to click on To start for free and you want to create An account for yourself once you’ve Created that account for yourself it’s Going to bring you over to their back Office now everything I’m going to show You how to do can be done for free and You can do it inside their free trial Okay now as you can see this can be used For Facebook ads Google search ads LinkedIn ads Pinterest ads Twitter ads So many different places that you can Use this for you can use it for

Instagram captions Facebook LinkedIn Pinterest email subscriptions Etc you Can see that there’s so many different Uses for this tool what you want to do Is you want to scroll down and click on To blog wizard once you click onto blog Wizard it’s going to bring you over to a Page that looks like this then you just Want to come up to the top and click Onto a new blog once you do that what It’s going to ask you is to describe the Blog post you want to create now Obviously myself being an affiliate Marketer and looking to do this with Affiliate marketing what you can do is Just come over here and type in Something like how to make money With Affiliate marketing because what this is Going to do now is it’s going to create A article about this now when it comes To the industry what I’d like to type in Is something like online and then you’ve Got online education okay so click onto That you don’t need to do anything here And then select next what this is going To do now is it’s going to generate an Article for us okay so as you can see There’s a few different options over Here what you want to do is you want to Pick the best one so as you can see You’ve got 10 ways to make money with Affiliate marketing make money while you Sleep a guide to affiliate marketing Etc

Okay you can also click on to generate More or you can even come up to the top And changes how to make money with Affiliate marketing let’s say we click On to generate some more let’s see what It comes up with because sometimes it Can give you a higher rating as well Alright so as you can see guys it’s Given us a few more I’m going to use This one over here six affiliate Marketing tips to help you make money Arcade says in 2022 that’s fine uh Probably one of maybe something that’s a Little bit better but that’s okay we can Run with these seven steps to making Money with affiliate marketing so let’s Just run with that okay it’s got a Higher score than the other ones and Then all you need to do is scroll down And click on to next so just make sure That whatever you select is relevant to What you’re looking to do now what it’s Doing guys as you can see it wants to Give us an outline okay so you can see Here that there’s seven different steps To this now with this you can very Easily come over here you can click onto This you can change these different Sections okay so you can change the Title if you wanted to you could even Potentially delete them if you wanted to Or add even more sections I’m just going To leave that as is because we do have Seven sections and then click on 10x

Then what’s going to happen is it’s Going to generate an intro paragraph for Us as well this is going to sit at the Top of this article okay so this is just The AI doing all its stuff for us okay So we don’t need to sit there typing This up so it’s going to give us a few Options this is the first one over here And again you can click onto this and You can make changes to it and as you Can see if you have a a quick read of That if you’re happy with it all you Need to do is Select it and then click On to next like I said you can make Changes to this if you’re not happy with It play around with it edit this as you Can see if we wanted to edit this you Absolutely can okay what I’m going to do Is I’m going to leave it if you make any Changes to it you can click on to get Score to see what you scored there then All you need to do is click on to next And then what we want to do is then Continue to editor now what’s going to Happen yep click on to got it you can See here that now the AI is starting to Put this together so we’ve got our title Okay we’ve got our intro then over here This is the first tip over here so know Your Niche so what you want to do you Can see here you can generate with AI You can put in keywords okay for what You want it to search for or you can Just leave it on there and then just

Click on to generate and what this is Going to do is it’s going to write about This first topic okay and let’s see what It comes up with this so knowing your Niche is key to when it comes to making Money online with affiliate marketing so Perfect so it’s got one there then you Can obviously click onto this guys and If you wanted to continue writing you Click on to continue if you wanted to You can just leave it for the purposes Of this video I’m just gonna leave it at This for now but you get the idea then Over here pick an affiliate program Click on to generate you can see here That this is going to generate this as Well And then all you need to do is repeat This process okay and the AI software is Going to do everything for us so I’m Going to generate let’s say three or Four and then I’m going to show you what We’re going to do with this document so That you can start making money with Affiliate marketing okay so you can see It’s got that there let’s just do one More over here and click on to generate All right so as you can see now this has Generated the fourth Point as well with The fifth sixth and seventh one guys I’m Just going to delete this for now okay Because I just want to show you exactly What this looks like now what you need To do once you see once you’re happy

With what you have all you need to do is Come up to the top and you want to copy This blog post to clipboard so we’re Going to copy this then what we need to Do is we need to put this in a document Okay so we can share this and in order To do that what you want to do is just Come over to Google and type in Google Docs click onto Google Docs and then Open up a blank page like this and then All you need to do is paste this in here And as you can see we’ve got everything That we want here so this is our title Okay so I’m going to title that and then What you can do to make this look a Little bit better is you can just space This out okay but you can see here that We’ve got our very own article over here That we can start sharing we’ve got Number one so seven steps to making Money with affiliate marketing we can Call this four whatever you like you’ve Got one two three four okay and this is What we’re going to use because people Are interested in affiliate marketing And I want to learn how to make money With affiliate marketing so what we’re Going to do not only are we going to Give them advice and help on how to Start making money with affiliate Marketing we’re also going to be sharing A few different products so what you Want to do from here is you want to go Over to an affiliate marketing platform

For example you can come over to Platforms like you can Very easily go over to places like Digistore24 as well if ClickBank is not Available in your country so what you Want to do when you’re on here all you Need to do guys is quite simply sign up To ClickBank once you sign up to ClickBank it’s going to bring you over To their Marketplace okay scroll up top Click on to Marketplace once you do that You can see here that on the left hand Side you’ve got all these different Categories okay now with these Categories because I’m doing something With affiliate marketing what I’m going To do is I’m going to look for E-Business and e- Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">marketing once you Click onto that we’re going to find a Few different products that we can Potentially promote that sits in line With our article now you can also Promote things that are in the make Money online Niche you can promote a Whole range of other things you can even Do jobs and stuff because these people Are looking to supplement an income to Make a little bit of passive income to Do a side hustle whatever it might be There’s all these different options in ClickBank for you so all you need to do For example let’s say this one over here Get paid to use Facebook Twitter and YouTube you would click onto the

Affiliate page and see whether or not You can input this somewhere inside this Article like as this is a survey cycler Social media jobs are the hottest Trend Right now so if somebody wanted to do Some form of social media work that Could very easily come over here and Promote a product like this what you can Also do is scroll down you can see You’ve got live chat jobs if you scroll Down you’ve got the click wealth system Okay so this is more of an affiliate Marketing offer you’ve also got this one Over here paid online writing jobs Another one over here which is a high Converting product as well and then You’ve got something like this when you Scroll down you’ve got this Perpetual Income 365 it can pay you as much as 469 Dollars per sale okay or per average Conversion all right so when you click Onto this affiliate page over here you Can see that this is probably a little Bit more relatable to what we’re looking To promote and you can see that this is A an affiliate marketing software okay So what you can do is you can take a Look at this have a look at the product See if this is something that you want To promote and if it is something that You want to promote all you need to do Is Click onto this promote button over Here which is going to give you their Default tracking ID click onto the

Generate hop link and this is the link Over here that you’re going to promote So you want to click onto copy then what You want to do is straight back over to Your Google doc over here and then you Want to promote this inside this article Okay so you can see here underneath this Paragraph over you before you go into Knowing your Niche you can come over Here and put in a call to action all Right so very quickly type this up and Basically what I’ve written if you want To learn how to make money online or if You want to learn how to make money with Affiliate marketing and generate Thousands weekly using a plug and play Affiliate marketing software click here Now okay so I’ve got a lot of this Information obviously from this landing Page now when you come over here all you Need to do guys is quite simply Highlight this okay so if you highlight This click onto this little chain icon Over here and then paste that in there And then click on to apply and then you Can highlight this in bold over here Okay so as you can see there is our First link then what you can do is you Can scroll down you can add another link Over here and then you can add say Another link over here it’s completely Up to you guys because like you saw with ClickBank over here there is a number of Different products that you can promote

So let’s say you wanted to promote this One over here okay all you need to do is Click on to promote this one over here You may need to email them okay so There’s some that you need to email very Easy guys all you need to tell them is How you’re going to promote this Particular product so as you can see now Guys what we have is we have this Document that we’re going to share with People we are going to title this Document okay so come up here and title That okay then what you want to do is Quite simply scroll over to you see You’ve got these options over here and What you want is you want to go to file You want to go to download then you want To go over here to the right and you Want to click onto PDF document okay so Once you click onto PDF document this is Now going to save this as a PDF document And we can start to share this document The first platform that we are going to Share this document on is this one over Here called okay this is an Amazing platform where you can come over Here share these different types of PDF Documents and you can get a a lot of Free traffic when you take a look at This platform if I come over here to Similar web and take a look at how much Traffic they get you can see that They’re getting anything up to 21.1 Million visitors and you can see it’s

Growing every single month okay so what You want to do when you’re on this Platform guys is you want to sign up Something that I should mention if I Come over here to pricing is that you Can use this for free because you can See here there’s no monthly fees it’s Free to start and sell whatever you want You can see you can sell courses Memberships Etc and when people download This stuff it’s actually going to Potentially cost them okay it’s not Going to cost you anything you can even Make money from their downloads but That’s not the point of this we want to Make money with affiliate marketing Because that’s where the real money is In saying that with this platform There’s about 2.9 percent of people over Here making over a million dollars that Is absolutely insane so once you come Over here guys all you need to do is Quite simply sign up once you sign up It’s going to bring you over to their Home page over here so this is the home Page of gumroad and from here what you Want to do is you want to create your First product so all you need to do is Come over here guys and click on to Create your first product once you do That here is you here what you need to Do is you need to name your product so This is very simple you can just copy The title of this and then come straight

Back over to you and just paste that in There and then for me you’ve got a few Different options okay you can see you Can do this as a digital asset course or Tutorial able podcast membership Newsletter Etc audiobook physical good What I suggest that you do is that you Select a digital product once you’ve Done that you want to scroll down over Here and you need to price this product And I’m just going to give it a fee of One dollar because the point of this is To make money with affiliate marketing Not to sit here and sell this so once You price that what you want to do Scroll back up to the top and then go to Next customize now once you’ve clicked Onto next customize it’s going to bring Us over to this page and now you’re Going to see that this is going to start To take shape and I’m going to show you How to put all this together the first Thing that you need to do is you need to Come over and you need to put in a Description about this product now just Very quickly typed something up okay so We don’t have to waste too much time I’ll copy this okay so you can see what You can put over here so if you’re Looking for a proven way to start an Online business today from scratch here Are four proven ways that are working Today and have worked for me okay and Then you can type in something like I

Have a few Bonus [Music] Tips inside To help you Get started Today okay just something like that and Then what you want to do guys is you Want to scroll down okay now you need to Upload a cover image For this particular PDF okay now there’s A few places that you can do that you Can go over to Google and you can find Some images you can also go over to Canva and you can create some images Okay one such image that I’ve got okay So I’m just going to go over to my Computer files I’ll show you how I can Do this let me just go to my Downloads over here let me just grab and Double click onto this As you can see that’s Dowling and this Is what I’ve got now the right way of Making money online with affiliate Marketing okay something very very Simple guys you can see here on the Right hand side that this is starting to Take shape then when you scroll down Over here you’ve got another option over Here of uploading a thumbnail okay you Can see he tells you exactly what sizes You need what you can do with this is Just click onto this you can also use Unsplash as well so if you click on to

Unsplash and you just search for Something you can type in affiliate Marketing as an example you can type in Money let me try Affiliate marketing and see what comes Up If not we can type in money as an Example so you can see stuff like this Will come up this looks really really Cool okay digital  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">marketing stuff like This let’s click onto this okay it looks Interesting for people to see something Like that looks like there’s conversions Etc then over here guys you can see You’ve got your product info and your Call to action okay so you can see if You change this it’s going to change That section over there so what you can Do is just type in something like buy This podcast so you’ve got to select it You can’t choose it as you can see there All right so I would select I want this Then over here is that summary so I’ll Just grab this again so I’ll just copy This actually I’ll scroll back up to the Top because I’ve Rewritten a little bit Okay so we’re going to copy this scroll Back down and we’re going to paste this In there okay now as you can see here You can add a little bit more detail so If you come over and you click on to add Details you can see it’s going to ask You a few options over here and what This basically does is it’s going to

Build a bigger call to action so I’m Just going to come over here and I’m Going to type been I have a few bonus Tips inside to help you get started Today okay so it’s going to have the First section it’s going to have that in There you can probably retype that a Little bit just to make it look a little Bit different but again it adds a bigger Call to action as well and then you can See here under value if you type here It’s going to add even more to it okay So you can type in something like this Will Help you earn Hundreds you can pull weekly even As a Side hustle okay so we’re building that Out really really nicely okay so it’s Got even that there now what you want to Do when you scroll down over here you’ve Got the pricing now this is really Important guys please please pay close Attention to all of this as you can see When you come over here you’ve got this A dollar pricing amount so what we can Do is you can leave that as a dollar but Over here you can come over here and you Can click on to allow customers to pay What they want click onto that and then Here you want a minimum is going to be Obviously whatever they want and then as A suggested amount you can just put one Dollar okay so they don’t import anymore

Now guys if you got to this point and You’re enjoying this video all I ask That you do in appreciation is that you Smash that like button guys in Appreciation let me know in the comments That you got to this point and also Don’t forget I do have my free affiliate Marketing guide all you need to do is Pin to the first comment or it’s in the Description of this video click onto it It’s my gift for you it’s absolutely Free it’s just going to show you other Ways that I make money online with Affiliate marketing and it’s a guide That you can go through keep and go over That can help you on your journey to Also making money online with affiliate Marketing and if you have any questions About it guys feel free to pop them down The bottom and I’ll Endeavor to answer Everybody it’s my gift to you get it for Free today so once you’ve done that guys All you need to do is scroll down over Here now with the versions you don’t Need to do anything with this and when You scroll down over here guys with this I don’t suggest you touch any of this Okay so just leave all that as is now What you want to do is scroll up to the Top you can see you’ve got your content Section over here quite simply click Onto content and this is where you’re Going to upload your file that we Downloaded as a PDF document so we’re

Going to upload that you can see we’ve Got computer files so click onto that And then there is our PDF document and As you can see that is now downloading Onto our computer and once that Downloads you can see so that’s Downloaded right now now what you can do From here guys as you can see you can Come up to the top and you want to save Changes okay so we can see that that’s Been saved and as you can see everything That we do is going to populate over Here on the right hand side so if we Click onto this drop down box if you Wanted to add another description under This you absolutely could so you can see You could add that and it’s going to add It to the bottom there but you don’t Really need to because we already have That okay and the other thing as well You stamp this PDF with buyer Information so if you click onto this Okay it’s going to add that but you Don’t need that either as well now what You need to do is come up to the top and Click onto checkout once you click onto The checkout you can see this is what This is potentially going to look it’s Going to have your email address what Country you’re from as well now when you Scroll down here payment form not Required okay so just leave that as is Additional text you don’t really need Anything else here as well then when you

Scroll down over here this is the Receipt so when somebody purchases this This is what’s going to come up so you Can just come over here and you know Type in exactly something like that Thank you for your Purchase Enjoy the guide something along those Lines okay and then that’s gonna come Over there this button over here you can See that’s going to change to the view Content okay I can probably leave it Like that okay that looks fine from There again you can save these changes And then from there what we can do you Can also click onto preview to have a Look at this to see what this is going To look like and you can see this is What this is going to look like so You’ve got your thumbnail there four Steps to making money online to making Money with affiliate marketing okay and You can see it’s got all that Information there as well from here what You can do when we come back straight Over to you guys is you can click on to Publish and once you click onto publish That has now published this okay so you Can see exactly what that goes to look Like and then from here what we want to Do is we want to share this so all you Need to do is come over here and click On to share and what’s going to happen Is you’re going to have a lot of options

You can see here you can share this to Twitter Facebook you can even copy the URL and share this to other social media Platforms but before you do that what You want to do is you want to set this Up so this is active on Gum Road and People can come over here and find this And potentially make a lot of money Online with this so with category Obviously this is affiliate marketing People are looking to do something you Know it’s business it’s starting their Own online business working from home so If you come over here and you type in Business as an example you can save Business and money entrepreneurship Which is what I suggest that you select You can also potentially do courses it’s Up to you but I would select that from Here guys I would highly recommend that You put in a lot of tags so you can put In something like online Business as an example I’ll put Something like make Money online Affiliate marketing [Music] Work from home side hustle okay let’s Have a look so we had side hustle then You’ve got side hustle ideas so the more You put over here guys a lot better it Is going to be for you so you can see That you can add all these in there then Quite simply all you need to do is come

Up to the top and then click on to save Changes so now this is available inside A gumroad and as you guys know it gets Millions of visitors every single month So if we copy this to clipboard we come Over here and we paste this in here we Type this in this is going to come up And this is what people are going to see So name a fair price once they do that And they click onto I want this it’s Going to take them straight over to this Document okay and then you’re Potentially going to make money also From these sales but also from more Importantly from all the affiliate Marketing stuff as well so that’s one Place that you can do this on another Place that you can go guys to share this PDF document is this site over here Called This is an amazing Platform guys as you can see if I come Over here to similar web to take a look At this you can see that they also get Millions of views I mean just in July 60.98 million and I’ve had some amazing Months where they’ve had almost 90 Million visitors every single month okay So quite simply all you need to do is Come over here and sign up to this Platform and as you can see people’s you Know upload things and they get hundreds Of thousands of views okay and they’re Interested in this content so they’re

After value if you can create a really Good piece of document document using That AI software you can come over here And upload it and you can have links Inside your PDF document which people Are going to come over here they’re Going to say they’re going to click onto And you stand a very very good chance to Make some good money with affiliate Marketing guys so if you enjoyed this Video don’t forget to smash that like Button in appreciation go down the Bottom and grab my free affiliate a  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">Marketing guide it’s yours absolutely Free to keep going to show you other Ways that you can make money with Affiliate marketing now whatever you do Don’t go anywhere because I’ve got Another amazing video over here right Now that you should click onto right now It’s going to show you how to use paid Ads absolutely for free to make money With affiliate marketing don’t miss out On this it’s an absolute Game Changer Until next time you guys take care of Yourselves and goodbye

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