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Hey everyone welcome to another episode Of make money your honey we have another Notion video today specifically about Notion templates and where to find Really good ones because if you're just Getting started with notion like I was a Year ago It seemed like a lot so the easiest Thing for me to have done was just to Find really cool templates that people On YouTube made or that other people Made download those add them to my Notion and then kind of customize them And make them my own if you've seen the Video where I talk about notion is Basically my second brain you'll notice How I did that I'll be like oh I got This template from this person but then I added this thing in because I needed That and it wasn't there before and That's the beauty of notion is you can Turn it into whatever the hell you want So if that's something that interests You make sure to subscribe and give this Video a like because the stuff that we Cover on this channel we cover  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">marketing We cover mindset we cover sales and we Cover systems and what is notion but a Bunch of systems in a in a big beautiful Second brain totally customizable Application it's so great it's so fun so Make sure to subscribe like do all the Things if you want to test a template That I made a lot of you are constantly

Asking me like how I'm able to Market so Much It's really good organization so I put Things into a template that you can use You can download it here and also below And you can give it a shot okay so let's Talk about notion templates why love Them and where you can find some really Good ones so the reason like when I Found notion a year ago First of all I thought it was like my Eyes went like this like oh my God Because I dreamed I'd been trying to Find some sort of like all-in-one Project slash life management system Because I'm like this is not working I Got like Google drive over here I got Freaking like notebooks over there like I need to find something better and I Was just on this kick where I was trying To optimize my business and also my life Which has turned into some really cool And interesting things that I now teach People about because that's how it Always goes right so anyway I was on Google I discovered this thing called I Was already following some productivity Bloggers and they started talking about Notion and I'm like What is this thing it looks really Pretty that's the first thing I noticed Was how pretty notion was and I started Getting into these videos and I was like Oh my God I think I found the thing so I

Just decided to just like play with it One weekend I was like oh let me test This thing out and download it and y'all I'm not kidding I would spend the next 48 hours completely playing with this Thing having the time of my freaking Life playing with no now here was The problem which is probably a problem A lot of you are experiencing if you're Watching a video like this if you're a Beginner and you don't know about the Databases and the linking and this and That like it can get kind of crazy I Still don't really know that much about That and I work smart not hard so if Other people already made templates I'm just gonna go find those and then I'm gonna customize them in a way that Works better for me let them handle the Databases and all that stuff I'm just Gonna find what works for me and Customize accordingly so that's what I Did I just started finding templates it On YouTube I started finding cool YouTubers I'll mention a couple of them Today and then I just eventually you get Advanced enough where you start making Your own okay so let's talk about where You can find very cool templates my Favorite place to find notion templates Has actually been on YouTube there are a Lot of productivity bloggers there's Also a lot of like mindful living Bloggers simple you know which ones I'm

Talking about right like they have the Really cool pretty aesthetic and they're Super organized and you're like oh my God how are you that organized with your Whole life and everything looks so Pretty those are the ones that I'm Talking about they are obsessed with Notion and they may made a lot of packs Jules ackery is one of the ones that's Coming to mind I think her starter pack Her her notion life starter pack or Something like that was the first one I Ever started with and it was a series of Notion templates that I've learned to Use and then I've just gone on and Customized them over time to work for me So YouTube is actually really great for Finding notion templates there's also a Lot of other bloggers who have done Templates based on certain systems like Atomic habits I'm a fan of atomic habits Great book I actually read Atomic habits Right before I found notion so it was Kind of like little match made in heaven So some people will do notion templates Just based on Atomic habits or the 12-week year so if you actually go to YouTube and let's say you read a Productivity book like that like the 12 Week year or Atomic habits you can go to YouTube and be like notion template Atomic habits I promise you there's a YouTuber who's already done it and you Could probably download it you can also

Just try different ones right that's What I did until I kind of started Learning how to make my own and Customizing them which by the way if you Want to try one of the ones that I made I made one for myself and my team for Our content calendar so you can do that Here and also below so that's literally Place number one I would actually go Because I promised you some productivity YouTuber already did it they already did It for you so just download it and then Figure out how to make it work for you And not only did they already do it for You they also already made it pretty for You which is one of the things I really Appreciated so then the next place that You can go is you can actually go to Notion right on Notions website they Have an entire database of all kinds of Notion templates for all kinds of things So that's actually a place where you can Go and just just just Dive Right In just Dive Right In what's going to happen to You is what happened to me you discover This thing and then you're going to Spend the next week playing with notion Templates but that's fine because that's How you're going to find the stuff that Actually works for you that's how you're Going to find the stuff that you Actually use if you saw my notion it's My second brain video you'll notice Mine's a little bit messy because I was

Testing a lot of different templates now I can go in there and be like all right I don't really use this one so I can get Rid of it this one's important so I'm Going to move it up here that's kind of What you're going to end up doing is You're going to end up testing a bunch Of things to see what actually works for Your brain and what doesn't and then Finally Google schmoogle right just go To Google and be like notion template For this and again I promise you Somebody has already done it and for me Personally when I was getting started With notion that was the easiest thing For me to do and it kind of turned into An obsession and 50 bajillion templates That I've been testing over the past Year so so to figure out what works for Me and what doesn't and then I just have Everything in a dashboard and I know Which ones are my favorites and things Like that so I hope you guys found this Helpful if you have any YouTubers or Anything that you like their notion Templates please leave them in the Comments because I'm obsessed I will Absolutely go download it and go test it And see if I like it so please leave Those in the comments below if you have Them if you have one that you have that You want to share leave it in the Comments below as well and make sure to Subscribe because we're going to have

More notion videos coming out as I dive In and learn more things and you guys Ask me more questions which is how these This video even came to be and we're Also going to have a lot more AI  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">Marketing videos so make sure to Subscribe like hit the Bell do all the Things and I'll see you guys on the next Video

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