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Hello everyone Happy is it Tuesday yes it’s Tuesday Happy Tuesday Happy Tuesday everybody okay Um if you watch every day then you know The drill I gotta go check this on the Facebooks on the book of faces Let’s check the audio Okay I think I’m going to turn this mic Off because I just want to like chill And lean back with you guys today so and When I do that the sound goes out with This mic so let me just oh no we’re good Okay I didn’t didn’t even pick up the Right mic we’re good hey everybody hello Hello as you are coming in say hello in The comments we have a great one today Your messaging sucks and I’m gonna tell You why your messaging sucks and why It’s not converting and how to fix it I Am so tired of watching y’all make the Same mistakes on social media and in Facebook groups and on podcast Interviews and in your emails so we’re Gonna talk about how to fix this Messaging problem you all have today as You are coming in say hello in the Comments because I can shout you out to Our almost hundred thousand social media Followers you want people to pay you let Them know you exist let them know you Exist by engaging in the comments I know There’s lots of lurkers who watch this Especially on Facebook and Twitter and

On LinkedIn I know it’s full of lurkers Because you guys slide into my DMs Afterward hey hey let the people know Who you are and that you are exist I see A hey it says Facebook user you are in One of our Facebook groups so that’s the Only thing if you’re in one of our Facebook groups put your name so I could Properly say hi because for whatever Reason stream yard does not pick up your Name so that’s the only thing if you’re Either in our client group or a free Group put your name and I can like Properly address You by name that’s how I like to do it all right guys your Messaging sucks that’s why it doesn’t Convert and today I’m going to be Talking about why your messaging sucks And how to fix it for those of you who Don’t know who I am because we have new Connections every day we’ve had like 14 People request to join the Facebook Group this morning and I think I know Where y’all are coming from Um hey Monica oh Monica you’re gonna Love this one right you’re really gonna Love this because Monica is very good at Social media so she’s probably going to Co-sign on half the stuff I say right Um so Um if anybody else is watching from the Groups just say what your name is right So guys right we have to talk about your Messaging and we have to talk about why

It’s not converting okay and as usual hi Everybody I see you all coming in hello Hello lurkers say hello I know you’re Coming in from Facebook groups I know People are sending you over our way I Know people have been sharing my posts Um YouTube I know that’s been taking off As well because people have been sliding Into my DMs being like hey I was looking For this thing and I found your YouTube Video I know you did this has all been Very intentional how I’ve been building This lead flow over the last six months So anyway I posted last week that um I Tripled my lead flow in about six months Uh and accounting by the way and a big Part of that has to do with messaging so That’s what we’re going to talk about Today for those of you who don’t know Who I am my name is Amanda Abaya I’m the Top female sales trainer online before I Was training on sales I was actually a Content marketer for eight years for Financial companies so I have this Unique ability to teach both  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">marketing And sales and teach you how to connect The dots and how they work together the Thing we are known for the most however Is sales training because we’re Basically the only ones who do it let’s Be real so what we’re going to be Talking about today is how to grab People’s attention now before going into How to grab people’s attention let me

Show you a five-step sales process real Quick so you have context but I’m not Going to be going into all this today I’m just quickly giving you guys context I’m going to be focusing on messaging This part up here so for those of you Who are new to me I teach a five-step Sales process Um Step number one is engage so it’s Either you get someone’s attention or You reach out to them and in most cases You need to be doing both I say this all The time big companies have both things Going at the same time they have Internal leads coming to them which by The way I’m giving away a worksheet on How I tripled my organic inbound leave Flow so if you want it comment and I’ll Get it to you we had like 120 people Asked for it on Friday Um so you want organic lead flow coming In and we’ll be talking a lot about that Today but then there’s also this other Side of it where you actually need to Have conversations with them and convert Them so we’re going to be talking a Little bit about both today but really It’s going to be more about getting People’s attention and then what to do Right after you have their attention so From there it’s educate this is Basically qualifying and booking calls Then you have enrolled which is closing Them then you have evaluate which is

Follow-up and then you have endorse Which is all about referrals so I just Wanted to give you what the back end Looks like but we’re really going to be Talking about the front end and the Reason I’m doing this is because people Have been very confused they don’t Understand that this stuff is going on Behind the scenes they’re just like Posts on social media and people are Just gonna flood your DMs not exactly Right but I’m going to teach you how to Get more of that today right I just want To make sure that you guys are clear on What also goes on behind the scenes Because there’s a lot of confusion Between Um  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">marketing and sales on the internet But today we’re going to be mostly Talking  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">marketing so the idea is that You’ve got this circle going on the back End right you have this cycle but the Thing is you have to get people’s Attention first and that’s what we’re Going to be talking about today because Most of y’all have shitty messaging and Then you wonder why it’s not working and Then you wonder why you’re looking in Facebook groups and you’re not getting Clients hey Michael Michael I know you Know Michael I’m gonna be preaching to The choir today sir Michael do me a Favor share this out on your wall for Anybody who needs to hear it Monica same

If you’re able to do that on your Private page any so yeah share this out Guys because I’ve been talking a lot About the difference between  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">marketing And sales and people have been finding It very helpful so this whole thing has Come up because A few reasons right so you all know that I built a giant referral partner network Over six months and one of my biggest Complaints was that people did not know How to talk about their businesses which By the way I’m giving up the giving away The exact strategy I used to Triple my Lead flow in six months so again if you Want it let me know in the comments Light of the DMS I’ll get it to you and I’ll add it to the chat later if you Guys want it thank you Michael love you Right so then the other thing that I’ve Noticed is Um the the other thing so that was Number one I noticed that when I was Building this referral partner Network People did not know how to talk about Their businesses and it was kind of Really irritating me so I made that Guide to help you guys out is basically What I did and then 120 people requested It the second thing I noticed is um Because I’ve systematized so much of my Business Um and because I have support on the Back end because I’ve automated so much

Because our process is pretty tight Right now I’ve been able to spend a lot More time in Facebook groups or on Podcasts or speaking and I’ve noticed Quite a lot of things so I joined um I Didn’t join this Facebook group last Week I’ve been in it for years it’s just That I only started engaging In the last week Um and within three days I had weeds and I also had an offer for a speaking gig And I have like tons of people Requesting to go into my free Facebook Group and I’m pretty sure that’s where They’re coming from so that’s within Three days just three days in there Hanging out I haven’t gone live I Haven’t really done much of anything in There and we’re already starting to get This this stuff we’re even starting to Get people in my DMs just for me hanging Out in this Facebook group uh for three Days and I realized uh that a big part Of it was my messaging and how I was Communicating about my business so That’s what I really want to talk about Today because that’s where a lot of Y’all are dropping the ball the third Thing that I realized and I was like Okay yeah this has to be the live stream For today I was just interviewed on a Podcast awesome podcast it’s all about Founder Stories the guys were amazing it Comes out in a couple months it’s really

Good and after the podcast was done Recording they’re like you’re so Freaking good you need to do a training For our clients we’re going to fill up a Webinar for you just sell to them like Just do your thing and you’ll get Clients straight off of our webinar just Like we did for one of these other Partners and I’m like cool awesome so Now right because I because I came on This podcast and I know my and I Know how to communicate what I do now I Have people offering being like look We’ll fill up a platform for you and Then you can go do your thing because You’re so good at what you do you need To you need to talk to our audience About this and I started to realize that That is not the results that most of you Get from your messaging most of you get Results like oh I posted and it’s Crickets or I posted and no one’s coming Into the DMS nobody wants to help me Nobody wants to do this nobody wants to Share my stuff nobody that’s what a lot Of you like it’s just a lot of that Right some of you it’s a little bit Different some of you as you are getting A lot of attention but then you’re not Actually talking to the people that You’re getting their attention but That’s not today’s training that’s for Another time again I’m just talking Attention at this point so today I want

To talk to you about why your messaging Is not getting people’s attention why You’re not getting invited to do Speaking gigs why you’re not and why People aren’t offering up their Audiences to you basically why you’re Not getting the podcast bookings why You’re not getting the opportunities That’s what we’re going to be talking About today and honestly based on what I’ve seen particularly in a couple of Facebook groups and after doing so so Many calls with potential referral Partners it’s your communication and It’s your messaging and it’s how you Talk about your business that is the Main culprit so let’s talk about some of The mistakes that people are making and Then I’m going to show you how to fix Them so number one You all sound the same You all sound exactly the same I could See a post right in a Facebook group What do you do about your business you All do the same the exact same And you talk about the same way Meanwhile I go in there and I’m like I I Run a sales training company for women I Stick out like a sore thumb because I’m The only one in there saying that so That’s number one right is you all Pretty much sound the same so you’re Just like drowning in a sea of sameness Is part of what’s going on now I’m not

Saying you have to have some business That’s never been done before again it’s The way that you communicate about your Business because I’m not the only I mean I’m not the only woman out here who Trains women on how to sell there aren’t Many of us there’s more all the time we All know each other basically Um but we all know how to communicate What we do because we understand sales We all know how to communicate what we Do in a way that’s different you know Off where we still stand up stand out From one another and we’re cool with That so but again that’s because we know How to communicate what it is that we do And we know what our special sauce is And we know what our secret is so my Company exists to teach women the Mindset and the skills that they need in Order to succeed in a male dominated Skill set like sales because let’s be Real there are not many women out here Teaching it and like you can’t teach Sales to women the same way that you Teach it to men now at the end of the Day sales is sales it doesn’t matter if You’re male or female this is not a Masculine feminine thing you use both Energies in a sales conversation but There is a difference in how we’ve been Conditioned as a society that changes The way that you train people so for Example I had women in my comments a

Couple days ago a couple weeks ago who Were saying that they don’t even like The word closer because it reminds them Of like some sleazy online  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">marketing Super super aggressive one-call close Type of stuff so obviously they’re Probably going to be looking for a woman To train them on how to sell because They’re going to feel more comfortable With a woman Here Comes me Amanda the Self-proclaimed translator who had to Learn from a bunch of men and now Teaches it to women so I stand out I Stand out a lot in these groups because I have a a unique proposition in the Marketplace so one of the things that You want to figure out is what is your Unique proposition in the marketplace Because a lot of you don’t sound very Unique at all you just get lost lost in The sea of sameness because you’re not Really capitalizing on your uniqueness Or what that uniqueness is so that’s Reason number one why your messaging Sucks is you all sound like each other Number two No passion Or conviction Guys if you’re going to be making money You need to be passionate if you’re Going to be making money you need to be Energized if you’re going to be making Money you need to sound like you at Least like what you’re doing and a lot

Of you are kind of deadpaned about it a Lot of you sound like you don’t even Want to be here you don’t even want to Be doing this you’re not excited like You’re you’re just here because you’re Here and when you have that type of Energy people are not really very Attracted to you but if you’re a Passionate person and you’re excited in My case heavily caffeinated as well but I don’t I don’t need the Cuban coffee to Be like this I am Like this and anybody who’s met me in Real life no set to be true you’re like The same in person that you are online And I’m like well who the else Would I be I don’t understand but that’s Actually I’m gonna write that one down You are not yourself I’m gonna get there didn’t even write That one down but we’re gonna get there So there’s no passion or conviction with A lot of you prime example somebody asks You what you do and all you do is drop a Link there’s no hi hello there’s no oh My gosh I’m so excited to talk to you There’s no uh I help uh X do y there’s None of that you just drop a link lazy Sales that’s what I call that you you Just drop a it’s it is the equivalent of Being deadpan right you are not Wednesday Adams you could not get away With being dead pan and making money you Just can’t so at least sound excited

About what it is that you do at least Sound like you actually want to be here Talking to people and you would get Better results and a lot of you just Don’t and the reason that you come off That way is because you either only drop A link and nothing else or it’s it’s Very like one note like I saw a post in A Facebook group that was like Um if you were going to speak to a group Of thirty thousand women this is how I Got offered a potential speaking Opportunity by the way if you were going To speak to a group of 30 000 women what Would you talk about And I would see certain comments that All the all it said was relationships What about relationships relationships For who what kind of relationships what Problem are you relationships that’s it It comes off as very deadpan and not Excited and like you don’t know what You’re doing So you have to at least sound excited Meanwhile I go in someone who Understands sales I teach I would talk About how to convert attention into Money because people don’t understand The difference between  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">marketing and Sales and it’s causing a lot of problems In their businesses Boom offer right there Because it’s not I didn’t go in and it Said sales right I was more elaborate

About exactly what it is that I would do Which brings me up to the next Point There’s no clue you’re not communicating A clear problem that you solve so again Right if somebody asks you what would You talk to a group of 30 this is a big Opportunity 30 000 people right that’s a Big audience you want to leverage Somebody else’s audience if somebody Said what would you speak about in front Of a group of 30 000 people and all I Said was sales Like that doesn’t do anything it doesn’t Make anybody feel anything there’s There’s no clarity about what it is that You actually do or for who it doesn’t Get anybody excited it doesn’t make Anybody want to reach out to you you Just you just sound like you clocked in To get a paycheck and that’s it and That’s not what entrepreneurship is so a Lot of times for a lot of you there’s no Clear communication of what problem it Is that you’re solving and for who and I Saw this a lot when I was doing a lot of Those referral partner calls that was Also a big problem where a lot of people Did not know how to express what kind of A problem they were solving and for who It’s not that big of a deal right what Problem do you solve that’s all anybody Cares about is what’s in it for them Human beings are quite selfish creatures They’re really only concerned with

Themselves and I know a lot of people Are like Amanda that’s terrible that’s The human condition that is what we’re Dealing with right they’re thinking About all the problems that they have Mounted up and how you’re going to solve That problem that’s what they’re think That’s what they’re looking for they’re Not looking for relationships they’re Not looking for sales they’re not Looking for other things that I saw Which were super vague we’re like how to Love themselves more that’s still super vague like how do you help People love themselves more how do you Do that right what is the importance of People loving themselves more and why do They need to love themselves more so Again there’s no real clear Communication about what problem you’re Solving for who and why it’s so Important and you need to get those Three things pretty crystal clear in Order to get somebody’s attention the Other thing is you’re not really Authentically who you are and this goes Back to I hate the word authentic it’s a Buzzword but there’s no other word for It so another thing is you just don’t Embody yourself right like a lot of you Guys don’t share how you actually feel About things Um many of you are like oh my God Amanda Your content is so different what are

You doing I’m telling you the truth I’m Telling you how I actually feel right if It makes me money cool if it doesn’t Make me money cool and somebody might be Like okay well you have a successful Business already so that’s easy for you No that’s how I got to a successful Business I have to think that way even Before I have money and what a lot of You are doing is you’re trying to twist Yourselves into a pretzel and trying to Be people that you’re not because you Think that’s what’s going to get Attention and make you money only for it To backfire in your face what you need To do is be more of who you really are So what you see is what you get people Who’ve met me in person can tell you I’m Literally exactly the same people who Unless I’m having a really bad day People who like Talk to me on my phone or my text or Like I’d like outside of DMs like in Real life well or like in real life Situations we’ll tell you this is me This is how I am I mean I would wear This in public and not give a you Know what I mean so a lot of what goes On is that you guys don’t really embody Who it is that you actually are you’re Very busy thinking that you have to put On some sort of a facade in order to get People’s attention or get people to like You and really that comes down to you

Not being okay with who you are like at The core of it that’s that’s really What’s going on why you feel that way I Don’t know that’s between you and your Therapist or you and God or you and who Yourself for you and whoever but really At the core of it is like I can’t be Myself and be successful when in reality What’s going to make you successful is You being yourself at the end of the day So if you’re constantly trying to edit Yourself and you’re constantly trying to Twist yourself into a pretzel and you’re Constantly trying to like follow Everybody else’s templates but not make Them your own speaking as someone who Literally sells templates If you don’t learn how to make that Stuff your own and we’ll talk about some Of the ways to do that momentarily You’re not going to get attention right You’re not going to get people’s Attention you’re not going to get their Eyeballs they’re not going to ask you to Come speak in front of a group of 30 000 People they’re not going to offer to Fill up an entire webinar for you so you Can solve their clients problems unless You’re very clear on who you are what You do what problem you solve for who And how you solve it you got to know Those five things in order for people to Be like okay yeah that’s me right Like let’s let’s help this woman out or

I want to work with her I want to do This like it’s even sometimes down to Like very trite things like I have a Joke that I close 70 of sales because I Curse Right because people tell me all the Time we love that you curse it makes us Feel like it’s okay to be ourselves So all I’m really doing remember how I Did a live stream talk your and get Paid like that’s what it is you being Yourself is talking your and Getting paid okay so those are the Reasons why your messaging sucks right Some of it is technical like you don’t Really know how to express what it is That you do and for who and how you Solve the problem and other parts of it Are more kind of like an embodiment Energy just being okay with being Yourself thing okay so let’s talk about How to fix it uh number one this is this Is always great you know learn to be Cool with you learn to be okay with you Learn to be okay with your opinions and Your messaging I know this is going to Sound really wild y’all not everybody Needs to agree with you I know shocker Shocker not everybody needs to agree With you and what you’re doing and what You’re saying in fact you don’t want Everybody to agree with you so when I Used to teach a lot more  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">marketing stuff I would tell people what are your

Unpopular opinions and put them all over The Internet gets attention like This and again not everybody needs to Agree with you you’re only trying to Attract a specific group of people uh Number two because I know sometimes People are afraid of rejection and Trolls yo if I got trolls watching this Fight in the comments fight in the Comments and get more eyeballs on my Stuff please please do me a favor and Come after me in the comments and fight Each other because that just gets me More Impressions please do me a favor That’s how you need to look at it rather Than oh my God they don’t like me like They’re not going to be at your funeral They’re not paying your bills all They’re doing is fighting with each Other and getting more Impressions on Your that’s how you should look at It everything’s an opportunity right Like all the people dragging Rihanna she Don’t care keep talking about her keep Making her money [Laughter] That’s how you’re supposed to look at it Uh she did her job that’s it that’s all She cares about keep talking about her Keep doing it Um the Shakira song is another example Shakira’s diss track to her ex which Came out a few weeks ago It’s a banger let’s be real the song is

A banger it’s one of the best songs Shakira has done in years she should Probably get cheated on and dumped more Often right but but part of the reason Why it took off the way that it did was Because all the Latinos and all the Spaniards and now Americans right we’re Doing all these reaction videos on YouTube because it was lyrical savagery Is what it was it in Spanish right so There was a so she basically turned like Something that was going on in her life She couldn’t avoid it it was all over The Spanish press it was all over the Spanish tabloids and she just turned it Around and flipped it in order to make Money that’s how you need to look at it So that actually brings me to my next Point is stories stories go a really Long way in selling so for example the Podcast that I was just interviewed on Was literally all about founder stories Um and it went in a direction that none Of us expected it was going to go in but It was a fantastic Direction and I ended Up going a lot into my family history How my family ended up in the United States what my family had to go through How that’s affected mean Entrepreneurship what I had to start Doing to turn it around Um and it was like really deep and Really real and really raw it’s a Fantastic podcast interview when it’s

Out I’ll let everybody know but that’s Kind of where the direction went but I’m Full of stories okay and oftentimes you Hear a lot of the same stories over and Over again because they’re captivating They get attention so for example you’re Hearing a lot more about my family Background Cuban fleeing the Cuban Revolution how that affects me because That’s a unique story not everybody has I mean everybody in Miami has a story Like that but outside of Miami not Everybody has a story like that so it’s Very unique and it explains a lot All of you who watch my stuff and They’re like she has seasonings Something is different it’s because I’m Cuban and then suddenly you all are like Oh it makes sense now it all makes sense Foreign I know you’re thinking it because you’ve Told me in the DMS and I think it’s very Funny Um so anyway that would be an example The the family history all that kind of Stuff that’s that’s been more I mean I Really only just now started talking About it because I only really just now Got Clarity on it other things another Story how I got rejected 60 times in one Month trying to sell coaching packages Why I got rejected 60 times in one month And how I rebounded from that right That’s a story that I say very often

Sometimes it’s not even my story Sometimes it’s stories of Team how They’ve gone from crying to closing you Guys love that that I’ve taken people From crying to closing that’s a very Specific story it’s very clear crying to Closing y’all love it when I say that Story Um sometimes it’s client stories if they Let me do it but it’s like story after Story after story after Story I’m not Just coming on here and spitting stuff At you guys or copying from other people I’m coming with stories and experience That I have been through myself and That’s a part of what makes it unique And that’s a part of what’s going to Make your stuff unique and stand out What are your angles what are your Opinions what’s your experience what Have you actually been through those are Things that make the messaging Um stand out I’m gonna say this one Right you have to get to in order for Your message to really hit you and this Is really for anything in life you have To get to this healthy dose of not Giving a I have no other way of saying it right You have to get to that healthy dose of Not caring what people think about you Like like the healthy version right Where it’s like if you get constructive Criticism that’s fine but you’re able to

Determine what’s constructive criticism And what’s not and who you’re actually Going to take advice from I’m not and That goes back to saying you have to be Okay with yourself at the end of the day In order for your messaging to really Really hit right because if you’re not Okay with yourself and you’re just Regurgitating some script but you Haven’t put any of your own seasoning on It you haven’t put any of your own Stories into it you haven’t put any of Your own experience into it you just get Lost in the sauce like everybody else Again getting clear on what problems you Solve and for who like you guys really Struggle with this you really really Struggle with this particular thing Right who are you what problem do you Solve who do you solve it for how do you Solve it and why is this so important if You’re able to answer those five things You will very easily get attention and You will very easily get people sliding Into your DMs and you will very easily Get people raising their hands and you Will very easily get people offering you Speaking gigs and you will very easily Get on podcasts and you will very easily Get offers to go train other uh people’s Audiences where they basically serve Appliance to you on a platter which who Doesn’t want that right rather than Having to hustle for them people just

Send them to you so then Um and then the final thing right is to Sound excited be passionate enjoy what You’re doing Um part of what we talked about on the Podcast interview that I was just on and Then I’m going to leave y’all because I Got to go I gotta get back to some People But part of what happened on that Podcast interview and I’ve been open About the story right where I had my First six figure month I went into a Trauma response all this ancestral Family trauma started coming up That I had to deal with Um and then I like regressed in the Business and basically lost everything And now I’m in the process of rebuilding It and I’ve basically been doing it Right in front of you and I’ve been very Open about this and I’ve been open about It for a reason because most Entrepreneurs go through this they’re Just not telling you and because they’re Not telling you that when it happens to You you think you’re crazy but you’re Not actually crazy like this happens to All of us at some point and that’s part Of what we were talking about On the on the podcast right and one of The interesting things that’s happened Is when you when you when you have that Moment it on it’s not if it’s when it’ll

Hit you when you have that moment uh in Entrepreneurship and the the hosts we’re Going through that right now so I went Through it a couple years ago the hosts Are in their were in their 50s right and They’re like we’re literally going Through this now as we up level in a Business so like thank you so much for Talking about this because our brains And what we have going on subconsciously Is a big deal and a lot of people don’t Talk about it and they’re not very open About it anyway I am the reason is so You don’t think you’re crazy when it Happens to you like I thought I was Crazy when it happened to me And um anyway so one of the things that I was talking about is when we’re on the Rebuilding side of things one of the Things that’s very interesting that has Happened is number one I had to rebuild Myself first and I’m gonna have one of My mentors who helped me through this on The podcast and she’s also going to be Doing a very special event for Invitation only some clients right I am Waiting on the information so your your Clients of ours you maybe like it’s Going to be invite only it has to be a Very specific group of people my mentor Who helped me through that and rebuild It is going to be doing a special Training right so anyway y’all will be Meeting her soon and I’m gonna have her

On the podcast but I had to rebuild Myself first my relationship with myself So for example I’ve been grinding for Years so it was like go swim go paint go Do something else go sleep and that’s Basically what I had to do because I was So burned out and exhausted emotionally Exhausted then I had to Um kind of start rebuilding my business In a different way so that’s where you Know we built a machine in the middle That’s where we built a referral partner Network that’s where um you know we Really built something that now really My job is to do the stuff that I really Love which is being on live streams with You guys which is talking to you guys in The DMS which is being on podcasts which Is speaking training sales that’s the Stuff that I really love but I had to Kind of build a machine in the middle And get a team member trained up in Order for me to start basically Recouping everything that I lost right And I’m still in the process of Recouping you you guys are in the middle Of watching a comeback story you’re in The middle of watching a Phoenix Rising From the Ashes story and that’s why That’s also one of the reasons why You’re so attracted and why you’re like Oh her stuff hits different that’s one Of the reasons it hits different you are Literally in the process of watching a

Phoenix Rise From the Ashes and I’m Doing it in front of your face so then The other thing right is um what Happened and what I said was really Interesting is previous to that and Having gone through that experience a Lot of stuff just felt like a grind Right it just felt like a work I had to Do it felt like stuff that had to get Done I was exhausted a lot more because It was all coming from a place of like Insecurity and ego Um and and not from like the best place Right which a lot of us do start Businesses that’s how we started like All of us we all have something okay we All have that dark side Um which is again why I’m public about It uh I think David Nagel calls it your Core wound I think that’s what he calls It other people go by other names for it But we all have it so I wasn’t aware of Mine not really became aware of it Started rebuilding when I started Rebuilding what was so interesting was Because I was rebuilding my business From a different place meaning a place Of Love and Desire and joy and doing the Things that I love to do and having more Support and serving people and really Showing up to the best of my ability and That’s how I decide if I’m successful And that’s how I decide if I’m doing a Good job or not then I just have a lot

More energy to do things like live Streams every day or I have more energy To do you know 300 calls in like three Or four months or I have more energy to Do a podcast tour because it’s coming From it’s sourced from a different place It’s not it’s no longer sourced from a Place of survival or trying to prove Yourself or any of that it’s sourced From a place of I’m good I’m successful No matter what wherever this goes this Is where it’s gonna go my job is to be a Muscle vessel for the message and show Up and have a damn good time and help as Many people as possible so a lot of you Who’ve been complaining about like oh my God that many calls sounds exhausting or I don’t want to do this it’s exhausting Right part of the reason why you’re Exhausted is because you’re not doing it From a place of Desire you’re doing it From a place of mature or you’re doing It from a place of trying to prove Yourself or you’re doing it or you’re Doing it from a place of survival rather Than fun so if you switch it from Survival to fun easier said than done Guys right but I’m just giving you Simple overview if you switch it from Survival to fun you automatically start Becoming more attractive in your Messaging people are more automatically Drawn to you I was joking with my team This morning I have so many men wanting

To fix my problems All the time all the time they want to Fix my problems I love it I love it Because they want to support me in what I’m doing because they know it’s a Really big deal they know that what I’m Doing is super important and that they They can’t do it themselves so they want To help me do it as much as possible I Love them love them Um but that but they’re also want to Right because I’m excited because I’m Passionate because I have stories Because it’s it’s from a place of desire And I’m naturally attractive and that’s Why they want to do it that’s why they Want to do it Um and it also shows up in business Right like more people become naturally Attracted to you my live streams have Gone from like I don’t know 20 views six Months ago to sometimes over a thousand Views on the live streams there’s more And more of you showing up every single Day because there’s something that You’re finding attractive and part of What you’re finding attractive is I’m Having a hell of a good time while I’m Doing this so that’s the last part of it Right at least act like you’re having a Good time at least act like you want to Be there and if you’re in a season right Now where you’re doing things that make You uncomfortable because there’s going

To be a lot of those just know that They’re temporary and I think sometimes We don’t enjoy this is a lesson we don’t Enjoy doing things because we don’t know How to do them and aren’t good at them So if you don’t like doing sales it’s Because you don’t know how to do it if You knew how to do it you’d like it When I started learning how to manage People I hated it I hated it I Absolutely hated it it was drudgery it Was was a drag I didn’t want to show up To work every day but once I understood It right and once I got the skill set Now it’s like okay cool I do actually Kind of like it because now I’m Competent in it the thing is that we Have to go through that nasty phase Where we suck before we’re good and then Once we’re good we actually start to Enjoy it that would probably be tomorrow If I’m able to come on live tomorrow That’ll be tomorrow’s you’re always Going to suck before you’re good But those of you who don’t enjoy it a Lot of times it’s because you don’t know What the hell you’re doing because if You knew what you were doing and you Were winning you’d be having a pretty Good time you’d be having a pretty good Time I love doing live streams I’m just Having a good time at this point Um you know I love going into Facebook Groups I love connecting with people

Because now I know what I’m doing eight Nine years ago when I didn’t know what I Was doing probably didn’t like it as Much probably would have preferred Hiding behind a screen a bit more so if You’re in one of those phases just um Commit to mastery commit to mastering Skill sets that you don’t know know that You’re going to suck first and you’re Not going to like it but once you get Past that phase and you get competent Then you start to like it and then you Actually start to have some fun all Right guys that’s it for today gots to Go have some people I have to reach out To uh we have a free webinar going on Tomorrow where I’m going to be diving a Lot deeper into this five-step process I’m also going to be teaching you guys a Couple of things you can do to increase Your sales by 30 in the next 30 days I Will make sure to drop it in the Comments for you guys so that you can Sign up for that we’re like at 80 yeah We’re like at 80 something percent Capacity so make sure to get in there There will be a replay available through The weekend if you can’t make it live I Don’t know if I’m doing it next month or Not so get in now uh the other thing is There was something else we’re starting A live round of persuade to profit in a Few weeks this is our live 90 Day sales Training where you work with me and my

Team and we actually do role play with You and you actually get access to this Five-step sales process like step by Step by step my step by step and we help You customize your sales process for you Your sales scripts and we practice with You what else do we have going on And if you want to find out how I Tripled my leads in like six months then Just comment below and I will make sure To get the worksheet to you if you don’t Already have it a lot of you do because You blew up my freaking Facebook on a Friday so with that being said guys love You I will see you when I see you maybe Tomorrow maybe not I don’t know you’re Just gonna have to subscribe and hit the Notification Bell and just you know Stock my page to find out when I go live Because there’s no actual schedule bye Everybody thank you for being here

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