YouTube Legends That Changed Music Production Forever

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If you've entered the production game in The last 15 years you'd be hard-pressed To find anyone that hasn't seen or Started out by watching YouTube videos Whether it was to find out about a Certain product or to figure out how to Get started what equipment to use what Software to use YouTube has been the Place for most producers in this era to Get their start and even beyond that if You've been in the game for a long time Product reviews software reviews all of That has been available on YouTube but 15 years ago around that time frame There were pioneers of the beat making Community on YouTube that they started Posting beat making videos reviews Tutorials and all of that unless we Forget where it all started I'm going to Show you some of my favorites and Probably some of the most popular YouTubers that started showcasing their Beats production tips and all of that And essentially the market that we have Today on YouTube derived from these Individuals posting in the early stages Of YouTube and showcasing online Everything that you're doing your Production process and all of that There's some Legends in the YouTube World when it comes to production and I Just want to remind everybody where it All started and where this whole YouTube Producer Community derive from let me

Know in the comments below who was who Was your inspiration like who did you Watch uh that got you into a music Production or who helped you grow as a Producer just from watching their YouTube videos all right first up we got Boondock this video came out 15 years Ago Has a million views I don't you know Have stats on what it was back then but I know that when I was looking for an NPC This is the first video that I came Across and uh we're gonna enjoy this one This video man All right let's go I'm ready I'm gonna record this whole Thing [Applause] [Music] I'm almost ready for the changes [Music] [Applause] Oh Foreign [Music] Crazy Um I'm gonna leave I'm Gonna Leave links To all these videos In the description below so you can Watch the full version of all of these But this right here made me want to get An NPC the next day I think I went to Guitar Center and I played around

Um on their beat machine forever the one That they had on display and that's that Right there Immediately I was sold I'm like I got it I gotta get an NPC I gotta get an NPC Now before we continue I have to bring Up the fact that the documentation Process of behind the scenes or beat Making started way before YouTube my First memory of a behind the scenes Documentation process was the Fade to Black DVD that came out alongside of The Black Album when Jay-Z released that and That right there was my first Glimpse uh Into behind the scenes in my first Introduction to Kanye who Kanye was and If you've seen the most recent Connie Documentary on Netflix during that time He was already filming all of the behind The scenes stuff and so when YouTube Rolls around all of The Producers during That time period had this visual of the Behind the scenes or the beat making Process and what that looked like and so We were inspired by those previous films Like Fade to Black that gave us the Inspiration to put our stuff out there Online and let other aspiring producer See what our process was like but I'm Trying to tell you that I have the song That just I have the beat that describes That moment accurately and if you don't Believe me your man Guru is here what's Your name what's your name your man T is

Here and Hip-Hop is here and Faces are scrunched up I'm telling you Right now Google heard it and say do you Say you're gonna do this he gonna do the Whole song tonight right he said you're Gonna do the whole song tonight and I'm Like 99 certain that every producer has Seen this particular clip with Timbo in The studio with Jay-Z working on Beats Timbo finding the right track for Jay And these these scenes are just embedded Into the legend of who Timbo is and Jay-Z and we've all seen this and so Stuff like this uh has created lasting Memories and has inspired producers all Across the globe uh to create and Document their process just like this All right you picked a pic The belt's coming up bounce coming up [Music] It's crazy right like being able to see That moment when that happened and then Hearing the final product actually you Heard the final product first before you Saw behind the scenes and it's like oh My God that's how that happened it's one Of those inspirational moments in History that you just can't replicate And to be able to capture that like That's what everyone's purpose was When we first started uploading YouTube Beats next up on the list is Ryan Leslie And this video is crazy because I Couldn't believe that you could call up

A music store and have a an instrument Messenger to you and then put that Directly into the track that he's it was Like I didn't understand money at that Point but he pulls out that black card I Didn't even know what it was back then Orders this trumpet and just proceeds to Play it and like builds this crazy track I I don't know it's one of my favorites This video 15 years ago 4.6 million Views again I don't have the stats of What it was back then but uh there Wasn't a lot of uh producers on YouTube Making uh videos so stuff like this was Crazy Foreign Pocket trumpet I got a special request though I'm gonna Can you get a messenger over to me in The next hour so Yeah I pay extra That's okay Yeah Yeah your ability to the next election Yeah Yes American Express That's crazy Okay It's going uptown Hollow [Music] You see he has a core Gun 3 there my First uh workstation was a core game Three and this specific video and Another one I'm getting ready to show

You uh was the reason why I bought this Specific uh workstation keyboard Bro change This was wild to me Hey [Music] What up you gotta delivery oh Yes [Music] Okay [Music] [Music] Let me know [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] It's crazy right it's crazy and after Seeing that I wanted everything that he Had I wanted that synth I wanted that Workstation I wanted to be able to play A trumpet I think I started taking Lessons like this specific video for me Was just insane and I know it was for a Lot of other people too now this next Guy When I first heard his voice I was like Is is this dude real but you know and Everyone had questions like is that the Real person like is this a Persona that He's putting on because he's kind of Quirky and uh to this day he's still the Same so I assume that's just like how he Is

Um but this dude actually made me want To learn how to play the keys I mean I Grew up uh I never played an instrument Until after I graduated high school I Learned how to play the guitar and then I saw these videos and it made me want To learn how to play instruments and This guy right here specifically made me Want to play the piano and then I bought The core game 3 and started taking Lessons uh specifically from I would say this video right here was Probably one of the most inspirational Mr Ronald jenkees ladies and gentlemen Hello YouTubes [Music] [Applause] Thank you [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] Just this like super quirky dude with Fingers of magic man like seeing that I Was like I I don't know how he's doing That but that's exactly what I want to Do and I know there's a lot of people That felt the same way again 15 years Ago 11 million views this dude was was Popping off back then man this guy was Crazy I always love Ronald jenkees he's still

Making music still putting stuff out Um yeah dude huge inspiration to a lot Of people next up is my Colombo now Mike Uh did a lot of different things within The YouTube producer Community uh he Started posting like be making videos And then Um he did this thing called the classic Cipher and once he started posting a lot Of uh beat making videos There were a lot of YouTubers popular YouTubers at the time who were looking For producers to make beats for their Personal projects like dstorm uh Timothy De La Ghetto alpha cat like a lot of Those popular YouTubers at the time Wanted to make music and for whatever Reason Mike was um was hit up and so he Started this thing called the classic Cipher What the classic Cipher was was he put Out a beat and sent it to somebody and Then that person would tag another Rapper to use the same beat people just Kept tagging each other so one of those Popular YouTubers started tagging their Popular YouTube friends and that's kind Of how Mike became like the beat maker For those YouTubers during that time Period all while still Posting beat making videos and then he Started doing something called like 30 Days of discipline where like make a Beat every single day for 30 days and he

Documented the whole process and he's The first person that I know that Started selling Sample packs as far as like he had like Classic Piano samples is what he called Them but to my memory to my knowledge a Singular person selling sample packs Mike and I think was one of the first to Do that I'm sure like Ill Mind was doing That back then as well but in in my Memory as far as popular YouTubers my First sample pack that I bought from an Individual not a company was Mike Colombo's uh Classic Piano samples so This is one of his beat making videos I Think this had like 200 something Thousand views on it Mike didn't have a Lot of virality but he did have a lot of Content [Music] Thank you [Music] He's always like just super fast [Music] Thank you [Music] [Music] Foreign Yeah it's stuff like that all the time Let's see uh 12 years ago 247 000 views But he did all kinds of stuff like that And like the the classic Cipher for Instance Um right here

Timothy daylight ghetto tangtarasu Old Timmy but stuff like that like Mike Kind of really uh created a sense of Community uh within the YouTube space he Was he was a Pioneer in that now if you Guys follow me you know that I'm a huge Fan of the machine and this is like the Main staple in my studio but I started Off using a lot of software Sony acid Pro and then I kind of transitioned into Using Pro Tools and I was like beat Making In Pro Tools for a long time then as the Years went on I wanted to get into drum Machines and it was between the NPC And the Machine And so that's for those other videos From Boondock came in and then this guy Knocked squared he was one of the early Guys that started using the machine and It was kind of the perfect marriage for Me as far as like software and a Controller still being able to to use Like to have the drum pad feel like an MPC so I started watching a lot of his Videos and with knock being such an Early adopter of the machine and posting How-to videos and his process of Creating hip-hop music with machine it Became one of those main Staples on YouTube on how to create or Chop music In the machine and the software itself [Music] Oh

[Music] Foreign [Music] Thank you [Music] I always love that [Music] But yeah like Videos like this Showing the the process it's kind of cut Off here but there's a there's a record Player to the right of the machine here And he would just show you his chops and How he did it how he loaded samples in And um yeah all of this was super Important Um because we didn't have tutorials from The manufacturer and we had like demos Um so guys like knock that started Making tutorials and or just showing how To chop stuff up or how they did it was Really helpful for young producers at The time like myself just trying to Learn something new So that's just a small portion of Producers at the time but the most Impactful uh in the creative space when It came to production and posting your Videos on YouTube and all of that led to Me putting my own stuff out there Because I really wanted to see what the What the world actually thought of my Music because I was in a vacuum you know I would only show my Beats to my friends

And they're like yeah it's great but the Internet will let you know real fast That you are trash bro this is garbage And so I value that feedback because It's only I knew that it was only going To make me better and so I started Posting my own beats my own production Process and that kind of leads to one of My some of my most popular Videos on YouTube and I had the Advantage of just being ahead of the um A game you know like I I know that there Were guys out there that started doing It before me but um you know I started Doing it as well And uh grew popular pretty quickly and Just kind of died off as my interest in Posting as often as I was kind of Weighed as well you know life kind of Takes over family kids all that but this Right here this is one of my most Popular uh beat making videos and uh I Mean I really enjoy it that's just me [Music] I love that intro so So old school So here I just had moved out of my house And got a studio space And uh started really getting into Sampling with my machine right there my Core again three All of that but uh yeah this right here One of my favorites [Music]

Foreign [Music] [Music] Thank you this is a few months after I Just got in the studio And my studio had gotten broken into and They stole everything except for my core Again three and I think the reason why They left the core Gun 3 is because they Couldn't uh fit it in their car there's So much stuff that they took from my Studio that day and uh man that was that Really that really upset me and uh I Think I just Got in a really good creative space During this time but this this video is One of my personal favorites Let's see 10 years ago baby Sampled the BG's [Music] Everything [Music] Storage Again there's there's so many other Producers that I watched during that Time period that were coming up that Helped me grow as a producer and Inspired me to continue to create and Make music or whatever I feel like all Those people that I've mentioned today Have definitely laid the foundation for A lot of the YouTubers that are popular Now

Um and like Kyle beats and I know T-Pain Is they didn't get to start there but I Know a lot of people start watching his His podcasts and his music production Stuff it's just talented people so all Of all these people are seeing the value And following other producers or get Inspiration from these YouTubers that Post their process and and their beat Making videos or whatever but let me Know in the comments below who inspired You or what videos did you see that Really propelled you into getting into Music production or buying a certain Piece of equipment or whatever who do You value and let's give them their Flowers this is me giving the flowers to All the guys that uh that I've watched When I was coming up as a Young YouTube Producer I guess and uh those are some Of of my most favorite videos that I Watch all the time still so I appreciate You guys taking the time out and uh Taking a stroll down memory lane with me And giving these people the flowers that They deserve all right I'll catch you Guys in the next one

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