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Hey everyone and welcome to another AI Marketing tutorial my name is Amanda Obeya I am the top female sales trainer Online and also a former content Marketer who’s a Content marketer for Eight years before I started teaching People how to sell and I’m super excited About Ai and on this channel we cover Sales Systems marketing and mindset the Four things you need to make money your Honey so if that’s something that Interests you make sure to subscribe and Hit the notification Bell because we Have new videos coming out every week And this week super excited this week We’re talking about notion AI I finally Got taken off the wait list I am a Massive fan of notion it is like a Second brain so I’m super excited to Check out the AI and I will walk you Through a tutorial in real time as I’m Looking at it for the first time before Diving in if you haven’t checked it out Already make sure to download our free AI marketing resource it is a list of Tools you can use for all your marketing Needs using AI tools and also you will Find all our video tutorials in one Place plus a few other tips so I will Leave the link for that in the Description and you will also find it in One of the cards without further Ado Let’s get into this tutorial Hello hello everyone great news I

Finally got the email a few days ago That I have been taken off the waitlist For notion AI if you’ve been following My channel for a while or my Facebook or Anything you know that I’m utterly Obsessed with notion it’s like a second Brain it’s amazing and I just got the Notification I was taken off the Waitlist I think I waited about a month Or so before I got taken off the wait List so let’s Dive Right In I looks like We have to enable it first so it says um Settings and members and then from there Find a workspace owner and then go to Okay and then we’ll have to enable it From there okay so we have to go to Settings and members Okay there’s the members settings [Music] I’m not seeing it am I going to the Right oh here notion AI whoop okay Update That should take care of it as you can See I uh use notion a lot this is my Main dashboard so let’s go to a new page It should show up start writing with AI Okay okay brainstorm ideas so what I’m Liking about this already is that it Already kind of has the the prompts for You which is one of my favorite things About AI Um so let’s go into brainstorm ideas on Notion AI YouTube Videos let’s see what it comes up with

Because I want to do a series of these Creating a YouTube channel for notion AI Can be a great way to engage with your Audience Okay so it basically gave me a script on Uh which is not bad on how to teach People how to create an AI YouTube Channel which is not necessarily what I Asked for but it did give me a list of Ideas so explain your videos that Highlight the features and benefits uh Tutorial videos which is basically what I’m doing now interviews with AI team Members and partners okay uh user Stories live q and A’s uh demo videos of Notion AI in action was literally what I’m doing right now and then discussion Videos about the future of AI and its Potential impact on society so it Actually gave me ideas on how to Basically create a whole Channel about Notion AI YouTube videos so I’m going to Try uh make longer let’s see what it’s Going to give me Okay so it gave me a longer Introduction okay how about continue Writing AI is writing I just realized I made like a whole new Page Continue writing okay Creating a YouTube channel for notion AI Is an excellent way to engage with our Audience and showcase our products uh Okay this is like written by some AI

Market it’s some notion marketing person But it’s all good okay [Music] Um User stories can demonstrate okay so Basically what it did is that it took The bullet points and then made it into Actual paragraphs so if you wanted a Script or something you could probably Use this okay let’s try some of the Other features new page Okay No did I do this right hold on where’s My templates new page Hold on one minute how did I just do That hold on at a glance New page Okay but it’s not giving me the prompts So let’s see Oh type space for AI okay got it type Space for AI oh okay all right blog post That’s kind of what I want Um blog post about How to use notion AR because that’s Literally what this video is going to be Notion AI is an AI powered task Management system that helps streamline Processes and improve productivity it Really does I love notion getting Started with notion AI is to create an Account of course Um use notion AI to improve your work Help you and your team work more Efficiently but it didn’t actually say

How to use the AI like I’m using it now So how about we continue writing Analytics tools Okay but it’s still not telling me how To actually use the AI okay which of Course AI has its limitations so how About we try again close we’re gonna We’re gonna space again right blog post Let’s try something else uh write a blog Post about What am I staring at right now that I Could just do something very very random About Crystal healing because I was Staring at a bunch of crystals right now Hmm Crystal healing is an ancient Practice that has been used for Centuries To help promote healing and balance Within the body it’s based on the idea That crystals can be used to draw out Negative energy Align bodies energy centers Um okay Absorb reflect and transform energy There are many to choose from it is Important to understand how to use Crystals correctly Okay all right that’s not terrible for Anybody who’s into it okay let’s try Some of the other AI stuff okay New page now that we know there’s a Space AI example Space outline okay

Right outline about Notion AI features maybe that’ll do Something better AI assist natural language processing For writing and editing automated style Checks and grammar Corrections I’ve Heard about that I want to try it search Capabilities to find relevant content Quickly automated for see this is more What I was looking for in the other one Automated format and style suggestions To see beat up document creation Smart Text highlighting to improve readability Automated tables of content creation Automation automated summarization of Documents AI powered recommendations for Relevant content so basically someone’s Going to be making videos on like all of This i a i YouTube Hi why is it not okay well YouTube it’s Not doing anything okay Okay Close AI here we go a i YouTube video examples clearly I have a Lot to play with When it comes to notion AI features so Now how about I write a blog post on that No not gonna let me do that okay how About find action items what’s this Oh I turned it into a to-do list Okay which is actually kind of cool Because then I can check off What I’ve actually tried and what video

I made okay So that’s cool thank you that was more Like what I was looking for let’s try The next one uh AI sample Space for AI social media post write Social media post about let’s go back to The crystal healing Because I’m staring at them right now Cruises have been used for centuries Um I think wasn’t that isn’t this Similar to like the the introduction it Made on the blog post I think I deleted The blog post otherwise I would show you It would be I would be interested to Know I’ll have to go back on this video And see if it’s basically The Identical Introduction but it kind of sounds like It is I like that it put the the hashtag Automatically because I know in some Other tools that I’ve used it’s like you Have to do the hashtag things separately Um It’s it’s actually pretty good I mean I’ve it’s not bad at all Um but I would want to see if it’s Literally the exact same thing as the Introduction I would have to go back on This video if you’re watching in the Comments let me know if it was the same As the introduction All right let’s try the next thing a i Ace a press release oh I’m very Interested in this actually because um I Used to be a writer I used to have a

Column at ink and I have a podcast and I Get really bad press pitches all the Time so I’m very interested in this Right press release about Uh new I don’t know what would be Something people could do what am I Staring at I’m staring at perfumes new Um Non no that’s not the word I’m looking For new natural perfume line let’s see What it comes up with Introducing the new natural perfume line From company name proud to announce the Launch of their new natural perfume line The line of perfumes is free of Synthetic fragrances and parabens uh Perfect for those who want to experience The benefits we invite you to this is Not terrible okay if you guys see the Horrific pitches I get from my podcast In my inbox then you would know why this Is not terrible it’s kind it’s quick and To the point it’s not like five pages Long like some of the stuff that I get What I would prefer which is how you Would have to edit this there’s there’s No way for AI to do this I don’t think But what you would have to do what I Would prefer in a pitch if you guys are Going to use a pitch is somehow Customize it to the media outlet that You are sending it to and be like hey Here’s how this is going to be a benefit To your readers or your audience if you

Uh highlight our products so that’s Basically the only reason I would the Only thing I would do do to fix this Okay let’s let’s play with some of the Other stuff let’s see okay I space I’m Gonna have so many pages to delete after This essay see more to-do list meeting Agenda pros and oh oh oh my Virgo moon Is Happy hold on writer pros and cons List about Let’s see Friday pros and cons list about video Marketing Let’s see what happens Pros engages viewers increase brand Awareness and recognition improved SEO That’s true that’s why I’m doing this Easier to share and distribute across Multiple channels also true allows for Greater creativity and storytelling cons Yes can be time consuming and costly Produced but not with AI anymore hahaha Uh necessitates a higher level of Technical skill to create now ai can Handle that now too I would say that was True like two or three years ago uh Amount of promotion and marketing to Reach the Right audience can be Difficult to track Roi for video Campaigns Um yeah I mean I guess there’s ways Around that though can be difficult to Capture and maintain viewers attention Yeah you would just have to become a

Better video person I actually just got A great idea Um ideas for two-year-old in Miami and The reason is because I’m gonna go see My uh niece this weekend and Um we’re trying to figure out what to do Okay meeting agenda brainstorm ideas so This is not related to marketing at all This is just related to something I got Going on in my life brainstorm ideas on What to do with a two-year-old In Miami let’s see what happens Miami offers a wide range of activities Suitable for young children from the Beaches to the many education and Cultural oh snap this is actually pretty Good okay visit Miami Zoo and jungle Island where your child can interact and Learn about the animals that’s true Miami Zoo is far though uh check out Miami Children’s Museum I’ve actually Never been there uh have a picnic at Mathis and hammock Park that would be Super cute uh enjoy a day up the beach Yeah of course I mean that’s that’s what You do a boat ride to one of the nearby Islands to explore wildlife and scenery A day at the Miami Seaquarium uh Everglades Art galleries and when I don’t know if I Would take a two-year-old to Winwood I’m Just I don’t know if I would do that notion But

Um enjoy some of the best seafood at Local restaurants and food if they don’t Care uh take a guided tour they don’t Want historic buildings uh visit the Miami Science Museum and planetarium That actually was super fun that is Actually really fun for kids Um so we actually I want I’m surprised It didn’t bring up the tropical gardens Let’s see if it could make it longer Foreign Let’s see what happens No it didn’t talk about the Fairchild Tropical gardens that’s the only one it Missed but other than that it actually Did a pretty good job if you’re looking For something to do with a two-year-old In Miami or if you run a blog like uh I Know there’s a great blog called Miami On the cheap right if y’all want to go Learn how to do things in Miami for free Or cheap uh if you run a blog like that Or something like that then this is Actually pretty great okay so let’s go Into the next thing All the AI Vlogs was me just trying to Like Set this as the basis for a blog post All right AI test Uh space for AI okay Sales email [Music] Write a sales email about Hmm what are sales emails that I get all

The time let’s see Trying to think of something where People would have to send cold pitch oh I know social media agency Services Let’s see what it comes up with Are you looking for a partner to help You create and manage effective social Media presence we are a social media Agency that specializes in helping Clients get the most out of social media Efforts team and experience Professionals can help you create Engaging content develop comprehensive Social media strategy both your you can Increase your online reach and grow your Business contact us today to learn more Not terrible of course what I would do Is customize it to the person that I’m Sending it to and show some more Receipts on Roi but not terrible I’ve Seen way worse I mean this is a lot Better than the freaking DMs I get on LinkedIn and Facebook so not bad not Terrible it’s obviously a cold sales Email so okay all right let’s close that Uh start why how come sometimes when I Do the new page it shows me the starting With AI and sometimes it doesn’t oh well Meeting agenda uh write a meeting agenda About a quarterly Meeting let’s see Welcome and introductions previous Quarterly meeting financial report Development updates discussion of

Upcoming projects closing remarks and Enjoyment I mean yeah it’s pretty pretty Basic for or quarterly meeting agenda What would happen if I make it longer Oh now it actually tells you what to do Oh oh I like that okay so now I would Actually tell you what to do in each of These phases thanks I’m actually Probably going to keep that one For what I have to do quarterly meetings Yeah I’m gonna have a lot of pages to Delete when I’m done here okay new page Uh AI test Space for AI Y’all are literally just watching me Play with this for the first time Recruiting email okay write a recruiting Email about people are always asking me About where to find sales people so Write a recruiting email about uh sales Position let’s see what happens Honestly though good sales people like They’re taken so They wouldn’t be looking for jobs on job Boards if they were good Um are you looking for an excited but Recruiters are reaching out to them all The time you’ll be responsible [Music] Um This is pretty good because this is what Sales people should be doing so one of My gripes on the freaking internet with Online business is y’all keep hiring

Agencies of like out outside of agencies Of closers but like that’s not real Sales people I’m just letting you all Know right now and outbound outside Sales agency closers like they don’t Actually know sales they just know how To take orders Plus for sales people It’s such a special position that they Pretty much need to be in the freaking Kool-Aid and when you are in sales this Is what it is it’s cultivating Cultivating relationships with clients It’s also identifying potential sales Opportunities and providing excellent Customer service yeah it’s account Management too so this is actually great Uh because it is actually what a Salesperson is supposed to be so I like That I can Go up on my soapbox about that so as a Part of our team you have a full range Of training and development Opportunities I’m glad it knows that too As well as competitive salary and Benefits package okay all right not bad I happen to know a lot about sales Positions so that’s why I used Uh that one in particular AI Let’s see what else it can do Job description okay let’s do the same Thing sales position I don’t know if I’ve seen I mean you Could go to chatgpt and tell it to write A job description but I what I like

About the notion AIS and the copy AIS More so than the chat gpts is like I Don’t have to prompt it it just gives me Templates and examples and I click a Button because I’m lazy so Um building relationships Responsibilities yes yes Uh yes Yes I mean not terrible that’s what I would Want a salesperson to do Uh yes Yeah that’s what I would want a Salesperson to do if they were working For me Okay let’s do AI sample space I wonder what creative story is write a Creative story about Oh God I have to put my literature brain On it’s been so long write a creative Story about A neighborhood cat Who grows on Adventures Let’s see what it comes up with Once upon a time there lived a Neighborhood cat Who Loved nothing more Than going on Grand Adventures every day The cat would venture out into the world To explore and discover new and exciting Places one day The Adventurous cat Stumbled upon a lonely little mouse the Cat quickly befriended the mouse are out Our outside cat who uh recently passed

Absolutely would have befriended a mouse And the two became fast friends together The cat and mouse went on many Grand Adventures including visiting a nearby Park meeting a band of friendly birds And even exploring a hidden cave the two Friends had a blast every day but what The cat never knew was that the mouse Had a secret every night the mouse would Fly away and come back the next morning With Tales of Faraway lands and exciting Stories to share the cow was amazed and Inspired by the mouse’s mysterious Adventures and soon decided to bark on Its Embark this is actually pretty good The cab traveled to places that it had Never seen before and even managed to Find its way back home the cat and mouse Continued to grow on Grand adventures Together sharing stories and learning New things they became the best of Friends and continued to explore the World around them and so the Neighborhood cat went on its Many Adventures learning new things and Making new friends along the way this Was actually pretty good not bad at all Okay creative writers notion AI may help You okay I sample Let’s see what else this thing can do To-do list uh I already saw an example Of a to-do list a poem A poem Okay write a poem about Cuban coffee

’s so sweet and strong brewed with love All day long the aroma fills the air a Cuban specialty is so rare A dark elixir of the Gods a sip of this And you’ll nod as sweet and cream I am So posting this on Facebook a sweet and Creamy tweet and flavor is so subscribe And need a pick-me-up to start your day A burst of energy that won’t fade away A Taste of Home a taste of pride a taste That can’t be denied y’all I am posting This on Facebook this deserves a Pulitzer Prize Some sort of literary award oh my God I’m sending this to my mom [Music] So notion AI is really good at poetry And creative writing and I am here for It I think this is a good place to end it Okay so I hope you guys enjoyed this if You want me to do deeper Dives I’ll play Around with this a bit more uh and do Deeper Dives in this video I just kind Of wanted to show you the different Features my favorite by far is the poem About Cuban coffee I have a few people To send this to that we got to go get Cuban coffee so hope you guys enjoyed it Subscribe hit the notification Bell make Sure to download that free resource that I mentioned in the beginning of the Video and keep an eye out we’ve got Podcast interviews coming out other

Videos I’m live all the time y’all Already know join the honey gang and get It done bye everybody until next time

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