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What's up guys Ryan Borden here today I'm going to show you how you can get Fifty six hundred dollars daily with Chat GPT using a secret method because This is the fastest way I have for you To make money online right now so if I Show you what's possible here we just Look at stripe this is 157 000 in the past four weeks and the past Seven days is like forty eight thousand So it's a rolling going up right and It's actually trending upwards on the Whole and it'll be twice this by the end Of the year not that I'm bragging I'm Not trying to say that but I am trying To show you what's actually possible so How do we get to our number here 5600 a Day if we run some numbers 157 000 and I Even want conservative left off the Point eight which gets us to fifty six Thousand Seven a day and I just did Round numbers right so That's how we can get to this Uh number is what's possible and this Doesn't even count PayPal that more Money comes in as well but I want you to Understand that it's possible I'm going To show you some more things as we go Through here so stick with me I would Like to say that if you could drop me a Yes in the comments if you want more Tests like this and more free trainings Like this so if you don't want more free Trainings like this or if this isn't the

Content you want also let me know know That in the comments that way I'm Running the test that you want because I Have a ton of tests running and I'm Running the things and giving you what You want and I want to give you what you Want So let me know yes or let me know Something else in the comments of what You actually do want so if we're going To do this obviously I got 5600 a day That's a pretty solid amount Um if you're making fifty six hundred Dollars a month you're use pulling down Like sixty five thousand dollars a year And I know that there's people that Aren't even making fifty six hundred Dollars a month so fifty six hundred Dollars a day isn't something that is Like it's not a magic button you're not Gonna be able to push it and get it Tomorrow you got to do some work You have to learn a few things you have To do a few things now we are going to Leverage Bots and AI to help facilitate The process and leverage up so that you Don't have to do nearly as much work I Mean we can cut out like the bulk Majority of the work with Bots and AI However you do still have to do a little Bit because like I said it's not magic So we do have actual classes at Fortuneboss.com I just wanted to mention Because they're live classes twice a

Week and a break it down step by step And we're even trying some new things in The class starting this week as well Which I'll talk about after we get them Done and see what you guys think about Those but if you enter your email Address and click less do this then you Can get in the live classes and the First thing we need to do is start is of Course get our checklist because that Just saves us a bunch of time head over To scarytoolbots.com enter your email Address and if we do that we get to our Checklist Checklist has a lot of things you've Probably seen this in a few other videos If you haven't got a lot of other great Videos here on the channel definitely Watch those but if we go across here we Can see there's tons of different things What are these they're affiliate Products affiliate means that you Promote somebody else's product and you Get paid you don't have to do the work Or deliver it there's things like Jasper Which I've showed a lot there's things Like Pick 3 which is a AI robot that Creates a video for you so today we're Actually going to look at Pick 3 and if We just go there to their website And we're actually going to look at a Couple of them but uh if we roll down All of them have them at the bottom you Can jump to the affiliate program and

Then log in we can see there's not a Whole lot going on here this is a fairly New account which I think is important Because we're trying to build from Probably nothing which I assumes where You're at 250 600 a day for example let Me show you this is Jasper which is uh The one right here Right so it's at like forty two hundred Dollars unpaid and you can see payouts On it has been going on for a while and They're you know two three thousand Dollars a month sometimes four somewhere In between right so you have to build it Up now this isn't even something we've Been actively promoting which is amazing Because you get this different ones work Differently but like on Jasper get a 30 Reoccurring and pick 3 has a reoccurring So once you get the customer you get Them for life of the customer and you Just get it you know if that's 10 years Then you get paid off that customer for 10 years so you have to build it up and It does take some building to get to This fifty six hundred dollar number but It is entirely possible as we've already Seen so what does this look like well Once we have our affiliate we need to Promote them all Affiliates work the Same way basically they give you a link Someone clicks on the link ultimately You get paid now you're not just gonna Go dump this affiliate link everywhere I

Mean you can do that and there are you Know you can do that but it's the Slowest least profitable and least Productive way to do it you want to use Uh technology Automation and Bots and AI To leverage up so that you can actually Get paid a whole lot more because if you Just follow a standard practice of just Dumping that link everywhere and telling Your friends and putting on the social Media you're going to make a few bucks And that's fine you can go out to eat or You can do whatever But you're not going to be able to make Like 5600 a day or anything close to a Living even just dumping that link Everywhere that I've ever seen or Experienced or talked to anybody anyways And so I'd rather Leverage Bots and tools and Automation and AI to Leverage up and do the same work as if I Were dumping it everywhere but get paid A whole lot more because I get a lot More sales and I'm bringing a lot more Value a whole lot more people will find Victory a whole lot more people's lives Will be easier because they use Pick 3 And Jasper because these are great tools That help people they help people they Help businesses and in exchange for you Providing that value that's why you get Paid it's not just magic money you solve A problem for a business by telling them About something they didn't know and you

Make their life easier and they are Happy to pay the company for the tool And the company is happy to pay you and It just works And it makes sense Of course you want to provide value when You get paid So stick with me till the end here Because I don't want to lose you there Are a few steps obviously if you're Going to make 5600 bucks you got to do a Few things it's not like just click a Couple buttons and Away you go So stick with me for the method here is Kind of like a summary of it we got our Checklist we have our affiliate offer so We're working with Pick 3 all right now We need to drive traffic now it's hard To organize this so stay with me because Number two is the bot which is the bot Drives traffic but we technically have To go set up the number three and four Before we can get there it's kind of Like jumping in the car to go to the Restaurant if you haven't already Purchased gas and set things up Then your car's not going to go anywhere You know so you you have to do that a Lot or you have to make a gas stop along The way so we're going to make a gas Stop along the way as we move through Here and set up three and four and Relate it to number two so number two I'll show you it is this bot here

That is running right now it is Promoting Pick 3 already I have it set Up and running it's contacted 35 000 People in this round I run you know when It's done I run a new round so it's Always just running but Um in this particular round it's done 35 000 successful and this number will go Up and you can see it's going there 120 728 Etc So that's what the bot is doing and so Let's just have a look at the bot I'm Just going to go into a different one Here a different uh project and we'll Look at it because I'm just going to Leave that picked rerun The Pick 3 project running if we look at A different project and there's tons of Stuff here don't worry about it we break Everything down for you in the Fortunebots.com classes so it's all here Broken down but we need to do a subject And a message so the subject is Basically just really and the message is Pretty straightforward on this one it's For Jasper which is the AI writing tool We're promoting Victory which is a video Tool but the messages are basically the Same I mean it just says are you tired Of spending hours on tedious writing Tasks in the Jasper or the Pick 3 one it Says video tasks right because it's Video so same thing goes across here and It gives them a link to click now this

Project isn't running but on the Pick 3 One we put our Link in here now we drop In a redirect link Um if we're going direct and we cover That in the fortuneboss.com classes but In this method where we're leveraging up Here we are going to use it to send it To something that chat GPT sets up so We're going to drop in the link of the Landing page here so this would be like Landing page link obviously it would be A URL https colon forward slash www.w Whatever it is right and we would get it So I just want you to follow me here With the theory because we put the link In there click OK and we click Start and We click run send the messages and you Can even see it it will start up I Didn't put the link in there but It prepares the data which takes a few Seconds and then away we go and yes and You'll see it start flying away here Down here everything will start moving And the numbers will start here in just A second And so it's moving it's doing its thing And I'm just going to go ahead and stop It here right quick because again we Didn't put the link in there that Project's not set up but that's what we Did with the Pick 3 project that is Actively running and you can see I don't Know well we talked about that it did About 75 contacted like 75 people

Telling them you know hey buy this So now what so we have our landing page Link well what is a landing page link Well a landing page is like a squeeze Page or a website that is designed to do One thing and that is capture someone's Email which we see here the landing page Captures the email here so So what that looks like is we use what's Called a CRM this is system.io there are Tons of crms if you don't know what that Means drop a comment down below and I Can explain CRM but crms host landing Pages for the sake of this there's other Ways to do it but we're just going to go With this right so if I have a landing Page like this for example let's go in Here and see I have some set up so Something like this this is a landing Page so you probably noticed that Because fortuneboss.com is the same way We have a picture we have some text and We ask for the email address and then You can get into the live classes and This is the same thing here it is see It's even titled squeeze page but the Point is is that we're trying to get Their email address because if we send Them straight to that link that we had In Pick 3 then they may or may not sign Up and then they're gone forever if they Sign up great if they don't sign up then They're gone and you did all the work For nothing

The thing is is that most people don't Buy until they see an offer seven times And that's on average right sometimes It's 10 sometimes it's two but on Average seven times so we want to get in Front of them over and over again and if We capture their email address then we Can email them every single day on Autopilot like it's automatic you don't Have to do it set it up once and then All year long it just emails new people And continues to offer them the deal and Then when you're done and they buy Victory then they can go over here and They can buy Jasper and that's how you Ultimately get to a high level of fifty Six hundred dollars a day because you're Offering them every single deal and just Keep offering them over and over again And when they give you that email Address it's basically like permission For you to Market to them so how does This work well The title here is the most important Thing and then testing a landing page There's what's called conversion rate What does that mean So conversion rate is how many people Put in their email address because not Everyone will so if a hundred people Come to this page and three people put In their email address then that's a Three percent conversion rate three out Of a hundred is three percent if a

Hundred people come here and 20 people Put in their email address that's a 20 Conversion rate there are things you can Do to increase the conversion rate and Obviously we want to get a higher Conversion because if we get more email Addresses we have more people to sell to And the more people you have to sell to The more people are going to buy and you Want to maximize the amount of people You can sell to and obviously maximize The amount of people that are buying so That you get to the fifty six hundred Dollars or more right because We'll have doubled this by the end of The year because we're increasing things Right so how do you do this well you got To test what does test mean well you got To go here to what's an A B test right So we add in a second page and it's not Set up here I'll show you this here in Just a second one that already is set up But what happens is when we add in the Second page we get a variant so we'll Put in something like this that's like Automate your income with Bots while you Sleep and then we'll put in a second Something so how do we do that we need To get set up with chat GPT so it can do Our a B test so let me pull that up So I've asked chat GPT to give us a Couple of high converting titles because The title is the biggest thing again if You don't know about that go back and

Watch the past couple of videos I've Done here on the channel because to talk About the titles and stuff like that Again these are free trainings and I but I can't make them like you know three Hours long because no one has that kind Of time to sit down all at once it's got To be broken up so there are lots of Others here on the channel and then the Ultimate ones obviously are the Fortuneboss.com live classes where you Can ask questions and everything But chat GPT uh and it's busy right now It even gave me a little box said hey We're under high demand but it's going To ride a couple of high converting Titles for me and then we're going to Put those on pages and split tests so We're going to make two landing pages Two variants and then we're gonna send Half the traffic to one that remember The bot is sending the traffic so this Bot is sending the traffic and it's you Know cranking away and sent several Hundred while we're here Talking and have to one and half to Other and then it's going to measure how Many people enter their email address And so you can see oh This one works better and you only Change one thing so like in this case We're just going to change Like the title right so this would be The equivalent of a title

On this landing page and so you change The title and you put one title and one And one title on the other because Different title affects people Differently and you want to find the Ones that are going to work the best and So you start optimizing things then you Can change out a couple of pictures and We can generate those with AI and you Can change out the words down here we Can generate that with chat GPT so chat GPT can generate all the text on here And then AI can generate the images Again I've already shown that in another Video but That aside so chat gbt we'll come up With these titles here in just a second And it's under high demand so I'll just Refresh it here and we'll get the titles And so while it's generating titles I Want to show you what an ultimate split Test looks like so this is one that's Been running for a while and I've had 673 visitors that have come to it 198 People have entered their email address And so what that looks like is it tells You how many visitors have been sent to Each page so there's two pages and They're 50 divided right and then it Gives me nice graphs and all that jazz But the end of the day all I really care About is the total conversions right so On this landing page we have gotten a Little bit more visitors and we have 102

Percent here and then on this one we Have 96 so these are actually pretty Close and what happens is Um sometimes you get to the point where It's it's way it's way off so the Division of traffic sometimes happens Like this and as we scale up into the You know thousands of visitors and tens Of thousands a few like 50 visitors or 30 visitors off like this or something It doesn't matter right because the Numbers will be close but I happen to Have two really good landing pages so It's it's hard to really see that Variance because they're they're not off By a whole lot but sometimes it'll be Way off so you have like 400 goals here And like 37 goals here well obviously This one was better and you can see as We go through here if I just hover over These they look the same but actually What was different was just the text That we're generating with chat GPT so Let's pull that up And chat gbt has given us the titles so We would just take and put one title on Our landing page and again I have Another video here just within the past Week that is telling us how to set up The titles but basically we're going to Plug in both titles on our landing page And we're going to do our a b split test That way when we send traffic with the Bot that we got from the uh affiliate

Offer the bot sends the traffic to the Affiliate offer that we got from here When we do that we can find out which One is the best one and we can start to Increase our conversion so if we get From a three percent conversion rate and Then we do a test with a couple of Titles and we get to a seven percent Conversion rate and when we do it split Test an A B test with a couple of images And we get to a nine percent conversion Rate and then we go back to other texts On the page and let chat gbt rewrite That and we split test and we get to an 11 conversion rate you understand the Difference here we started at three Percent now we're at 11. and so then we Might test some more titles and it's Kind of like a never-ending thing where You can test and optimize obviously if You're happy you can quit and just go With it but it's really great to test Because then you can reuse those titles And other things on other landing pages You just change out an amazing title and You replace the word like video AI tool With Um Writing AI tools so you go from Pick 3 to Jasper and you try your other Things and so once you have your really Great things then you know and you can You know hammer out landing pages that Are going to get like a 20 conversion

Right right so obviously conversion Rates vary based on lots of factors But that is how we accelerate things Basically we're going to split test and Increase our conversion rates by Utilizing testing and you only change One thing so you so you put the same Everything the same on both pages and You put two different pictures or Everything the same in two different Titles we accelerate it and the other Way we accelerate it is once we have That running and it's all automatic in Our CRM and sending them emails and Again I have that in another video I Can't show everything in this video and Of course in the fortune Bots classes we Break everything down but you go down to Each offer and you start sending them All of them and that really accelerates You because if you're making you know 100 a day off of one offer and then you Add another another offer now maybe You're making 150 a day and another Offer maybe you're making 200 a day and Then another one and maybe you're making 250 a day or whatever right I'm just Making up numbers obviously but the Point is here that's how you accelerate It by adding in lots of offers and That's how you get to 5600 a day now There is a Marketplace if you you know Want need help obviously or if you want To accelerate even faster uh the

Marketplace I'll put the link Down Below In the description but you can go there And we can actually set up a ton of Stuff for you and there's a bunch of Stuff that we can do to help you Accelerate even more So you can check out the marketplace But Ultimately if you want to do this how do You do it I mean where do you start Right because you have to start do you Agree Yeah you got to start somewhere and Obviously I gave you a lot there's a lot Here You just go over to fortunebots.com Enter your email address click let's do This get in the live classes and then I Will see you in the next live class and Until then Happy money making

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