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Hello everyone happy Monday I missed you This weekend I missed you all right hold on you guys Know the drill Oh my goodness DM’s coming in like right Now I I I hold on let me check the audio Okay audio audio is working the shaking Will stop momentarily guys it’s just Because I have to I have it on an Ergonomic thing right now and it’s like A thing okay all right I think we’re Good now all right guys I’m on a little Bit earlier today because there’s Something I have to do uh this afternoon Because I’m not a basic We’re gonna have some fun today there’s A reason why I am wearing the Grecian Roman Crown today it’s gonna come into Play guys you cannot think act or behave Like a basic and expect to Succeed In Business it is going to be one of Those today because I am just so tired Of hearing the same damn thing in the DMS over and over and over again and you Know what it’s not your fault it’s not Your fault at all it’s the fact that the Internet has you all thinking out here That you don’t actually have to work and You don’t actually have to do anything And that you don’t have to step out of Your comfort zone and that you don’t Have to do more than the bare minimum in Order to make millions of dollars so I’m

Not even mad at you I’m not mad at you At all I am mad for you and I hope to Give you some clarity today because I Know that a lot of you who follow me you Want very successful businesses you you Want to make a lot of money you want to Help a lot of people you know multi-six Seven-figure businesses but your Mentality is still pretty basic it’s Basic right so we’re going to be talking About that today right you cannot have a Successful business and act like a basic you just can’t if the two do not Go together so we’re going to be talking About what that behavior kind of looks Like and where people are getting stuck Specifically in one area for those of You who don’t know who I am my name is Amanda obey I’m the top female sales Trainer online and basically I am a Woman-owned woman employed sales Training company for women and we exist To basically help women entrepreneurs And bring them the tools and the mindset That they need in order to actually Succeed in Business and what do you need In business you need sales in business Otherwise your business ceases to exist So the reason this is bringing up is Because I’ve been having a lot of very Interesting Um conversations recently in the DMS and I noticed that pretty much everybody’s Getting stuck in the exact same place in

The sales process and in their Businesses everybody I’ve seen it with Everybody I’ve seen it with clients I’ve Seen it with colleagues clients I’ve Seen it with uh referral Partners Clients I’ve seen it in the DMS with Some of you I have seen it everywhere That’s why we’re having this Conversation and um basically the whole Internet has you all up about What’s actually required in order to Have a successful business like what is Actually required of you to do the whole Internet’s got you messed up the whole Internet’s got you confused I was just Having a conversation with a lovely lady Who purchased our sales scripts if You’re watching hi who kind of sort of Inspired this today because uh she was Telling me how she’s actually been in Business before she she I think she said She was in marketing she’s had Businesses before and then she came into The online coaching space and got Confused as hell confused as Hell by all The terrible shitstorm advice out here Because she was and particularly it was Around the cop for her it was around the Concept of feminine energy we’ll get to That right it was around the concept of Feminine energy and business so she’s Here thinking that there was something Wrong with her because her sales were Like on a little bit of a roller coaster

And she did a diagnostic with us and her Sales were on a roller and she and and She had like she’s been in business Before right so she’d already been kind Of thinking wait a minute do I just need To like go back to what I did in the First business where I was like more Proactive and I moved people through More of a sales process and there were More connections and those kinds of Things and I was like yes That’s what you need to do in order to Stabilize Um the business and then we can move to To the next stage so here’s the thing if You’re below 250 000 in your business You just need to sell your ass off That’s it that’s all you got to do then You can go worry about systems then you Can go worry about team then you can go Worry about all this other stuff before Then you are selling your ass off and You need to be proactive and there’s Some hustling involved okay Facts there’s just some hustling Involved and there’s Mastery of certain Skill sets that are involved in that Process the problem is the whole Internet has you all here thinking that You don’t have to master sales that you Don’t need to be proactive these Personality tests got you extra Up I did a whole live stream two weeks Ago on how sales literally has nothing

To do with your strengths finder your Myers-Briggs uh the one with the it Looks like cones I can’t even remember Which one that one’s called right now What your astrological birth chart says That day what your human design said That day none of it none of it is Relative at all to whether or not you Can run a business period there are Certain principles in business that work And they’ve been working since the Beginning of time and the the whole Internet has you all out here confused About the math required in business and The work that is required of you in Business and again it’s not your fault It is the fault of online marketers it Is the fault of all these feminine Energy polarity coaches who don’t even Have any idea what they’re actually Talking about because the ones that I Know who are very good at this would Never in a million years tell you to Just lean back and lay in a bathtub and Wait for money to just fall into your Lap never in a million years would they Say that because they know it’s not true It’s so it’s not your fault the Whole internet has you confused and my Goal today is to unconfuse you that’s That’s the point help you get gain some Clarity just like I hope this young Woman who had said to me you know I just Feel like I need to be more proactive

And you know like I know that world I Feel comfortable in that world I’m like Go do it and then you’re gonna make the Money that you need to make and then we Can move into the next stage of business And then she was like thank you so much I needed to hear that the whole internet Had me thinking like there’s something Wrong with me I’m not feminine enough or I’m doing too much or I’m doing this or I’m doing that the whole internet is Wrong most of these people don’t even Know how to run real businesses period End of story some of us have been in Sales for 15 years some of us Have had two different kinds of Businesses and some of us have trained Under people who sold companies for 150 Million dollars listen to those people Not some covert coach who just showed up In the last two or three years listen to People with actual experience How about we start there I’m in a new Facebook group um that I haven’t had a Chance to go into today but it was so Funny because I just commented on a Thread about what I did and who I am and What problem I solve and um I was like I Teach women how to sell that’s what I do I own a sales training company owned by Women women employees for women and They’re like well what’s your experience Okay I have no problem answering the Question I said 15 years I’ve done

Fundraising I’ve done recruiting when it Was recruiting it was for sales people Every kind of sales person you could Think of in my first business I was Pitching Banks and the second business I Moved on to selling training I’ve Trained teams so on and so forth and she Comments she goes oh my God a real Expert and I was like yeah not not Yeah to her but I mean I’m like Yeah yeah a real expert a real one a Real one right here and the real one’s Going to tell you the numbers the real One’s going to tell you what’s up the Real one’s going to tell you what’s Actually required of you and that’s why So many of you are resonating with the Message I could do a super simple Basic Facebook posts where I’m like if You want to make this much money here’s How many calls you have to do here’s how Much Outreach you have to do here are The numbers behind what is required of You and half of you will be in my Comments saying oh my God thank you so Much for giving me the numbers because Now I don’t feel like there’s something Wrong with me I don’t feel like I’m Crazy the reason you feel like you’re Crazy is because everyone out here on The Internet’s been lying to you for Years and now your intuition is starting To go off and that’s why a lot of you Are now resonating with my message where

I’m just basically saying the same thing The dudes have been telling you for Decades it’s just you know the packaging Is different and the translations a Little bit different but it’s standing Out and it’s making sense to you because You’re already realizing that the stuff That’s been fed to you out here on the Internet is complete So okay The only thing that I want to talk about Is the fact that this is an important Mindset that you need to take on no Matter what I believe in life You cannot do the bare minimum Or even what is considered average And expect above average results It’s not possible it’s not possible at All this is a math problem a lot of you Are running businesses or like to run Businesses where you either a want to Stay comfortable or B you get mad when You get average results but you haven’t Taken above average action Or you haven’t had above average Thoughts or you don’t have above average Beliefs so what happens is you get Wrapped up in your head example Um when another one of those posts where I said the numbers of what’s required to Hit certain targets that so many people Were thanking me I also had a couple People who are like well that sounds Exhausting and I’m like well you can

Leave Um because honestly it’s either you do What’s required of you to run a Successful business you want to have a Lot of eyeballs but then you got to be Very visible you want to make a lot of Money you got to do sales you want to Scale then you have to do uncomfortable Things like hire team and learn how to Manage them and learn how to train them You have to take risks you have to Invest there’s so many things in Business that require you to move out of Your comfort zone in order to actually Be successful but a lot of you keep Making excuses to stay in the comfort Zone and again not your fault the whole Internet’s been coddling you and telling You that your excuses are okay but You’re not going to hear that from me Because I know that the excuses are not Okay and I know that you are capable of Of doing more and that’s why I get on These live streams because it’s really To show you guys that you are capable You are capable of moving past your Comfort zone you are capable of doing More than you think you are capable of Actually learning a skill set that is Required of you you there’s nothing Wrong with you if you’re a woman who Likes to like be in a game right there’s Actually a whole archetype of femininity For that it’s called The Hundreds right

But the internet doesn’t tell you about The hunters The Internet’s been shoving Queen down your throat but they don’t Tell you about Huntress there’s a whole Archetype of feminine energy called the Huntress and that’s those of you who Like a game that’s those of you who like Sales that’s those of you who like Seeing What You’re Made Of that’s those Of you who have a little Competitive Edge to you that’s those of you who are Different right you’re different the Huntress is different she’s built Different than a lot of the other Goddesses but the internet doesn’t tell You about her the internet just tells You about Queen so those of you who are Huntresses you think there’s something Wrong with you when in reality there’s Nothing wrong with you at all it’s just A different flavor of femininity so Here’s the thing like Successful People By definition are neither average nor Basic I don’t know a single wealthy Successful person who did the bare Minimum to get there unless they Inherited the money and they were just Born Even still being born is kind of a big Deal when you look at the how much sperm Is involved and how much of it gets goes To waste and the ancestry and how many People needed to come together in order For you to actually be born it’s still

Very impressive just to be born when you Look at the numbers but you were just Born I mean you were born into money and Even still if you were born into money Then there’s a skill set to build upon The inheritance right that’s a whole Other skill set whole you still can’t be Basic and you still can’t be average Because the idea is that you build upon The inheritance that’s kind of the point It’s kind of the point of inheritance to Begin with so successful people by Definition are neither average nor basic They’re always doing what is above Average they’re always doing what is Above basic they’re always doing more Than because to them it’s about Potential right to them it’s a it’s it’s Kind of more of a game it’s like what is My potential here the goal may not money Is just a measurement for potential That’s all it is at the end of the day Sales is just a measurement for Potential and successful people they see It like a game or successful people are Like oh man I’m coming up against this Issue you know like maybe managing People I don’t know how to manage people I’m coming up against this issue Successful people will be like okay well What book do I need to go find Successful people will be like well you Know is there someone that I can talk to To help train me through this and then

They will put themselves in Uncomfortable situations over and over And over again until they Master it a Lot of you what happens is you avoid Uncomfortable situations and then the Anxiety just gets worse when what you Need to do is just do the damn thing That makes you uncomfortable realize You’re fine and that you’re capable and That you’re going to survive and that You’re going to figure it out and then The anxiety starts to subside but the Longer you avoid it and act like a basic the worse the anxiety is going to Get that’s the Paradox of this whole Entire thing a lot of you are like oh my God it’s exhausting to do 300 calls with Potential referral part no you want to Know what’s exhausting being broke is Exhausting that’s exhausting do you want To know what’s exhausting you know Having a mental shitstorm in your head Instead of taking some goddamn action That is what’s exhausting right so a lot Of the things that you find exhausting Are actually less exhausting than what You’re doing right now wasting time and Energy that’s what’s exhausting is not Having money right what’s exhausting is Not having fun what’s exhausting is Living in the mental storm in your Head that you would start moving out of If you just decided to do the thing that Made you uncomfortable okay so stop it

With the exhausting excuse stop going to Go find Echo Chambers on the internet That just coddle you and your excuses as To why you can’t do things because you Are better than that you are better than That and I believe that you are capable Of doing way more than what you believe And what the whole internet is telling You I need you to really understand that I need you to understand that you’re Capable because those of you who are Getting stuck in this basic Conversation on this basic Behavior is because you don’t think You’re capable okay so the main example Where I’m seeing this happen I see it in A lot of different places depending on The stage of business people are in Because of course this shows up in a Bunch of different ways but the main Place I’m seeing it is people not being Proactive enough in their businesses This comes up undoubtedly three four Five maybe six times a week this comes Up like literally it’s constant when This comes up and those of us who are Sales trainers we’re just like please Make it make sense make it make sense I Was in the DMS with one of my colleagues This morning that um she was noticing Something and I was like yeah I’m Noticing the same thing and we’re like Make it make sense all these people are Going to be out of business in a

Year if they don’t learn to be more Proactive in their businesses right but But you have to not think and act like a Basic in order to be proactive so Here’s where I see a lot of people Getting stuck this is not the only place Where people get stuck it’s just the Only one that I’m going to be talking About today and this has occurred with Several of you in my DMs right now Because this is basically the state of The industry because everybody’s talking Marketing nobody’s taught you sales That’s basically what it is so this very Basic basic five-step sales process that We teach our clients and a lot of you Are getting stuck like here in number One that’s where you’re getting stuck Right so I’m going to give two examples Where you guys well two examples right In two different situations where I see People getting stuck on Friday I had a Post that kind of like popped off and I Was like hey look I tripled my inbound Lead flow in the last six months I’m Giving away a free worksheet who wants It if you want it just let me know in The comments right but I was giving it Away on Friday I was testing something Out and the post kind of blew up and in Uh basically I said right that I built a Giant referral partner Network and like Literally this week I have like three or Four referral partners that are

Promoting my business to their databases And I kind of like Found A system that Worked for me like I I learned from Other people like and I applied what They did and then you know I just made It work for me is what I did so what I Did is I said I was giving that away and In what I was giving away I was like Yeah I have a hundred referral Partners But I did like 300 calls to find those Hundred referral partners and you know What I did to get those 300 calls I was Sending 100 DMS a day now a lot of you Might hear that and you’re going to be Like oh my God that’s exhausting that’s Too much okay well I’m the one who Tripled my lead flow while you’re still Trying to figure out where to go find Some leads Okay do you see what I’m saying right Now like some of us just execute and we Get it done and we get the results and We’re proactive in getting those results And then people are like oh my God how Did you do it and then we’re like well Here’s what we did and they’re like That’s too much That’s too much okay go out of business Some of the rest of us will take your Business it’s really that simple if you Don’t learn how to like get this through Your head so anyway so that’s example Number one right it’s I literally did 300 calls to find 100 referral partners

And Counting By the way because I’m Gonna Keep building this of course it’s It’s like my business is a machine now I’m Gonna Keep building it and expanding It because I understand it’s a numbers Game I get it Um so I look at so that was number one So that might be an area right and it’s Just because I gave that thing away on Friday that I use that as an example and A couple people were like oh that’s a Lot no it’s really not when you think About it it’s really not a lot and it’s Really the difference between you like Staying where you are which is like I Don’t know who’s gonna be My next client And people like me who have already Tripled their inbound organic lead flow And it’s only February That’s the difference right it’s whether Or not you’re proactive and whether or Not you actually execute and then Another area is in sales so a lot of you So that’s still here that’s engaged Right a lot of you Get a lot of attention but you don’t Know how to convert the attention into Money And the idea of converting the attention Into money makes you very uncomfortable And I may be doing a speaking gig on This in like two or three weeks where I’m gonna go into this specifically Because I’ve seen it such a massive

Issue so for example if you’re getting a Lot of attention on social media reach out to the people who are Engaging on your stuff right or you know If somebody if people are commenting on Your stuff Reach Out slide in the DMS if An opportunity showed up in a Facebook Group slide into those DMS get it done I’ll give you an example Um I got invited to speak to a very Large group of women entrepreneurs I Don’t know if I’m going to do it yet or Not we’re in conversation but all I did Was respond to a post in a Facebook Group and said what I did and I Immediately was invited to be a panelist Because duh I teach something really Valuable and I know how to talk about What I do live stream for another time Because I saw a lot of very interesting Things on that post I’m like oh my God People need to learn how to talk about Their businesses But that’s a live stream for another Time so anyway Um they’re like hey you know we’d like You to be a panelist can I DM you and I’m like yeah sure DM away right I Wasn’t online yesterday and then today I Literally already had it to follow up With them was I gonna wait for them to Come to me absolutely not I want to get On that stage I want to get in front of That many people I’m gonna just do a

Quick follow-up it’s not a lot of energy It’s not a lot of work and I know Somebody out here is going to be like I’m an introvert I’m this my strength Finder said this my my colby colby That’s the one my Colby said that my Disc said this my human design says this My astrology says this I hear the same 15 times a week guys it has nothing To do with any of that you either want To be in business or you don’t you Either want to learn the skill set or You don’t period end of story my human Design says I need to wait wait 28 days To make a decision when the hell have Y’all ever seen me wait 28 days to make A decision my my astrology says my Mercury’s in Pisces and that I can’t Communicate I communicate with you All every day it is a decision it is a Choice at the end of the day to learn The skill sets that are required of you And many of you oh what’s the other one My strengths finder said I can’t execute To save my damn life right I booked 50 Calls in two days what is that it’s Execution Um my what was another one Colby I think It was Colby said that I’m not very good At details and organization well how the Hell did I build out all these funnels Then if I’m not good at details and Organization guys it’s all a choice and It’s all an identity that you decide to

Take on and that’s a part of why a lot Of you are getting stuck in this area of Business where you’re not being Proactive enough and then you’re Wondering why you’re getting stuck and Again it’s not your fault the whole Internet has you thinking that you are Incapable and handicapped and can’t make Decisions the whole inner there’s a Whole industry built on people making You think there’s something wrong with You so that you give them money and I’m One of the only ones out here telling You that you are absolutely capable you Just need to learn the skill set who Would you rather work with the ones who Are manipulating you and telling you There’s something wrong with you or the One who’s telling you you can do it it’s Going to be work and you need to learn The skill set and it’s going to be Uncomfortable but you are capable you Can do it I’ve taken people from crying To closing right if they can do it you Can do it but you have to decide to be Proactive and you have to decide to do What is required of you to build a Business and again not your fault There’s a lot of confusing information Out here on the internet just build the Funnels and put people in the funnel and Then they’re gonna buy from you by the Time you get to a webinar well many of You have realized that that’s only a one

Percent conversion and you’re also Realizing going into 2023 that that Should not work like it used to that’s Because that’s what y’all are telling me In my DMs others of you it’s more of Like a personality test kind of thing Like uh you know whether it’s like I Can’t go into a single training for one Of our referral Partners right yeah Tish I know you know what I’m talking about Tish I can’t go into a single training With one of our referral Partners Without somebody being like it’s by Human design it’s my astrology it’s my Kobe it’s my strengths finder it’s uh What are the other ones out here I can’t Even remember which other ones oh um uh My my my Myers Briggs or whatever what a P this is a crutch people stop using These things as excuses as to why you Can’t do stop acting like a basic right seriously stop because it’s Not going to get you anywhere and it’s a Decision and again the whole internet Has you thinking that you’re handicapped Or the other one is um the masculine Versus feminine energy stuff I have gone On here and told you the breakdown of What a feminine business is you stop Trading time for money you automate as Much as humanly possible you let people Help you and you get paid boom there it Is but guess what I still have to be Visible I I still have to do 300 calls

To find the 100 referral Partners I Still had to actually build the systems But again a lot of the internet has you All here thinking particularly a lot of You women that somehow if you do those Things there’s something wrong with you No there’s nothing wrong with you that Is required of you to build a business Period this isn’t rocket science right This is common sense but the whole Internet has you thinking that there’s Something wrong with you you’re too Masculine uh you shouldn’t be doing that You should just lay in a bathtub And the money’s gonna fall on you like That’s not real it’s not reality it’s an Illusion it’s not what’s required of you In business And most of the people telling you that Worked their asses off right so then Turn around and tell you you don’t have To work your ass off Are you serious Absolutely not it’s it’s nonsense it’s Absolute nonsense and a lot of you are Falling for it and then thinking that There’s something wrong with you there’s Nothing wrong with you right it’s just That you’re realizing the math that’s Not really making a whole lot of sense And then you need to be more proactive Congratulations to those of you who are Realizing that and then becoming more Proactive as a result

Um some of the other things going on out Here is you know some online marketer Telling you that you don’t have to do Things that are required for you in Business so one that irks my Soul is when you see the ads about like Do high ticket sales without sales calls Number one you still have to have the Conversations in the DMS so like Somebody is having some sort of a sales Conversation somewhere so let’s start There number two right the other thing Is if you can’t have a sales Conversation on a zoom call or on the Phone where you actually have people’s Attention what the hell makes you think You could do it in the DMS where people Are distracted as hell You can’t because you don’t have the Skill set that is required of you to Actually do it because you haven’t put The Reps in because you haven’t put the Numbers in because you haven’t put the Time in the internet also has you all up in the sense that people don’t Value Mastery anymore this came up um on Somebody’s post tissue if you’re still Here you’re going to find this Hysterical uh because you and I both Started in finance uh one of my Colleagues Natalie and Natalie because I Know she watches the live streams she Posted something the other day about how Somebody had reached out to her about

Um wanting to be a cfp right a certified Financial planner and they thought it Was like oh I just like pay for a Certification and take a couple courses And it’s like no like being a cfp and Like getting designated as a cfp is Actually a very big deal and very hard And there’s testing and there’s a lot of Stuff involved things seriously well They don’t all do the series seven I Don’t think but it’s actually quite Difficult to get your cfp but this Person was like Waltzing in thinking They could just call themselves a Certified financial planner and just Like pay for some certification because They had done so Um in another in another area where they Had absolutely zero experience and they Just paid for some certificate or Something that said oh hey here now You’re certified in this even though They had zero experience and they Thought they could do the same thing With being a certified financial planner Which no you can’t there there’s like Actual regulation with being a certified Financial planner there’s there’s a lot Of stuff that goes into being and so It’s like this idea that people don’t Even want to take the time to master Things anymore right and you have to Master certain parts in business before You can move on to the next part in

Business but people want to skip all That stuff they want to skip the eating phase right they want to skip the I Still eat sometimes right depending On because every time you start Something new or you go into a new level You’re going to eat again right and People want to skip that part or they Want to skip that actually having to Learn and go deep and actually Master Something they don’t want to put in the Work to actually do those things I’m not Saying that’s all of you I’m saying That’s a particular sector of the Internet or there’s some of you who Literally just let your own in Your head get in the way You just let your own in your Head get in the way and if you just did What you the thing that made you Uncomfortable the anxiety would calm Down immediately because you would Realize it’s not that bad you’re totally Capable you survived it and everything Is okay so guys you can’t be a basic and expect to be successful you Can’t I was talking to one of my mentors Today he goes you need that on a t-shirt Like and I’m like I need lots of things On a t-shirt On a t-shirt I said you can’t be a basic on a t-shirt uh what’s another one That I need Taco and get paid that One needs to be on a t-shirt I’m trying

To figure out the merch because with the Stuff that comes out of my mouth I Should be making more money off of it Because Taco and get paid right So like I said guys most of the people On the internet out here do not have the Experience to be telling you right half The that they’re telling you and That’s why they’re so Confucius here Tisha’s been in this game as long as me Right I would happily recommend people To Tish because I understand Tish Understands the assignment and Tish and I are actually referral Partners we’ve Been in the game long enough we’ve seen All the crazy out here I mean Tish Got dragged and filth last week because She did a very you know simple Common Sense Facebook post and people were Dragging her to filth because they just Don’t want to do the work because they Don’t want to do what’s actually require Them because they want to remain a basic but then expect exp spectacular Results and again not your fault the Whole internet out here has you thinking That’s possible the whole internet out Here has you thinking that you can get Something for nothing you can’t get Something for nothing loves you can’t It’s not a thing okay it is not a thing In the universe where you get something For nothing you actually have to show up And do something as you pray move your

Feet faith without works is dead I saw An interview this morning they were in Uh Greece and the Greek woman said you Know you know Athena will move her hands But you need to move yours you know so It’s never been this you know sit in a Bathtub and just wait for people to come To you type of that they’ve Told you on the internet no successful Business has ever been built just on That Ever ever ever it’s not a thing it’s not A thing so stop falling for it on the Internet Um and embody more of the huntress Archetype queen queen queen queen Doesn’t even make sense until you’re Making at least a quarter of a million Dollars a year before that all of y’all Need to be in Huntress the huntress Likes the game she’s in the hunt she’s Getting the kill she’s now having the Time of her freaking life because she Just sees it as a game at the end of the Day she can take care of her damn self And then you get to a phase in business Where it’s more Queen Empress stuff but A lot of you will never get to Queen Empress until you figure out the Huntress first Okay I think I’m done I’m done for real Now I gotta go do some stuff I gotta go Be proactive right now and do some stuff Because I walk my talk I practice what I

Preach so funny and then I’ll leave it Here uh someone sent me a DM this Morning because they happen to be on the Email list of one of our referral Partners who is promoting a webinar that We have going on in a couple days and It was so funny because this person uh Number one hey if you’re watching but Number one this person loves our live Stream so if you’re watching hello Because they’ve been in business for a Long time they have a finance background They’re like this girl knows her Like she knows first because she’s Been in business for a long time she’s Seen it all done it all right she’s She’s our people if you’re watching hi You know who you are and um she she Signed up for the free gift that I was Giving away on Friday on that Facebook Post that kind of popped off and it was So funny because what I was teaching was How I have all these referral Partners Promoting me constantly Um like literally I’m booked out for a Year and apparently one of my referral Partners sent out an email to their Database this morning promoting a Webinar that we have going on later this Week and she who signed up for the Worksheet that I was giving away was Like look what I look who’s in my inbox This morning and it was me because one Of our referral Partners who she’s also

On her list was promoting me and I said Look I practiced what I preach I Actually do what I say I’m going to do And she goes in That’s that’s why you’ve gone as far as You have so if anybody out here is like Oh yeah she says all this but she Doesn’t actually do it yes I do and the Receipts exist so just do what I say it Works do I have all the answers no but I Know math and I know that basic Bitchosity is not going to get you Anywhere so if you just follow those two Things you’re going to get a lot further Than you are right now and to those of You who are like oh my God that’s Exhausting what’s exhausting is staying Where you are and sputtering around like You are right now that’s what’s truly Exhausting when you start expanding and You start winning not so exhausting Anymore all right guys I’ll see you guys When I see you guys bye

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