Affiliate Marketing Automation Secrets To Makes Sales (WHILE Sleeping)

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In this video I'm going to share with You some secrets to affiliate marketing Automation so you can put your business On autopilot and start to generate Commissions even while you're sleeping But before I do that let's go ahead and Roll the intro So I remember back around 2013 I was Working as a waiter at a restaurant Called Chili's in Texas I was slaving Away for hours on my feed and I just Wanted a way to be able to make money Passively passive income you know money Coming in while I'm hanging out with my Friends and family or relaxing in my Ideal vacation spot you know sinking my Toes in the sand of a beach and I Checked my phone and I see a Congratulations I just made a commission Right and I started researching and I Tried a lot of different ways to make Money I tried surveys I tried Drop Shipping I tried you know trading Forex I tried tons of different things and I Finally stumbled across affiliate Marketing because it has very few moving Pieces right it's just sending people to A link and then converting those people Into sales but a lot of people are doing Affiliate marketing very manually and That's what I realized you know a lot of People are constantly posting they're Constantly creating content they're Constantly you know following up with

People manually and that wasn't my style You know I'm pretty introverted I don't Like repetition I don't like things that Are very tedious I like things that are Just working while I'm not there and so I started really focusing over the years On how to automate my entire business Where I only do about you know five Percent of the work and 95 is automated And that's what I want to share with you In this video I want to share with you The secrets that I learned to literally Automate almost 100 of my business so You can do the same thing as well so Before I break down exactly how to Implement this I first have to share With you affiliate marketing is really Simple there's two main pieces to make Affiliate Market marketing work for you It's traffic and conversions it's Getting people to click your link and Then it's converting those people into Sales that's it a lot of people over Complicate it it's really that simple so When it comes to traffic and conversions You can use different tools different Principles to automate both of these Pieces so you can literally be sleeping And still generating commissions so the First piece is traffic so when you want To do traffic on autopilot you want to Focus on specific traffic sources for Example if you want to create content Which if you do free traffic most of it

Is content creation it's going to social Media it's making posts now if you do Let's say Facebook Facebook the Livelihood of a Content piece is only About a day it's about 24 hours when you Make a post on Facebook it's going to Get pushed down and promoted only about A day and then you have to post again so If you focus on Facebook every single Day you have to show up to your business And post if you go to Twitter and you Focus on Twitter for example that's even Way less that's about an hour so you Post a tweet it's going to last you About an hour before it's pushed down And you have to constantly post so one Way you can actually do it very Passively is focus on blogging so this Is a Blog I actually found I typed in a Keyword affiliate marketing explained This blog appeared now this blog was Written back in October 2018 and it's Still ranking on Google and it's still Showing up so this guy here Pat Flynn Which I'm actually aware of him he's a Marketer this guy created this blog post And he's still making money right so What you can do is you can focus on Blogging it's very passive you create a Blog you target a specific keyword in The title and you sprinkle it throughout The article And then you put different links leading People to your affiliate offers and this

Way is when you're posting okay what It's doing is you're planting seeds so You're basically ever with every article Every blog you're planting a seed and Over time these are going to start Ranking in Google and you can start to Create income very passively another way Is YouTube okay so I I'm mainly focus on YouTube and I love YouTube because once You post a video this video stays Relevant for years I have some videos That I've posted five years ago and I'm Still getting leads and sales so it's Very simple you can post a couple videos A week in fact I actually have a Training directly below in the Description that link it's a training on How I'm personally generating 70 plus Leads a day using YouTube videos on Total autopilot and the cool thing with The training below is when you watch That training you don't even have to Show your face in the videos and you Don't even have to create the videos Yourself as you'll see with some of the Tips I share so YouTube is an incredible Way to do it because again they last for A very long time tick tock tick tock is Another place okay I use tick tock Because it's incredibly automated once You post a video this video will keep Getting pushed for about 90 days YouTube Is even longer okay your video will stay Ranked for I mean years Tick Tock it's

About three months so Tick Tock will Keep showing your video to people for About 90 days so that's incredibly Automated and what you want to do is you Want to put your link in your bio okay You want to tell people to go to the Link in your bio now before you get to a Thousand followers you can't put your Link in your bio so you could tell People to follow you and then once you Start getting people following it you Can put your link in your bio with YouTube you want to put your link in the Description with blogging you want to Put your link throughout the article and One other automated traffic Source if You have some money is Udemy okay so you to me is basically What's called solo ads so you can go Here and you can actually pay this guy's Like 40 cents per click and you can pay And they will send an email to their List of subscribers and they can promote Whatever link you want to promote and Again they will start delivering it on Autopilot okay so you will literally be Out and Away doing whatever you want Shopping relaxing watching a movie and They will be getting traffic for you Okay now the next piece is once you Actually start getting traffic on Autopilot how do we convert these people Passively right how do we start creating Sales on autopilot because you don't

Just want to send people directly to Your affiliate link most people are not Going to buy right away so what we can Do is we can use something called a Funnel so this is an example of one of My funnels and what I'll do is I'll send People let's say from Tick Tock or YouTube to something like this and when They click this button it asks them to Put their name and email okay so this is A way to capture your prospects Information And what happens is when they put their Name in email and they click this button It redirects them now to my affiliate Link but it also collects their email And if you use something also called an Email autoresponder service for example Get response which is only about thirty Dollars a month when you first start and They actually have a free trial okay What you can do is you can attach your Email autoresponder to your funnel and Then you can pre-write emails that will Start following up with your leads on Autopilot so you can Pre-set specific messages that will Follow up one day at a time sending People to your affiliate link so you can Create infinite emails usually I do 7 to 12 emails 7 to 14 if I really you know Want to make sure I follow up people Good but at least seven that will start Following up with your leads one day at

A time and again what this is doing is Allowing you to literally be away and Generating income on autopilot what You're doing is you're focusing on Traffic sources that are automated again They're running in the background while You're away you know YouTube Tick Tock Blogging and then you're sending people To a funnel while you're away and then Those emails that are following up with People while you're away and you will Literally start to see emails coming in Saying congratulations you just earned Another commission congratulations you Just made another sale while you're even Sleeping and again like I said this is What I've really focused on over the Last five or six years because I didn't Want to slave away I didn't want to be On my computer all day I didn't want to Have to constantly post and message People I just wanted to be working Passively so these are just some key Secrets obviously you can go way deeper And I have that link below where you can Actually see step by step how to create Simple videos again you don't even have To show your face and you don't even Have to create videos yourself I have a Um a piece in there a tip to create Videos or to get other people to create The videos as well that's it for today's Video if you got value like the video Also subscribe the Bell icon I'm going

To be posting a lot more videos just Like this going way further and I really Really am excited to share this with you So thanks so much for watching my friend And I will see you on my next video [Music]

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