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What's up guys Ryan Borden here today I'm going to show you how to use chat GPT secrets to earn 1100 a day utilizing An AI image it's really just the Simplest way to make money online right Now so let me show you what's possible Here actually this is just the PayPal Account here the past seven days is Twenty one thousand dollars the past 30 Days is ninety six thousand dollars and This isn't even the majority of the Money the majority of the money actually Goes through stripe Now I'm not saying this to Bragg I'm Just showing you what's actually Possible so we can earn more than eleven Hundred dollars a day And there's lots of tests we're running Right now to get to this so we have to Figure this sort of stuff out of course So it just takes some time so if you Could reply with a yes in the comments To let me know if this is something you Want this helps with YouTube this helps Me specifically so I know yes I'm on the Right track I'm giving you the things That you want and I can give you more of This and continue to update you on all The tests that I'm running now if we Think about this for a minute if you're Going to make eleven hundred dollars a Day that's not going to happen overnight It's going to take obviously a little Bit of work so

And Of course that I can't teach all of that Right in a 10 minute video on YouTube of Course so if you go to I Just want to mention that you can enter Your email address and get into the live Classes we have live classes every Tuesday and every Thursday And we break this down step by step on How to do this stuff at a deeper level And make it very simple and easy to do So if you want to do this the first Thing we need to do is we got to go to Scary toolbots why the reason is because We're looking for a checklist so a Checklist is going to get us started now Of course we could obviously go and Chase all this information down manually But the checklist is free and it's easy And it's already done so we're going to Use it so through here it'll give you a Lot of tools that you can promote now There's all kinds of different Categories of course and so on and so Forth and if you go through here you see All kinds of stuff so here's one example Jasper Jasper is an AI writing tool if We go to Jasper here we can log in And come to the affiliate control panel So these these places on this list all Have affiliate programs right affiliate Means you don't have to have the product You promote someone else's product and You get paid in the case of Jasper it's

A reoccurring 30 commission all the Commissions vary in the terms but this One is reoccurring which means you get It for the life of the customer so if They sign up today and they stay a Customer for three and a half years you Get paid every single month 30 of Whatever they're paying for the lifetime Of their customer if it's 10 years 10 Years right if we look at the payouts Here We can see we've been promoting this Tool well we haven't actually promoted This tool in a while to be honest it's Been months since we promoted it but you Can see stuff just built up and it's you Know two to three thousand dollars a Month each month that comes in and we're Not even doing anything and right now We've got a uh 3 900 built up that Hasn't been paid out yet now that's the Beautiful thing because you can actually Just utilize all of these things but I'm Kind of getting my ahead of myself there Of course in order to make this work we Have to actually get someone to the Affiliate link what happens is you use Your affiliate link someone goes there They buy you get paid so how are we Going to do that that is of course Signing up for the program is easy Getting traffic and people to buy is of Course the more challenging part so That's where you need to actually get

Some knowledge and do some steps to make This happen hence the Classes that I was talking about so how We're going to do this well it's a Multi-step process as we can see here But I'm going to run through this here So you can understand it by the end of The video so stick with me here till the End and I will show you everything now What we're going to do first is we're Going to utilize short form videos so What does that mean well we're going to Take and put our Link in a video and let Me show you that So I pulled up this video here that I Made the other day and you can go watch The video on this channel where I Actually made this video This short video you see in the middle Of the other video and if we rolled over Here to the end we're gonna see a link So we'll see like this right here where I have a shortened link now again I'm Not going to cover how to do that and This again we only have like 10 minutes Here so that will be the Classes I cover that as well now once we Have the shortened link we're going to Put in the video here and whenever Someone watches this video and they see The video and they go to this link it Redirects them to our affiliate link and Then they can buy and then we get paid So that's how we utilize this because of

Course we can get all of the traffic From YouTube and then this is where it Gets better so we don't want to just Send them straight to our affiliate link So we could right we can send them Straight here they buy or they don't buy And then that's done and then the Traffic is gone and we have to generate New traffic right more video views Creating more videos whatever use Whatever Bots we're using to generate The traffic whatever right so the value Is to capture that email address with What's called a landing page or a Squeeze page you might hear it but it's Basically just a page which I'll show You in just a moment and it allows Someone to enter their email address and Then you get the email and you're able To send them email after email after Email selling them stuff so you can sell Them over and over and over again Because people typically buy only after Seven times they don't usually buy on The first time usually they have to see It on average seven times in order to Buy and so what we're going to do is We're going to send it to them over and Over again until they buy and then I'll Show you a second Value Point to having The email here when we get farther in The video which lets you make even more Money but let me show you what this is Right so we have to have a landing page

And a simple example of a landing page Is just this the we have An image and we have some information And someone can enter their email Address when you enter the email address Then it goes in the system and then you Get to send them emails offering them to Buy Jasper or whatever it is that you're Selling right so is a Great example of a landing page But how do we build a landing page well I use my CRM and if you don't know what A CRM is just drop a comment down below And I'll explain the CRM right but I use The CRM to generate my landing page but One of the hard things is the images Right so entering some text that's easy We you know enter your email now and Learn how right it's pretty basic this Sort of button and field is usually Generated automatically by the landing Page builder but you have to come up With the image and the image plays a Huge part because that's the visual Element of course that gets them to Enter their email address and move on so How do you do that well we can use chat GPT so how are we going to use chat GPT Exactly because chat GPT is about text Well we're actually going to use chat GPT to generate Text to describe the image that we want And I'll show you how this works so if We go to chatgpt I punched in that I

Wanted an image that is for a landing Page and needs to be high converting and The image needs to be about an AI Writing tool called Jasper and it does Not need to say the word Jasper in it so When I'm asking chat gp2 chat gbt to do Is to describe the image right so it Came up with this big long description Because the image or the input for AI Image generation is text and if you Don't give it a good description you Don't get a good answer in fact I've Tried this over and over again and I Just don't get good images because I Wasn't describing them properly but chat GPT is an AI that understands how the Other AIS work so it can give an Accurate description so it spit out this So I'm going to grab this and I'm going To come over here to Mid Journey which Is my AI image generation and you can See I put it in here and asked Mid-journey to generate some images mid Journey spit back four images and Of those images of course I could have Gotten more or do different things and Get different variations of them I chose Number one here so I went down here and Rolled down and asked it to generate a Higher quality version of number one so You can see here when you click on it it Gives you this option to open it in a Web browser which I've already done Right here

And now we have our high quality image That is Matches the description that we got from Chat gbt because chat GPT told it that It should be somebody using a computer And the background should be modern and Clean and the overall tone could should Convey a sense of efficiency and Productivity right so this is kind of Like success we've done it and they're Using the computer and that sort of Thing right so then now that we've used Chat GPT and AI to generate the image For our landing page we are actually Going to stick it on the landing page Which is the capture the email part so If I go and build a landing page and Stick it on there it looks like this So you can see this is pretty similar to If we look here to the fortune Bots we Have an image we have so I'm talking about here the image the Text and then the email opt-in here we Have on this one we've stuck our image And we have some text that I just put Basic text and then of course the email Where you can enter it in and join the Email now what happens then so when they Enter their email address you set up a Sequence that looks like this where it Starts sending them emails immediately a Day later a day later a day later right So you can automate all of this build it Once and then it just runs and then when

You get down here it kicks them over Into something else and it just runs and It just sends them emails until they buy So think about that for a second you're Actually using AI to generate an image That you got a description from chat GPT So that when someone clicks on the link In your short form video that it Redirects them to the affiliate link That you found in the scary toolbox Checklist Right and then that's when you get paid The 30 percent because they signed up And you get your 30 commission right and So that's how you get the commissions so Now we've captured the email so then What rinse and repeat that's the Beautiful thing like I said you can Build a sequence that goes email after Email after email forever and ever and Ever right you could do a whole year Then you can start selling them all of This stuff so you got them to sign up With Jasper with the video link but now I can sell them Surfer and article Forge And go down the list and then I can go Over here and sell them all these things And I can go over here and sell them all These things and go over here and sell Them all these things and I can just Keep sending them new offers and they Can just keep buying new things and That's how I build it up over time Obviously we can't get to eleven hundred

Dollars a day I mean how many jobs have You had that pay you eleven hundred Dollars a day Yes my guess is you've not had any Because here we are and if you have had A lot of jobs that pay you eleven Hundred dollars a day drop those down in The comments so that we can all benefit As well Because I take information and share it In the classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays when I teach So you can actually just do this over And over and over again which is just Crazy because you can actually make a Lot more than eleven hundred dollars a Day as we saw with PayPal I mean PayPal Is if you look at the past let's see 2022 it was 684 thousand dollars in 2022. there was a million dollars that We did in stripe and then of course we Had some stuff here and then we've Started building out new things here and Systematizing it and automating it and Utilizing AI at a higher level because We figured out how to do that and now This is just going to keep going up and We're going to do more than three Million dollars this year so it'll blow Obviously eleven hundred dollars out of The water but it takes time you can see This was 2022 so we had to work through Time but what we've done is figure out How to do it all and we can boil it down

And bring it to the Classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays live Each week and expedite what you are Doing so that you can get to eleven Hundred dollars a day faster than and we Were able to get to 1100 a day however There is the enemies of success so Eighty percent of people will find a Reason not to take action they'll be Like well I don't want to go to I can't type in I'll put the link in the Description for you okay I don't want to Click the link why not well if I go There then I'm gonna have to enter my Email address okay you can enter your Email address and well then what well Then I've got to go to the classes well Yes Tuesdays and Thursdays they're Hour-long classes you can ask questions In their live and you'll have the Community well then what well what Happens if I don't make 1100 a day what Happens if I only make 900 a day okay Fine then you have to work a little Harder and continue to go to the classes And continue to learn the new strategies We're teaching and learning and testing Constantly to get to eleven hundred Dollars a day well the list goes on Eighty percent of people will find and I Think it's closer to ninety percent but I'm gonna go with 80 conservative we'll Find a reason not to take action the

Beautiful thing about the live classes Is I've actually been talking to Students in the classes I get on calls With them and we have a marketplace Where you can get set up to do One-on-one calls with me or the other Teachers in the class right and when I Do the calls they say that when you do a Live class it gives you a sense of Connection and Community because you can Ask questions you can be in the Community you can go to the Facebook Group which I'll also link down below You can communicate and talk to Everybody else you can go in the Marketplace and get on a call with me or Anybody else that's a teacher there And but most importantly the live Classes helps them to take action Because you may have done what some of The other students have done and Purchased courses or taken this or Watched this video or done that in the Past but it's all just pre-recorded and You're not taking action so when it's Live it's accountable and every week you Show up and every week we're there with You guiding you step by step as well as The rest of the community and it helps You to take action it makes taking Action easier I get it I understand it's Hard you have a lot going on you have a Significant other maybe you have kids Maybe you have one job or two jobs or

Three jobs as we get into the coming Recession maybe you have a lot of stress Going on maybe you're in college maybe Whatever right so it's hard to take Action but the live classes are the key The live makes it easier so if you want To start what you need to do right now Is go to and take action Enter your email address get in the live Classes on the next live class join the Class I'll see you there and until then Happy money making

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