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Hey everyone on this video today I want To show you how to make money online Using affiliate marketing and a brand New AI software that's going to do all The work for you take a look at this in The last few weeks I have made thousands Of dollars every single week utilizing This strategy look at this in the last Week from the 5th of April to the 11th Of April I've generated over three Thousand dollars with this strategy and Let me show you something I want to show You how to do this with the click of a Button and creating a website and I'm Going to show you how to review products That you can sell to make a lot of money With affiliate marketing and these Website look absolutely amazing on top Of that I'm going to show you how to use Chat GPT to create these thousand word Articles on top of that how to tell chat GPT to write you a comprehensive Conclusion with a call to action that Will get you sales with free traffic That gets hundreds of billions of views Every single month and this traffic is Tier one traffic meaning that people From these destinations are willing to Spend money on your products so that you Make money online all that's left to do From here is that you make sure you Subscribe to the channel because I've Got some more awesome content coming Your way if you end up enjoying this

Video make sure that you smash that like Button in appreciation and let's get Straight into this so before I show you These two amazing AI tools the first Thing that we need to do is we need to Find a product that we can promote that We can make money online with and in Order to do that you want to come over To this platform over here called ClickBank is an affiliate Marketing platform where you can come Over here to find a range of different Products that you can promote doesn't Cost you anything these are products That are created by other people that Are going to pay you a commission every Single time you make a sale so quite Simply just come straight over to ClickBank and then log in or create an Account for yourself once you've done That what you want to do is on the top Over here you want to come over to their Marketplace and this is where you are Going to find top offers new offers and Even offers that you may have already Saved yourself but primarily the other Thing you can do on their marketplaces On the left hand side you can click onto All and what this is going to do is give You all the categories that they have a List of different types of products that You can start promoting let's say as an Example you scroll down and what we want To do let's say we wanted to promote

Something in the health and fitness Niche but you can see here you've got Business and investing you've got green Products you've got home and garden if You scroll down you've got politics You've got spirituality you've got Sports you're so many different types of Topics that you can go with let say we Wanted to run with health and fitness Once you click onto that what's going to Happen is it's going to start showing You a range of different types of Products that you can promote from here The other thing that you can do is You've got this sort results by if you Click onto this you can scroll down and Go to gravity high low what this means Is these are products that are Converting really well with other Affiliates that are promoting these Exact same products and then what you Can do is you can scroll down and choose A product that you would like to promote You can also see the average conversion In terms of how much money you can make Every single time a customer signs up With this product as an example with a Curio juice you can see that on average You can make 136 dollars every single Time somebody signs up for this product And the gravity is huge 587 you can also see this one's got a 1417 gram a lot of people are promoting This product as well and as you scroll

Down you'll be able to find a range of Different products let's say you have a Product in mind as an example let's say I wanted to promote for example you can Come over to search and type in smoothie Diet Hit enter what this is going to do is It's going to find you a range of Different products like this one over Here as an example the smoothie diet 21 Day rapid weight loss program has a Gravity score of 211 and you can see That this has an average conversion of 29 on top of that you can see that this Has a reoccurring option what this means Is that because this is a smoothie when People purchase this they'll come back And purchase it again means that you're Going to continue to make money over and Over again so what we're going to do is We're going to look to promote this Smoothie diet what you want to do in Order to get the affiliate link you can See you've got this promote button if You click on to promote this is where You want to generate this hop link so if You click on to generate this hop link This is the link that you are going to Use to promote this product all you need To do is copy it we have now copied this Link so this is how simple it is to find An affiliate marketing product once you Find product now the good thing about The strategy that I'm going to show you

On this video is that you can promote Multiple products so you can promote This one you can promote the vegan Smoothie recipes you can create a Website and just smoothies or you can Create for example a weight loss website Or for example you can create you know a Website just on people that want to Improve their overall health you can do A number of different types of things This is just an example you can go in a Totally different Niche now once you Find the different products that you Want to promote before we go into Writing these different articles or Blogs we now need to create a website Now you know that website creation can Be extremely expensive and that's not What we want to do we just want to put Out enough information out there with Free traffic that I'm going to show you At the end of this video so make sure You continue to watch for that and we Want to put out enough information for People to click onto our links and Purchase our products but we also want To make sure that we're providing really Good information and so what you want to Do in order to create this website is You want to come over to this website Called okay this is an amazing Website that has a generous free plan That you can use to create a website in

A matter of minutes this is absolutely Amazing and I'm going to show you now How to pick a theme and how to customize This for your own products so quite Simply all you need to do when you're on This website is you want to scroll to The top and you can see he says get Started it's free all you need to do is Click onto this to create an account for Yourself once you create an account for Yourself you're going to see a page that Looks like this now from here what we Want to do is we want to create a brand New site for ourselves so quite simply Just come over here and click onto new Site what this is going to do is it's Going to take you over to a page where It's automatically going to show you all Their different themes that you can Choose and you can see that you've got All these free themes and when you Scroll down you've also got paid themes As well now you can generate to paid Themes once you start making some money The other thing that you can do is if You scroll all the way down to the Bottom you can see that you've got all These popular tags for example if you Wanted to create a website that's a Blog Looking type of website you would select Blog or you could if you wanted to do a Real estate website you've got real Estate or photography or restaurant Business startup Etc you've got all

These different options and then you can Also come over here and click onto view All which is going to give you all their Tags what I highly recommend that you do Is that you scroll up to the top you can See here that you're going to be able to See this option for free templates then What you want to do is click on to view All and take a look at all their free Options you can see that there are a Number of different free options and one That I really like which I'm going to Find now is a website template which is This one over here called a Denali what You want to do is you can quite simply Now click onto this once you click onto This you can see here that you can use This for free and this is an amazing Template that you can now customize it In your own way to start importing all These different types of products that We are going to be reviewing so quite Simply come over here and click on to Use for free once you've done that You're going to be able to see that it's Now going to ask you to name your site So as an example what we can do is we Can type in something that's going to Fit the theme of our website so we can Call it something like Allen's Health tips as an example guys I'll Leave the creativity for yourself when It comes to this this is just an example

Okay so then come over here and then Click on to create site once you've done That this is also going to create a Customized URL for yourself as well now What it's gone and done is it's brought Us over to this page and now this is Where you can very easily start to Customize everything on this page the First thing that you probably want to do Is change this image and then from there You can also change the description of Your website tell people what your Website is about so I'll leave this up To you but for example you can just Quickly come over here you can delete This and type in something along the Lines like this all right so I've just Gone and changed this section over here And basically just put in hi everyone on This website you'll find blogs about the Best health tips and strategies to lose Weight that you can start today the Other thing that I did is I a change This image over here and this was very Simple all I did is I came over to this Website called I typed in Weight loss I downloaded this image okay Then I came straight back over to this Website and you can see you've got this Little set some settings button over Here if you click onto that you just Want to go to replace image I clicked Onto that and I downloaded the image That I uploaded onto my computer very

Very simple and that's brought that down Over here the other thing that you also Want to do guys up here is you want to Make sure that you change this as well So if you double click onto this all you Need to do is just put in your website Name for example so Allen's Health tips as an example so now that we Have this section complete we've got our Image and we have our very simple site Description what we now need to do is we Need to start replacing these images and These blogs with our product and our Reviews very very simple stuff so the First thing that you want to do is you Want to change this blog title so if you Come over here and click onto this You're going to be able to see that you Can't change anything here so what you Want to do is come over here on the left Hand side and you've got this CMS option Okay these three little layers over here What you want to do is you want to click Onto that once you do that you want to Come up to the top and then click onto Blog posts over here so once you click Onto this blog post it's going to bring You over to those five different article Posts that you can see so this is really Cool because what we can do now is we Can customize all of these now they work Back to front the first one is the top One which is this one here so what we Want to do is we want to click onto this

And now this is where you can change the Title you can change the slug as well This will automatically do that for you And then this is where we are going to Import our entire article so the first Thing that we want to do is we want to Change this title so you want to come Over here and what we want to do is we Can come actually over to for example ClickBank because what we're doing is We're doing the smoothie diet 21 day Rapid weight loss program so fool to Copy this okay and then come straight Back over to we can paste this in here Then what we can do is put In Brackets Full Review then what we want to do is we Come down here you can see here that This is where this custom field this is Where we are going to input our article So what we want to do is we want to copy This as an example okay so I'm going to Copy this now what we want to do is we Want to get chat GPT to write this Entire article for us so the way this is Going to work is the first thing that You want to do is you want to come over To chatgpt and once you're on chat GPT What you want to do is you want to ask Chat jpt to write you a 1000 word Article with subheadings it's very Important that we get the subheadings on The benefits of drinking the 21 day

Smoothie diet making a informative Review with all the benefits it can Bring for your health including weight Loss and as you can see chat GPT is Going to get to work and it's going to Do that for us so the first thing that We want to do is we want to copy this First entire section so come over here And copy this so right Mouse click copy Then come straight over to your blog Okay and then we want to delete Everything over here okay because we Don't need anything that's on here we Are going to start pasting our own so Control V as you can see this is our own Article that we are going to put over Here the first thing that you want to do Is make sure that you can change all This so you can see that you can change This into different types of headings so Let's say you wanted to make this a H2 Or a H3 for example or a H4 highly Recommend that you do that so all you do Is you'd come over here and turn this Into for example bald okay come over Here guys and you can do this for all of These okay because you want these to Stand out a case because this is how we Are going to customize these different Articles so quite simply do all this Okay then from there what we're going to Do is we need to add a conclusion to This as well so what I've done so I've Actually asked chatgpt to do that for me

As well okay so as you can see that's All being done so what we want to to do Is we want to add that to the bottom so If we come over to chat GPT what I did At the end of this article because chat GPT obviously didn't do it for me I Needed to ask it to do it for me is I Said write me a conclusion about the Diet with a call to action telling People to click onto the link inside the Article to get access to the 21 day Smoothie diet and make it convincing and Important so as you can see this is what Chat GPT has done so we're going to copy This we're going to come straight back Over to our website okay and then all we Need to do is tab down and paste that in There now what we need to do is we need To actually add this link inside this Article now we can add this a few times The first thing that we can do is we can Obviously add it to the bottom over here And we can say in order to get access or Something like this Click here to Get access to the 21 Day Smoothie diet Okay so we can just do something along Those lines so leave that there now We're going to copy this and we're also Going to add this throughout this Article okay so maybe it's here if you Come over here and tab down hit that Click here to get access to the 21 day

Smoothie diet now you can come over here And write something a little bit better Like get access to one of the best Smoothie diets Etc okay so that's Completely up to you I just want to show You exactly how to add that in there so You can leave that there now what we Want to do is come straight back over to ClickBank we're going to click on to Promote and remember we're going to get That hop link so click on to generate Hop link now what you want to do is you Want to copy this link so we've copied That link we're going to come back over To our website we're going to highlight This and as you can see here this is Going to give you the option of adding a Link so quite simply click onto this Little link and paste that in there and Then click onto this tick now you can See that that link has been added the Other thing that you can do if you Really wanted to is you can click onto Italic and click on to bold just to make That stand out a little bit and if you Really wanted to make this bigger you Absolutely could if you wanted to say For example a H5 okay just to make it Stand out a little bit better now what You can do is you can copy this okay Scroll down to the bottom and just Replace what you've got over here okay And as you can see click it to get Access to the 21 day smoothie diet now

What you can do is you can scroll down We can replace this image as well so Again come straight back over to pixels And type in something like Smoothie diet okay hit enter the other Place that you can get these different Images is you can go back to ClickBank And take a look at their affiliate Resources but you can find amazing Images here take a look at this image For example you can take a look at this Image I mean this image looks really Really good so I'm going to click onto This image and we're going to do a quick Free download as you can see that image Is now downloading onto our computer now What we want to do is come back over to Our website and you can see here that we Can replace this so click on to replace Okay we're going to grab that and we're Going to click on to open and you can See that this image has now been Replaced now the next thing that you Want to do is you want to make sure that You change this section over here as Well this is the post summary when Somebody looks at a website this is What's going to appear at the top of the Website on Google or even when they take A look at this post it's really Important that we change this okay so You can very easily just grab this first Section okay the chat GPT right for us So we can just grab this copy this and

Just change these or just write a very Simple one to two sentences okay about This particular product all that you're Doing a review so we're going to paste That in there so you can see that that's Been done and now we are going to save That as well so as you can see that's Been saved okay now what this means is That when we go back over to our website You can see here that it's got our title It's got a heading and it has all the Information in here and it's also got That section where it's got smoothies Have become a popular way to supplement One's diet Etc if we didn't change that It would have had that old writing in There which no one nobody would be able To understand so you can see that this Is how you go about changing this so you Do this one for the first one which is a Smoothie diet then you do it for the Second one third one fourth one Etc now Your website is this one over here so It's going to be designs Allen's health tips so so now what you Would do is you'd come up to the top Once you've finished all this is you Would hit publish site so once you do That you can see it's going to have that Allen'shealth tips dot then You want to click onto publish to select Domains once you do that now we can have A look at this website and how this is Going to look from here you can see that

That has been done now all you need to Do is Click onto this little simple Arrow once you do that it's going to Bring us over to this section now you Can see that this has been changed it's Got my name over here and remember you Can change this for all of them guys This is a website that we have just Created in a matter of minutes that we Can start to promote to different types Of social media outlets and different Types of platforms and we can start to Make money with affiliate marketing this Is absolutely amazing if you're enjoying This up until this point make sure that You smash that like button in Appreciation let me know that you got to This part of the video because take a Look at this now what's going to happen When somebody clicks onto this it's Going to to bring them over to this page As you scroll down some of these things Obviously are still going to need to Update takes a little bit of time but as You scroll down take a look at this You've got the smoothie diet as you Scroll down look at this guys you can See that we've got here click here to Get access to the 21 day smoothie diet Once you click onto this it's going to Bring them straight over to this product When people purchase you're going to Make money with affiliate marketing and As you can see all this was done using

This amazing tool that you can start Using absolutely for free and remember That we've got a couple of links over Here as well and everything was written For us by chat GPT now what you need to Start doing is going over to this Website and completing all these Different reviews so you want to do one Product to your second product third Product fourth product fifth product Etc And you can start adding to this now What we need to do is we need to start Running traffic and there's a few Different places that you can do this on The first one that you can actually do This on guys is is with YouTube now Obviously YouTube takes a little bit of Work for you to guide and start creating These different types of videos where You can use for example you can use in you can use canva you can use Pick 3 as well I've got a lot of videos On in video that you can watch on my Channel where you can start to create These different types of review videos On these different types of products and If you think that these videos don't get Views think again I mean take a look at This as you scroll down this video was Created not that longer 32 000 views This video is got a 4.4 million views on 10 healthy smoothies for weight loss I Mean you can get chat GPT to create this For you in seconds and then use a

Platform like in video to create the Videos for you you'll be getting free Traffic have your website Linked In the Description of your video where people Can then go and click onto that link and Purchase your product these videos are Very very simple to make and you can do This using you YouTube now when it comes To YouTube guys if you want to learn how To do this how to do the SEO how to Create the videos how to build a Business on YouTube all you need to do Is Click onto the link in my description Go over to income Linked In The description of this video click onto This video which is going to show you Exactly how we make over twenty thousand Dollars a month with YouTube and I'll Show you exactly how you can do the same On top of that I'm going to send you my Ultimate affiliate marketing guide which Is going to show you exactly how I make Money online with affiliate marketing This you're going to get this absolutely For free that's the first free traffic Source that you can use the second one That you can start using guys is quora Now when it comes to quora you can very Easily answer questions on quora and put In a link to a website quora will allow You to do that as long as you have Really good information when you link Back to these different types of Websites I've been doing this for years

And getting free traffic so all you need To do with quora is type in something Like best ways to lose weight scroll Down and take a look at all the Different questions and if you don't Want to write the answers yourself it's Very simple all you need to do is get Chat GPT to write these answers quite Simply all you would need to do is write Something to chat GPT for example write Me an answer on the best ways to lose Weight using smoothie diets chat GPT is Going to write you an entire answer and It's going to write the answer that you Are telling it to write then all you Need to do is come over here click onto This click on to answer this question Paste that from chat jpt and put in a Call to action saying click onto this Link to find out the best smoothie diets That can help you lose weight and then All you'd be doing is using the link That you got from this website okay that You have created and it's going to have All your different types of products That you've input this is how simple it Is to drive traffic from platforms like Quora and Cora gets a lot of free Traffic that's the second way that you Can do this but make sure you keep Watching because I'm going to show you a Video at the end of this that you can Click onto that's going to help you do This with quora as well so I just want

To show you this but there is a detailed Tutorial that you can go to that's the Second free traffic strategy the third Free traffic strategy that you can use Guys is with Pinterest Pinterest is a Gold mine and you can create a huge Business on the back of Pinterest Creating very Sim simple pins take a Look at these people that are doing this I typed in smoothie diet and you can see That there's people putting up these Very very simple posts these very simple Images that you can create yourself Using a platform like canva as an Example and when you click onto this for Example look at this 20 weight loss Smoothies that actually taste good if You click onto this you can see that People are pasting their website inside This pin and that's exactly what you'd Be doing with your website pasting that In there creating a very simple pin like This creating an image like this on Canva and when people click on to your Link like this one over here it's going To take them over to your website that You created that you just saw but what This person has done is it's driving Traffic to their own website and you can See here when you scroll down they've Got links to different types of products And it's exactly what you'll be aiming To do with your website so they are the Three free traffic strategies so you've

Got YouTube you got core and you've got Pinterest if you want to learn how to do This with YouTube make sure you click Onto that link in my description right Now and I will personally Mentor you on YouTube to help you grow your YouTube Channel through our private Facebook Group where we currently have over 1200 Students and we are helping absolutely Crush it on YouTube through our course And private mentoring and coaching that We are providing and no extra cost now If you want to know how to do this with Quora and Pinterest you've got the Options over here if you want to learn How to do it with quora click onto this Video if you want to learn how to do it With Pinterest click onto this video and I'll show you exactly how you can do Aussie on these videos until next time You guys take care of yourselves and Goodbye

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