AI in Marketing: How to boost eCommerce conversions using WhatsApp Marketing | With Gautam Shelley

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[Music] Hello everyone uh welcome to bite by evs Commerce As usual uh we are bringing you another Interesting story Around the usage of ai in e-commerce And today we have gotham with us who has Started this amazing startup called Aicency it’s a whatsapp  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">marketing Platform And we are going to discuss about the Increasing role of whatsapp in E-commerce and other businesses and how You know what would be the future and What else can be done using whatsapp in  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">Marketing especially for the e-commerce Stores so welcome bottom to bite hey hey Deepak thanks a lot thanks a lot for Calling me Awesome so uh I mean What what triggered you the first Question of all is what triggered you to Start eisenstein So yeah first of all uh we started this You know around four or five years back And we were you know building chat bots Actually web chat bots and facebook chat Bots uh for primarily educational Institutions right and uh two or three Years into it somewhere in 2020 we Figured out and a lot we got a lot of You know queries In terms of from the customers

Themselves that whatsapp we need Something on whatsapp right so whenever We think of ideas you know everyone says That okay you need to think a unique Idea and then you need to make it big And all of that stuff but uh i realized That okay this was the idea that we Didn’t think of in one sense uh the Trigger registered was the customers was The market somewhere the market was Needing something like this and we said Why not let’s go and just build it and Uh started more like a like let’s build A whatsapp module and then we said why Why just build a module when the market Is so huge let’s just go deep dive and Build a whole product so that is how you Know we went around two to three months Of development initially to build the Mvp so we already had the team and all Of that who were working for building Chatbots and we just you know Owed all all our learnings to this Product So yeah Nice nice So yeah right i mean this is The market needs it and maybe the reason Could be because Increasing all of us consume whatsapp More than email or smss i don’t think Anybody does use uses Them anymore but yes definitely whatsapp So

Yeah definitely it’s an interesting and Since uh i mean i have been bombarded With a lot of whatsapp  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">marketing Messages in the past couple of months Even chroma for that matter you have Those bots So Yeah so Interesting and Why whatsapp why not something else Specifically i mean could be Chatbots or anything else why only Whatsapp Yeah uh there are two two things to it One is obviously business right so i Have to see the business and being a Startup founder secondly why whatsapp Because the users are on whatsapp right Everyone is using whatsapp what i feel Is the major difference between every Other platform and whatsapp is is Frequency right uh not everyone is Opening an sms app every one hour or Every five minutes right and that is the Power uh that businesses should leverage On whatsapp right so you don’t go to Whatsapp to chat with the business but Eventually if you get that chat you are Okay with it or you reply to it or you Engage with businesses right so Eventually you’re going to whatsapp for Some reason and that is chat it would be With your family friends groups and then You know there are businesses in between

Of those chats right so if you go to Japan or if you go to china you’ll see That you know everything runs on wechat Online Right uh And that is you know everything you know Is summed up in those two apps for them In that one app per country for them in That sense right and they buy you know They buy stuff using those apps they Order cabs using those apps and did they Engage with their friends family and Even businesses using those apps so that Is what i can see somewhere whatsapp Coming up when whatsapp comes says that Okay we are coming up with a commerce Feature and you will be able to buy Stuff using whatsapp then that is some Kind of direction where whatsapp is Moving towards right so that is The reason why by whatsapp and not Someone else because whatsapp uh Globally has two billion users in india Has 450 million plus users somewhere and It’s growing day by day and you know It’s become a need in that sense for Indians at least Great i i agree and then its usage is Increasing So Uh is that the reason why you think Whatsapp is a must for all the online Businesses going forward Or

Especially i mean Since uh most of our audience Have an e-commerce store or an online Store so i am going to you know i’m the Question is more of from that context so Why do you think whatsapp is a must for Online stores going forward Yeah uh let me tell you a thing about How was whatsapp business app formed First like this was uh somewhere i think 2015 2016 somewhere i guess right and so Facebook realized that You know people and businesses are Already engaging a lot on whatsapp right And hence what’s a business app like Facebook shared is that whatsapp Business app emerged from the indian Market Right because businesses and users were Engaging a lot and then they launched The whatsapp business app right so Eventually people are doing it in some Sense right businesses are already Interacting and already engaging but They are not able to do it at scale you Know And it’s a necessity for them to do it Because users are on whatsapp right it’s All about attention if you can get Attention of your users you can sell Them anything you can grow your sales And you can you know Eventually you know grow your business Through right so that is that is the key

Reason why businesses should be on Whatsapp and uh as per data as for Whatsapp data you know uh It means that someone else is already on Whatsapp if you are not right so By that sense you need to be on whatsapp So yeah yeah why miss out i mean if your Computer is already doing it absolutely Right so if you could I mean i know the email  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">marketing data i Don’t know the whatsapp  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">marketing data So if you have to compare the Engagement or open rates the common Metrics which marketers use for you know Across multiple channels Where does whatsapp stand in comparison With email or Call for that matter or any other Channel yeah it’s it’s very huge Difference like the um the rate we are Seeing we have seen brands drive you Know 25 to even 50 revenue just why are Using a snc like can we imagine that we Say that we drive 25 to 30 revenue that Means And that is the fact right and that is Due to whatsapp now i’ll share some Stats uh email  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">marketing general open Rates are you know around uh Uh 20 somewhere right open rates the Number of people who are opening an Email right whatsapp Open rates are 90 to 95 And that is on an average basis right

For any brand like you know you just get On whatsapp shoot a broadcast to 1000 People and 95 percent open rates within The next 24 to 36 hours right and if i Talk about the click rates the click Rates vary uh email  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">marketing click Rates are hardly one to two percent Whatsapp  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">marketing click rates vary from 15 to 20 25 30 35 even 40 percent right We have seen that range of click rates Going and hence we we are able to say That it varies brand to brand uh apparel To apparel fashion or what industry you Are in and all of that stuff but yeah And third is the response rates right The response rates here we have seen up To going 70 man that is crazy so what Whatsapp has is whatsapp has two kind of Ctas right Now the one kind of cdt is basically a Link click so they give you a special Button Uh which uh you can open up even if you Have not saved the number of the you Know business you will get that as a Button you can just click on that and You can go to the website and purchase The item right second is a quick reply Like people in e-commerce are using it For cod recovery right for confirming Cod orders right so it’s basically like Uh suppose i did a code i i did a order And that was on cash on delivery so i’ll Get a message from the businesses

Whatsapp saying okay do you want to Confirm this order and this has almost 50 to 60 percent you know click rate uh Response rate in that sense right Because they have quick reply buttons so You don’t need to type anything you can Just tap on that button and you can just You know go ahead on the conversation so These are some things that whatsapp has Brought up on the whatsapp business api Specifically or which you can use by the Asinc platform and once you once you Start using these you actually you know See major difference uh the first thing That allows all this to happen is Absolutely the open rates if you don’t Have open rates you don’t have click Response or any kind of rate site and That that varies like 95 percent to 20 It’s a huge difference Like any day any day like In even in even on click rates any day Fifteen percent is better than one two Two percent The worst of whatsapp is better than the Uh best of email Agreed even if an open rate of 90 to 95 That’s like four times better than he Made Absolutely right I mean marketers would kill for it Absolutely right right Amazing So

What would be the what are the most Common use cases where you have seen uh Uh Businesses use whatsapp  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">marketing or Let’s say ai sensei for that matter what Are the most common uh i’ll come for E-commerce here okay i think you’re Doing it for e-commerce let’s do it Right so for e-commerce there are i’ll Name five good use cases which people Are using okay and uh very good use Cases and and if you apply all of if you Apply this package for sure your sales Is gonna increase by at least 2x or at Least 50 percent tomorrow like in that Sense all right nice this is like that Book yeah it is a playbook and it is a Set of you know features that you give Them and it’s done like in that sense Right so the first one is obviously Having an abundant card recovery right If someone is leaving out your card they Just filled up a form and you know they Just left out a card for for whatever Reasons you just send them a whatsapp Message right if you’re sending them a Whatsapp abandoned card recovery Notification you can recover up to you Know 25 to 30 percent of abundant cards Very easily right that is number one Number two is you send them offer Messages right so whatsapp is allowed Promotional messages so you can just Shoot them what promotional messages on

And off right and that Instantly spikes up your sales right the Third one is keep sending them delivery Notifications and whatever notification Messages so what this does is this Establishes a level of trust right that Okay now i’m starting getting messages From this brand on whatsapp so now Suppose i have to receive an order today Right i might not check my email i might Not check my sms right but i would Eventually check my whatsapp right and Then i get a sense of satisfaction okay I this is where my order is right so Like we we ordered uh You know we ordered this Rack shelf so bookshelf we ordered Recently right but that brand didn’t Give me anything on whatsapp so i was Somewhere feeling that okay When it is my order when will it arrive All of that stuff it took 10 days to you Know come and i have to call them up and Then eventually i had to reach them up On whatsapp and chat with them on Whatsapp and do that so this is the Third one right fourth is start doing Cod recoveries right so we had a recent Webinar with all the e-commerce you know Founders and uh a lot of you know like i Think uh 150 commodore founders in there Right and we asked them that what is the Rate of cash on delivery orders in total Number of your orders and that range

Went from 60 to 90 percent right now all Of these 60 to 90 If i can recover 10 20 30 40 Right how good would that be right Because there is a lot of drop offs Right so this the fourth one is cod Recovery and fifth is uh you can Basically drive a reorder flow right so There are some you know uh brands that Are doing at this point of time and it Is very product specific but it works Really well let’s suppose you buy a Cream right and that cream that as a Business i know that this screen if Someone is using it it would it would Last for let’s say 21 days so after 17 Days or after 18 days i’ll shoot them a Message that how did you like the cream If you re buy it today i will give you a 10 off now this reorder flow when you When you play it at the right time this Could be for juices right this could be For creams this could be from multiple Fashion products right and a lot of more Products so When you trigger it at the right time it Brings you sales like instantly right so These are the five uh strategies that i Think anyone does it from tomorrow Itself like in one to two months you’ll See a huge change you know ecommerce uh When i say this i say this after when we Have been driving uh 25 to 30 24 top

Brands so in e-commerce space so yeah Yeah this is an amazing uh Set of use cases I mean i can imagine so many businesses Would like to automate all those things Especially the last one where if you Know that a particular commodity is Going to You know Uh Needs reordering in another two or three Days and if you could preset all those Things right that just simplifies a lot Of things instead of just you know Targeting new campaigns why not keep the Existing customers absolutely absolutely Absolutely right you need a recurring Revenue and you need you know you need That revenue to come again and you need New revenue coming in so for both use Cases you have a lot to do on whatsapp Nice right so where does the Ai tech fit into the whole scheme of Things Yeah there are multiple spaces right so Number one spaces that we all might have Heard is basically ai chatbots right so You have intelligent chat bots who will Drive the whole commerce flow for you Who will Share the products with you you can pay Directly on whatsapp and you can just You know buy products using whatsapp so That is number one uh second thing we

Are tending to if you see that this is i Think i think ai’s nc return out there Right and people a lot ask me what is The ai stand for right and most people Refer it to take it might be chat bots And all but what we try to make is we’re Trying to make the smartest whatsapp Engagement platform right and that ai Stands for smart somewhere right Smartness means that okay tomorrow i’ll Be able to recommend you certain things In the platform right that you should do Like today like recently we launched a Feature where you can retarget campaigns On the basis of a lot of more factors Let’s suppose you broadcasted a message To 10 000 users right Now i want to rebroadcast on the basis Of who has read it and who has not read It like i want to broadcast them who has Not read it i could do a different Broadcast by segregating that audience And the same way i can see okay someone Replied this and someone replied that Like someone replied confirm order and Someone replied no i’ll take it later on The business that you can segregate the Audience again now this is something That is smart right so don’t that the Direction is basically to taking it Toward more smartness and so that we can Increase your sales uh that is the Ultimate motive like if i can drive 25 Platform what can review recommend you

In that sense so that you Increase your revenue using these this Stuff so that is what it is yeah So uh would it be right to assume that The ai or the uh the smart functionality Which you’re talking about would Keep on learning or figuring out various Ways To optimize the Yes yes so it comes with yes it comes With two things it comes with our Experience of the industry right we Build features on that and secondly There will be some intelligence coming Up which will tell you uh on your own Data so data intelligence will be coming Up which will tell you based on your own Data your own purchase analysis that Okay you should target these users in This manner and these users in this Manner and then that is that is what What the plan is in that sense here Somewhere awesome awesome so Uh i’m just thinking aloud in this part For example all those insights which Ai cnc generates now an e-commerce or an Online store would be using a crm for Example or Or a recommendation engine for their Online store can these insights in some Way i don’t know if that’s possible now Or maybe something you have as part of Your own could also be shared with their Crm or their product recommendation so

It can improve that performance as well Yeah see here i believe that today if You want to if you want to win or even If you want to play you know at some Level in the ecosystem you need to be a Part of the ecosystem you need to be you Need to have those integrations right so If you don’t have integrations Eventually you’re going to lose out on The on a lot of market right so yeah Eventually you know and integration Means you know two-way integration right That doesn’t mean that okay you just get The benefit and the other one doesn’t Get it so yeah we have a lot of Integrations like shopify woocommerce uh Open cart in the in the image And you know zoho zoo commerce is also Coming up now so yeah lead squad coming Up Razer pay already so we have been Like eight months now into the result of Integrations so a lot of integrations And yes obviously both indications get Benefits right so that it’s obviously There Nice nice So If if someone if let’s say there’s a new Business and if they want to get started With eisenc how quickly can they get Started with it 10 minutes Just 10 minutes amazing so you just

Start your free trial right that’s Completely free all features free you Get the whatsapp business so the only Process that is there in between that is Getting the whatsapp business api and Today you can get the whatsapp business Api for free uh via acnc and you can Just get started with it in just 10 Minutes like you just apply for it you Get you you should have a mobile number Ready that is the only thing to get Started on on a basic note Yeah and then you just go on 10 minutes You can use the whole platform and start Doing stuff so that is that is what it Is and then you get a 14 day fully free Trial And you can just use it you know at a Good extent all features included no no Restrictions on that in that sense so Yeah amazing amazing so you you also Mentioned the uh Chatbot or i don’t know whether only the Chatbot is would be the right use case For it but you mentioned the Re-engagement the fifth use case which We spoke about that was more of a Re-engagement and you know the Reordering cycle so What what are the other ways you could Act as a re-engagement like for example Push notifications or Automatic triggers i mean uh how easy is It to set up all those things and also

How do you see people using it or how Are your customers using Yeah uh we have been very hard shaft Focused on whatsapp right so uh what we Do is we integrate with emails we deal With sms we integrate push notification Platforms what we have noticed usually Is that people already like especially The mid market and enterprises already Have those flows set up they already Have emails sms push notifications going On right now they need whatsapp and then We come into play like if i start Providing everything else today i’ll be Fighting a lot more players than i’m Fighting today in that sense right so Basically we we integrate with all the Apps in that sense but we don’t provide That instance It might be but yeah at this point of Time we have heart shaft focus on Whatsapp So you mentioned that you know a lot of Brands are driving around 25 to 30 of The revenue via ai cnc so is it possible For you to maybe share one one of the E-commerce case studies with us which Would help our users understand how it Works and everything Yeah i can share some names but i cannot Share the exact uh numbers for them at This point of time Yeah so vivo is working with us call Candy is working with us right uh a lot

Of more e-commerce brands in that hartke Is one brand that is working with us Right uh a lot of more brands d2c is Coming up a lot at this point of time And they driving amazing revenues like You know uh some so we see the reports At times you know when they see the Report so They see the reports at times and they Can you know they just share that okay This is the amount of traction that is Being driven by that is the happiest Feeling i can share that We actually didn’t know when we started That we would be driving revenues we Thought that we would be you know we are The conversation uh uh you know bridge Between brands and users but eventually Now it has come down to you know that You drive revenue so why not go go after It so that is amazing amazing so Is d2c the only space where you see a Lot of usage for whatsapp or also the B2b ecommerce space Yeah b2b e-commerce also see i feel that Whatsapp is so vast that there are use Cases in every kind of industry right uh There is i think uh if you might have Heard fashions uh right i think that is Into the b2b marketplace ecommerce Marketplace industry right so fashions Are using the aicnc right and they are Using it for a lot of use cases so Use cases are there in each industry

There could be normal payment Notifications reminder notifications Even notifications you know there could Be bills that you might be sending there Could be offers you might be sending for Bulk you know for buying in bulk right a Lot of things ready so it’s more like a Trust signal that okay you’re on Whatsapp and you are sending something Some information someone some Information on whatsapp on a regular Basis so We have seen the usage in a lot of Industries except uh so we are not just On e-commerce we are Playing In finance you know even in the other Industries you’ve seen very good use Cases so yeah Nice so even attachments could be shared Through it i mean you said invoices Attachments images you know videos all Of it is going very smoothly right in That sense Nice So uh one of the things which uh I recently read about It’s old news but you know i thought Would be relevant for this conversation Is whatsapp has also started whatsapp Payments so you can you know it’s like The uh Gpa but you could do it within the Whatsapp

Did that impact the whatsapp commerce Space as well you know yeah uh as of now You know what’s a business uh uh app and Api are not allowed to you know take Payments then the api is not live and Even business apps cannot accept Payments right so until unless that Comes up so that will be a very huge you Know uh i would say a step towards you Know Enabling commerce uh but today people Are using like razer buildings via Whatsapp and doing it doing it that way But yeah i think once the upi is enabled On whatsapp business so whatsapp has This limitation of you know going only Till 100 million users in india is Financing for payments so specifically They so primarily they won’t do it for Businesses because when you just have 100 million limit you won’t you know be Picking up you know businesses first you Would be picking up the users first so What happens 450 million years out of Those they are only allowed to go after 100 million users for payments and that Is why people have people used to ask You know why is not whatsapp a payments Coming up so you know faster as upi Works in google play and phone like Everyone knows Upi on google and google and everyone Does it there but why isn’t it happening On whatsapp why is it isn’t that shift

Happening the shift is not happening Because people cannot make payments to Someone else who is not there on Whatsapp who’s not Because whatsapp has this restriction so That is the problem with whatsapp so by I think 2023 somewhere this a lot of Things will get cleared after july we Can see some more usage on whatsapp Events So this is uh this is a uh Quite a significant limitation for Whatsapp at this point the payment bit But i’m sure they’ll uh you know figure It out in a couple of months so Did you face across any other Limitations or maybe your customers face Across any other limitations in whatsapp  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">Marketing which you know you sold or are You planning to solve Yeah uh I think in october 2021 uh whatsapp Launched this allowed promotional Messages that was one limitation that Was there right uh in february somewhere They allowed unlimited messaging so First initially what they did was they Had three tiers of messaging that was in One day for a 24 hour window you could Send thousand Initially and then you can go up to ten Thousand messages per per 24 hours and Then you could go to one lakh and one Lakh was the limit but then they had

Another tier coming up tier four that Was unlimited messages so now in one day You can even put 50 lakh messages in one Go right so that is what we are helping You know even enterprises all at this Point of time yeah nice So as long as uh this particular Limitation or you might say you know now That you can send unlimited messages so Broadcast is no longer a challenge You can easily send All you need is you know your customers Are expected to have whatsapp in their Mobile and you can manage One thing that i would like to add up Add up to this is there is one uh metric Called quality rating Okay now quality rating is basically That uh what is your user behavior on The basis of what message you send them Right let’s suppose you send a message To a thousand users and uh you know 800 People block you right now when 800 People are blocking you that is not a Good signal right and hence whatsapp Will say that okay your quality rating Is ready right that means that you will Have to hold up your campaign for one or Two days and then it will get back to Green and then you have to send some Messages to those people who are more Likely to respond let’s suppose 800 People responded you now your quality Rating is green and till your quality

Rating is green you can go higher the Tier you can go from thousand messages Per day to 1000 messages per day then You can go to one lakh and unlimited so Your quality rating has to be maintained That is very important actually Nice nice so i mean the way you have Spam filters in uh your crms or email  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">Marketing platforms yes whatsapp also Does that kind of call it right right That’s very important you have to keep Businesses in check otherwise you can Just buy off data and you know do Whatever you want to You actually wouldn’t prefer messages From all people unless you’re subscribed Right right So From uh From uh I mean We spoke about the chatbots i i i’m Guessing chatbot these chatbots would Also be used for customer support and Other cases right yes so uh and i also Checked out your website so you can Easily automate a few decision trees Within the app so is that easy or you Know do you need any coding help or how Does that work Then you don’t need any coding so there Are multiple multiple Ways to build a chatbot right uh either You can go to google dialog flow it’s a

Hands-on platform we give you some Templates you can just figure it out and Get started in one to two days right and So majorly chatbots are built for faqs Right and uh or all driving comments Right you can share your products right So if it’s a huge chatbot people come to Us and ask us to build and we do we do It for them right for which are some Someone one time setup something like That uh and or or else they just build It out on themselves and then this is Integrated very seamlessly right no Coding is required anywhere anyhow right Uh so yeah that is what it is and a lot Of automation use cases so shopify is Connected already with aisnc platform so You can just get a lot of automation Done like in in a single click so yeah That’s what it is nice so i am i’m so In those chat bots uh you know a lot of Chat bots they have a set of uh Basic this basic deci entries then there Are also nlp you know searches where you Identify certain uh keywords from what The user is starting and in some cases It also allows you to connect to a human Some advanced queries so That is is that something you also allow How does that work yeah okay so asn c When we started off see we come from a Chatbot background right so we build the Platform in a manner that there are Three segments in the live chat section

Already defined first one is the active Section then it’s a requesting section And then then the intervene section so It is a segregation that okay if it is Inactive the the user is talking to the Chatbot now if the chatbot is not able To understand something like there will Be a set of queries you will have to put Up in the chatbot if something comes out Of this queries right if if Your user has typed something random Right it goes to the requesting section In the live chat dashboard right and Once your agent interviews the chat it Goes to the interviewing section so we Have proper you know segregation of you Know chats of where they are functioning In that sense so yeah since we come from That background we build it that way Nice nice and how do you see this Evolving going forward from an Ai tech perspective specifically because You know things are evolving And A lot of people are actually trying to i Mean it does solve a lot of problems you Could you could you can automate you Don’t need anybody you know somebody Manning all those things for 24 hours a Day Plus uh These chatbots are in very important Source of intelligence because you Interact directly with the customers you

Have all those data analytics and you Mentioned those so how do you see Growing this forward for your platform And generally overall let’s see in General like i’ll share one thing that You know chatbots sort of doom down Right i’ll tell you why and especially Because there’s a pareto principle that Says okay that uh your 80 queries are Gonna be from the same 20 questions Right so basically 80 percent users are Going to ask the same 20 question Question right so once you figure out That right it’s gonna Be reversed like 20 80 20 whatever you Say right so now once you figure out Those 80 percent set of questions right Which these users are gonna ask or 20 Whatever it is right so You you can figure out what you need in A chatbot you can figure out the key Flows you know what to put in a chatbot And then you need human intervention but We notice one thing there are a lot of Things from the business and the user End the user wants to get in touch with The human People don’t want naturally to talk to a Chatbot they have to because the human Is not coming up But they get answers so at some point of Time like if you were to swiggy right And or zamato right and you struggle Somewhere then you want you want someone

To come up and answer your query you Want and we are very important people we Want to you know shout at someone for no Reason right or at least have someone Listen to us right chatbots cannot Listen to you the way a human and they Understand right you need to be very Sure that okay is this going through or Not Keeping that aside businesses recognize That you know uh what i noticed is that Businesses it’s not about just the Founders or you know just the startup Owners or how they are thinking it’s More about how the managers are thinking Right and no manager would like to fire Someone right just because a chatbot Comes in play that is what we notice in The when we went to the indian market Like people replaced people but you Didn’t fire them And This became a you know setback this Became a very friction point for Chadwick companies to sell like if Someone is hiring people they won’t hire Them like let’s suppose uh before hiring People i will i will think about a Chatbot but if i have hired 25 agents I’m not at all going to fire them now Right like unless and until there’s a Market breakdown and i have to you know Lay off a lot of people i normally won’t Implement a chatbot just to fire these

People so that is because initially Chatbots when they came up people said Okay you can reduce your hr cost and That is one major thing But eventually managers won’t like to do That because you know it’s a very Different kind of call right so that is What happened with the chatbots turning Onto the ai part i think it is evolving A very voluminous function Recommendation engines are becoming Smarter and smarter right uh though There is a long way to go Since people like to talk to humans but Uh i think engagement could become very Smart uh and If you just focus on the recommendation Part right you can do a lot right like I’ve seen multiple platforms in the u.s And in india they come with smart Recommendations around what like even Amazon right amazon knows that okay if You’re buying this mobile you need to Buy a charger with it you need to buy Earphones with it and it recommends you On that notes right so now this is some Kind of smart recommendation that you Can bring up in a chatbot or ai part or Automation part wherever you’re putting It up right like like suppose you buy Some apparel and i i see some cosmetics With it after two days i was okay you Buy this apparel uh great you bought This april uh why don’t you buy this

Screen because it might look good on you And this this here’s a coupon of twenty Percent off right so like an offer you Need to get the offer right you need to Get the recommendation right once you do That you have something so that is how It is right right so Uh If if i implement let’s say uh An einstein On my website itself on my online store Itself Is it possible for you know businesses To offer the recommendation for example You know i am already a customer of Yours and i visit your store and You know would it behave in a way which Says that hey deepak we you know welcome Back you know we realized that you just Bought a mobile you know would you like To also check out a cover for it So Uh are those product recommendations Allowed in the whatsapp chat or maybe You know as as part of the re-engagement Uh piece where you know Like you rightly said uh you know i Bought a mobile maybe 10 days ago you Know you want to keep me engaged you Might send out a whatsapp broadcast Saying hey we real you know you recently Bought this mobile phone why not check Out some really covers here Here are the top five for you so is that

Kind of broadcast message you know could Be sent through uh aisnc so yeah Manually everything can be done right so If you bought something and if i know 100 you just bought this mobile phone Right and now i should recommend and Recommend them to buy covers right so i Can just come and broadcast them Specifically choose those users and i Can broadcast message again that is Manually possible automatically Possibility that we are coming up to now We slowly build something around you Know recommendation engines and all of That stuff so that we you know stay on The smartness part of the platform so Yeah Nice nice Amazing So I’m just thinking so If if i had to ask you your product Vision how where Would you like to see ai cnc go Maybe in the next Five years or put what what’s your Ultimate vision how do you see it as a Product maybe five years down the line Yeah we see it as a as a communication Suite right a full full-fledged Communication suite that is helping Businesses and users interact at a very Good scale so yeah that is important In very simple terms like there would be

Email there would be sms there would be Whatsapp and there could be you know Telegram there could be multiple in a Five year zone if i call it out right Today like hubspot stands right saying Okay i have service suite i have Supports to it i have  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">marketing like That is somewhere where we see ourselves Okay that Building it into a very big company and Uh supporting you know businesses and You just don’t engage first and then you Know business is helping minister to Drive revenue via smarter ways so Yeah Also see we know for a fact that in India whatsapp is used across all strata All sort of users it doesn’t matter what Your uh you know social status is How is the uh market penetration of Whatsapp in other countries for the Reason i’m asking is we have a set of International users predominantly in the Us And How’s the market scenario in u.s europe Or australia if you know versus india as Far as we have seen you know us is not a Very uh whatsapp heavy market so Uh That is one of the reasons people don’t Go after us in this industry uh we are Majorly seeing good traction coming from Latin american countries with colombia

Brazil mexico uh all of these companies Have very good whatsapp you know Attraction all of and middle east south East asia all of these companies and Even dubai side now i had started uae Started you know coming up on whatsapp Good so yeah uh majorly after india the Largest market becomes latin america Right uh and that is one good paying Market and also you know A good usage market in both terms so That is the second market That that is getting lots of results and Even a growing market i would say so Yeah God it got it i I think autumn i think i have you know Most of My and especially my team’s queries Answered and a few of them which i asked You for from from my team because we are Using uh aisnc for one of our premium Furniture brands So uh On an ending note if you had to Elaborate on one particular Case study or Usage from an actual client what they Did and what what what was the problem That yeah cnc sold what uh you know how Did that so you saw it and what are the Results you don’t have to actually share The actual numbers but A detailed case study would help our

Customers understand how exactly They say i won’t name the client but Very hugely right in that sense so they Didn’t have any uh they were on shopify They didn’t have any abundant card flow Set up they were not they didn’t have Even whatsapp button on their website Right and uh so they they had support They didn’t have any support people so They hired support people after they got Whatsapp because they saw engagements Coming in right so Five to seven things that i shared in The very start we did right abundant Card recovery setup setting up all the Payment notification delivery Notifications cod recovery setup reorder Flow setup and uh and broadcasting the Offer so we set them okay each week you Share this offer and you share it in This way and these are some good Template messages right uh furthermore i Think in a week or so we are coming with With a bunch of template messages Pre-sorted yeah so basically you know uh They did all of these things right they Did a bending card recovery automated Some notifications like delivery and all Right uh introduced we introduced ceo Discovery for them reorder flows right And uh they started broadcasting offer Notifications once they did this today Around 25 to 35 revenue on a variable Note each week is driven by agency

So That is you know what what is happening In e-commerce at this point of time like I think e-commerce is one of the most Easiest Ways this is one of the most easiest way To start off you know to boost your Sales if you have this it’s like a Playbook reset right so it’s exactly Like a playbook you have these things Set up you get those reasons there is no You know too much of thinking around it Like even in phase look at you have to Put you have to think about cta you have To think about ad you have to think About the market audience here you don’t Need to do anything And you’re already driving some kind of Effort you just need to you know Recognize that okay you have driven so Much effort in  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">marketing now you need to Optimize things in the right uh place And you just get the results so yeah Nice nice and uh What manpower what sort of team would You need to set this up One one hardly one guy so you don’t need Anyone actually so you just need one Person who can just you know be there And uh Just started set it up so it’s not too Hard it’s very easy process And our support team is there 24 7. like If you might have heard about it like

We are talked about about our support Right we even answer phone calls and Take customer support on sundays so yeah So that that is what we have been Helping our clients with and That is how we are building it in that Sense yeah Great great gotham i i think i i mean This has been a great conversation and Especially a lot of things Around the whatsapp piece the playbook Specifically i’m sure uh That is going to be a huge hit with our You know audience because Everybody loves playbook and if you Could do that on A channel like whatsapp where the open Dates are around 90 to 95 percent i mean People have to do that there is no other These there’s no there’s no reason why They shouldn’t so Absolutely i i think it has been great Thank you autumn for you know joining us Today Thanks a lot thanks a lot for having me Yeah whenever we think of any other Piece where we think that you know we Need some please around whatsapp we’ll Definitely have you again on our channel For sure for sure Thanks a lot it was great Thank you

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