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What's up guys Ryan Borden here today is A very important topic because the truth Of the matter is is AI is coming to take Your job and this video is going to Teach you how you can actually create a Thousand dollars a day with AI before AI Comes to take your job so that when it Takes everyone else's you're good to go Let me first show you what is possible In this department so let's have a look Here at this is Jasper which is an AI Writing bot and we're actually Leveraging AI to make money so that we Can be prepared and have things in place Because one day AI is coming to take Jobs it's already happening and I'm Going to show you some stuff here that's Going to happen a lot faster than you Even think So this particular thing is we have Unpaid earnings of five thousand dollars If we go here to our actual payouts you Can see for over a year now we've been Promoting and anywhere from two to three Thousand dollars so I've got some almost Four thousand to three thousand almost Three thousand twenty two hundred Etc Payouts every month that comes and so This is one income Source there are Multiple and we're going to talk about That but I want you to see what's Possible and before we get too far into It it is important that you take the Time to get on this and do it now before

Things get worse than they already are Because a lot of people don't realize How bad they are and a lot of people Though they say Hey listen I don't have It's going to cost me too much money to Figure this out it's going to take too Much time or it's going to take too much Expertise And that's just not true in fact the Opposite is true and the reason the Opposite is true because we have these Classes at where I Actually go every Tuesday and Thursday As well as Chase and other days Sometimes as well but every Tuesday and Thursday we're live and we break it down For you and we teach you step by step How to do this without taking too much Money in fact it actually makes money Because we're creating a thousand Dollars a day of income It doesn't take too much time because The classes are 45 minutes we give you Some homework to help you along the way Prepare so that you're ready to go it Just walks you through step by step Getting the creation process going so You can leverage this it doesn't take Too much time I mean if you're out of a Job and you have to learn all this later When everybody else is trying to learn It that's when it's going to take too Much time right now it actually saves You time and it doesn't take too much

Expertise because the truth of the Matter is is that we're there with you Every single step of the way so I'm Going to talk more about this later but And we're going to break it completely Down but let's look at this so What is this process So let's dive into this because we Really need to get a handle on this what Can we do to work through this process Well basically is AI actually taking Your job well let's have a look at this I found this article today and it's just One among you know like 10 000 really But basically so I'm not sure how Familiar you are with Krispy Kreme I Actually love Krispy Kreme if you've Ever had a hot Krispy Kreme donut right Off of the production line they are Absolutely amazing and they will change Your perspective on what a donut is in Fact I have actually heard people say What is this magic and so they are Actually changing they already have a Production line where they throw dough In one end and out the other end comes a Totally done Krispy Kreme donut right But then they have to manually fill them And put sprinkles and decorate them Within the next 18 months so we are at The end of 2022 by mid 2024 you're going To see robots start frosting and filling The donuts and decorating them sprinkles Stuff like that you can watch the video

And he the CEO talks about it and so Within the next 18 months which is a Real short time period you're gonna have All those jobs of all those workers go Away and they're even going to box them Up and that sort of stuff so I'm not Just talking about your local Krispy Kreme store I'm talking about where they Have these huge factories that do this Right now and they have all these Employees and then they ship these Donuts into the grocery stores and gas Stations and everywhere else all of Those jobs are going away your jobs for Self-driving Vehicles obviously we Already know this I get stuff delivered From groceries and stuff like that Delivered from Walmart and stuff Sam's Club my local Sam's Club is switching Over and they are offering that as well I did some Sam's Club orders and they Took forever to get here they were hours And hours late and I talked to the Driver when he got here and it's like You know it was hours late sorry I Wasn't ready because I thought it was Going to be here forever ago and he's Like yeah no one wants to take these Deliveries because Sam's Club doesn't Pay as much as Walmart and he kind of Got into complaining about it which I Understand he wants to get paid more and That's fine but I was like listen it's Going to be sorted within five years

You're not going to have this job All the grocery delivery from Walmart And Sam's Club and any other store that You want to think about Kroger the Grocery the whole nine yards Target They're all just going to roll up and Sell delivery things so you already have Them in big cities you order a pizza you Order takeout and it just rolls up So all those jobs are going away and if You want to get on and actually dive Into this then you'll find that it's Actually going in reverse people thought Things like blue collar jobs were going To go away first and they're going away But actually some of your artistic jobs And your coding jobs are going away Before anything else I can go to chatgp Right now and I have done it actually And asked it to write code for me write Programs and it does it just writes them And gives them to me so AI is coming And I say that with a little bit of Sarcasm because it's actually already Here most people just don't know about It so what are we going to do well that Brings us to step two which is how we're Going to make money well we can make Money with other ways but right now the Best way to make money is with AI Because AI is still young and it is Still a little raw and it does need to Be refined and that'll happen very Quickly in the next five to ten years

But right now there's a massive Opportunity point for you to get out in Front of this and if you're in a basic Level job it's going away So let me help you get in front of this Right now By making money with AI what does that Mean we looked at Jasper and we're Making money with this this is an AI Writing tool and it's one of many if we Actually go to I'm Going to just go ahead and enter my Email address here and get in to the Actual check sheet if we jump to the Writing image and video tab here we have Jasper Which is a tool this has an affiliate Option that will allow you to create Passive income using Ai and there's a Lot more and you can see as you go Across here there's a whole bunch of Other tools and options but you can make Money with all of these things and you Know the list goes on if we go to their Website and go to the bottom of the page There is an affiliate option where you Can sign up you probably already know This but I'm going to show you in case You don't affiliate Partners most Websites that have affiliate programs Down at the bottom will put some link to Their program and then you can just Apply to be in a partner and they're Going to give you 30 reoccurring

Commission for life so if you get a Customer now and they say for five ten Years then you get 30 of what they spend Every single month for the lifetime that They're a customer which is how we get To these numbers where and we haven't Even promoted this tool in a while Actually we're promoting some other Stuff but some stuff is a little harder To get into and you have to kind of get Going and so this is definitely a good Money to get going because you can Definitely start with this you'll get to A thousand dollars a day but because you Can start with this this is you know a Few thousand dollars a month and then You just go back to the list and just Keep going down the list to all these Different things and setting them all up To make money then you can actually Leverage AI to make money so that's Really Point number three which is Levering leveraging the AI Bots right so If we go to how we gonna do this though Right so let's review AI is definitely Coming to take your job we can already See it if you go watch the news and You're thoughtful and you look at it and You listen to the CEOs of the big Companies they're already telling you AI Is coming to take your job because AI is Cheaper so all the basic level jobs are Going away Making money with AI we already know we

Need to do that we can go to the scary website and get the Checklist of the various AI tools that We can use to make money with then we Need to actually leverage AI to make the Money because signing up for the Affiliate program is not going to get The job done we need to then go to our Dashboard grab our affiliate link we do Need to create a redirect link which I'm Not going to go into right now I will in The classes but for the Meantime I'm just going to show you you Can take the affiliate link go into Something like this this is a bot that Is going out to businesses right now and It is contacting them it is already Contacted on this particular project 44 000 businesses and you can see as you go Up the list here there's hundreds of Thousands more and it just runs in the Background right so this is how we get Into leveraging AI we would go in here And we would go to the subject part Because this is the part that gets sent Subject and message and we could say Something like your website actually is Fine for the subject we can say Something like this have you seen this Tool that writes content for your Facebook page so you don't have to right Because so many businesses are so busy Doctors lawyers dentists roofers Plumbers people that have shops Barbers

The list goes on they don't have time But they know that they need a Facebook Page so what you do is you say they can Use this free tool and you put in your Affiliate link again we're going to use A redirect link and I'll cover that in The classes but we put in the affiliate Link and then we have our compliance Stuff we're going to close out of this And I'm just going to run this and What's going to happen is it is going to Prep which will take just a moment here And just a few seconds And it's going to go out now and we can See this scent number here climbing it's Just cranking away it's going out and Sending our message to businesses Hundreds of thousands millions and then Tens of millions of businesses we can Reach with this tool and we can give Them a message and offer them all of the Tools that we saw in the checklist And then when someone signs up for that You get paid so it doesn't take being an Expert to run the tool because we break That down the classes it doesn't take a Ton of time or a ton of money because I Mean seriously the like look at this how Many businesses how long would it take For you to pick up the phone and call All these businesses forty four thousand Businesses and say hey you want to sign Up for this and they get tons of no's

This is churning through this bot is Churning through all that so you don't Even have to and so that's how we Leverage Bots To actually make money because the truth Of the matter is I don't know when AI Will come to take your job But it is coming and I don't know how That's going to play out in the long run But we can already see Things happening there are already Restaurants that are fully automated you Have one person in them to stock all the Food into the machines and they make all The machines the machines make all the Food I truly believe that within five Years you're going to go to McDonald's And they might have one employee there That comes and loads all the food into The machines but you already go order in The kiosk or on the mobile app and you Don't even deal with a person most of The time and so you're going to roll up And there'll be one person at McDonald's And they won't even be helping you They'll be making sure the machines have Food you'll order yourself the food will Come and Away you go and all the Restaurants will be that like that now Your restaurants that you sit down at Those will be a little longer to go but All of your fast food restaurants your Grocery store stores your delivery Services your driving the production of

Things all of that stuff is going and I Think it's probably going all within the Next 10 years maybe five and so how do You win with this we saw that we can't That AI is coming to take your job and We saw that we can make money with AI by Looking at you know we're already doing It right so we're already getting Payouts here from this let me show you Something else here this is my PayPal Account so let me refresh this here And we can see money coming in here and This isn't even money from Jasper right So in the last seven days sixty five Hundred dollars come in I have other PayPal accounts as well as credit card Processing such as square and we have Stripe and that sort of thing so there's Just never been a more important time to Really jump in and win and Leverage The Bots to make money for you because what That's going to do for you is that's Going to set you up so you don't have to Spend too much money it doesn't take That much money it doesn't take that Much time in fact you're going to make Money and you're going to make time Because Bots are doing the work and Bots Are earning the money and you're going To be the expert because all you have to Do is do the fortune Bots classes and Work through the 10 weeks of classes and Then you'll know how to do everything And it's all broken down and simple with

Homework and a certification at the end So what does that really mean for you Though what that means is that you Actually can win because at some point In the future when the AI comes to take Take your job and the people around You's job you'll have already exited and You'll be making money With Bots and be out in front of the System and staying on top of what the New thing is whereas everybody else will Be scrambling to catch up and we're Already I mean if you look at the news At all all the experts from Jeff Bezos To the CEOs of the banks they're all Predicting recessions are coming I mean I read an article today that Jeff Bezos Recommends you don't even you be mindful About whether you're going to buy a Refrigerator right now and save your Money like that's how much refrigerator Is like 1500 bucks in fact you can go Scratch and dent and get refrigerators For like six eight hundred bucks brand New right so if they're saying be Mindful about purchases like that How much more should you be mindful About your house and your car and Everything else and your income because If your income's taken away then what You can do this you can get out in front You can leverage Ai and you can have the Safety and Security of knowing that when Other people's jobs are taken away with

AI you are already in the AI space Making money and in the classes at we're going to show you Other ways to make money as well and You're already in the AI space making Money so you have the security of Knowing that the most important things Are covered and that's your income when Your income is good to go you're good to Go right so the rest is you'll have more Time more money and you'll be the expert And everybody's gonna look at you and be Like wow why didn't I do like you did And get in early but then it'll be too Late for them so you will have one and You'll be able to help your family and Your friends and your significant other And you'll be able to have more time to Spend with them and you'll be viewed as The expert and you'll be able to have The money to do the things that you want To do like going to the Ball Game or Going on vacation or just taking some Time to spend with the people that you Want to spend with while everyone else Is freaking out running around trying to Just get income and it's sad to think About but the truth is coming and you Will be prepared so sign up for the Classes at just enter Your email and get started I will see You in the next class that is live and Until then Happy money making

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