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Hey there in today’s video we’re going To dive into the world of artificial Intelligence and learn how to create Realistic text to speech voices for your YouTube videos with the help of a Powerful AI voice generator tool you’ll Be able to produce professional quality Audio that not only engages your Audience but also opens up new Monetization opportunities so sit back Relax and let’s get started on creating The perfect voice for your content in This video I want to introduce you to Mer Fai it is a powerful text-to-speech Tool that allows you to make realistic Voiceovers within minutes with over 120 Plus AI voices across more than 20 plus Languages so I have given the link to This tool in the description below and You can sign up for free from there Let’s first listen to some voice Examples Back in 1779 the first model of the Human vocal tract was created that could Produce the five long vowel sounds Words Voices there is a subtle Harmony in the Two One captures the essence of Communication forever preserved in the Written form thanks to advances in deep Learning synthetic voices sound more Human than ever AI voices are now capable of capturing

And replicating the nuances of human Emotions so you can hear how realistic His voice is these are just a few voice Samples otherwise you get a variety of Voice Styles here which you can use in Your YouTube video you can generate Almost every type of voice in Murph Studio like creative corporate Motivational speech entertainment and Etc there is a Murph voice for every Creator so let’s play them too and see Creating voice over videos today’s class Is on Newton’s Ever wondered why is it that the Like the plague that swept across the North There is more to effect okay if I go Down here are a few more examples of Natural sounding voiceovers created Using mer Fai voices for a wide range of Use cases spanning promotional videos Explainer videos e-learning content and Podcasts so let’s play Go fast [Music] Go far [Music] Away your hunger pangs with One more sounds like nothing So you can see what kind of VoiceOver You can create with this tool so in Terms of pricing there are four options The first is free the second is 29 per User per month and if you increase the

Number of users the price will also Double but if you pay annually then you Will get a discount of 33 percent after That you can only pay 19 per month if we Talk about its features in this you get Advanced features like unlimited Downloads access to 60 basic voices Access to 10 languages 24 hours of voice Generation per user year collaborative Workspace commercial usage rights 8 000 Plus license soundtracks chat and email Support and in the Pro Plan you have to Pay twenty six dollars per month but you Also get some extra features in the Pro Plan like access to all 120 plus Voices All 20 plus languages and accents 48 Hours of voice generation per user per Year 24 hours of transcription per user Per year a collaborative workspace nii Voice changer commercial usage rights 8 000 plus licensed soundtracks high Priority support and in Enterprise you Get everything unlimited so the link is Given in the description of this video First of all you have to sign up for Free after signing up you have to go to Murph studio and click on create new Project here Then pull the title here select start Blank and create the project okay this Is the dashboard Now here you have to import your script First so if you have a word file you can Import the whole word file from here but

I’ll just copy one paragraph right now And paste it here like this Select split script by sentences and Click on paste script So your script has been imported after This you have to change the voice style To change the voice you have to go here And here you will see many voices you Can use any voice let’s hear some voices It only takes one voice Unwrap Go fast At some point in life we have we believe That every writer has the potential to Write better so you must have heard that All the voices are very realistic on the Left side you will see some filters you Can also choose the voice by using the Filter and Below you get use cases which Means you can choose the voice according To your video like if you want a voice For a YouTube video you can click YouTube and choose the voice so now I’m Going to use this voice so first select Voice then check to apply voice to the Entire project and finally just click on Select so in this way the voice will be Added to the timeline after this you can Increase or decrease the speed of the Voice from here just go to speed and you Can adjust the speed of the voice this Way in the same way you can increase or Decrease the pitch lowering the pitch Will add more depth to the voice and the

Voiceover will look more realistic after This if you want to add a pause any Anywhere you just have to put the cursor On it and then you can add a pause by Going to add a pause so as you can see I Am adding pauses here after each Sentence you can also do the same so After adding pause you have to go to any Block and then click on the three dots And from here click on apply the setting To the project and then click on apply The project by doing this speed and Pitch will apply to the entire project So let’s try to play and see what Happens hi everyone in today’s video I’m Going to show you how to lose weight Fast losing weight can be a challenging Journey but with the right approach and A little bit of effort it’s possible to See quick and effective results 1. drink Plenty of water drinking water is Essential for weight loss aim for Perfect apart from this you can also add Pronunciation and emphasis so first Select any word then by clicking on Pronunciation you can add pronounce Association and similarly you can add Emphasis from here just click on this Icon and in this way you can add Emphasis to any word and after that you Can preview it hi everyone in today’s Video I’m going to okay perfect apart From this if you want to add a Multi-speaker you can do that too select

The Block in which you want to add a new Speaker And then choose the voice from here and This time uncheck apply voice to the Entire project and click on select so in This way you can easily add Multi-speakers as well hi everyone in Today’s video I’m going to show you how To lose weight fast losing weight can be A challenging Journey okay voice is Perfect but without background music The Voice doesn’t sound good so in Murphy You also get the option to add Background music so to add background Music you have to go to the timeline and From here click on the plus icon then You can see that you get thousands of Copyright free stock music libraries Here and you can use them you can also Add your own music which is what I’m Doing now okay then click on the volume Icon increase the volume from here Reduce the background music completely And keep Auto ducking high and now try Playing The Voice Hi everyone in today’s video I’m going To show you how to lose weight fast Losing weight can be a challenging Journey But with the right approach and a little Bit of effort it’s possible to see quick And effective results okay your voice Over is ready now you have to go to Export and here you select the download

Format first select Voice Plus music Then you can choose any format but I Recommend you choose the wav format Because it is the best voice format After that select high quality and get The voice from here the voice will be Downloaded in a few seconds and now you Can use this voice for your YouTube Video thanks for tuning into this video On creating realistic text to speech Voices for your YouTube videos don’t Forget to hit that like button and share It with your friends if you found this Helpful and don’t forget we’ve got more Amazing tips and tricks for taking your YouTube content to the next level so be Sure to subscribe to our Channel and Turn on notifications so you never miss A thing see you in the next video

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