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Hey listen up if you want to learn how To use chat GPT to make well over a Thousand dollars a day then this video Is for you and in just a minute I'm Going to show you how you can make money With chat GPT using chat GPT as the Niche and by the end of this video You'll be able to put all this together Using chat GPT now on top of making that Thousand dollars a day I also want to Show you somewhere in this video exactly What I did to make over two thousand Dollars in one day and if I come over Here and take a look at my last week Results this is absolutely phenomenal And I'm going to show you somewhere on This video exactly how you can also use Chat GPT to make some insane amounts of Money so make sure that you look out for That so how do you use chat GPT to make Money with chat GPT as the actual Niche Well the first thing that you want to do Is you want to come over to YouTube and You want to create yourselves a YouTube Channel creating a YouTube account is Super powerful because at the moment you Can get a lot of view use a lot of Passive views with YouTube now if you Don't know how to create a YouTube Channel or you're not sure what Niche to Start a YouTube channel in all you need To do is come over to chat GPT and I'm Going to show you exactly how you can Use it to give you all the ideas that

You need for a YouTube channel for Titles for scripts Etc let me show you Exactly what I mean I want you to pay Close attention to this because you're Not going to believe how much detail we Are going to get out of this plus I'm Going to give you a niche that barely Anybody is using at the moment and if You're one of the first to start you can Absolutely cash in so what you want to Do is you want to come over to chatgpt And you want to ask chat GPT what are Some of the best YouTube ideas to create Channels on so all you need to do is Type in something like suggest 10 YouTube channel ideas and as you can see Chad GPT is gonna start giving you an Entire list of different types of YouTube channel IDs and niches that you Can potentially create different types Of videos on now if you come over here And have a look it's going to come up With Forex example cooking DIY Fitness And Wellness Beauty technology travel Now if you come over and you take a look And you don't like any of these all you Need to do is come down here and say Suggest more okay hit enter and what Chat GPT is going to do is it's going to Start suggesting even more ideas and What it's probably going to do is come Up with another 10 now what you need to Do is you need to choose a niche that You can potentially create a video on so

Let's just say you scroll up and you Have a look and you choose for example Personal finance and money management Channel so once you choose this Niche What you now want to do is find out the Different types of videos that you can Actually make within this Niche so all You'll basically need to do is highlight This okay Copy this and then type in something Like Suggest Sub Topics for Personal finance and money management Hit enter and charge EPT is now going to Give us different type of topics within This Niche because some niches are Really broad so when we scroll down You'll be able to see the different Types of subtopics that it's chosen so You can see it's got budgeting and Saving tips credit score Improvement Investing retirement planning side Hustle and Entrepreneurship Etc so you Scroll down and have a look again if you Want more just very easily type in Suggest more and chat GPT is going to Give you even more subtopics I hope you Understand what we're doing here we've Found a type of channel that we want to Create now it's giving us different Types of subtopics that we can create These videos on so what I'm going to do

As you can see it's created another 10 For us so this is perfect look at the Amount of opportunity that we have to Create these videos so what you want to Do from here is I'm going to choose for Example side hustle and Entrepreneurship So what you want to do is you want to Copy that so now that you have the type Of channel that you want to start and You also have the sub niche of the type Of channel that you want to create Content on now what you want to do is You want to tell chat GPT to go out and Create some video IDs for you on side Hustle and Entrepreneurship because we Need the videos to be able to put them Together so what you want to do quite Simply is just come down here and ask it To create 20 YouTube video ideas about Side hustles and entrepreneurships and Then hit the search button I mean I Watch GPT is going to do now is it's Going to come up with these different Types of video IDs now before I show you These video ideas if you're enjoying This video don't forget to smash that Like button in appreciation and make Sure that you subscribe to the channel Because I've got some more awesome Content coming your way and in a second I'm going to show you how you can create These videos using AI it's very very Quick you don't ever need to show your Own face and don't forget shortly I'm

Going to show you exactly how I use chat GPT to make will over 17 000 just in one Week and I'm going to show you how you Can do the same so now what you want to Do is just scroll down and take a look At these different types of 20 YouTube Video ideas and then you want to come up With a few titles so as you can see You've got how to start a side hustle While working full time five low cost Business ideas to get started Etc I mean Look at all the different ideas if You're a content creator no you're not Using chat GPT or you're looking to Start this is really going to make Things super super simple for you Because using chat GPT is an absolute Game Changer as you can see you've got Time management tips for entrepreneurs Common mistakes to avoid winning Business Etc so from here what you want To do you've got something like how to Scale and grow your side hustle or Something like this how to start a side Hustle working full time so what we want To do now is we want to ask chat GPT to Create five different titles for us About side hustles so that we can start Creating these different types of videos So all you need to do is just come down To the bottom again and just type in Something like this so just five video Titles on how to start a side hustle While working full time from home click

Onto this again now what chat GPT is Going to do is it's going to give us Five different YouTube titles that we Can use so we've got the video that We've got the type of channel that we Are going to create we've got the type Of Niche that we are going to create We've even gone down and put in a sub Niche for the type of videos that we Want to create now what chat GPT is Doing for us is it's creating five Different titles now take a look at this We've got five steps to starting a six a Successful side hustle while working Full-time The Ultimate Guide to starting A side hustle while working a full-time Job how to find time for your side Hustle while working a nine-to-five job Etc so you can see there's a really cool Five different types of titles that we Have once you have your titles and you Choose a title that you want let's just Run with this title over here as an Example so once you copy that what you Want to do is come down to the bottom And this is what you want to type in so I've got YouTube title so this is the Title that we are going with then I've Got got write a video script for YouTube That's informative and then in a Friendly tone now in order to write Something underneath what you need to do Is you need to hold down shift for Example and hit enter and what that's

Going to do is it's going to take it Down to the next line okay so what you Want to do is hit enter now because We're done now what chat GPT is going to Do is it's going to create an entire YouTube script for us in a friendly tone That is informative on five steps to Starting a successful side hustle while Working a full-time job and it's this Script that you can use to start Creating these videos so that you can Start to make money online now what you Want to do is scroll down and have a Look see chat GPT at the moment is Creating this amazing script for us now I told you that I was going to tell you About a niche that you can start doing This in and the niche that I highly Recommend for anybody out there is to Actually start creating these videos About chat GPT what I mean is you can Actually use chat GPT and ask it what Are the best ways to make money with Chat GPT Chad GPT is going to tell you Then get chat GPT to write you a script On a video about the best ways to use Chat GPT highly recommend anybody out There if they're looking to start your Channel your videos will absolutely Start blowing up this is a niche at the Moment it's taking off AI is the way of The future and if you want to start a YouTube channel in 2023 I would Recommend potentially looking at

Creating videos purely about chat GPT And using chat GPT to create these Videos for you because it's super quick And everything that you want is here Chatgpt will literally give you all the Information that you want and the titles Just like I showed you in this video now As you can see we have a script for us Now if you wanted more information about This or if you want to chat GPT to Expand on any of this all you'll need to Do is highlight it and ask chatgpt to Expand on this now what I want to do is Show you exactly how you're going to Create these videos now I promise you That I was going to tell you what I did To use chat GPT to make that insane Amount of money all you need to do is go Down the bottom and click onto the link In my description and go to AI bot currently we are running an Eight week boot camp teaching people Exactly what we do to make money with Short form content that we are putting Up onto Instagram to go out and take a Look at my Instagram I'm going to leave It Link in the description of this video And have a look at some of my recent Videos last week I put up a video it's Got over 1 million views I can't even Tell you how much it clicks I've Received through to my email list how Many signups I have and how much money I've been able to make some of my other

Videos have got over hundreds of Thousands of views along with my YouTube Shorts that are absolutely doing Extremely well I'm also starting to put Out videos on Tick Tock I'm starting to Put up videos on Facebook and this is All available by repurposing short form Content and all you need to do to get Started is go over to arbot The link is in the description watch This video over here which is going to Show you exactly how some of us have Made in excess of two hundred thousand Dollars in one month utilizing these Strategies the best part about this boot Camp is they are live what that means is We are going to train you live how to do This and give you all the tools that you Need exactly what we're doing every Single day to make money with short form Content chat GPT and affiliate marketing You can literally sell anything that you Want and the best part about what's Happening at the moment is that short Form content with YouTube shorts just Got monetized from the 2nd of February Meaning that once you meet the criteria You can get your short form content Monetized and make money with YouTube ad Revenue on top of the affiliate Marketing that you're going to make so The opportunity is a massive at the Moment and we are giving you live Training and giving you all the tools

Showing you exactly what we're doing all You need to do is click on that link in The description of my video and watch This video over here which is going to Show you exactly how we do this from There click on to get instant access to Chat GPT shorts and that's going to Enable you to get into our private Classes and from there we're going to Show you exactly what we're doing so do That right now and I'll see you in those Classes alright so once you have this Entire script from chat GPT you're Probably thinking Alan how do I create These videos now so all you need to do Is come down the bottom again and just Ask chatgpt what are the different ways That you can create YouTube videos and Then hit enter again charge apt is going To give you all the answers that you are Looking for and there's a few different Ways that it's going to tell you that You can do this so as you can see chat Jpt has given us all these different Ideas on how we can make different types Of videos now the standard one's Obviously going to be the normal screen Casting or recording just like I'm doing Now with the camera microphone Etc in Front of a screen but when you scroll Down it's also going to suggest Different types of IDs like animator Type of videos or explainer type of Videos how to type of videos Etc and

What you want to do from there is you Want to use that script and what I Suggest is you use different types of AI Software to create these videos for you One of the ones that you can start using Is this one over here called veed dot IO You can see here that anyone can make Great videos in a matter of minutes just By using the script and a lot of these Different types of software also have Automated voices that you can use Another one that you can use is this one Over here called in video dot IO another Brilliant software I've spoken about a Lot of time so you can also use in video You can use text to video you can also Use the editor you can even use their Templates to create these videos all you Need to do is paste that script from Chat GPT and and in video will create The video for you another really good Software is this one over here called Pictory dot AI you can also use this Software you can see video creation Made Easy A lot of them have free versions That you can use or they have free Trials from here all you need to do is Paste that in there and start creating These videos once you create these Different types of videos what you then Need to do from there is rank these Different types of videos and one of the Best ways to do that is to use this Software over here called vid

This is a software that helps you find Different types of keywords for example If you take a look at my video over here That I created with chat GPT if you Scroll down you can see that I've got a Number of keywords and what this Extension can also show you is different Types of a keyword difficulty as an Example if I just type in chat GPT as an Example into YouTube tube what you're Going to find on the right hand side Over here is it's going to show me that Competition is medium but the volume is Low okay so this gives you an idea of The different types of videos that you Should be creating if you decide to Upgrade vid IQ other than getting the Extension over here absolutely for free All you need to do is download it what's Going to happen is you're going to have Access to be able to search for Different types of keywords this is just An option but what happens is for Example let's say you search for how to Make money with chat GPT you scroll down It's going to show you the different Types of keywords that are blowing up at The moment for example if you look at How to make money with chat GPT it's Currently searched 764 000 times every Single month on YouTube and currently The competition for it is low even Though so many people are creating Videos on it this software is yet to

Catch up I think that this is a little Bit out not outdated but the software Needs to catch up because a lot of People are creating videos on these but You get the idea it's going to show you The overall competition score and also Whether or not you should be making Videos only so this is why vid IQ is Really really good now also I want to Let you know that at the end of this Video I'm going to show you where you Can go to get a full tutorial on how to Use in video to create these different Types of videos so all that's left for You to do now is to come over to chat GPT and sign up if for whatever reason You can't get on to chat GPT because It's full all you need to do is go on to Unlock AI I'll leave it I'll Leave a link in the description for you This is going to allow you to get access To the chat GPT software if you can't Currently get on by just going to chat GPT because this software review is the Exact same as chat jpt and you'll be Able to do exactly what I've shown you So all that's left to do now is for you To go out onto chat GPT start creating These different types of scripts start Creating these different types of videos And start putting them up on to YouTube From there what you want to do is you Want to look for an affiliate marketing Product now if you want to know how to

Do that all you need to do is Click onto The link in my description and watch That free training video it's going to Show you exactly how we do it but you Can use a whole range of different type Of affiliate marketing products guys if You enjoyed this video don't forget to Smash that like button in appreciation Make sure you subscribe to the channel And make sure you check out our eight Week bootcamp that's pinned in the Description of this video now don't go Anywhere if you want to know how to use Chat GPT and in video to create amazing Videos and also promote affiliate Marketing products make sure you click Onto this video over here right now for A full detailed tutorial I'll see you on That video until next time you guys take Care of yourselves and goodbye

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