Build and Publish Web Browser Extension using ChatGPT #openai #chatgpt

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Go to Firefox add-ons Search for random password generator and This is my extension I built this using Chat GPT Add to Firefox Open this extension move the slider to Select length Click on the generate button to generate A random password Click the copy button to copy the Password to clipboard Go to chat GPT and type Random password generator Chrome Extension on click open index.html Display a slider with Min value 6 and Max value 20. users can slide this Slider to change the value On click generate password button Generate a random password and display It on click copy button copy this Password to clipboard Also write Codemanifest.json file use HTML JavaScript and bootstrap now chat GPT is Generating code for our Chrome extension And this will also work with Firefox and Brave browser it will generate code for Three files Index.html index.js manifest.json Copy this code Paste it inside index.html Copy this code Paste it inside manifest.json Copy this code

Paste it inside index.js Create icons folder and add icon images In manifest.json add path for Icon Images Open Chrome browser and go to Chrome Extensions Click on load unpacked extension select Extension folder our extension is loaded Click on the extension icon it will open This pop-up window Move slider to choose password length Generate password It’s working Open Firefox and go to about debugging This Firefox Load temporary extension select Manifest.json file and this is our Extension open this extension try Generating passwords of different Lengths by moving the slider left and Right Let’s publish this extension create Mozilla developer account and go to Developer Hub submit your first add-on Agree to terms and conditions On site zip your extension folder upload Zip file continue Fill in some details about your Extension submit your extension In less than 24 hours your extension Will be published and live You can try adding this extension to Your Firefox browser I didn’t write any Code myself

I just use chat GPT to build a Firefox Extension and it will also work with Chrome browser

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