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You can earn one hundred dollars a day Even if you're a beginner and haven't Earned money online before by utilizing Chat GPT and this new easy AI method That basically does the work for you so What are we talking about let me jump Into this here I'm going to show you Stripe which is our credit card Processor you can see the past four Weeks we've pulled in seventy five Thousand dollars of sales of course There's PayPal on top of this but I'm Not saying Mr Bragg what I am saying This is to show you this and I'm going To show you a smaller scale example as We move through this video so stick with Me but um if we roll to the past 12 Months for example it's been over a Million dollars so even looking the past Four weeks seventy five thousand dollars I said you could make a hundred dollars A day that's three thousand dollars for The month so I just want to show you That this is way more than possible as We've got it at seventy five thousand Dollars and I'm telling you three Thousand dollars in a month but I want To give you something obtainable because You're not able to start like tomorrow And make seventy five thousand dollars But you can start towards a hundred Dollars a day If you're already going along earning a Lot of money of course then you can blow

This out of the water but if you'd give Me a yes right now pause the video give Me a yes in the comments to let me know That this is the kind of training you Want that would help me out because That's what has steered this training in The first place also of course it helps On YouTube so if you do that that'd be Great and as we jump into this let's Have a look what are we talking about Here so as we jump in here chat GPT is Going to do the heavy lifting for us on The whole but obviously chat GPT is a Text-based system and we're actually Using because chat GPT Is built in here and chat GPT has been Down but if you use the Chat gbt in here it actually gives you Priority Access and can get around the Regular chat GPT and it has it's like Getting a page at gbt account but one That also works even when chat GPT is Down so it still uses chat TPT but it Uses the model and gets around it Anyways now that we have that and chat Gbt set up here we need to grab Something obviously to work with our Text-based system so I just went to YouTube search make money online looks Like I got even got a dash in there an Accident and uh filtered by under four Minutes because we're looking at the Short form content and looking for stuff Like this so here's one that's got 902

000 views so what I'm going to do is I'm Going to grab the transcript here from This video and I'm gonna have chat gbt Rewrite it and then we're going to do it A different way than normal and so I Have the transcript here and I'm just Getting it from YouTube there's also Websites you can get this from you can Google that I think maybe even like YouTube but I'm not sure Off the top of my head but Google has a Ton of them but I just get it right out Of YouTube because it's already right There right so once we have it we need To go over here to shine ranker All right so I went ahead and popped the Script in there and asked it to rewrite It and be basically the same but Somewhat unique and so shine rank your Chat gbt here is going to go through and Give us that and so now we have a script Right so that's like the hardest part Because really if you want to look at This we only have three components to a Video so here's what we're gonna do Let's look at a broad overview we're Gonna make a video which get views and Then from those views we're going to put A link in the video which gets traffic To an offer well to A system that then Promotes an offer to an automation System really because it's actually Going to work for you all year long Which is how we start to escalate the

Money and then It ultimately makes you Money when people buy now in order to Get views we have to have a video if we Look at videos and go here for example There's only three things in this video There's three components you have a some Sort of motion like a picture motion all Video is is a bunch of like snapshots That run at like 30 or 60 frames per Second so it's like there 30 pictures or 60 pictures in a second that are sewn Together just like an old flip book if You're watching old If you've ever seen those old flip books Anyway so you have the point here is That we have some sort of motion we can Strip away the sound and picture just The motion like mute the video for Example and watch it what do we have we Have Motion in the background right it's A person you got some blinds in office Setting whatever right then we have some Text on the screen of course so we can See we have some text there's obviously Text on the screen and we have sound so If we unmute it obviously there's sound The person's talking right so the point Here is we only have three components we Have video motion text and sound so the Text is basically the concept because We're going to utilize the text and AI To generate the video motion and the Sound so all we really need is the text To start but we're not going to do this

Like you might have seen before we're Going to do this in a higher quality way And AI really is pretty awesome at this So we're going to I'm going to show you That it works already so we need the Text we have the tax here from shine Ranker chat gbt now we're going to go Over here and we're going to use this Tool there are more than one but this Tool called Synthesia I'm going to take The text and pop it down here and let's Just get rid of this and put this in Here and we can see we have kind of a an Avatar they call it right here of this Person here and we put the text down Here now I'm going to give a sample here You have to actually render this out Which takes a while so I'm not going to Do this live in this video but we can Choose different voices going on all Kinds of different voices and languages And all that sort of stuff right okay so We can see it's basically reading we can See here the script it's reading the Script this is the same you know this is The script right here for those who can Earn a living through the internet hear Me out right so that it's reading the Script out loud so what does that mean Well if we go over here and look at a Video we've already put up this video This video all and it goes through here I'm not going to play the whole video For you but you can see it has 323 likes

And it's not showing me views here in The browser but if you look by Comparison to like this video got 52 Likes and this one I got 320 but 167.93 This one got 320 likes and it's just the This Synthesia AI that created the video So when we render this video out here it Actually will come out like just like This so do you see how that the whole it Looks like a person right it looks like A legit person and but this is all Created just from text okay so now that We see that concept right we can go Ahead and create the whole thing And then we're gonna upload the video Because now Chad gbt has written the Text for us and AI is creating the sound Which is the audio speech coming out and It's creating the video motion right so Look again it's creating the sound and The motion So chat basically I mean AI is creating The whole video right so you're not Actually creating anything and you don't Even have to worry about the idea Because we're just borrowing the idea From somebody else and making it our own Chat gbt is going to rewrite it and make It unique and so we're going to convey a Thought and a bit of an idea but we're Going to use our own words so that's Totally unique and so by utilizing this Method we now have chat gbt making the Video for us which is kind of crazy that

AI is making like the whole process and Then in the end we're going to put a Link so we would finish this out by Saying something like To So to get the full training go to right so we put in our Link whatever our link happens to be and Then when someone goes there so if they Come over here to they Have an opportunity to enter an email Address right so And so here's actually a better example So here's the actual ending page and so They pop in their email address and then It goes into a back-end automation System so I said an automation system And that is this part of it so it's a CRM if you don't know what that is drop A link in the comments or drop a Question in the comments and we can Explain that to you but Um basically what the CRM does is it's An automated system that it you it Builds these pages and then it captures The email address and then you can Utilize chat GPT to write emails and Then the automation system will the CRM Will send emails to the people every Single day so the value here is that They're not just all you only have to Get them to watch the video once and go To the link once and enter their email Address and then you can Market to them

Every single day because every single Day they're going to get an email with Your product or with whatever you're Selling so we haven't talked about what You're selling yet so let's talk about That obviously if we make a video with AI and put it up and we get views on it Then we give them a link to go to where They can enter their email address and That's the traffic part and so they Enter the email address but how does That translate to money well you got to Sell them something now this could be Your products your services or somebody Else products and services because Basically you have products or Services Right you're doing something for Somebody or you're giving them something Or both combined together If you have your own products and Services great you can definitely use it If you don't have your own products and Services then you can use somebody Else's if you go to this URL here you Can get this free checklist it's a list Of companies that will actually pay you To promote their products so two things To note in this list that's very Important one is the list of companies And then the second one is the yellow Bar it's the free Facebook group that You want to join so you can get around Other people that are already having Success with this and ask questions and

Then as you learn you can help other People and then you can see sometimes The motivation it helps some people you Know if you have a bad day you can go in There and see other people are posting Screenshots of their successes obviously That motivates you to get going because It's working for somebody else so it can Work for you so if we pick one here and This is what I'm going to show you and This is just Jasper if we roll down to The bottom they'll have an affiliate Program most of these these all have Affiliate programs affiliate just means Selling someone else's product and they Handle all the deliverable and you can Get paid on it but at the bottom we have The affiliate Partners section and then We can sign up here or sign up here Rather and then log in and once we're Logged in we can see some stats but We're going to get this link so the link Here is what we're actually going to put In the emails in the automation system And again this is like a 10 minute YouTube video so I can't teach you how To make the whole system in one 10-minute YouTube video you're gonna Have to learn a little bit more than This but this is getting you started and Showing you that it can work and what it Is right so basically what happens You're going to need this link and You're going to put in the automation

System the CRM and it's going to send Out the emails that you write with chat GPT now we can see if we roll up here We're going to get some stats and we can See there's different stats here at the End of the day we have like four Thousand dollars of unpaid earnings and The payouts here are about two to three Thousand dollars you can see running Every single month running for well more Than a year all the way back to uh June Of 2021 and the reason that it's like This we don't even promote this tool Anymore but the if you look in here at The dashboard you can see it's a Reoccurring commission so they pay you Every month so when somebody signs up You get paid every single month that They're a customer which is how you can Really start to escalate and I told you A hundred dollars but When you're first starting it's going to Help you get to 100 a day but once you Escalate if you want to continue to Build this system it can help you get Past 100 a day but once you get you know If you get 500 of reoccurring Revenue in Here then that 500 comes every month so Long as those people are stay customers So if they stay a customer for three Years or six years you're still getting Paid every single month for the work That you did once which is really Amazing plus the automation system on

The back end is going to promote your Products from the checklist all year Long so like every single day all year Long literally and so there's a few Things obviously going on here with this You need to be able to make the videos You need to be able to set up the Automation system you need to be able to Use chat CPT to make the videos and Write the actual emails that get sent But basically once you build it then It's just a matter of feeding the system With more and more videos to get more And more views to build up your money From your first dollar a day to your 100 A day and then beyond even even a Hundred dollars a day which is you know Entirely possible and even just this With you know four thousand dollars of Unpaid earnings if that's a month well We can see the pay actual payouts two to Three thousand a month I said 100 a day Is like three thousand that's just with This one product right once you're done Promoting this product you can go Promote all of these products and all of These and these and these and these and These right so there's tons and then There's tons more you can go out on the Internet to Google and find hundreds of Thousands of companies that will pay you To promote their products and you don't Even need massive amounts of products Right just this one we're hitting the

Hundred dollars a day mark on but if you Add it in like you know 12 other ones And you only did one product a month so 12 different products all year long you Could easily exceed the hundred dollars A day Mark but it's going to take a Little bit of work right you know three Thousand dollars a month isn't nothing But you know At the end of the day AI is creating the Text AI is creating the sound the AI is Creating the video for you so like ai's Doing all of the heavy lifting For the whole process of the video Creation right and then from there the Automation system you just have to build It once and once you build it then it's Just there and it works so obviously This is going to take a little bit of Setup to get going but 100 a day is Entirely attainable as we've seen the Cash cow system is the way to get it all Set up so it's like the full training so If you go over here to this website Right here and you can jump into the new AI Cash Cow classes which is live Classes every Tuesday and Thursday Teaching you how to do this along with a Checklist of step-by-step broken down Like five minute tutorial videos so you Can get the live classes which we teach You how to do it at a bigger scale and Then go over it and you have questions And answers you know live questions and

Answers and that sort of stuff as well As the replays of the live classes plus The checklist which gives you the broken Down system of five minute videos step By step by step so I would jump in now And just get going ahead of the curve Because there's a potential solid Recession coming and there's going to be A lot more people trying to earn money Online and so if you would get in and Get going it's going to be easier to go Through that and prepare yourself for Things before they happen so I would Jump in right now jump over here to this Website and join the live classes and I Will see you in the next live class and In the Facebook group and until then Happy money making

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