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You can earn one hundred dollars a day Making money online even if you're lazy Because we're gonna use chat GPT to do The heavy lifting for us my name is Ryan Borden let's jump into this before we Jump into this though I need to ask you A question are you or are you not Actually committed to earning money Online if you're actually committed to Earning money online pause the video Give me a yes in the comments down below To show me that you're actually Committed to earning money online and Then let's start it so is it actually Possible for you to earn one hundred Dollars daily online well let me show You this is our PayPal account if you Look at the past 30 days here you can See fifty eight thousand dollars we can Do the past 60 days and go to 191 Thousand dollars and we can go and keep Going so on and so forth but if we even Just look at the past seven days Thirteen thousand nine hundred seventy Three dollars so I'm not saying this to Brag what I am saying is to show you That this is possible for you because if We can earn thirteen thousand dollars in Seven days which is a little under two Thousand dollars a day maybe Nineteen Hundred and some change then you can Earn one hundred dollars a day because We're earning 19 times that so it is Possible for you to earn one hundred

Dollars daily so let's talk briefly About what we're going to talk about in This video we're going to talk about Using chat gbt access using chat gbt to Create viral videos the three simple Steps of a video using AI to create Money making videos getting the viewer To earn you money making money all year Long when you don't have your own Products how you can actually make money Without having products one of the Secrets to Growing your online income Actually making a hundred dollars daily And lastly we're going to talk about Breaking free from Financial stress so Stick with me through this video and These are the topics we're going to Cover today let's get started we use Chat gbt to make it easier to make money Online the challenge is when chat gbt Goes down then we're stuck because we've Built a Reliance on it however I want to Show you a solution chatgpt is often Down clogging up the works on our Systems but if you go to this website Right here and log in we can see that Among the many tools that are on the Left side hand side here this bottom one Is called chat here we can get access to Chat gbt even when chat GPT is down Because we get to bypass the chat system And go directly to the source and we Still have access and we keep on earning Money even if chat gbt is down you can

Use chat gbt to help you create a viral Video the way you do it is you take an Existing video that's working well so Like this video has 4.5 million views For example it's obviously working well People like whatever's in the video and The style so then what you're going to Do is you're going to take the Transcript we're going to go to chat GPT And input it and ask it to rewrite the Transcript to be somewhat different but Basically the same thing and you give it The transcript and then what you do is As soon as it pops out Now that we have the transcript we can Use AI to actually recreate this video So we're actually just going to use an AI tool that is going to create the head The voice and we're just going to pop in The script and it reads it and creates The video for us there are three simple Steps to break down video creation and Eliminate the stress of having to make a Video and it's just video motion so some Sort of video motion actual text and Then sound this is really the ultimate Trio for making a video so how we're Going to do this We get chat gbt to rewrite an existing Video script that's already working we Pop it into a tool like this called Synthesia and we add our Link at the end And then we get Synthesia to generate a Video for us so AI is going to make the

Face it's going to make the voice and we Already had this script built by chat Gbt so AI built the whole video and we Get an end result that looks like this That gets thousands of views Making videos that earn money is easy But how do you actually get the viewer To earn you money it's pretty Straightforward you set up a redirect Link and you put it right in the video So when you make your AI video you're Just going to drop your redirect Link at The very bottom of your script and say Something like to get the full training Go to redirect link The redirect link takes them to the Landing page of the automation system That will then make you money all year Long So how do you make money every single Day all year long from the videos that You make you utilize an automation System so this is what that looks like The redirect Link in your video sends Visitors to a landing page where they Enter their email address once they Enter their email address into the Automation system which is the system That makes the landing page in the first Place The automation system then takes the Email address and sends them emails Every single day with your link in it The link of course is the link to

Whatever it is that you are selling and When someone clicks on it and buys you Get paid whether you're selling your Products or someone else's products the Best part is once it's set up the Automation system literally sends emails And makes sales for you 365 days a year So you need to sell products to make Money but you don't have any products so What do you do You go to this website right here and Get the free list of tools of companies That will pay you to promote their Products there's tons of tools on this List and while you're here you're going To jump over here also to this yellow Bar and join the free Facebook group Because the Facebook group has tons of Other people that are already making Money and they help answer questions and Then once you learn some things you can Help answer questions too and pay it Forward So lots of talk about affiliate products And such things but how do you actually Make money by selling someone else's Products in a legitimate way This is Jasper one of the programs that We've worked with and we haven't Promoted this in a while but this as you Can see there's some stats and stuff That go on but then you have this link Of course and then of course you have

The payout section where you can see Everything it gets paid but The link here is what's important so This link is the link that you're going To put in the emails and the automation System that chat GPT writes for you and Then the automation system is going to Sell this product for you or whatever Product you choose for you all year long On autopilot all you have to do is set It up So what's one of the secrets to Growing Your online income well doing work once And getting paid over and over one of my Favorite things Affiliate programs like this offer a 30 Reoccurring commission what that means Is you get paid every single month on This so when you go to your job and you Work your 40 hours or 16 hours whatever You work right you get paid the next Week or two weeks from now whenever you Get paid you get paid for those hours And that's it when you get someone to Sign up for a program like this you get Paid every single month for the lifetime Of the customer for as long as they're a Customer so they're a customer for six Years you get paid every single month For six years And of course you can go to this website Right here to get the list of tools that Will give you reoccurring affiliate Programs

So the real question is can you actually Make a hundred dollars Online daily by Utilizing AI well This is Jasper of course and one of our Affiliate programs that we've been Promoting we can see we've got like four Thousand dollars of unpaid earnings However if we look at the payouts we can See about two to three thousand dollars A month sometimes is four sometimes it's 2500 over the past year now if you Average three thousand dollars a month And you divide 30 Days by three thousand You wind up with one hundred dollars a Day and this is just one program this is Our PayPal and if you really want to dig In you can make way more than a hundred Dollars a day because here's thirteen Thousand dollars in seven days and fifty Eight thousand dollars in thirty days Which is an order of magnitude greater Than a hundred dollars a day want the Full blueprint of how you can earn 100 Daily online head over to this website Right here and you can get in the AI Cash Cow class which is the live classes That are twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays complete with replays and Resources to go with it where we break Down step by step how you can earn money Online utilizing Ai and faceless video And other techniques and how you can set It up with an automation system so that You can earn money all year long so jump

Over to this website now and get into The live classes I will see you in the Next live class and until then Happy Earning

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