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What's going on here Berry here in this Video I'm gonna reveal how you can earn Big with high ticket affiliate marketing Step by step now this is a hundred Percent working today now you can see on The screen right here this was a Screenshot at the time of recording this Video this was yesterday at 1 54 p.m you Can see congratulations you have earned A two thousand dollar commission this Was a high ticket commission that I Received like I said yesterday while I Was out at the gym working out this Still came in and what I'm going to Share with you inside this video is First off you'll see the exact new  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">Marketing campaign that I've been using That's been pumping out two thousand Dollar instant commissions on autopilot The amazing thing with this  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">marketing Campaign is not only is it a high Converting funnel and system but it's Also going to pay you instantly when you Start promoting this exact affiliate Affiliate program you'll discover also How you can swipe and deploy this exact Campaign for yourself to start making Profits online so if you're not Technical if you don't have any Experience if you're brand new you're Going to be able to use my exact  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">Marketing campaign that's working Incredibly well for yourself as you'll See a little bit later in this video and

You'll also see a very few simple highly Effective traffic methods okay methods To get clicks to your funnel link that Take less than 30 minutes a day to get Laser targeted leads who will join you So once you deploy my exact  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">marketing Campaign your only job is going to be to Get visitors to your funnel link and Inside this video I'm going to share a Couple powerful ways that myself and a Lot of my successful teammates have been Using to start to get people to join Them now be sure you stay to the very End of the video though because you're Even going to discover how to set all of This up in about 10 minutes even if You're not technical or you don't have a Following at all so stay tuned because You do not want to miss this and also at Any time in this video to start the Process of accessing this exact  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">Marketing campaign click the link below This video without further Ado let's go Ahead and get started now real quick I Just wanted to share a little bit more Proof so this is my stripe account now This is how we can actually get paid Instant commissions they'll pay you Through stripe which will redirect to Your bank account that you attach and You can see right here that I had a Payout of 5 675 dollars now this already Arrived in my bank account okay this Arrived this morning and if I refresh

This you're going to be able to see that This amount of money was able to deposit Into my bank account okay so you can see Right here it says paid because this Amount of money did act actually end up Into my account so now that you see What's possible the next thing I want to Do is I want to share how this  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">marketing Campaign works and then how you can Actually deploy it for yourself so what Is the exact affiliate program I chose To promote with this  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">marketing campaign Well it's called e1u life and if you Haven't heard of it the reason that I Personally chose this specific program Out of all the possible programs out There are for a couple of reasons number One is the thing we're actually Promoting with this program the thing We're selling to people is incredibly Valuable and what it is is it's Basically helping business owners create A successful online business so you can See that just some of the things they Offer people are web pages opt-in Pages Sales funnels logos anything a person Needs to make their business successful So any potential business owner is our Customer okay so we're gonna be able to Sell this program and these products to To people that have a business so They're already open to investing into Things because if they're Business-minded they understand that

They need tools and assets to grow a Business so it's very easy to make sales Now you can see there's different Packages that we can actually promote And what I want to share with you is Exactly how this  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">marketing campaign gets People wanting to buy wanting to join And then if they want to become an Affiliate they can also start to create These high ticket commissions because Another reason I love e1u life is when You make a referral you don't have to Wait two weeks to a month to get paid You get paid instantly close to a Hundred percent commissions okay so when You make a Vertex live sale for example This will pay you two thousand dollars So 500 goes to the company owner and Then 2 000 goes to you instantly and That's how we're able myself and my Teammates to generate these daily two Thousand dollar commissions so now that You see this this is how my  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">marketing Campaign that I've created recently Works and this is how you're going to be Able to use this to create those results As well so you can see right here 200 Clicks of top tier traffic and I'll talk About that in a second how you can Literally get 200 clicks of top tier Traffic for free going to your funnel Link when you join at a certain level But let's look at the second phase first Okay so it says right here our high

Converting funnel with pre-written Follow-up emails so when you actually go To the link under this video what you're Going to get taken to is this page here Now not only are you going to be able to See this and go through the process of The funnel yourselves so you can see how High converting it is but you're going To actually be able to use this exact Funnel as well now this is the exact Funnel that I use to get paid over five Thousand dollars from stripe this is the Exact funnel that I used to generate That two thousand dollar commission Yesterday while I was at the gym okay so The way this works is simple you'll get Access to this exact funnel and when you Send people to this link that's all you Have to focus on is sending visitors to Your funnel link they'll get taken to This page now what happens is they'll Click this button they'll put their name And email in and then they'll click Submit now again you're going to want to Do that too when you join and sign up Through us our team inside of this Campaign you're going to want to do the Same thing so you're not doing anything That people you're recommending aren't Going to do so while you're watching This video feel free to pause it go to The link below click this button and Then you put your name and your email in Because again I want to walk you through

The process and you'll also go through This exact process to get started Yourself so once the person puts their Name and email in they're gonna get Taken to this page here now this page Has a video where I've spent my time Effort and money into creating a high Converting video that that sole job is To inspire people share results and also Get them to want to join you and what's Going to happen is on this page okay I Have testimonials from my past students I have all the bonuses listed so I've Created these incredibly valuable Bonuses that I give people for free when They join me but the cool thing is when You join us okay and you leverage our Exact  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">marketing campaign you're going to Be able to give these bonuses away as Your own so it's really powerful and They're really good at converting people So what's going to happen is people can Look over this page they see the Testimonials and then when they're ready To join and again this video does a Great job at getting people to join They're going to click this button and Again you want to do the same thing when I'm describing this I want you to look At it from two different ways one this Is what people that you send to the Funnel will do but this is also what you Need to do one time to set up your Campaign so this is how you set things

Up and this is how your people will set This up so you just click get started And then this is going to take you to The sign up form to create an account Inside of e1u life again this is the Exact program we're promoting very Simple you want to fill out your name Your email okay create a password Username put your address and click Submit now once you do that you're going To get taken to your back office now the First time you log in you're going to Scroll down and you're going to see all The different levels that a person can Join and because you're brand new it's Going to show this icon that it's locked So the first step in order to promote This program to other people you need to Actually own one of the packages so with E1u life we earn commissions and money At the level We join in all the levels Under it so that's why it's best to join As high as possible now if you want to Earn those two thousand dollar Commissions just like myself and tons of My teammates that you may have seen Recently I'm sharing a lot of proof on Facebook on YouTube what you want to do Is join at least at the vertex live Level because that's going to qualify You for those two thousand dollar Commissions so you want to click on Vertex live and that's going to pop up This pop-up very simple okay it's a

One-time payment of twenty five hundred Dollars now not only do you unlock Vertex live not only do you unlock Vertex lime and all the levels under it Not only do you unlock the ability to Earn one close to 100 commissions Instantly of two thousand dollars but You also access The ability to have a Built For You Website you access the multi-page funnel The custom logo email templates you Unlock all these incredible resources Assets you unlock video training in your Back office so you're not just investing Into nothing you're investing into high Quality  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">marketing assets the same assets We're promoting to other business owners You're going to get access to but you're Also since you're watching this video Going to be able to promote this as an Affiliate to generate High ticket Commissions okay so it's really killing Two birds with one stone now once you go Here and you click continue to check out You're gonna get taken to this page now All you want to do is you want to fill Out your debit or credit card Information go to the bottom country and Then click the orange button pay and Then that's going to go through and That's going to unlock that level in all The levels under it so you will see Right here all these levels will not Have this icon and it'll actually be

Unlocked now for whatever reason if You're watching this and you just can't Afford the two thousand five hundred Dollar payment feel free to come come in Whatever level you can and you can Upgrade later you can still use this  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">Marketing campaign now I want to go back Here so if I go back to this page you're Going to see all these bonuses that you Get when you actually join our team Right you get the converting funnel Which is the exact funnel right here Okay with this page you're getting the Exact funnel we're using you get an Email series for your leads so a Pre-written follow-up email sequence That will start following up with your Leads access to private trainings okay So I go live once a week I have Different trainings on what to say if Someone messages you ready to join Things like that now this right here This is the only bonus okay that you Will not get access to if you join lower Than the vertex live level so if you Join at the vertex live level or higher You're even going to get 200 Top tier Clicks to your funnel so whoever you Join through if you're watching my video Garrett Berry you're gonna get those Clicks for me if you're joining one of Our teammates you're going to get clicks From them and they will actually start Sending those clicks to your funnel link

To start getting traffic instantly and a Lot of those leads will go through and Because this is a high converting funnel A lot of people will decide to buy okay Now there's no guarantee but chances are A lot of people will actually be Interested in joining one of the levels So if I go back to the flow chart this Is how this  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">marketing campaign has been Working if you've seen my Facebook post Recently again if you've seen my stories I've been sharing a lot of results this Is how I'm doing it this is how our team Is doing it number one right here you Have the high converting funnel with Pre-written follow-up emails if you have The vertex live or higher level you will Get those 200 clicks that go to your Funnel link the funnel and the Pre-written emails are going to send People to your e1u life affiliate link Okay so you will put your link in those Emails and you will start getting clicks And signups through you not me not our Teammate you and then what's going to Happen is you will start getting those Instant paying two thousand dollar Commissions now you may they also Receive a 500 commission you may receive A forty five hundred dollar commission Which is one of the higher levels so it Depends but this is how it works now Before I get going again there's going To be a link directly below to get

Started the other thing I'll share is if You can't join the vertex live level or If you want to also Drive other forms of Traffic I want to share with you how you Can get more clicks to your funnel link As well so one way you can do it is when You join what's going to happen is You're going to receive an email okay so It could be for me if you join me it Could be for one of my teammates if you Join them you're going to receive an Email with a link to join our private Team Facebook group now before you join You're gonna have to answer a question On who you join through so we're going To verify you're actually a member of Our team but once you do that the pin Post right here is going to have 11 fast Start steps to know exactly how to set Things up and how to start getting Traffic okay so Step One is how to Access your high converting funnel how To access our 14-day email series with The share code so you can just import it Etc how to get 200 traffic clicks like How to actually get the person you join Through to deliver those for you to help You out I'm even giving you access to my YouTube videos that you can upload on Your own YouTube channel to get organic Free traffic on autopilot so due to Popular demand a lot of people realize That I personally am getting a lot of Sales from YouTube and they don't want

To put their face out there you know They don't want to create their own Videos they don't want to be on camera Not to worry with this Google document That I'm constantly uploading for our Team you're going to be able to get Access to those videos I show you how to Download them to your device and then Re-upload them on your YouTube channel And then you just put your funnel Link In the description under the video and You'll get credit in fact you may even Be watching this very video on someone Else's Channel and they're part of our Team and they're actually getting Traffic the link okay so this works Incredibly well and you want to go ahead And do that and then one other way you Can get traffic which I'm using a lot of Our successful teammates are using it's Just your Facebook profile so if you Have a good cover photo somewhat Professional Profile photo you can just Make these posts here now our teammates Are sharing proof okay often inside of Our Facebook group inside of our Community so you can just take other People's proof you don't have to have Your own and you just post this on your Profile okay and you can tell people to Comment you know a specific word below And then when people comment okay and I Posted this just you know about an hour Ago 52 minutes ago I'm already getting

People commenting you know 2K sales Which I told them to comment and then I Just messaged them my funnel link I Literally just message them this link Here and the funnel does all the telling And selling for me and it will for you As well when you go down below and you Access this exact campaign so I hope This made sense if you have any comments Or questions be sure to comment them Under this video I'll be sure to answer Them or or whoever's uploading this Video on their channel will answer them Be sure to subscribe with the Bell icon So you never miss out on my latest Videos and again I hope you got value I Wanted to share what's actually working For me for my team to generate these High ticket commissions so go down below Check this out and I will see you over On the next page [Music]

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