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I'm going to share how to do YouTube Affiliate marketing and make 300 or more A day on autopilot with just simple Videos and the cool thing is you don't Even have to show your face inside of These videos but before I dive in let's First roll the intro Now I have a training that I recently Put together where I walk you through Way more information on how to actually Start generating leads and sales just Using YouTube you can check it out at The link directly below this video so Some years back I used to really Struggle with affiliate marketing I Would listen to different gurus and Different so-called leaders online and They would constantly share different Methods to generate leads and sales Promoting other people's products and I Remember I followed one person and they Told me to go out there and start Promoting on Facebook and maybe you've Heard this before you know so you Started going on Facebook you start Messaging random people you know Different scripts or different you know Messages trying to prospect them trying To you know figure out if they're open On checking out an opportunity but I Don't know about you but this was Incredibly tedious you know messaging These different people talking to tons Of people that I don't even know

Bothering Um you know my Facebook friends and Things like that and then I tried other Methods and things like that but Felt like I was bothering people I felt Like I was chasing them the amazing Thing was when I finally discovered YouTube and how to do a few simple Things that I'm going to share in this Video I learned how to literally get People discovering me how to get people Coming to me finding my videos and then Ultimately clicking the link under my Videos while I was sleeping while I was Out with my friends and family people Would still find my videos they'd go to The link they'd buy the product and I'd Wake up and see a commission Notification and I didn't even have to Talk to a single person manually right The video was doing the work for me so What I want to do inside this video is I Want to share with you a few simple Secrets that I discovered to get going With YouTube affiliate marketing the First thing is you want to create a Channel that's around a specific Niche Okay the riches are in the niches you Don't want to create a channel and one Day you post a health video the next day You post you know making money and Things like that you don't want to be Random you want to be very specific Around a specific Niche and topic now

Which Niche should you start with I Highly recommend you choose either Health wealth or relationships these are The big three Evergreen niches right These are topics that are never going to Go out of style people are always Interested in health they're always Interested in wealth and they're always Interested in improving their Relationships for me in this specific Channel I focus on making money I teach People how to do affiliate marketing how To promote products and start to make Money so that's the first thing okay you Want to decide on a niche and to create A channel around that specific Niche the Next thing is you don't just want to be Posting random videos a lot of people do That you know I did that when I first Got started I would just create all These random videos and post different Things the problem was if you don't Create a video on a topic people are Actually looking to solve people are Actually looking to you know get answers To you're going to be wasting your time So what you want to do is you want to Find keywords and phrases people are Actually searching for in your niche and You want to create videos around those Topics so one way you can find this is You can just go to the top of YouTube Start typing in a few words in that Search bar and then what's going to

Happen is it will actually show a drop Down of autocomplete so if you start Typing in how to lose weight you will See a drop down how to lose weight fast How to lose weight from home how to lose Weight without exercise right so those Are topics YouTube is actually showing You because other people are searching That so if you create a video on each of Those topics you're going to have a good Chance that your video is going to rank And then people are going to start to Discover your videos and inside your Video right what do you do inside your Video what you want to do is you want to Give value so once you've found a topic You want to give value in the form of a Video so you can give tips you can give Different concepts you want to share Things that are going to help people Okay so you can do some research you can Watch some other people's videos if you Don't know how to do it and then you Simply want to give tips inside of your Video helping people solve the problem Of the keyword and then you can go ahead And upload that video now before you Upload the video you want to do one more Thing inside your video so you can start To make these affiliate commissions you Want to always give a call to action Okay you want to tell people Specifically what to do so inside your Video you know towards the end of the

Video you can say look obviously I can't Get into everything inside this video if You want to learn more be sure you go to The link and check out this you know Resource and then you can put your Affiliate link underneath the Description inside of that video right Put it in the the description area these Tips have allowed me to make multiple Six figures over the last five and six Years doing YouTube affiliate marketing Now like I said this is just scratching The surface if you want to go further And you want to learn how I'm generating 70 plus leads a day on autopilot Creating simple videos and you don't Even have to show your face be sure you Go to the link under this video and Check out that training also be sure to Like this video And subscribe for more If you got value thanks so much for Watching my friend and I will catch you On my next training

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