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If you think you're never going to make Money online this chat gbt shortcut can Earn you one hundred thousand dollars Per month it's honestly just one of the Easiest ways to make money online right Now by utilizing Ai and chat GPT now What does this actually look like let me Show you this is Paypal this is only About a third of the total revenue that We do each month but I wanted to show You a smaller number today and you can See in the past 30 days 133 000 if we go Out to the past 90 days it rolls out to 283 thousand dollars right so if we're Averaging out this out here a hundred Thousand dollars a month which is what I Said and this doesn't even include our Credit card processing which is over two Hundred thousand dollars a month as well So I'm not saying this to brag but I do Want to show you what's possible because If you look here just even in the past Seven days is forty four thousand Dollars you can see that you can make a Lot of money by utilizing chat GPT and AI now what that really means for you is That you can work smarter and not harder And that you can get paid for work that You do and you can get paid for work That AI does like using chat GPT so Before we get into this if you could Leave me a yes down in the comments Right now just to let me know if this is Actually the type of content that you

Want of course that helps with YouTube But really I can look at these yeses and I can see that this is really what you Want so if you want more ways to make Money online using AI if you'll let me Know with a yes down in the comments That would be really helpful for me so The first thing we need to do if we jump Into this is look at the robot tools so Two things I want to mention robot tools When I'm talking about that we're Talking about this right here So is the robot tools It's the checklist we're going to talk About the checklist here and how to get To the Facebook group all of that Happens through and Then we're going to talk about live Classes live classes is short those are paid classes That are live every Tuesday and Thursday To help accelerate making money online So if we go to enter In an email address and hit grab now we Get to the checklist two things to note On the checklist the first one is it's a List of tools that will pay you to Promote their products as we go across The bottom here there's tons of them and The second thing to note is the yellow Bar here is the Facebook group you Should join the free Facebook group and Get among the tens of thousands of other People who are having success making

Money online who are working on it every Day who will help you by answering your Questions and who are just like-minded It's important to be around people who Are succeeding because you want to think Like people that are succeeding you Don't want to think like people who are Failing So get around the people that are Succeeding and join the Facebook group That you can get to from the next thing we need To do once we are in here is pick a tool So here's a tool for example Jasper I'll Just show you they have an affiliate Program we can roll down and click on The affiliate program and sign up and Once we're signed up it looks like this And there's a couple of things we want To note the first thing is that they Give us a link which we will need later On in this video so stick with me till The end so I can show you how to use This link because this is your link when Someone clicks on it and signs up you Get paid the next thing we want to Notice is the 30 reoccurring Commission Because they pay you reoccurring for Every so you get a customer and then if They're a customer for six years you get Paid every single month for six years Here you can see we have three thousand Dollars of unpaid earnings and then Payouts that go back over a year and

More and we haven't promoted this tool For a while this is just because of the Residual so that's residual obviously The reoccurring is super nice to have Because that lets us get paid in the Future for work we do today which is Really awesome because when you go to Your normal job if you work 40 hours in A week you get paid for 40 hours and Then next week you don't get paid Anything for what you did last week you Know you get paid for what you do this Week so with this you can do work now And get paid and perpetuity for months And years to come Which I actually rather enjoy so now That we're in and we have our tool that We're going to promote we need to look At short form video what is short form Video think Tick Tock think YouTube Shorts think Facebook reels Etc if we go here and just look at it we Can find a tool about or a video rather About the tool we're going to promote so I'm going to pull one up here Now I've talked in other videos about How to use chat gbt to help you create Videos like these or replicate these Kind of videos so I'm not going to go Into that here you can go back on the YouTube channel here and watch the other Videos there are actually multiple of Them where I show different methods but Basically we're going to find a video

That's working so like this one has 3.1 Million views obviously a really great Video this one has 1.2 million views so You're going to pick one and you're Going to replicate it right so what does That mean it means to copy the video Without copying the video so recreate The video by using your own words now we Can use chat GPT to help us with that Again other videos on how to do that on This same channel not going to go into That today because if we're being honest This is like a 10 minute YouTube video And I can't show you how to earn a Hundred thousand dollars a month and Show you absolutely everything in 10 Minutes it's just you're gonna have to Do more work than that you're gonna have To learn more than that it's not magic You do have to do work what we're doing Is we're leveraging AI to make that work Easier and to have to do less work and To get paid in the future over and over Again for the work that we do today so Those are the aspects that we're Leveraging but it is still work so what Are we going to do well we need to Replicate that video and then stick our Link in it so we're going to create a Redirect link and again in the live classes break All of this down and show you how to do This we had a class yesterday And have another one tomorrow and we're

Going to be showing actually some of What I'm showing today in Greater detail And breaking it down in the class Tomorrow and in the class yesterday it Was awesome if you missed it if you're In the classes go watch the replay if You're not in the classes it was really Great people were saying that it alone Was well worth just the price of the Classes just for yesterday's class Because it was groundbreaking so now That we have our video and we've stuck Our redirect Link in it so what is a Redirect link let's say that we go out And register our domain again we talk About that in the classes but let's say We do like awesome right because it's an AI Writing tool that's what Jasper is so we Stick take this domain name and we Redirect it to our landing page but in Our video that we recreate so we Recreate our video here somewhere in the Video we're going to say you know talk About this and how you can make money That this looks like the million dollar Course idea and they're going to do that And then at some point in the video You're gonna say you know to learn more Or to be able to use this tool then go Ahead and go to Jasper you know here and Check it out right or whatever it is That we're promoting so we got our tool From here we're going to put our Link in

It wherever whatever we just go there Search it recreate the video put our Link in it okay so now we have our video When it's pointing them somewhere our Million 1.2 million people go watch the Video and they type in the URL for where do they go All right so now we're going to capture Their email so where they go is they go To What's called a landing page and let Me show you what a landing page is here If we just go here we can see a landing Page that looks like this this is one I Set up actually over the past couple Days here in videos and we can look at It super basic we're still working on it I've been building this in the videos Live you can go watch here and we use Chat GPT to help us with this stuff But basically what happens is when this Is done you're going to send them here And we're actually talking about Building these landing pages tomorrow in The class but you can go here and get Their email address so someone watches Your video they type in your website and They come here And now what I do they type in their Email address so my email at you know Whatever whatever their email address is They type it in they click here and then What happens now of course it's telling Me this isn't a valid email address and Of course it's not it's just a fake

Email but when they put in a real one They click here and then it's going to Take them and it's going to send them to That link that you had going on right Here which is your link so when they Sign up you get paid in fact we can look At it if we just go here just looks like So it brings up a page has a video Lets Them claim 10 000 words for free and try Everything for free and then when they Start paying you get paid right so Let me review this here so we're on the Same page we started out by getting a Tool that we want to promote we chose Jasper we went and searched for a video And we recreated that video And again there's other videos on this Channel how you can recreate the video Using chat GPT and so we recreated the Video and we pointed them to our domain Name whatever it is that we chose I just Made this one up obviously you could do Anything a redirect domain name and that Points them to a landing page that Captures their email address now that we Have their email address now we get to Work with chat GPT and start making Sales so how does that work So what we're going to do is we're going To utilize this CRM here which is called system and you Can drop if you don't understand what Some of these comments mean or the terms Mean just let me know in the comments

And we can explain them but basically Here what happens is we create an email Campaign now I'm going to show you I'm Just going to we're going to build one But I'm gonna show you what it looks Like so if we go here like for example We can create emails and automatically It's going to send emails to the people Offering them the deal like giving them The link so as soon as they enter their Email address they're going to get Redirected to your link but we don't Want to redirect them just once because That's how we lose a lot of money and What I mean by lose a lot of money is we Lose a lot of potential money we leave It on the table you're not going to get To a hundred thousand dollars a month by Making a ton of videos and sending them Straight to that link where they can buy Right here you're just not gonna I mean You could do you could crush it and Spend forever and you can definitely Make money that way but most people Don't buy until they see something seven Times now that means some people will Buy the first time and that's fine and Some people don't buy till the 14th time In order to get to an average of seven Right so and you know that's General Average statistics so It might actually even take longer if It's AI because they have to learn about It figure out what it is so you want to

Keep offering them the link but you Don't want to have to keep creating Videos to get that same person back 14 Times and you may never get that same Person back because they may not see Your videos again maybe they're watching Somebody else's videos now so once you Have them you want to keep them that is The deal that is the way that you make The money that is the link that a lot of People miss you keep them as a potential Customer called a lead and you keep  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">Marketing to them over and over and over And over again and that's what the big Companies do that make all the money Once they get your email address they Send you tons of email you know this Just look in your email box anything You've signed up for you get emails from Big companies trying to sell you stuff You're going to use the same method that Works that already works for them they Make a lot of money Millions and millions and tens and Millions and hundreds of millions of Dollars you're going to do the same Thing to make money too so what do we do We go to chat gbt and that is right here At now chat gbt you can Go there and you can use it if you can Get in it's oftentimes overloaded and You can't get in I've had it not even Work on live classes where I was trying To show it so the way that I figured out

To get around that is with here you can go there And they have a free trial it costs a Few bucks you can sign up and do the Free trial if you like you can keep Going but you go here to chat and this Where it says chat Beta And this is chat GPD it's just using the API to hook into It and it's never overloaded so Basically they're paying chat GPT and so Chat GPT gives them priority and it's Never overloaded so what we're going to Do is we're going to ask for an email About this here let me show you So I gave it here some basic information I said I told it was about I'd ask I Asked it to give me a call to action of Clicking a link and make it a high Converting email and I even misspelled Some stuff and it doesn't matter because Chat GPT just understands that so here We have an email hello and we can read It All right and it gave me something wonky Every once in a while Chad GPT does that It says simply sign up and chat with People and you get paid I don't know What that's about but that's why you Read the email so we're just going to Take that part out everything else is Fine so I'm going to go over here to my Account and go back to my Jasper Campaign here and we're going to go Ahead and just add this as an email so

Let me do that All right and so I remember we said We're going to take this one out and Then we can just say Click here to get started And this is we're going to put our link Right so we're going to go back over Here grab our affiliate link and stick It in there and that's how someone can Click on it and get paid right and so I'm going to show you in a second how This actually works and I'll just put Regards Mark I'm obviously you would put Your name or whatever I just put Mark Why not just because this is kind of Like a pseudo put Mark wins up here as The sender because I'm trying to give You an idea to think outside the box Obviously my name is Ryan Borden I'm not Mark but I'm trying to give you an Example here I'm just showing you what This is about so this is how you would Do it and then we can hit save and Publish here and we are going to send it Immediately when someone signs up and You don't have to know what all this is We cover all of this in the classes but Here is what happens when someone goes To that landing page that we made and They enter their email address so quick Review we got our tool we replicated a Video we put our website in it that Redirects and it redirects them to the Landing page the landing page looks like

This they come here they enter their Email address and then what happens is The CRM automatically redirects them to Our landing page so they can immediately Be on the page where they can buy from Us or very few people will do that but Some will and so you definitely want to Grab that sale and when that happens That's great but for everyone else then It immediately sends them an email that Delays you know zero minutes immediately That means we just sent them an email That says hey you know whatever because They're going to check their email later They're not going to check it right now But an hour later five hours later Tomorrow whenever they find get back to Their email box right they're going to Find this email and they're going to Have this and they can click on the link Again and if they click on this link Again they land right back over here on Our same page it takes them right back Here where they can sign up and get paid Now we're going to then go in here and We're going to ask chat GPT to then Create another email we're going to Delay it by like a day or a certain Amount of time right again in the short Form riches we cover all of this In depth so even in tomorrow's class I'll be breaking down some of this so Basically you send them an email over And over and over again for a set amount

Of time period for a set amount of days And you sell to that same person over And over and over again and this is how You can get to a hundred thousand Dollars a month because you're utilizing A system that ultimately gets a lead From a video captures that person's Email and then utilizes chat GPT to send Them an email over and over and over and Over and over and over and over you get The idea we're not just going to sell Them this either we're going to go back To our checklist here And after we've sold them Jasper we're Going to sell them Surfer and article Forge and then we're going to come over Here and sell them shine ranker and Cora And semrush you get the point right We're going to go through here and sell Them all of these things and you're not Just limited to what's in this list you Can sell them anything so we're going to Sell to them 365 days a year yes every single day day That's what the big companies do they Send out tons of emails and they might Not be sending you emails every day but They're sending someone emails every day And you're also not limited by the big Companies to just that and there are Some big companies that do send you an Email every day in fact I've had to Unsubscribe from some of them that send Me multiple emails every day you know

What I'm talking about you've been there And you've seen the emails right that's Why sometimes you're hesitant to give Your email address because they're going To email you constantly and sell you Stuff well you're going to sell other People stuff constantly every day right That's why it's so easy because you Literally make the video once and you Get the person's email once and then you Sell them Via emails that chatgpt creates you sell Them stuff every single day all year Long and next year too so all of 2024 You either keep selling them as long as They continue to buy right And so somebody will always buy Something at some point even if they Don't buy one tool they'll buy the next Thing right and so you can sell them Stuff at Christmas time you can sell Them stuff at the Fourth of July you can Sell them stuff in the summer in the Winter and everywhere else all right so I beat that enough so what are you gonna Do like I just basically said you copy That and once you start selling them one Thing you sell them everything and you Also don't just make all your videos About Jasper for example to get them in You then start making videos about all Of these tools and sending them to Redirect links that go to landing pages For all of these things and you get

Leads in by promoting all of this Because different people are going to Come along and be interested in Different things at different times and So you make money off of all of it and Then you redirect them no matter how They come into other things and continue To sell them stuff and you get 100 leads And then a thousand leads and then 10 000 leads and then 100 000 leads and Pretty soon you have a hundred thousand People that you're selling to everything Every single day and that's how you get To a hundred thousand dollars So ultimately if you stop and think About this I mean first of all does this Make sense does it make sense how big Companies make money by getting your Email address and your contact Information and then  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">marketing to you Over and over and over and over and over Again I mean they're not spending money On ads all the time every time they want To get a message to you they just send You an email because that doesn't cost Basically anything like it's extremely Profitable to do that So does that make sense I mean just look In your email box if you've signed up For anything or bought anything you Probably have emails from them from time To time if not every day trying to sell You more of something that they sell or Just something that somebody else sells

If they don't have anything else to sell You and the best part is you don't have To have any products you can sell other People's products and if you use things That are reoccurring like Jasper for Example then you get paid when someone Buys not only are you selling to them All year long every time their payment Renews each month you get paid on that Too and really that's how you're Leveraging up and stacking everything Together to get to a hundred thousand Dollars a month or even more than a Hundred thousand dollars a month and so AI is just an amazing tool that can help You do it and if you stop right now and Just think about it like I mean there's there's lots of people That don't make a hundred thousand Dollars in a year so if you could make a Hundred thousand dollars a month or even Ten thousand dollars in a month like What would you do with that money Yeah so like you can do anything you Want with the money right at that point You can save it you can spend it you can Buy a boat you can buy put it on towards A house buy a car go on vacation Whatever you want you know private Schools for your kids it doesn't even Matter like whatever it is you can just Keep going and you can earn the money on It and you can do it so if you want to Get started like I said it's scary and go to the yellow bar Here and join the free Facebook group That's the thing you should do first Because it takes very little time and it Costs no money and you should get in and You should ask questions and be among Like-minded people now then if you want To accelerate it and you can get there You know you can start getting there and It'll take a while you know you can earn Your first dollar and then 10 and then 20 and 15 100 and that sort of thing Over the coming months if you want to Accelerate it you want to go to and enter your email Address here and go to the live classes There's another training you can do Right here so take that training and Then roll down and look at all the People who are already having success And your course can look in the Facebook Group as well and then the price is Going up on the live classes we actually Have another live class tomorrow and the Price is about to go up and so you know I would get in before the prices go up Because it's the same thing either way And I always like to buy stuff you know If you're going to buy it you know if It's 100 bucks or 50 bucks it's the same Thing or if it's 5 000 bucks or three Thousand dollars and it's the same thing Right it doesn't really matter if you're Getting the same product I want to pay

The cheaper price and this isn't Anything close to three thousand dollars But You get the point so get in the Facebook Group and then go to And get in the live classes and then I Will see you tomorrow in the live class And until then Happy money making

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