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There are Bots that no one is talking About that you can use to make easy Money daily you can see one of these Bots running right here the easiest way To earn fifty seven hundred dollars Dailies by using Bots Ai and chat GPT my Name is Ryan Borden let me show you What's actually possible here this is a Stripe account on our stripe account the Past 28 days four weeks is a hundred and Sixty one thousand dollars if we roll to The past 12 months it's over a million Dollars and it's trajectorying up the Trajectory is going up but you'll exceed Three million dollars this year this Doesn't include PayPal and I'm not Saying this to brag I'm saying this Because I want you to understand what's Possible earning fifty seven hundred Dollars a day is actually possible and I Got that by just pulling out the Calculator dividing our past four weeks Of Revenue by 28 days which gets us to Fifty seven hundred dollars per day now How do we do this we're going to use Some different things so stick with me In this video but I do want to mention That this is a method and utilizing Ai And Bots I have tons of tests running so If you want future free trainings like This one if you can drop me a yes down In the comments so I look at each video And understand based on the yeses if you Guys like this test and this method or

If you don't like this so drop me a yes Down there if you don't like this or you Want something else drop me something Else down there give me a comment but if You can stop right now and go put a yes In the comments that would help me to Understand and make sure that I'm giving You what you really want so I do also Want to mention As you've dropped the yes down in there I want to mention a couple of things We're going to talk about Fortune Bots Live classes that's what this is It's Fortunebots.com So when I reference the Live classes that's what I'm talking About and then in a moment I'm going to Show you a couple of other things as Well so the first thing that we're going To talk about is the group so the group Is the Facebook group so we have a Facebook group that you can join for Free And the Facebook group is amazing Because there are tons of people in here That are sharing their success stories They are sharing their challenges so That other people can help them they Will help you and all you have to do is Join and post that you're new and people Are willing to help you out So join the Facebook group which I'll Drop the link also in the description so You have it for the make money with AI Facebook group because that will make

You instantly successful because you Have taken action and the first step to Succeeding is taking action so take that Step and begin your journey to making Your fifty seven hundred dollars a day Or even more and the list is the first Step that we need to do in this method Now again in the fortunebots.com classes I break everything down it's live Classes twice a week and we're even Going to be adding some New classes potentially and some other Things to help people out but in that a Break it down step by step and one Method you can use to earn this money is By going to scarytoolbots.com enter your Email address and grab a free checklist So the free checklist looks like this And this is a list of companies as we Can see lots of different companies that Will pay you to promote their products So you don't have to have a product you Don't have to have a service you don't Have to do any Delivery work or anything like that all You have to do is promote someone else's Product they will deliver the product For you and do all of the work in the Customer service and everything you Never even talk to the customer they Don't even know that you were the one That promoted them to the tool and then You get paid now the amazing thing about Some of these tools is the reoccurring

Commission so obviously we want to do Things that is more than our current Value and what do I mean by that so what I mean is that in order to get to a Higher dollar value I mean if you think About it fifty seven hundred dollars a Day is over a million dollars a year That's over a hundred thousand dollars a Month so that's over six figures a month You're not going to get there tomorrow And you're not going to get there Without doing some work but you're also Not going to get there without Leveraging a strategy right so If you go and you do a job and you work 10 hours and that you get paid twenty Dollars an hour then you get you make 200 bucks right ignoring taxes and Everything else that's simple math so But when those 10 hours are gone the Next week you're done The thing that you want to do one piece Of the strategy that we talk about in The fortune Bots classes is that you Want to be able to do leverage that's What business is it's really about Leverage The Leverage and leverage out So if I can go over here and promote a Product and get a 30 reoccurring payment For the life of the customer now I have A greater leverage so if I do 10 hours Of work today and I get paid for that Next month for those people who are Still a customer I get paid again and

The next month again so two years from Now anybody who's still a customer I'm Still getting paid so for work that I Did two years before so if I do it now I Can be getting paid two years in the Future for example we haven't actually Promoted this in some time in fact it Was 2021 and we're now in 2023 where we Started promoting this and we're still Getting paid because it's reoccurring And you can see it's two to three Thousand dollars a month sometimes Thirty five hundred And that sort of thing so you want to Build things that offer you the chance To get paid later on what you do now That's part of the leverage point is Part of the strategy So if we have our list here we got our Tool like Jasper for example we go to The dashboard they give us a link now we Would never use this link directly we Want to turn it into a redirect link Again I cover that in the Fortunebots.com classes but for the Simplicity of this video let's say we're Using the link because the redirect link Just essentially gets them there as well And the concept is someone goes to this Link they buy the product you get paid Pretty basic so in fact if we go to this Link we can see it just jumps up the Actual product here and you know tries To sell them the product with video and

A great landing page and so on so What do we do then now we start to Leverage Bots because another piece of The strategy is if you do 10 hours of Work you've done 10 hours of work but if A bot does 10 hours of work you could Spend five minutes setting up the bot You know I and I don't want to lie to You here like you've got to learn how to Do this right it's going to take a Little bit there's some stuff going on Here you can see it's not complicated But there's some moving pieces and so You have to understand what's going on You have to set it up it will take you Longer than five minutes to learn it we Do cover the whole thing in the Fortunebots.com classes but you're gonna Have to set it up but once it's set up You could spend five minutes a day Running it and Bot can do 24 hours of Work in that day with that five minutes Of effort I mean this bot you know I've Done math and in 12 hours this bot can Do what I could do manually in 19 weeks So 19 weeks is like I don't know I mean I can't just explain it to you right 19 Weeks 40 hours a week right that's not Half a year but what is that like a Third of a year or so it's 52 weeks in a Year I'm gonna call it a third that's Rough math that's not quite exactly a Third but the point here is that you've Got to be able to leverage a system and

A strategy and inputs that are going to Help you to work more that again is what Business is about you know a job is About working 10 hours and getting paid For 10 hours of business is about Working you 10 hours and getting paid For 100 hours right So you have to actually set that up and Do that and we would take our link and We would plug it into the bot here and We go in here to the message and we put In a message that says hey you know go Buy this product and then we run it and It runs looking like this so right now This bot is going out and promoting the Link to hundreds of thousands of people So this is 105 000 people it's promoted In this project 230 000 people here 102 000 people here and this is just on my Laptop right I'm just showing you this As an example on my cert my servers my VPS which again we talk about in the Fortune box classes the VPS Um you know I leverage it's go running Way faster I'm sending tens of millions Of promotion promoting the links to tens Of millions of people a month right So you can again this is about a bot Doing it at scale it would take me years And years to do Manually what my servers can do for me The VPS do for me in a matter of days Like think about that for years like how Many years like look at the past look

Let's say you've worked a job for the Past five years right in the past five Years you've had a job it doesn't matter If it was 12 different jobs or one job You had a job you worked for the past Five years you got paid for the past Five years In a matter of days My VPS can do the same work that I can Do in five years That's crazy I mean if you want to spend The next five years working a job and Getting paid for it you know that's one Way to do it then you're welcome to do That but I would rather spend days you Know spend some time leverage it up Learn the system build the system and Then spend a shorter period of time to Get paid for five years worth of pay Because that's what a business is done Properly of course done wrong it doesn't Do you any good but we're going to do it Properly and that's again we're going to Break it down in the fortune Bots Classes and get you started on that path So once we have our list right so if we Review We join the Facebook group for Instant success so that we can take Action then we are going to grab our List from scarytoolbots.com and get our Product now what are we doing well we're Plugging this in to the bot which I Showed you but we need a message in There to tell them to buy a subject and

A message it's kind of like an email It's not an email but the best way I can Compare it to is an email So what do we do we go to chat GPT and We let it write us write the information That we need to send for us because a Lot of people get stuck on this okay Well what do I say how do I have them do It well let me show you So Jasper or rather chat gbt is writing About the tool we're promoting which is Jasper He gave us a subject which we're going To take and we're going to plug into the Bot that's running back here and then It's writing the message itself along With including and we would just replace This link right here with our link again Our redirect link and so we plug it in There and so we copy this and we just Paste it in the message section in the Bot again fortuneboss.com classes I go Over that I don't have time to go over Everything here obviously because I mean You have to think about it right if We're going to make fifty seven hundred Dollars a day or even if you don't even Want to work that hard and you want to Do less work less even less and make Even less it doesn't matter you're not Going to get to making even a thousand Dollars a day that's like thirty Thousand dollars a month right You're not going to get there in one 10

Minute YouTube video you got to invest a Little bit of time because we're Building a system and a business here That is going to leverage our work so All the work we put into it leverages Out to pay us for more than the work That we put in so we paste it here in The bot and leverage chat GPT to write The messages for us and there's a bunch Of other things along the process that We leverage chat GPT for I have several Other training videos here Um on the YouTube channel and then I'm Going to show you another training video In just a minute that's a really Important one that you can get for free As well So if we go here and we let the bot run It's promoting our link we let chat GPT Write the message and the subject for us Now we need to do the double down so the Double Down is where we start to Leverage again and so I keep talking About leverage what I mean is if we put An hour of work in I want to get paid For two hours and then if I then I want To build a system that if I put an hour Of work in I want to get it paid for Four hours and then I want to keep Leveraging the system so if I put an Hour of work in I want to get paid for Eight hours and an hour of work in and I Want to get paid for 16 hours right so You see that the point here so that if I

Put in time today two years from now I'm Still getting paid for some of that work And I'm going to keep working and keep Building and keep growing that's why the Fifty seven hundred dollars a day next Year when we have this video and you Watch one in January 2024 it's going to Be over ten thousand dollars a day right You keep leveraging and doubling down so For example one thing that we can do Obviously is by promoting offers that Are reoccurring so that we can continue To get paid we can continue to use Bots And leverage so if we had one VPS set up Fully running with a bot maxed out we Can add another one again Fortuneboss.com classes break it all Down so don't stress out because you Don't have to do like what do you Actually have to do how much money do You actually have to make Do you have to make fifty seven hundred Dollars every single day starting Tomorrow Probably not because What if you made a hundred dollars a day Starting tomorrow right it you can go in The Facebook group and see people that Are making more than that that Um we're gonna have a guy on on the live Class on Thursday and he started making Thousands of dollars in the first 60 Days right So again this is about leveraging and

Building over time and doubling down and We can also do that if we go back to our Scary toolbox list because once we're Promoting one tool we can go to the next Tool and promote it and the next tool And promote it and the next tool and Promote it I have some videos here on Promoting victory for example and so we Keep promoting more tools and we build a System that allows us to for every hour We put in get many hours of payment back And get time and reoccurring payment Back so that's how we double down and Create a system so what's the challenge Well the challenge is that a lot of People believe it's not possible first Of all so maybe you do maybe you don't But if you believe it's not possible go To the Facebook group and start reading About all the people who are doing it Already and having success right these Are just Everyday People they're people With jobs there are people that don't Have jobs there are people that have Done different things in the past you Know you can do it doesn't matter what You've done in the past or what you want To approach this from there's multiple Methods in the fortuneboss.com classes That we show you how you can use it and There's more even coming I was talking Yesterday with Chase And we have a new method that we're Tested that we've been testing and we've

Really looked at things and it is moving The needle and so we're going to start Teaching that so the point is here It is possible but what happens if you Don't do anything If you don't go and join the Facebook Group And you don't get in the live classes Where will you be tomorrow where will You be next week where will you be next Month where will you be in January of 2024 because it's coming you can watch This video in January of 2024 watch it Today and then watch it again then set It up on your calendar and watch it Again and where are you well where do You think you'll be not where you want To be if you don't take action I mean Does this make sense Do you understand that obviously you Have to take some action to do it if you Go to a job interview and they offer you The job and you never show up to do the Work are you going to get paid no Because you have to take action you have To do it and to get the job interview in The first place you have to apply for The job no one shows up at your door While you sit around and play Playstation all day or read a book or do Whatever even if you're doing important Things you're taking care of kids you're Working on things you are doing whatever No one shows up at the door and just

Says hey I just thought I'd drop by ten Thousand dollars today or hey I just Thought you know I did go knock on a Random door and see if you want to do This job or start a business it just Doesn't happen I mean how many times has It happened in your life exactly never It never happened in my life either for The record you know no one ever knocked On the door and offered me a job or Offered me money or anything What you have to do is you have to go And get it and in order to go get it you Have to take action so I've been taking Action for years And the first thing you're going to do Is go join the Facebook group it's free And you're immediately successful Because the difference from not taking Action and taking the first step is Absolutely massive absolutely massive it May not feel like a big deal but it is The first step because the Journey of a Thousand Miles begins with a single step As the proverb says and so you do that But if you do nothing that's the Challenge then you will get no results Because you did nothing so the first Thing you want to do is go join the Facebook group the second thing you want To do is go to fortunebots.com And enter your email address here and When you do that and click let's do this You're going to get taken immediately to

Another important free training and you Can watch this free training here and Again start to learn the process That you're going to do to leverage Where you put an hour in and you get 2 4 8 16 32 Etc hours worth of value out of The hour you put in and you keep putting In an hour and you keep getting more Value out the other side so we actually Have class that is starting today and Another class on Thursday so jump over And get in before the class starts here Very soon and then I will see you in the Live classes and until then Happy money Making

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