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Cleverly earning a thousand dollars a Day online as a beginner is the easiest Way to make money online right now let's Have a look at this and see what I'm Talking about you can see Stripe Right Here which is our credit card processor And this is the past four weeks we can Roll out to like a month or a year for Example and see it's over a million Dollars in payments taken and then we Can go back to like seven days and you Know and so on and so forth but in the Past four weeks is ninety three thousand Dollars so if we pop open a calculator And divide that out you really don't Need a calculator but if you take ninety Three thousand divided by one thousand Which is what I said we could earn a day That's actually 93 days worth and this Has only been four weeks which is 28 Days so we're actually making about Three thousand dollars a day a little Over with that estimate so We're making three thousand dollars a Day just the credit card processing and Then more with PayPal not saying that to Brag I'm just trying to say if you take Like one-fourth of what we're making a Day you can get to a thousand dollars a Day so it's entirely possible for you Doing even one-fourth of the work that We're doing to get here So let's have a look at this basically There's a couple of things going on and

I'm going to talk about some checklists That you can get in a minute but if you Could stop right now and leave me a yes That helps me to help you That helps me on YouTube and then it Helps me to help you because I can see That this is in fact something that You're interested in and if it's not Then if there's less yeses then I know Okay that didn't work we'll make Something else for the next training so It helps me to understand the methods That you guys like and that you don't Like and you can give me anything else In the comments like if you have an idea Or you want to see something else or if You don't like this that's fine too There are two checklists we're going to Talk about today one of them is the Scary checklist which you can get at This website right here one of them is The short form checklist which you can Get at this website right here those Websites look like this basically For the short film checklist and the Scary checklist and so as we dive into This I want to show you some basic Concepts here that I haven't necessarily Showed before so that you can use this To make a thousand dollars a day I do Want to mention that you're not going to Make a thousand dollars a day by doing Like three things and spending like 12 Minutes once a week and then that's it

It's going to take some work now you can Make less money and spend less time and That's fine because you don't have to Make a thousand dollars a day I mean Thirty thousand dollars a month is a Solid amount of money but you don't have To work that hard or make that much Maybe you don't need that much maybe you Don't want that much that's fine Make however much you want to make But you are gonna have to learn some Things either way and you have to do Some things either way so let's talk About what you have to do and what you Have to learn so the first thing you're Going to need is the scary checklist it Is here at this website it is a list of Companies that are going to pay you to Promote their products the second thing On this list that you need to know is The free Facebook group where you can Ask questions get answers see people Success stories I'm on there chase is on There everybody else is on there Answering questions too and helping People and there's tens of thousands of People in there tons of people answering Questions and helping each other every Day so that's important you want to get That but as we move into this we want to Look at this other thing Which is this we need to actually get Some views because that's where Basically where traffic is there's a few

Steps here but Step One is where we get The views and step four is where we dial In on making the money and obviously we Have some steps in the middle which is Basically represented by the equal sign But at the end of the day views equal Money so that's what we want to look at How do we get views how do we walk Through the couple of steps in the Middle and then how does that translate To money so stick with me and I'm gonna Explain everything so the first thing we Need to do is make a reaction video now There actually is other ways to do this You don't have to do a reaction video There's like at least a half a dozen That I could name off the top of my head And even more ways to get views by Producing videos replicating videos Creating videos with different ways And in the actual short form checklist When you get that checklist there's like Step by step with all kinds of different Videos like five minute videos that Teach you how to do all the different Methods and then more coming all the Time uh as we figure out new methods but There's actually a lot of ways that I'm Just going to pick one because we got to Do something right again I can't teach You how to make a thousand dollars a day In one 10 minute YouTube video You're Gonna need a little bit more learning Than that which is why there is the

Checklist what this is is a checklist of Videos that actually looks like this It's an entire checklist of video step By step five minute videos that walk you Through everything step by step and then You go through each section you don't Have to use all sections like ads are Optional for example some people want to Do that to expedite things some people Don't that's fine either way Basically and then as you keep going and Then we're adding more and more and more Right but that's the checklist and it Walks you through each step with five Minute videos and then we're gonna pick One do a reaction video and start Getting our views so we can get money so What does that look like we can just go To tick tock pick a topic like I did how To make money online and then you sell These other keywords that come up and Then I can pick one like 2023 or there's Teens or there's four something here Which is um for moms Etc right so you Pick a video that makes sense for what You're trying to do now as far as the Products you're gonna sell we have our Products over here you can sell all of This stuff these are all affiliate Offers you can do Services you can do All kinds of stuff again in the Checklist there's sections on like Understanding what to sell whether it's Affiliate service your own products Etc

And so you can watch that but At the end of it here you got to sell Something right because people have to Buy something and that's how you get Paid So once you have that you pick a video That's around your topic and you just React to it so there's other videos on How to do a reaction video and in fact There's videos in the checklist on how To do reaction video however let's say That you get your reaction video up and You put a link in your video you post it On Tick Tock you post it on Facebook you Post it on YouTube you post it on Instagram all of that is also in the Checkbook checklist there's you know Tick Tock setup and YouTube setup and Facebook setup you get the point so all That's there but so you post up your Video now you're getting views right so You're getting views what do you do with The views you send them to a link that You put in the video well what about That again in the checklist the short Form checklist here That I just showed you there is how to Do that how to put the link in there and Make it work but basically you want to Get them over to Step number two here Which is gather their email address so If we jump over here and we jump into Our CRM here and we look at something Like it doesn't really matter which one

We go here Um I'm just going to show you a landing Page and what the landing page is is It's a way to gather the person's email Address The Squeeze page that's all it Is right says squeeze page here in the Title we want their email address pretty Straightforward and so once they enter Their email address and click get Started now they can't do anything else On this page except for that once they Enter their email address then we have Their email address here in the system The CRM and if you don't notice CRM is Just drop a comment down below we can Explain that but Again I can't give you everything in 10 Minutes To make thirty thousand dollars a month If you could give everybody that then Everybody would watch this video once And then they would retire right so it's Just not how it works Um but in fact if you look at any job on The planet that you go get you're going To get more than 10 minutes of training To do basically anything unless your job Is to pick up trash but even then you're Probably getting more than 10 minutes of Training So What are we gonna do well we need to Make the landing page and then we need To do an automation Rule and I'll tell

You why we need automation rule in a Second and the reason is is that we want To zero in on automation I don't want to Sit around here and do a bunch more work Than I have to right so it's a lot of Work to get to a thousand dollars a day It's more work to get to three thousand Dollars a day It's less work to get 200 a day right so Basically that's pretty obvious but we Still only use automation I don't want To do extra work I want the machines and The systems and Ai and chat GPT and all The rest to do as much work as possible For me so what are we going to do we're Going to utilize that and leverage that If we go back into our CRM and we go to Emails and campaigns we can see that These are different campaigns that are Set up so here's an example of one Here's an example of one and inside each One of these is a bunch of emails so This one has I think nine emails and When someone goes over here and they Enter their email address they Immediately get taken to the buy page of Whatever you're selling so like let's Say go over here I'm just going to pick The top one here it is okay Jasper so if We just go ahead and log in here we can See all of these stats and stuff but Down here there's a link and then if They click this link we can see They go here and they can sign up right

They watch a video they can sign up here Here here and when they sign up Then they get a free trial and when they Convert to a paid customer you get paid Which is how we get to like these kind Of stats they click they sign up for the Free trial they become a customer and Then you get paid and then you know it's Reoccurring so every month that they're A customer you get paid this is why we Have like two three thousand dollars a Month in reoccurring payments and we Don't even promote this anymore so the Point here is We need this link right here and this Link is what we're going to put in our Email so in every single email as soon As they sign up they get they enter Their email address let's review I feel Like I've lost some people so Um they first get some views right they Watch your reaction video they click the Link they get to the email page which is This page right here and they enter Their email address then we want them to Go through an automated process that Ultimately makes us money and the Process that we're learning from the Checklist right so as we go through here The automated process is they get an Email and it's probably a bad example in That one it's a long email most of them Are pretty short so as we go in here They get a link right and they can click

The link and then the link is of course This link here and they sign up and you Get paid so what does that really mean Well it means that every single day They're going to get a link so Immediately which is based on this DeLay So immediately they get an option to Click a link plus they get sent to the Sales page when they enter the email Then the next day the next day the next Day you get the point every day they get A different email now chat gbt can write These emails in a Flash no worries just Go to chat GPT and you can get all the Emails written so you don't have to Worry about that that part's really easy But the system then is going to send Them emails and manage all this like Automatically and stuff so that's the Amazing part But to make this work we have to go in Here and use some more automation now Automation's really cool because to me I Mean I don't know what automation means To you to me automation means smarter Not harder less work easier better that Sort of stuff so if I want to promote Like let's say this um I'm not sure Which one of these things here or Promoting Jasper there's a Jasper Campaign let's do that I go in here to Automation rules now there's nothing Right now so this is my Jasper landing Page right where they enter their email

Address That I'm at right now I'm gonna go to Automation rules I'm gonna make a rule What the rule does is that funnel form Step subscribe occurs when a contact is Just subscribed to a form that means This when they enter their email address Says subscribe to a form so now we're Going to click add an action and we're Going to subscribe them to a campaign Well once a campaign that is the email Campaign we just looked at now I can Send them to the Jasper campaign and Save this rule so what does that really Mean because all we see is this little Bit of text that means that we now have Connected the pieces together so it's The link in the chain that connects it All together which is one of the Automations there's other automations I Just did a video yesterday on some more Automations you can use to do really Cool stuff so you can watch that on the Same channel but Basically Um when they enter their email address Now that is going to push them into this Email campaign for Jasper so that Immediately they get an email and then Tomorrow they get an email and the next Day they get an email and of course we Could build this out farther in fact we Want to 7 to 14 days worth or so and as We jump in here we can see again they

Always have the option to click a link In every email every day And that link goes here And when they click it and they sign up That's when that click that they just Clicked on in the email that's when they Sign up they become a referral and they Get a free trial after the free trial When they start paying they become a Customer and then you get paid And so that's how it works now as far as The concept we get from views to money Because we start out with a video where It gets the views that's the traffic so Facebook YouTube Instagram Tick Tock and Wherever else you want to post a video Like Twitter Etc that gets you the views For free and then the landing page on The CRM The Squeeze page gets you their Email address and once you have their Email address then you can use Automation to send them an email every Day to sell them stuff Now yesterday in the video which again Is on the same channel I showed how to Use automations to once you get done Selling them one thing just selling the Next thing and the next thing and the Next thing and so on and so forth and Then all of these and all of these and There's I there's several hundred Different Affiliates uh options in here Of course you can sell your own Services Your own products or other Affiliates

Not in this sheet but as far as this Checklist goes it's just like a starting Point and there's actually a lot and in The video yesterday I talked about how You really only need 24 campaigns and You can sell them stuff on autopilot all Year long which is crazy but so go watch That video but I'm not gonna you know Redo that video here in this video it'll Take too long and be pointless because I Just did it yesterday so how do you do This right so ultimately you want to get Views to money the scary checklist is The list of companies that you can Choose which one you want to do like we Chose Jasper And then they will pay you to promote Their products and you can get it here Also it is the one that has the link to The Facebook page obviously super Important to join the free Facebook Group get among like-minded people see The successes ask questions get help and Then eventually as you learn to help Other people and pay it forward so That's obviously important but how do You do this so the easy checklist the Easy checklist is this it is the Checklist that you see here you can get It from this website here it looks like So when you go there there's uh hang on Where is it there it is it looks like so There's another free training here and Then there's more information on the

Page Etc talks about it but at any rate This is the checklist and it gives you The step-by-step videos there's even Resource links over here as necessary And there's more coming and then there's Videos coming in here you see there's a Couple of couple coming soon here and a Couple here right I'm adding videos to This every day and so I have a video to Put up today in fact and that's going up After this video And so the point here is that it's just Growing and the checklist will be Finished out here and then we'll add in Some more stuff here but it's like five Minute video some are two minutes some Over three minutes but it's it's Bite-sized chunks you can jump in you Can see what you're doing and you can Walk through the process just literally Go down the list like I said the ad Section is optional but a lot of the Rest of this is really useful and you You start with like one thing and then You go to the next and you go to the Next so you don't have to get Overwhelmed you can even track your Status and leave yourself notes we teach You how to do that just in the first Couple videos how you leave yourself Notes you can see where you are and all That sort of stuff so that is the easy Checklist you can get it from this Website right here and then there's

Another free training on this page so Jump over here to this website right now Take the next free training that's there Grab that short form checklist and then Get going right now on your path to Earning money and then of course I'll See you in the Facebook group and happy Money making

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