Tutorial: How to Use to write podcast promotion emails

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Hello everyone and welcome to another AI  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">Marketing tutorial today I’m going to be Showing you how to use copy AI to very Quickly create a podcast guest email I Know many of you in my audience have Podcasts you want your guests to share Uh when they come on your podcast Because it’s a win-win for everybody There’s more eyeballs on them there’s More eyeballs on you and everybody Shares the wealth but you may not know Exactly how to do that so one of the Things that you’re going to want to do Is after their podcast episode goes live You shoot them an email and say hey your Episode is live thank you so much and Then what you want to do is be like hey Look we would love it if you shared this Out with your audience here is email Swipe copy that you can use to do that Because you want to make things super Easy for them so I am in the process of Creating that email swipe copy and I Figured I’d come into copy Ai and see if It could help me do it because the the Brain juice is a little low today so I Was first thing I did is I went to Templates and then I went to email Because it’s going to be an email that They have to send out to their list and I’m going to try event promotion email And see if that’ll do the trick knowing That I’m probably gonna have to edit This so an event promotion email

Let’s see event topic Catch me on the make money Your honey podcast Why you should attend You’re going to learn Or you’re going to Learn how to create No well this is for this particular gift So you’re going to learn how to create An automation ecosystem For your business How to Use systems to build and how to use Systems to build your online Empire Okay date and time doesn’t matter Because it’s live now let me see if There’s anything else Uh here is where you can catch the Episode And If you would you like the episode Help me get in front of more listeners By leaving A review Here Okay create content and let’s see what It comes up with Magically creating copy Internet witchcraft I’m so excited to share with you my Interview on the make one of your Haunted podcasts I discuss how to create An automation ecosystem for your Business and how to use systems if you

Like this episode leaving a review here Perfect that’s pretty good actually Sweet simple to the point uh that one Has times uh not relevant at all also Not relevant I mean unless you’re doing Some anticipation posts ahead of time Those could work but that’s not what I’m Doing right now Um All right we’ll also discuss how to Outsource your work it invented that Because I didn’t put that in there I’ve been asked to be on the make one of Your honey podcast I want you to come With me Uh to learn Okay E-commerce it’s making a bunch of stuff Up okay I’m usually like very keep it Sweet keep it simple keep it short keep It easy for people Um and to the point so I actually really Like the first email and I don’t Actually have to do that much editing Other than add in the links for my guest And then they can send that out to their Lists which would get more eyeballs on My podcast but would also look really Good for them because they’re like hey Look I’m on this podcast episode I’m Talking about my service if you want to Learn more about my service here’s what I do and everybody wins so Thanks copy AI That’s exactly what I’m

Going to do and then what I’ll do is I’ll add this to a folder for me and my Team where every time we have a new Podcast episode that comes out with a New guest this is basically the Foundation of it and then all we really Have to do is edit a couple of things Moving forward so I hope this was you See how fast I did this less than five Minutes and it’s done which is why I Love a I hope you guys enjoyed this make Sure to subscribe if you haven’t already Make sure to sign up for our AI  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">Marketing resource list it is a list of AI tools you can use as well as links to Tutorials and leave us a comment and let Us know how you are using AI in your Business I will see you in the next Video bye everyone

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