Notion Tutorial: How I Use Notion Like My Second Brain

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Hey everyone welcome to another episode Of make money your honey we are coming At you with another notion video today I'm gonna be showing you how I basically Use notion as my second brain so if That's something that you're interested In make sure to subscribe and hit the Notification Bell because we have new Videos coming out on this channel weekly We talk marketing we talk sales we talk Mindset and we talk systems and notion Is basically a system which is why I Love it so much so make sure to Subscribe like do all the things that Help us with the algorithm and if you Want to get started with a free notion Template a lot of you ask me how I'm Such a fiend with embarking and how I'm Able to do so much of it I stay Organized with a notion template that I Created so if you want to grab it for Free you can it'll be up here it'll be Down there it'll be in all the places so My goal for this video is to just show You guys some exam samples of how you Can use notion and I'll also be sharing Some examples of templates that I've Gotten from other people because when I Say that you can use notion as a second Brain you really can the thing that's so Powerful about notion is you can Customize it to freaking anything that You want so for me that was very helpful Because I've been I mean not just online

Entre I've been an online entrepreneur For 13 years so I've tried like every Project management system there probably Is to try and I've tested out a bunch of Different things and databases and all Kinds of stuff and then I also I don't Anymore but I also used to have like Notebooks literally flying around Everywhere because my brain is always up To something I've always got an idea I've always got some creative thing Going on and then I literally if you Look down there there's actually Literally a bin full of journals and Notebooks from the last decade and it Was getting a little out of hand And a little disorganized and in 2022 I Basically went on this spree where I Wanted to optimize as much of my Business as humanly possible and then That kind of turned into optimizing my Life as much as possible so in the Business it started off with okay well How can I have a better project Management how can we have more Databases so I can see everything that I Need to see in one place how do we Manage this project that project Whatever and I'm gonna show you what Some of those things are I can't show You the details obviously but I can show You kind of like a higher level overview And that's how it started and then when I started getting really into notion I

Realized oh wait a minute I could Literally use this to track Anything that I wanted to track so then All the personal life stuff started Coming in and then I basically just went On this crazy spree where I started Downloading a bunch of templates free Ones from notion themselves and then Also from some YouTubers you'll see a Couple of them on this video today that I thought I was like let me test it out Let me see and I have a few favorites so Those are the ones that I'm going to be Showing you yeah but really don't think That your notion has to look exactly Like mine it doesn't the whole point of Notion is you can do whatever the hell You want with it and that's why it's so Freaking awesome so with that being said Let's dive ready alright everyone so Here we are in my notion I don't know Where my face went it's like behind this Or something so we're just gonna roll With it so I'm gonna do a separate video On where I got all the templates that I'm gonna show you guys because it's Really just come from so many different People on YouTube and then I've just Kind of Customized it and made it my own so the First page I'm showing you is basically Just the dashboard that opens up and Really these are just the pages that I Use the absolute most so I'll have a

Calendar that opens up the image I made Myself it's like a vision board thing And then I'll have the overview of the Stuff I'm working on core desired Feelings Allah Danielle Laporte really Dig it I go to the most used pages and Then basically this is just what I use The most so I have like some emotional Processing stuff that I worked on cycle Syncing I'm a huge fan of cycle syncing Ladies learn how to do it it's like Biohacking for women so basically I have A whole journal on that with Journal Prompts and just what's going on with my Body and my hormones downloads that's Just like random ass thoughts that I get Throughout the day JV Partnerships I'm Opening that a lot lately for business My weekly planning on weekends and then My master to-do list where I basically Just bring them so those are the things That I use the most the other place Where I will have things that I use a Lot is over here this actually should be Up here on favorites let's see if I can Move that Come on come oh it has moved up there Already it's already there wait Is it already there okay I'll come back To that so the other place where I have My most used stuff is in favorites I'll Come back to that but this is like my Dashboard where I can just see Everything at a glance

I have weather I have stuff that I use Every week or things I'm trying to do Every week I have a why I'm awesome list Because sometimes you just need one also Weekly reset things like that 12-week Plan weekly review that has to do with With the book the 12-week year or Whatever that's called Tings and then Packing checklist this is awesome Actually the packing checklist because I Used to travel a lot before 2020 and Then I would always have to write like What I would have to pack on a freaking Post-it now I literally just go here and It's like all in one place all I have to Do is open up my notion and it's like oh There's my packing checklist so I don't Have to rewrite this thing every Freaking time daily stuff you know Calendar tasks self-care the stuff I Look at every month so I do a monthly Review every month I have like Moon Journals for full moons and new moons And Tarot stuff that I do with that YouTube video scripts I have to look at That every month Finance I have to look At that every month Quarterly stuff so you know like Quarterly goal planning profit first Review and then stuff I have to do every Year like annual goal planning travel Plans the marketing plan for the year Life admin so on and so forth so like I Said like I this is just my basic like

This is stuff we have to do all the time And I actually this is bothering me I'm Gonna move it over here Hold on a second oh my goodness okay Annual And this is what's so awesome about Notion it's like oh well you know that Worked for me maybe last month but now That's like kind of bothering me so I'm Gonna switch this up on what it looks Like so that's why it's called a second Brain because you could literally Customize it into anything you freaking Want and that's why it's so cool so you Know this works for my brain it may not Work for yours that's totally fine I Also have currently listening I actually Need to update that I need to add Afrobeats in here because I'm super into That lately so let me actually do that Then I can show you guys how I do that If you hear some scratching it's one of My fur children trying to get in she's Like no you're filming too late what are You doing in bed from SoundCloud Spotify Embed link I don't know why I added it there but We're gonna move it all right so let's Go to afrobeats which is the thing I'm Really into lately oh God I love Afrobeats uh embed is that what we're Gonna do no that's not what we're copy Is that what we're gonna do it's been a Hot minute since I did this okay embed

Link That's like a whole code okay maybe That's not gonna work Hold on so let's go into share Copy link Y'all are watching me customize my Notion like as we speak Did that afrobeats yes love the Afrobeats okay I'm gonna move it over Here to the playlist that I'm listening To Right and then also it just kind of like Looks better now it looks more even so I Have a thing about things being even so Anyway like I said General overview Dashboard this is the stuff I have to Look at every week let's go to another One of my favorite Pages this is Actually something I got from I'm forgetting her name right now so We're gonna play the video we're gonna Find out what her name is Hey Happy New Year I'm Marie bullin and Marie Pullin thanks Marie so this is an Awesome template that she created based Off of atomic habits I'm obsessed with This thing I opened it every morning I Open it every evening because it's Basically like all the goals all the Journaling stuff like it's so freaking Good I love this thing I showed it to my Team it's based off of atomic habits Which um I'm a fan of I'm a fan of Atomic habits it's pretty great if you

Haven't read it so basically it walks You through the atomic habit system I'd Already read the book so I skipped all That stuff but if you haven't read the Book right it'll walk you through it and Then basically you just create the Different kinds of goals that you have So you have the health and wellness Goals the finance goals the business Goals the personal and Spiritual Development goals and then under each of One of these what you do I taught my Team how to do this one second so it Would open another page and let's say I Wanted to add another goal then I would Just I don't know add something here Like I don't know test whatever test I'm New in practices and then that should Actually show up down here somewhere Test so then it showed up there okay so What it'll do is it'll put it down by Categories and then you have the Individual goals for each category and Then what it does is that it takes you To this really cool tracker over here That I have not been updating Have not been great about that I Actually have to update this like now For the month of March because I'm I'm Kind of behind but the idea is that you Know you're able to track everything so There are certain goals that I have like Hey you know I want 250 JVS where am I With that I'm at 140. I want to make

Sure I'm doing gratitude every day Forgiveness every day I want a certain Amount of podcast bookings so on and so Forth I want this amount of clients and Customers and then I just track it over And over again and then the other Favorite part for me is the journal so I'll show you what I've done with the Journal I don't use this to its full Capability but I just kind of edit it And customize it a little bit so let's Say I'm going to do a new one for today She already has the templates down here I go to Tuesday it already sets that up God this is so cool I would put the date I would put what the priorities were for That day she has this thing about tags So you can just kind of be like oh this Was you know of note today or of note This week three words to describe the Day what your Effectiveness was like That day what your energy was like that Day your happiness levels the activity That you did what you're learning what Content you did gratitude which I love Wins and celebrations challenges and Lows I literally do this every night Every freaking night I'm doing this to Kind of just check in and see how things Are going sales meetings all that kind Of stuff there's two things that I added In here I added a forgiveness practice For every night and then I also added What phase of my cycle I'm in because

I'm really into the cycle syncing and Biohacking for women seriously y'all Your period is a superpower sorry boys So then what needs to get done today What happened today good morning there's Like a little to-do list there and then This part down here I'll just start like Brain dumping here like it's my journal Like I might wake up one morning and be Like all right let me do morning pages I Got a lot on my brain and I just started Like right on my iPad and I just start Typing out and then I might feel like There's just a lot in my brain at night Too and I'll just do the same thing so On the bottom here I just kind of use it As my journal okay so that's great then I have my weekly planning And then this is something I got I think From Jules acri yes Jules acri is where I got this one from you can actually buy Like her entire notion pack design your Your notion pack by Jules akri highly Recommend it's so good okay captured Captured captured so basically you have Your goals by quarter and then so if I You know would go to January to March I'd be like I want this many people in This program by this date so on and so Forth then every week I come in here and I just like brain dump what all these Tasks are and then basically what this Will do is that it will organize it According to priority so I'll have some

Priorities that are really high and then I'll put the due date if I have a team Member needs something then I tag zenya You know and I just brain dump Everything in here and then well I brain Dump it on top and then it organizes it According to date and priority and then What I should be doing is putting some Related goals out here so this I Actually finished wait did I do the Voicemail drops today no I didn't so I Have to change that to probably Friday According to my schedule this I actually Did that got handed off and it's being Handled This is literally getting handled right Now okay and then I've got some other Things that are just later and then I Also have other things that I need to do Like someday I'll do that someday I'll Do this I did do that okay that got that Got done okay so if I wanted to relate Something to a goal that's for something Else what would be a good example Okay so adding these to the funnel right I could be like 30k people you know this is the goal That that's related to and then I also Added in I added in this part here this Wasn't originally here which is what's So great about notion is you can just Customize it that if it needs to get Assigned to another person I can do that So here I'll do zenya

Right and then if something's like a Progress thing like it's just a longer Project like I'm currently creating Manuals recording all of our sales Systems and automations for a lot of our Clients that were helping with that then I added this like progress bar over here So that I wouldn't look at it and be Like I haven't gotten anything done Yes Actually you have it's just a longer Term project so these are my favorite Ways of using a notion the monthly Reviews also pretty good let me see if It says where I got this from it does Not so I will find out where I got that From and I will do a whole other video On that so at the end of March I'll just Come in here Open and their monthly review template So it already exists and then it's like All the stuff that I review for the Month so I need to do that this weekend Actually so I'll be looking at that There's Finance Moon journals all kinds Of stuff you know it's not like the most Organized thing in the world for me Right now but it's it's getting the job Done I gotta come in here and clean it Up a little bit but like I but you know My brain's like half messy so it just Kind of works for my brain so those are Just some of the ways that I use it I'm Gonna do a whole other video on where I Got a lot of these templates but as you

Can see I basically grab templates and Then I just kind of customize them in a Way that works better for me and that's That's the whole point that is literally The entire freaking point of notion is That you're able to do that so I hope You guys found this helpful as I learn Cool things I will share them on the Channel so make sure to subscribe Subscribe

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