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Okay so all you have to do is come here Copy your affiliate link like that paste It on a site like this and you can Literally start to generate income every Single day like clockwork look if you Want to learn exactly how you can Promote affiliate links for free online To make 10K or more a month even if You're totally brand new this video is For you in this video I'm going to Reveal an incredibly simple five minute Free traffic method you can use to Promote affiliate links in any Niche you Want I'm literally going to share every Single step as far as how to generate Content in a matter of seconds in the Niche that your product is in that you Don't even have to create yourself I'm Going to share how to use this piece of Content to link to your affiliate offer To make commissions and money passively When people visit and read over this Content and then I'm even gonna share How to promote that content by using a Little own site that requires no more Than just clicking a button all of this Can result in you making ten thousand Dollars or more a month so if you're Excited to learn this be sure to smash The like button right now to let me know And without further Ado let's dive in to The very first step of today's training So the very first step is we need an Offer to actually start promoting now

There's a lot of places you can go Online one place is all you have to do is go To this platform there's going to be a Link in the description if you want to Go there and you just click register now In the top right corner and then once You do you just go through this simple Process be sure to sign up as an Affiliate create a username an email Password all that good stuff select here That you've read the terms and then Register for free once you're inside of Your digit store 24 account you can Actually go to the top tab under Marketplace and they have all these Different types of products in many Different niches animals and pets can Computer in the internet fashion and Like I said for this free method it does Not matter what Niche you choose now Before I continue in this video I will Share that digistore24 is not my Favorite place to find products to Promote sometimes the payouts are a bit Slow if you want to discover my number One affiliate program that will Literally pay you instant 100 Commissions be sure to click the first Link directly below to find out much More information but in this video I Will be using data store 24 and I'm Going to go to fitness and health Category now all you have to do on

Digistore24 is be sure to sort results By sales rank this is going to list the Best selling products at the very top of The page and if you promote a product That's already selling well for others Chances are you'll make sales also now The next step is we need to get our Affiliate link now my Affiliates already Showing right here but I'll share with You what it's going to look like when You first sign up if you use digistore24 You can see there's this blue button That says mode now all you have to do is Click that and it will automatically Unlock your affiliate link but for the Sake of this video I'm going to go back To the top product which is the ultimate Keto meal plan in the health and fitness Niche currently and what I'm going to do Is I'm going to take my affiliate link And I'm going to open a notepad file and I'm just going to save that link inside Okay because we're going to use this a Little bit later now every single time Someone goes to this link I'll share With you what it looks like they will go To the affiliate sales page that looks Like this and then what's going to Happen is after a period of time there Will be a buy button that appears and When someone clicks that button and buys Through your link you will get credit For that sale and you will start to earn Money so the next step is once we have

Our affiliate offer we want to go over To another free site called Now the Links referenced in this video Are going to be down in the description What this site does is you can literally Sign up for free okay it's a free site They do have a paid plan but you can use The free site so what you want to do is You want to put in your email address And click Start for free and then once You do that you can sign up with a Couple different options you want to do The blog writer because what this allows You to do is literally create a blog in A matter of minutes with just clicking a Button okay so this site will literally Create a blog post for you that you can Use as content that you don't even have To write so it says right here the first Step describe the blog posts you want to Create this is the most important step Better descriptions result in better Accurate copy so it should be at least Five words so what we want to do is we Want to look at what our product is so This has to do with keto so what I would Do is I was go here and I could just Write something like keto tips for Beginners okay it now it says five words So I could say you know good or best how About best keto tips for beginners okay So just a few words that have to do with Like tip tips anything of value any blog Type that would give value when it comes

To what product you're promoting so best Keto tips for beginners you could do how To lose weight from home okay anything Like that now once you do that you want To click next and it's going to start to Generate titles okay titles of a Potential blog now you can see that These are really good five keto tips for Beginners that will help you stick with It 10 tips to start the keto diet Successfully okay so it does not matter Whichever one that you would personally Possibly want to read could be good okay This one right here sounds pretty good 5q it tips for beginners I'll help you Stick with it I'm going to click that One right there and I'm going to hit Next now again realize this powerful Free tool is literally creating content For you in just seconds here's the Outline of the blog so it has section One educate yourself find a buddy these Are the five tips now you can click Generate again and it will literally Just create five new tips okay so let's Say I like that one does not matter I Click next now it's writing an intro Paragraph now again this would normally Take you hours trying to write and Research this is doing it in a matter of Seconds so if you're liking this video Be sure to smash the like button and Comment I like this because I will do More just like this now for the intro

Paragraph This is that first paragraph In the blog that you can go ahead and Read over these or you can just choose The one with the highest score okay Because that usually is the best one Click next setup is complete continue to Editor so now what you can do is Basically realize that this is the title Of our blog this is the intro and then It says you know do your research these Are the five outlines the five tips okay But now we want it to actually write Something under it so what I can do is I Can click generate and what this will do Is this will start generating text that Has to do with this first tip so you can See right here one of the best tips for Beginners in the keto diet is do your Research before you start any diet you Should be informed etc etc so you can See it's related and again I'm just Clicking a button now we click on this Next section generate okay and a matter Of seconds it's literally writing this Blog for us okay now I'm going to go Through and continue doing it for the Rest of the tips and I will join you in A second okay so I went ahead and Finished now we have all five tips with More information we have an intro Paragraph and a title now all you have To do is click copy and this will copy This to your clipboard now the next step Is we want to actually go to Google and

You want to search for Google documents And what Google Docs is it's basically a Free tool that Google gives you with a Gmail account and what you can do is you Can actually open this up and you can Create a Google Document so once you Open this up it will basically take you To something like this you can see that It's just a blank document and what I Can do is I can right click and click Paste and what it's going to do it's Going to paste this blog article that Was copied now what you want to do first Is once we have this article pasted and Again you can see how good this actually Is it still amazes me even though I know About this how powerful this is now what You can do is you can bold the title and We just want to kind of format it so I Can you know put some spaces in here Okay between the paragraphs like this And you just want to go through and Again just make it look a little bit Better if there's anything that's kind Of not spaced we can do that very Quickly we just want to make it look you Know easier to read and better for People okay so let me just do this a Little bit more right there okay so That's pretty good now the last main Step is once we have our article here we Now need to upload this article to start To get traffic start to get clicks to Our affiliate link so one place you can

Go is you can actually go to vocal dot Media this is a website that allows you To upload articles you can see they have All these different types of Articles From people that are just random right Anyone can really upload articles here So what you can do you can actually go To join and if you put a name your email Password and you sign up you can Actually log into your account and then I can click create story and then for Title I literally just want to go here And I want to just copy what we created Now for there you can do that for start Writing I can just take all of this copy This and then I can literally just paste It right there so you can see how Powerful this actually is I can Highlight these different tips and bold Okay to make it you know look a little Bit better we just want to make it Readable and again this takes just Minutes and the more you do this if you Do One A Day let's say in your daily Routine it will get faster and faster Now one of the last steps by the way on These articles and this is crucial if You don't do this step you will not be Making money what you want to do towards The bottom is say if you want to learn My number one way to master the keto Diet or based on your product if you Want to learn the number one way to get Back with your ex lover if you want to

Learn the number one way to make make Money online whatever your Niche is Click here now so this is our call to Action what you want to do is you want To highlight click here now click this Little paper clip icon open up your Notepad with your affiliate link and Then paste that in and then click this Little now it's clickable okay we can go To save changes and now what you can Also do is you can go to unsplash image And I can search a few words that have To do with the product I'm promoting or My article I could do weight loss okay And all these free to use images will Appear you know I can do let's say this One so this is our article okay so I can Go ahead and see what this looks like Right so five keto tips for beginners we Have this image are you just starting Out on the keto diet okay so that intro Paragraph all the tips and at the very Bottom if you want to learn my number One way to master keyword I click here Now they click there and it will Automatically take them to our affiliate Link when that buy button appears and They buy we will start to make money now With you do need to add a Subtitle so you can can say read this Article to learn more okay something Like that and then again save the Changes and then we just submit for Review right there okay so then you just

Want to select a community okay so I can Go through you know I can either even Look like there or if there's no one I Can just choose one of the things right Here it does not really matter I can do Education add a tag okay so like how to Is fine and then submit for review and They will go ahead and look and if it's Approved if everything is good which it Should be they will post it and we will Start to get traffic with it ranking Here now one other site you can use is okay so you can go ahead and Create a account with I can Click right in the top corner and again Title right there basically the same and Then you would click publish and then Your article will start to rank on as well and you will start to Get clicks to your affiliate link now as I said before or be sure to click the First link below to see a free video Revealing how to easily set up my number One affiliate system to promote with the Method shared in this video to get paid Instant 100 commissions also click the Subscribe button with the Bell icon so You don't miss out on my latest money Making methods and last if you want to Discover another incredibly easy method To make commissions online be sure to Click the video that will show on the Screen in just a second to discover that One also thanks for watching and I'll

See you on the next video [Music]

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