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Hey everyone in today's video I want to Show you how to make money online by Selling AI art that you can create in a Matter of seconds without having to pay For expensive painters all you need to Do is type in what you want this AI art To create and this is going to create Amazing prints for you in a variety of Different styles in just a second you Can see here that this type of art just Like this people are making hundreds of Thousands of dollars this store over Here has sold 45 326 copies as you can see at 11.77 They've got a special at the moment this Is over half a million dollars let me Show you how this amazing AI art Software works for example if you were To type in an astronaut lounging in a Tropical resort in space and then you Will to put in a photorealistic style It's going to come up with these Different type types of original images And it's also going to give you the Option to choose different types of Styles you can choose anything you can Type in whatever you want and it is Going to create these amazing prints for You and when it comes to these prints I'm going to show you how you can sell Them and make tens of thousands of Dollars every single month I'm going to Walk you through and show you this Entire tutorial you do not want to miss

This I'm going to walk you through Everything step by step and at the end Of this once you get a lot of value out Of this all you need to do is smash that Like button in appreciation and we're Getting started right now so the Software that we are talking about today Is this one over here called Dali E2 This is a new AI system that can Generate realistic images and art from a Description in natural language so Whatever you type in this software is Going to try and create this for you but There are two ways that you can make Money online with this strategy and I'm Going to show you both of them I'm also Also going to show you that this is 100 Legal and how you can continue to do This for free so pay close attention as You scroll down when you come over to This site what you want to do is take a Look at and see the different options You have with this software I already Showed you how simple it was all you Need to do is type in different things Like teddy bears shopping for as a One-line drawing shopping for groceries A one-line drawing you can see it's Going to create all these at different Types of images you can literally type In whatever you want and it's going to Give you a variety of different types of Variations for this once you create an Image you can also expand on it just

Like this it's going to continue drawing For you if you want to create bigger Portraits and you can make a lot of Money with this the other thing that you Can do with this amazing AI tool is if You take an image like this if you see I Can click onto this number one or this Number two it's going to change these Different types of Styles you can change Your Lounge you can add different types Of Graphics you can add different types Of animals Etc you can do so many things As an example if I was to click onto This one this image over here and I Click onto one you're going to see that The dog's gonna be here if I click onto Two it's going to move here if I click Onto three it's going to move here this Is the power of this amazing Tom just Showing you a few of the different types Of variations that you have with this Software you can see here that with this You can also have the original image and Then you can check out the different Variations that this software is going To find for you and all these prints are Absolutely sellable as hard prints or Digital downloads which can make you a Lot of money online and now what I'm Going to do is show you exactly how you Can do this this software you can see That people can type in for example a Polar bear playing a guitar and you're Going to see something like this so

There is a video over here that you can Go through and take a look at I mean if You wanted to create a photo realistic Image of a koala slam dunking a Basketball into a ring it's going to do This for you this is the power of this And all you need to do is scroll through And have a look at this amazing AI Software like a koala riding a bike Etc So come over here and watch this video Once you're on this but make sure you Keep watching because I'm going to show You how to do this on this software and You can see that these prints look Professional they look amazing and they Would look amazing on any wall art Anywhere around the world and people are Paying a lot of money for this now I Know what you're probably thinking Alan Is this legal can I actually sell these Images because the last thing you want To do is go out create all these Different types of images put them up on Different types of platforms I'm going To show you how to do this and then get Sued for something or get into trouble For copyright Etc so if you come over to Their terms of use you can see here that They actually do allow you they give you Full rights to sell this and Commercial Rights the only thing is that they Retain the right to be able to reuse These images if somebody else types in The same search and that image comes up

And they want to use that there's Nothing stopping them from using that Exact same image so you can use any Image that you want sell it wherever you Want it is 100 legal for you to sell This AI art now the second thing you're Probably thinking is how much is this Going to cost me so I came over here and I had a look at this the good thing is Every Dali a user receives 50 free Credits during their first month so you Can create up to 50 different types of Designs just remember that if you're Changing the alterations that is going To eat up into your credits from there You can do up to 15 free credits every Subsequent month after that but what I Found out is when I signed up under one Of my Gmail accounts and I'm using up These credits I then signed up under Another one just to see whether or not I Could and I did and I've got another 50 Free credits and after going through all Their terms over here I couldn't see Anywhere where they said you weren't Allowed to do that so this gives you the Opportunity to give an additional 50 Free if you looking at creating even More of these different types of prints So from now what we need to do is we Need to take a look at different types Of designs that are selling really well How much money are people actually Making with this stuff and what are the

Two ways that you can make money online With this strategy so what I did is I Came over to Etsy because Etsy allows You to sell both digital prints and also Prints that people print up on different Types of frames and canvases and sell on Etsy and when I scroll down I had a look And I did a little bit of research you Can see here that I was doing a lot of Research for this and here are some of The things that I found I typed in a Printable wall art because I wanted to See the different types of art that was Available you'll find things like Animals ancient history Japanese art Different types of animated things and Graphics Etc there is so much wall art On here that people are selling and They're making an astronomical amount of Money so what I did I decided to Niche Down in into pets I came over here and I Typed in printable pets as an example And when you scroll down you're going to Find all these different types of images Of pets they're a single hand drawings That you can do just like you saw in Some of the examples that I came up You've got oil type paintings Etc and When you open up some of these stores You're going to be able to find all These different types of designs and Some of these stores as you can see this One over here has had over 17 000 sales that means that they have made

A lot of money and when you click onto Any one of these designs like this one Over here as an example you can see that This is just a dog with orange glasses And there's a lot of people buying these Different types of prints so when you Come over to Dali you're going to be Able to see that it's going to allow you To put in a description of what you want And it will generate all these different Types of images you can see the Different types of graphics and Animations and different types of Paintings that you you can do let me Show you an example of what I'm talking About if you were to type in something Like pencil drawing of dog in orange Glasses in a photorealistic style you're Gonna get these different types of Images from here what you can do for to Click onto this one it's going to then Allow you to get different variations of This image I mean take a look at how Amazing this actual image looks at the Moment then once you click onto Variations and as you can see these are All the different ones that have come up What you will do from here you will Choose the one that you like as an Example you'd click onto this one and Then all you need to do is come over Here and download this image once you Download this image you then have the Rights to sell this on Etsy as a digital

Download just like a lot of these other Sellers are doing and they're making a Lot of money online so that was the First example I wanted to show you then You could potentially come over here and Type in something like pencil drawing of A dog in a bathtub painting you can see It's going to come up with all these Different types of images that you can Again sell people absolutely love these Different types of the diet designs Another one that I typed in was Watercolor now you can do oil painting You can do watercolor you can also do Photo style images as well which I'm Going to show you so once I typed in Watercolor drawings this is what came up And again if you click onto any one of These it's going to give you a variety Of different types of variations I mean This looks amazing if you click onto Variations again it's going to give you Different types of styles that you can Choose from download and sell now the First way that you can make money online With this strategy is to sell them as Digital prints okay where people just Download these prints and then they can Go and put these up on a canvas Themselves that's the first way I'm Going to show you the second way in a Second and if you're getting value out Of this video all I ask that you do Don't forget to smash that like button

And appreciate and let me know in the Comments do you want to see more of These types of videos or do you want me To go back to my affiliate marketing Styles I think you guys will appreciate The different types of ways that you can Actually make money online and don't Forget to subscribe to the channel for Some more awesome content I've got Coming your way so as you can see this Has come up with these different types Of styles another one that I typed in Over here guys is all your paintings I Told you that these are the different Ways different types of images that you Can create so this is if you type in oil Painting I mean look how amazing these Look okay and remember you can type in Whatever you want you're going to get These style images another one that I Typed in over here guys was watercolor Paintings you can automatically see that These look totally different and they Look really really cool okay and the Last one that I typed in over here was Photo so I told you that you've also got The photo option and you can see that These kind of look more of a photo style Image so these are the different types Of prints that you could create if you Went down the route of using pets as an Example okay but you can do this with Many different types of things as you Can see with pets this store over here

Just this image of cats this store has Made over 5105 sales at thirty four dollars I can Tell you that that is a lot of money That they're making just from one I mean They're selling three different types of Images over here but people are putting These up together in their bathrooms Their laundries Etc when you come over Here guys you can also see that you can Do this with wall art as well so you Don't just need to do this with digital Prints with animals you can do this with Wall art and one type of wall like That's really really popular is a Japanese wallet if you scroll down You're gonna find a lot of this Japanese Wall art that people are selling on Etsy So if you come over to Etsy and you type In Japanese art you're going to be able To find the different types of art that Is selling you've got waves you've got Sunsets you've got frogs Etc and this type of art is called Uki Away so I'm not sure if that's the exact Pronunciation but that's what a lot of This art is a call Decay and what you'd Want to do is you'd want to create some Of this because this sells really well But the ones that are already on here You'll be able to see that a lot of them Are pretty much the same so what you Want is you want this amazing AI Software to create different types of

Variations for this where people like Original stuff and then they'll be going Out to purchase yours potentially more Than someone else's and when you click Onto these different ones you can see That there's this one over here this Person has made over 1489 sales on their store with this of 18.76 which is well over twenty thousand Dollars so what you would do is you Would come over to Dali and you would Type in something like for example Uki Away frog paintings as an example these Are different types of Japanese frogs That you could potentially so as a Digital file but I'm also going to show You how to do this as a print on a Canvas where somebody's going to do all The work for you so that's the first Thing that you could type in the second Thing that you can obviously type in is You can do something like okay away The Great Wave a painting okay and you can See it's going to create these amazing Waves and this looks absolutely amazing And doesn't look anywhere out of line Compared to the ones that we just had a Look at that people are selling on Etsy And when you click onto variations You're going to see that there's a lot Of these different types of variations That you could be selling every single One of these from anything from ten Dollars to thirty dollars and making a

Lot of money online with these different Types of prints so take a look at this One I mean this has got waves and it's Also got a mount I mean this looks Absolutely amazing and I haven't seen Anything like this on Etsy you could Very easily go and sell this right now So that's the first one and then you've Got all these other ones as well so you Can see how amazing these ones are here Is another one over here with a volcano Potentially a mountain I think it's Either a mountain or a volcano and again You've got these waves and there's a lot Of people that will pay good money for This so how can you get these different Types of prints that you've used this AI Software to create and then get it up Onto different types of hard canvases And prints for you to make money online Well it's very simple what you want to Do is come over to this platform called Printify.com okay this will allow you to Create and sell customized products on Different types of physical products and Then what this company will do every Time somebody creates an order on Etsy They will print this put it on the item That they want and ship it out for you You do not need to do anything the other Really good thing about printfi is that You can link your printify store to your Etsy store say it's all integrate you Don't need to do anything else it will

Automatically do all the work for you And the good thing about Etsy is they Obviously handle or you're purchasing Etc so you don't need to do any of that Stuff as well and when you come over Here you can also take a look at all the Different types of products that you can Put these different types of prints on So I'm just showing you one variation of How you can do this but think outside The square because you could potentially Put this different stuff on mobile phone Cases hats mugs t-shirts bags Etc the Sky is the limit with this strategy and When you click onto these different Products you'll be able to see that you Can put this up on frames which is Primarily what I'm telling you to do in This example but as you scroll down or Scroll up you can see that you can do This on a variety of different types of Things like Badges and bags and t-shirts And a variety of different types of Garments you can come over here and take A look at all the different garments That you can do this with and once You've chosen the accessory that you Want for example if you choose the Framed paper posters what's going to Happen is they are going to print your Design on there and ship this out to the Person that purchased this off Etsy and Then you are going to pocket the Difference and you are going to make

Money online so all that you need to do Now is you need to come over to this Platform you need to create an account For yourself once you create an account For yourself you then need to come over To Etsy what you need to do is create an Account for yourself potentially even Create a store and start uploading these Different types of designs take a look At how much money you would like to make And put as many of these up as you want So there is nothing stopping you from Testing this out to make money online Utilizing this air generator all you Need to do now guys is sign up to these Different platforms get started and Start making money online so that's how You're going to make money online using An AI generator but don't go anywhere if You're looking for something where you Can go out to make money with affiliate Marketing then you need to check out This video over here I made it the other Day it's an amazing strategy that no one Is talking about I'm going to expose This and show you how you can get Started today I'll see you on this video It's a must watch until next time take Care of yourselves and goodbye

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