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This crazy hack lets chat GPT earn you One hundred thousand dollars a month With Tick Tock it's the best way to make Money online right now my name is Ryan Borden let's jump into this this is our Stripe account for the past four weeks You can see we have a hundred fifty four Thousand dollars of successful payments Here now we also have money in PayPal as Well but I'm not saying this to brag What I am saying this is I want you to Understand that it is possible for you Because I realize that a lot of people Have never made money online and you can Do it so if we look at even the past Seven days it's nineteen thousand Dollars and we roll out to the past 12 Months it is 1.152 million dollars so It's actually possible to make a lot of Money online now if we want to look at This specifically how are we going to do That well it is going to take some work I do want to be honest with you we are Going to leverage chat gbt because Without chat gbt and without Tick Tock It is going to be basically impossible For you to make this kind of money Um or even significant money online Because you really do need some tools And AI to help you out and that's why This is a really great era chat gbt's Only been around for three months but it Can already provide you with a Significant income because it's amazing

So there's a couple of moving Parts here Let me talk about those one right now if You could help me out and let me know With a yes down in the comments if this Is the kind of trainings that you want So I can give you more of this of course That helps me on YouTube but it lets me See how many people are saying yes so I Can steer the content towards what Everybody wants so I can give you what You want number two there is some tools We are going to talk about today one of Those tools is the checklist you can get The checklist for free at this website Right here so this is the checklist and The website the second one is the live Classes anytime I say live classes I'm Talking about this website right here You can go there and join the live Classes which are Tuesday and Thursday In fact there is one here just today as Well now let's jump into this even Further and have a look So like I said it's going to take some Work but we're going to leverage AI to Help make this better the first thing we Need is the tool list so let's go back Over here the checklist again from this Website here what are we going to do With the checklist well two things one We're going to pick a company that we Can that's gonna pay us to promote their Products the second thing we're going to Do is we're going to join the free

Facebook group because being among Like-minded people is super important Also these people are already tens of Thousands of people in the Facebook Group there are people and tons of People and they're having success and so They post about that which is great Encouragement and great to see what's Working they answer questions and help Other people out and tell you what's Working for them so definitely you want To join the free Facebook group also if We grab one of these tools here we can Just open it up and I'm going to go Ahead and go down to the bottom and go To the affiliate program and we're going To go ahead and log in once we log in we Should see something like this and let's Just do a quick refresh here and we can See we have a few things going on one Down here is a link that we're going to Need later on this is the link that when Someone goes there and signs up you get Paid we're not ready for that yet so Stick with me we also have some stats You can see unpaid earnings for this Account that we haven't promoted in a While it's like fifty five hundred Dollars payouts running you know well Over the past year two three thousand Dollars a month One of the key things on this particular Program and a lot of them is that it's a Reoccurring commission so you get paid

Every single month which is just amazing Because you know when you work a job you Get paid for that work and that's it When you do this you get paid over and Over and over again which honestly is Just one of the best things like I love To do work now and get paid in the Future right so that's what we're going To talk about today in several different Ways the actual programs themself they Pay recurring commission that is one way That we're going to do reoccurring work I mean get paid reoccurring on the work That we do once now there are multiple Other ways as well I'm going to tell you Those here as we go throughout this 10 Minute YouTube video so the next thing We need to do after we have our link our Company that we're going to promote is We need to let chat GPT Help us create a video so the way this Works is we create videos or recreate Videos or react to videos right so one Way or the other we're going to get a Video videos get views then the views Turn into leads what is a lead it's when Someone goes to a website you set up in This right here and I'm kind of breaking Down the whole thing as an overview and Gives you their email address and then Ultimately the system is going to send Them tons of emails and sell them stuff And that equals money for you so that's There are multiple leverage points here

Let me break this down what we're going To do is we're going to go over here And I just jumped into YouTube here Search for make money online I'm going To go a little generic obviously you can Go specific you can go straight after The tool you're promoting so we could go With make money online with Jasper for Example but basically the concept here Is we're going to find a training video We're talking about short videos so 172 000 views 189 000 views and then now I'm Gonna go and grab the transcript from That video what is the transcript it is The exact words that this person is Saying because if we recreate a video That's very similar to this then we're Going to get something that is Going to be popular with the algorithms Because they already understand that the First video was popular so the chance That your video is going to get put in Front of a lot of people is Significantly higher and remember the More people that see it the more views Ultimately equals the more money so Let's do this so I have my transcript Here and this just comes directly from YouTube I'm going to copy this and I'm Gonna go over here to chatgpt And we're going to ask it to rewrite the Script so that we can basically go over Here and recreate the video without Having to do all of the work to figure

Out the script for example so it's Giving us an example script and so now I Would just go ahead and create the video And use this script here and so I really Didn't have to think about it and use The words or anything I just have to Basically read this script record the Video which I've shown how to do in Other videos here and I can't show you Everything in one 10 minute YouTube Video because like I said it's going to Take some work to get to a hundred Thousand dollars a month even if you Want to get to ten thousand dollars a Month it's going to take some work it's Going to take more than one 10 minute YouTube video to figure out how to do Everything you're gonna have to learn a Little bit more than that and you're Gonna have to do some actual work here So you can check the other videos on the Channel for that but basically we're Going to recreate the video and of Course in the live classes we break it All down and show how to recreate videos As well step by step by step So once we have our video we are going To post that video up on YouTube like we Were just at so we're here over at YouTube we're going to post it up there And we're going to post it up on Tick Tock because Tick Tock is a huge source Of traffic as well and videos can pop Off on Tick Tock just like you see 1.3

Million 3.1 million and these are just Around Jasper which is the product that We are promoting so we are going to get Videos replicate them post them on Tick Tock and YouTube and get our views now Once we're cranking through views and We've got some videos going we need to Turn those views into leads that's where System comes in system is a CRM don't Have to use system you can use any CRM It does not matter I'm just showing you This particular CRM called system Because it works well what system does Is it allows us to create what's called A landing page or they call it a funnel You can have different names but the end Of the day it looks like so it's got Some information and a picture and they Can enter their email address and they Can unleash boss mode now so What does that mean that means they give Us their email address and then the Email address goes here into system and Then it's going to start sending them Emails rapid fire well not rapid fire But immediately they get an email Straight away and they get an email a Day later and a day later and then we Can build this out so that it looks kind Of like so where there's like 11 emails In here 14 or 30 days worth whatever Where they get an email and they keep Getting them automatically right and Inside each one of these emails is going

To be a spot where you're going to stick A link what is the link it is that Affiliate link that we had from Jasper Earlier that we have right here so once We have our affiliate Link in there and Then they're going to email about it Every single day and so what happens is When they click the link they get to go To a page like so where they have a nice Video to watch they have something over Here trying to get their attention they Have something here where they can claim Ten thousand free words try it for free And so what happens is then they sign up And then when they sign up you get paid And then you get paid every single month They're a customer so that is another Way that we can leverage because we Already talked about this how it's Reoccurring but once we set this up with The landing page and the emails and we Build this it is done and every single Time we put up a new video and it gets New views people go to that landing page And when they go to that landing page It's sending them emails automatically Every day all year long 365 days a year And it's selling them things and getting Them to click those links and sign up And then you make money so what does That really mean when we actually are Looking at this

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