How to Generate Song using AI #chatgpt #aimusic #texttosong

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Ask chat GPT to write song lyrics and Give some theme or category Now chat GPT is generating lyrics You can also give some keywords and ask To generate song lyrics based on that Our lyrics are generated Now go to the voice mod website Create your account and go to voice mod Text to song First you have to choose a song type Let's check a few of them [Music] La la [Music] I am selecting this one next you have to Select a voice I am selecting this voice Next we have to add our lyrics here Copy this Paste it here click on create song in a Few seconds Our Song will be ready Song is generated with music Let's play this song [Music] Download the song if you want Click here to edit lyrics Copy lyrics Paste it Click on create song Our Song is generated It has a word limit for lyrics So you have to repeat the process for Remaining lyrics I have generated the rest of the song

And merged it in one video file As the sun sets in the sky I can feel Your love draw nice softly whispering in My ear oh my Son feels disappeared [Music] In your arms I am free nothing else Matters [Music] He is With every breath my heart beats strong Feeling like we've known each each other All along with you my soul feels Complete and everything now seems Obsolete Leave arms I am free Nothing Else Matters too me love is Is I never knew love could be so sweet to Melody that sweeps me off my feet Together were like two birds in Flight Taking on the world with all our mud In your arms I am free Nothing Else Matters To Me Love Is Is The stars twinkle above I know that We're mentals Look at the wheel journey through life Hand in hands forever as husband and Wife [Music]

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