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Almond reveal an incredibly powerful 10 Minute totally free traffic source that Almost no one is using this incredibly Easy traffic method can allow you to Generate 250 or more a day promoting Digistore 24 products in whatever Niche You want to promote in the best part is This will work without you having to Show your face online without having an Audience or even taking more than 10 Minutes a day I'm gonna share every Single step as far as how to find a high Converting product to promote how to get Content that you don't even have to Create yourself and this little used yet Highly visited site that you can post That done for you content to start to Get tons of daily clicks to your Affiliate links on total autopilot now Real quick before I dive in I want to Share a Facebook message I've received Recently from one of my followers to Motivate you on what's possible you can See this girl sent me this message she Said thanks a million just the third day Of applying the video training you Shared and already made to sales so this Is what really motivates me you can see What's possible and now I can help you Create your success story as we dive Into this method last I want to announce That if you want the chance to win three Nights in a luxurious Hotel in Las Vegas All you have to do is subscribe to my

Channel with the Bell icon this will Also alert you of my latest training so You don't miss out now once you do Subscribe with the Bell icon click the Second link in the description for Details on how to let me know you've Done that to officially enter into the Giveaway you'll also learn how you'll Get notified shortly if you're the lucky Winner of this amazing prize so without Further Ado let's dive into the very First step of today's training so like I Said we're going to be using digistore24 All you have to do is go over to Digistore24.com click register now if You don't already have a account and Within a matter of minutes by selecting Affiliate you can sign up and you can go Ahead and act access your dashboard okay Now once you're back here you want to Click the tab with Marketplace and this Will list all these different niches now Digistore24 has dance and music products Education home and garden now this Method that I'm going to teach will work In any Niche before this video we're Going to be using fitness and health so Just go ahead and click fitness and Health and once you do you want to sort Results by sales rank this will share With us the best selling products at the Very top of the page and you can see That the top product currently is the Ultimate keto meal plan which I'm going

To be promoting in this video then all You have to do is if there's a blue Button click that blue button and it Unlocks your affiliate link okay so I'm Just going to copy that open up a Notepad file and put that in to keep it Handy because we're going to be using This in just a second now I will say Digistore24 is not my favorite place to Find products to promote if you want to Discover my number one affiliate system That will pay you instant 100 Commissions up to two thousand dollars Click the first link below to join in That program but without further Ado What traffic Source are we going to be Using well it's little known a lot of People don't use it it's Tumblr Tumblr.com now maybe you have an account With Tumblr but many people are not Using this to promote affiliate products Now if I go over to a site called Similarweb.com this site tells you how Popular different websites online are I Put in tumblr.com and you can see that Just in September there's been 232 million visitors okay so there's an Endless opportunity of getting traffic If I go down here you can see where the Countries are coming from and you can See that United States United Kingdom Canada Australia this is top tier Traffic meaning that there's good Chances these people have money to buy

Our products when we start to promote on Tumblr.com so what you want to do is you Want to go over to Tumblr if you don't Yet have an account you want to click Sign up and then you just want to go Through the process it asks for your age Which I'm 30 one Blog name now for the Blog name it's good to create something Related to the product in Niche so for This I can do you know weight loss tips And I can hit next so once you do that It will create an account like this now You can see people are posting all these Different types of content videos photos Okay this is like a Blog website where You can post blogs we're going to Actually post content without having to Create it ourself so if we go back to Digistore24 whatever product we're Promoting they're going to typically Have an affiliate support page we can Just open up that link right there and Once you do that you want to access the Affiliate materials now depending on What product you promote some products Are going to have more tools than others This one right here it has a lot okay so If I go up here and I put my email in And just click there it will ultimately Take me to this site here now we want to Scroll down and we want to see that they Have different types of tools okay so They have landing pages different types Of traffic but for the sake of this

Video we want to actually find videos so A lot of these affiliate pages will Actually have videos you can use to Promote their product so the closest Thing we're going to find is YouTube ads So if we click that right there it's Going to take us to download the YouTube Ad creatives so all you have to do is Click here and this will take us to a Google drive folder with three different Videos that we can use totally free to Promote this product okay so I'm just Going to download this very first one You just right click and then click Download and once that downloads to your Device what we want to do is go back to Tumblr now what we want to understand is The way people are going to find posts On Tumblr is typically through hashtags Okay you can see this video's hashtags Here you can see almost every person is Using hashtags so rather than having to Come up with them ourselves what we want To do is search a few words that have to Do with the niche and products we're Promoting so I can do weight loss and I Can search this and what we want to do Is we want to find these top ranking Posts because we know that they are Using good hashtags okay so you can see This one right here has 1432 notes this One 44. so that's pretty good what that Is is how many people have interacted so What we want to do is we want to

Actually take one of these top ranking Posts in a keyword that relates to our Product in Niche and we just want to Copy this we're literally going to swipe The tags so if we open up this notepad Again that has our affiliate link I can Hit enter a few times and I can just go Ahead and paste that in now we want to Format it okay so we want to actually Add a space between each of them like This I'm going to go ahead and do that And then I'll come back in just one Second all right so I went ahead and did That and you can see that we have this String of hashtags that we're going to Be using let me go ahead and post in a Second so now that we've done that the Next thing we want to do is we want to Go to this top right and click this Pencil and this is going to allow us to Choose what type of content we want to Promote and post so we can do text we Can do photo for the sake of this video We're going to do video now once you do That we want to click upload video and We want to actually choose the video That we just downloaded from the Resources that this product gives you Okay so it's uploading right there and Now what we want to do is we want to Actually write a call to action under This video with our tumblr post this is How we're going to start to get passive Clicks or affiliate link generating US

Money so I can say do you want to learn The best way to lose weight fast you can Also do this for the make money online Niche do you want to learn the best way To make money fast do you want to learn The best way to attract your ideal lover Whatever Niche you're in go here and Then all we have to do is you can Actually highlight that right there and I can go ahead and click this little Paper clip and I can open up our notepad Take our affiliate link copy that and Then just paste it in right there and Click done so now that is clickable so Now what we want to do is we want to go To the add tags section and we want to Open up this notepad we just want to Copy our hashtags that we swiped from The top ranking post and we just paste That in like that and then all you have To do is double check everything looks Good the video is posted we have a call To action with the link to our affiliate Product and then we have hashtags and Then we can just choose if we want to Post now you can add to queue you can Post privately or you can schedule but I'm just going to post now and then just Click there and you can see that it will Post in a matter of seconds okay so once That video is uploaded in post again the Way it's going to work is people will go Here they'll type in a hashtag such as Weight loss they'll search that our

Video and post will start showing up Under these hashtags people will see it They'll read our description right there They'll click the affiliate link and Then because it's a high converting Product as you can see ranking it from The sales rank they'll go to this Affiliate link here they'll look it over And when the button appears to buy and They buy through our link we will start To earn these sweet commissions now last Thing I want to share is what happens if You run out of videos or they don't have A lot of videos with the product you're Promoting another thing you can do to Find more content is go to youtube.com Type in a few words that have to do with The niche your product is in and then Filter by creative comments these are Actually videos that people give you the Right to use as your own so what you can Do is you can find a good one something Giving value something teaching people Valuable information okay so you know This could be good right here the Biggest weight loss myth what you can do Is right click that video copy link Address then you can go over to a site Like ssyoutube.com paste in the link That you just copied and then you can Actually download this video from YouTube to your computer or your device And then once it downloads you would Just go back to Tumblr create a new post

And then upload that video right here With your affiliate link and more Hashtags now as I said before or be sure To click the first link below to see a Free video revealing how to easily set Up my number one affiliate system to Promote with the method shared in this Video to get paid instant 100 Commissions also click the Subscribe Button with the Bell icon so you don't Miss out on my latest money making Methods and last if you want to discover Another incredibly easy method to make Commissions online be sure to click the Video that will show on the screen in Just a second to discover that one also Thanks for watching and I'll see you on The next video Foreign [Music]

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