Don’t Let Your Excuses Determine Your Outcome

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What's going on everyone Chase Reiner Here and today I'm going to be doing Something a little bit different I'm Going to be doing a unscripted video now What I mean by this is most of my videos I bring open my Notepad and I take you Through a step-by-step tutorial a lot of The tutorials I do are very similar I'm Showing you how to earn money selling Either online products doing affiliate Marketing Just making money selling things with Video now the reason why I'm actually Not going to be doing a video like that Today is because first of all I've done That video so many times in different Ways that it starts to get a little Boring but second of all I don't like to Make excuses for why I can't practice Doing videos every day and what I mean By that is There's always going to be an excuse There's always going to be a reason why You can't do something and there's also Always going to be a reason why you can Do something but one of the most Important things that you can do right Now And I and I'm saying this whether you Buy things from me or don't buy things From me because look I'm not here to Just sell you things I want you to be Successful regardless If you can get started with video

Content and you can start practicing Every single day and start doing content Every single day start getting really Good at it you can make so much money Right now because most people are not Willing to do it So what I'm doing right now is I'm doing Long form content which is not the best Type of content but I'm going to tell You why do long form and short form Content in a second but ideally you Would want to do a long form video like This every single day where you're just Talking about it could be anything could Be a system you could have a notepad out One of the easiest ways to make content Is to have a step-by-step notepad or Have all your thoughts on a notepad in Front of you And kind of just make content with Something like what I'm using called OBS Project you don't even have to show your Face you don't have to go on camera most Of my older videos you can actually see I'm not even on camera I just click the Screen record button but the reason why You would do long form every day first Of all so you can get good at it but Second of all long-form content is great For one main reason it's not views it's Not getting more followers it's actually Selling things Long form content helps people see that You are a real person

And the reason why you want people to See that you're a real person is because If you're going to be doing short form Content alongside your long form content Short form content is really great for Bringing in new followers and Views and So long form content you don't get as Many views on right like the videos that I do the long form videos like this one That I do I usually only get a couple Thousand views opposed to the Views that I get from short form content which is Anything below 60 seconds I will Generally get Thousands and thousands you know tens of Thousands of views between all of the Different social media platforms I post On And so if you put these things side by Side right so the three main things that I do is I do long form Everything I try to do it every single Day short form and I usually try to do One long form video a day one to two Short form videos a day And then I'll do emails so I'll usually Do a couple emails a day and I put all These things together and the recipe That I have That I used to make money online Generally brings me anywhere between Five to ten thousand dollars a day in Sales last year this is basically all I Did every single day I got up

I make my tea I Get on my computer In my routine every single day is pretty Much the exact same thing I do a long Form video like the one you're watching Right now again usually the way I do it Is I do it with like a notepad file Where I go step one step two step three Then I tell people usually at the end of My videos to join whatever the thing is That I'm promoting like my boot camp and Then I'll do a short form video in the Short form videos usually just a Condensed version of the long form video Also very similar and the cool thing About this by the way remember is that You don't have to do something Incredibly unique every day right you Could get started right now you could Even follow the videos that I make and Replicate them and you know improve them In your own way And you would get a very similar result Remember and if you've watched my older Videos you'll see I wasn't getting even With fifty thousand sixty thousand Subscribers last year I wasn't getting a Crazy amount of leads I wasn't getting a Lot of people that wanted to buy from me Until I started doing the short form Content every day and when I started Doing this short form content every day That's when I started getting a lot of People entering their emails to buy from

Me And I went from getting about 20 email Opt-ins email leads people entering Their emails to learn more about my Offers a day to getting hundreds 500 I Get about 500 to a thousand now email Opt-ins email leads a day and a lot of It is because of the short form content I do but remember like I said a second Ago I'm not doing Super unique content every day I'm doing Generally very similar content it Follows a very specific outline okay and So even if I change the topic that I'm Doing I'm still I have a very similar Structure but one of the key points I Want you to remember as well Is that I practice I've been practicing This stuff for a long time over seven Years now you can look at my older Videos my older videos I can't even Watch them because it was a struggle I Wasn't as good at doing what I do I Wasn't as good as emails I wasn't good As as good at short form content wasn't As good as long form content And it's because it takes time It takes practice right and and what I Try to show people is that or teach People is that If you're going to start doing anything Right playing the guitar practicing the Guitar learning let's say karate you're

Not going to just start out an expert You're not if you're learning the guitar You're not going to start out playing at A concert if you're learning karate You're not going to start out a black Belt You have to expect not to be good in the Beginning and do it anyways and so part Of the reason why again I'm doing this Video today I don't want to do like People I think look at me and they say Well Chase it's easy for you you like Doing this stuff you know you feel Comfortable doing this stuff first of All I don't like having to do this stuff All the time I do it because I want the Result of the thing I want to get good At it right Practicing something every day isn't Always fun But it's not it doesn't necessarily have To be fun and second of all it's not That I feel comfortable doing it all the Time it's not that I feel like I'm Always Um on point I mess up all the time right Even when I do these videos like I have Mess-ups all the time But I just roll with it right I don't Use the mess-ups as a way to make an Excuse not to do the thing and that's Why I said in the beginning of this Video there's always a way to make an Excuse not to do it and so one of the

Things I recommend Is doing what I'm doing right now which Is just practice even if you're not Posting To to peop to the people that are Following you or maybe there's nobody Following you even if you're not posting On an account where people know you make A separate account make unlisted videos But every single day practice I I tell People all the time If you don't know what to say and you Don't know what to do and remember this Happens to me this happened to me today I was like well what video do I make I Don't know I don't want to do it right And so what did I do first thing I did Is I'm like dude I'm just going to click The record button and I'm just gonna Start talking And that's the thing is that if you can Just get started if you can start doing Something every day even if you're just Taking a video of a tree if you're Taking a video of a cat or your food or Whatever it is You need to make an excuse to do it Rather than make an excuse to not do it And what ends up happening is the more You keep doing something over and over Even if it's something silly right even If you're making videos every single day Of I don't know the food you're eating Eventually you're gonna get used to

Doing that thing and you're gonna get to The next thing that you have to do and So the other thing that I recommend and This is something that I personally do And I try not to recommend things to you That I you know don't do I only Recommend the things that I actually do The things that make me money the things That help me Is every single day I write out a list It's usually the same list so I have a notepad By my desk I also do it on my phone or Whenever I have time to do it and I I Write down every day what are my goals And so you know some people they say Well write out a notepad and then you'll Have it for you for the for your the Next week or you know write every uh Year you know on New Year's Uh write out your list and then you're Going to accomplish those goals over the Next year no write it out every single Day you want to program your mind to Figure out the things that you need to Accomplish and then when you start Checking things off the list you're Going to add new things to the list so Maybe the thing that you need to start With Is posting content every day okay Or let's say showing up to the gym every Day It could be anything right but you put

It on the list you say I want to do this I want to do this and even if you're not Doing it right like one of the things Um I want to do is I want to let's say get A bigger house right and maybe I'm two Years away from that maybe I'm a year Away from that I don't know it could be Anything But Even if I'm not really like working Towards it even if I'm not looking at Houses if I'm not like actively doing That thing I can still every single day Put it on the list and what that does is It helps you manifest What you're supposed to be doing And it helps you figure out in your head Okay I know I need to do this thing right I Need to keep trying to figure this out And your subconscious brain is going to Keep trying to figure it out and so for Me there's certain things that I know I Need to do no matter what and and the Cool thing about the list is the list Makes things Easier for you to do regardless of how You feel right because if I just say Well you know I should probably work out And it's not on a list I don't have a Goal about it Well I can always just I'll think about It later right but if I put it on the

List and every single day I write it on The list and I go I'm looking at this List every single day and I'm like all Right it says this I'm really tired I Don't want to do this you know I didn't Sleep uh you know I'm I'm hungry I don't Feel like you know working out at this Exact second like I could have all these Excuses but if it's on the list It's easier for me to just go and do That thing okay and so the two main Things I would recommend for you and Again this is more just like one of Those unstructured videos and I just Wanted to do this video so I could show You that I personally do this as well Where I don't want to do it I I'm like I Don't want to you know have to do this Video I don't know what to say I have The exact same feelings that you likely Have but I do it anyways And so if you have these two things Which is First of all having some sort of list Right which is like hey I need to do This I want to do this I'm going to stay Consistent at it but number two creating A consistent schedule of doing something And it doesn't have to be an incredibly Long amount of time you don't have to Spend hours and hours and hours doing This stuff most of my videos that I do On YouTube They're unedited

They're 10 to 20 minutes And I post them and they're done for the day Right but it's crazy because when I'm Actually doing the thing it's not that Big of a deal right 10 to 20 minutes is Not that big of a deal doing these Tick Tock videos once I'm doing them and I Get them done not that big of a deal It's a couple minutes to do the tick Tocks 10 20 minutes to do long form Couple minutes to send the email so I Mean we're looking at maybe an hour a Day 45 minutes to an hour of day and That's if you're doing everything if You're just getting started you could Literally get away with doing a 60 Second video every day take a couple Minutes And my camera just died But maybe that's the end of the video So the point is get started Don't let your excuses determine your Outcome Because there's so many reasons why you Can't do something and there's so many Reasons why you can do something but Anyways uh if you want to join my full Program where I take you through Everything you need to do in order to Earn money online go to Also I recommend you go watch the Presentation you can get started for Free right now if you just go watch the

Presentation you don't have to go and do Um the full paid program if you if you Don't feel like it get started for free Today go watch the video we'll see in the next One till then Happy money making see you Bye

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