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What's going on everyone Chase Reiner Here and today we're going to be talking About how to make over a thousand Dollars a day with chat gbt and Tick Tock now I've actually put together a Simple step-by-step system that you can Get started with today even if you're a Complete beginner you've never done this Before but before I dive into it I want You to reply with the word yes in the Comments right now if you're interested In staying updated with this system if You're interested in earning money with Chat GPT short form content automated Videos just reply with the word yes in The comments right now and I will keep You updated Now I'm going to give you a way to get Started for free right now and then I'm Going to show you towards the end how to Pay a few dollars if you want it all set Up for you if you don't want to do any Of the work But before we get into the full paid System I'm going to show you again how You get started for to for free today Earning your first dollar your first Sale if you've never made money online Before you are in the right place this Is the absolute hands down easiest way To make money online right now and it's The exact system that I use in my own Business this isn't one of those videos Where I'm saying oh you could do this

This is possible somebody else is doing It this is what I do this is what the People I teach this to do this is what Really works right now and you might be Thinking well why isn't everybody doing This The people that are making the most Money online right now Doing what I'm going to show you They're all doing this exact system if You want to sell anything online whether It's a product whether it's an affiliate Whether it's a service it doesn't matter You can sell literally anything you want Doesn't matter the niche you're in Doesn't matter if you're in health or Financial it doesn't matter what you're In this system works to sell pretty much Everything and the reason why this is so Awesome is because not a lot of people Really have adopted it yet Not many people understand how to use Ai And short form content right now and so Because not a lot of people understand It that's why it's so profitable right Now because if you can become on be one Of the first people to really adopt this You're going to be able to set yourself Up way ahead of most people who haven't Been able to do this yet So let's talk about the trend obviously Chat GPT AI is blowing up right now why Is it blowing up Because everybody wants to use ai ai is

Replacing everybody and it's going to Keep replacing more and more people at The more advanced it gets and so We need to understand how to use it for Ourselves now AI is extremely profitable for the Reason that it helps you automate things But it's also profitable because so many People again don't understand how it Works and so a lot of people are buying Into you know different things like Software courses tools Because they want to become some of the First people to really understand it and Use it and so that's why I put together This list if you go to You can actually grab this free Checklist it's a bunch of different Tools that use AI that you can actually Get paid to promote now the reason why I Recommend you go and use this list and Promote these different tools is because You're going to be able to make money Without having to fulfill any of the Services or development of the tool you Don't have to do the customer support You don't really have to do anything on The back end all you have to do is Really send people to a link now I'll Give you an example and if you've seen My videos before you've probably seen me Run through this this is a tool Called and if you scroll to The bottom of the website you can go and

Send this link to people or you can Promote this tool with this link this is The link they give you okay and so Pretty much every single tool on this List they give you a link that looks Like this you copy it and you get people To click on it so they'll go and sign up For the tool anytime they sign up you Get paid so if I go and type in this Link here this is the link that somebody Else is going to see or get when when They go and click on it and they're Going to see this page right and they're Going to go sign up for Jasper to start Using Ai and this is an AI content Writer tool Now What you're going to do is you're going To choose a tool that you want to Promote it doesn't really matter Remember you can sell whatever you want You could sell Jasper you could sell Another tool on this list it doesn't Matter The point is is that you want to find Something that you can start promoting Because what you're going to do is You're going to focus on starting on on You're going to start focusing on Building a following on these different Platforms and you can do this Simultaneously because you're going to Be posting the same content on Tick Tock As you are on YouTube Instagram Facebook

Everywhere okay and so Short form content is really cool Because you're only spending about a Couple minutes creating a video right a 60 second video To go and post that content on all of These different platforms right So what I can do is I can make a video About Jasper right let's say I go to Tick tock right now and I type in AI let me go type in AI here And I'm going to get all these different Videos popping up about AI right I might Have to be signed in for this this might Just show accounts but if I go I think There's actually a way you can do Hashtag AI Whatever the point is you're going to Get a bunch of videos right let me just Use my main account Or one of my actual this isn't my main Account but this is one of my accounts You're gonna get a bunch of videos Around AI now the game really is to just Find trending content and replicate it Or repurpose it like take the video that You see that's trending break it down It's only a 60 second video right and Then maybe change a couple things or one Thing to somewhat improve that video Right so if I type in AI let me actually Say AI money Because we're promoting tools that help

You make money online with AI so this One has 150 000 views right if I click On it This guy has a 59 second video right so It takes me a couple seconds to just Bring open my Notepad And just Repeat onto the notepad what he's saying So he's saying I'm going to show you Guys how to make money practically doing Nothing I'm going to show you guys how To Make money practically doing nothing So what you would do And again if you don't want to improve This at all have chat GPT improve it for You you can copy this I have built a tool called shine ranker You can use whatever chat GPT you know You want there's all these different Um Tools that allow you to access GPT or You can just access chat GPT directly The cool thing about shine ranker this Again this is my tool is that we've kind Of programmed it so that it's a little Bit better than just the normal version Of chat GPT that you'd be getting Because there's like different Parameters that we built in here so you Get better responses but uh I can say to Chat GPT please rewrite this first Prompt right rewrite This

For a Fifth grader So we're making it more simple right I'm Going to teach you how to make money Without doing much work at all okay so Either way let me take that now this is Rewritten now that videos the intro is Unique and so I could do this for each Section of the video and the cool thing Is all you have to do to remake this Video right because this guy's just Showing his face here you and he's using His phone you take out your phone You open up the video app Whether you have an Android or iPhone Obviously and you just repeat it to the The phone you say I'm going to teach you How to make money without doing much Work at all okay Now remember this is 60 seconds right so Let's say you're you spend five seconds Doing this you do five seconds doing the Next part by the end of it you have a Full video now I'm going to actually Explain to you as well how you can get The same result without having to do any Of the work because I've actually built A system and again I'll tell you at the End about the system that we just we Essentially have an automated system That allows you to do all of this Without having to do any of the video You don't have to talk you don't have to Put your face in the videos but if you

Want to do it yourself and you want to Do it the free way like I told you Earlier I'm going to show you how to do It for free that's what you would do and At the end of the video you would tell Them to go to the link in the comments The link in the comments is going to be What whatever your affiliate link is Okay so now you're going to be earning Money right all the people who click on The link and sign up you earn money look At all these payouts just from this one Tool And you're going to also be generating a Following because as you start to build A following and you start to get people Paying for the links and the things that You're recommending You're going to be able to kind of Snowball and and really this is what you Really want to focus on it's not even The money when you first start you want To focus on the snowball and what the Snowball is is you start out with this Really tiny ball of snow and you're kind Of rolling it in the snow and eventually It gets bigger and bigger and bigger and At a certain point it gets so big that If you push it down a hill it's just It's just going to keep creating It's going to create its own momentum Right And it's going to still get bigger Without you even having to be involved

But starting out you're not going to Have any momentum it's gonna be very Hard to get traction and so one of the First things you really want to focus on Is just being consistent and so one of The things that I've told to somebody That I've been coaching is that like And this is how I started If you really want to start getting Traction don't focus on trying to make Perfect videos don't try to focus on Making a bunch of money you don't want To make your goals something that might Be hard for you to obtain at first you Want to make small goals and one of the The goals that I try to give to myself Into the the people that I tell this to Is Start out just doing something okay and So what that means is like enter and Remember I said this is how I started Start out just posting random videos Like when I started I just started Posting videos of my cat And the reason why is because you want To create the consistency every day if You just like let's say you walk outside Post a video of a tree on tick tock post A video of you know whatever you're Eating But tell yourself every day I'm going to Post a video because what's going to Happen is that movement you create when You start getting that momentum it's

It's easier to start doing the thing That you want to do but if you just get In the routine right like even going to The gym I have not been wanting to go to The gym lately but I still go anyways Even if it's for 10 minutes because it's That routine it's doing something every Single day okay But remember you don't necessarily have To do this yourself you can have Somebody or a system set do this for you And I'll tell you how So you promote any of the tools right Now imagine if you've promoted this tool And then you promoted this tool and you Promoted this tool eventually you're Going to have a bunch of different tools Paying you out and I have like a ton of Tools paying me every single month this Is just one of the tools like this tool Pays me about two to three thousand Dollars a month I have you know let's Say 10 tools paying me this much like I Make probably anywhere between 20 to 30 000 a month just from different Affiliate tools paying me out and that's On top of the money I already make with My own business and all the other things I sell like my software and you get the Point okay so that's the cool thing About this is you can start building a Following you can promote a tool you can Go promote the next tool promote the Next tool promote the next tool and then

You really start to build passive income Now ideally what you would do though is You would also build an email list now I'm not going to dive super deep into This because I've actually built a full Presentation it's a 40 minute Presentation showing you how to get Everything going how it all works uh if You want to check it out go to But ideally you would build an opt-in Like this where somebody would have to Enter their email to learn more about The tool you would have automated email Swipe it's called a swipe file where Basically you have a list of different Emails that you would load up into an Automation when somebody enters their Email to learn more about your offer you Would basically send them out all these Emails every day and you would close Them on that thing but again I'm not Going to go into that because your Number one goal right now if you're Starting out and this is this is my Recommendation to you Just start posting every day if you can Get to a thousand followers and you can Be consistent then you can start Focusing on what to sell okay but if you Don't have any traction if you're Watching this video and you go I haven't Posted Ever or I haven't even posted in the

Last week focus on just being consistent First one video a day right it's kind of Like somebody who would say well Chase I Want to join a bodybuilding competition But I haven't gone to the gym in a week Okay well It's probably not going to go very well Right and so this is kind of the same Thing you want to make money you want to Start an online business selling things But you're not showing up you're not Doing it every day and so you need to Just get started every single day even If it's something dumb like posting a Video of a tree okay Now the way you're going to automate This is you're going to use Either virtual assistants to help you Which is basically somebody that's going To help you with manual tasks right like You know uploading the videos creating Social media accounts We actually have a full checklist that You can go through that you can hand Either do your you can go through Yourself it's called the short form Checklist it's basically just a bunch of Videos uh showing you what you need to Do like how to set up your emails how to Set up your uh videos how to you know How to automate everything right Or you can hand it to a virtual Assistant of yours you can hand them That checklist

And you can have them Learn it And do it for you so we actually have a Guy's name's Aaron and I talk about him In this presentation you should Definitely go watch this presentation if You haven't seen it already again it's Like 40 minutes Inside this presentation I show you a Guy named Aaron who basically goes and Takes our system hands it to a virtual Assistant of his and starts earning In the last month or last couple weeks He earned over two thousand seven Hundred dollars in sales and again if You watch presentation you'll you'll see The whole breakdown of what he's doing But he's basically repurposing my Content because inside of our system if You don't want to do the videos I Actually do the videos for you and so Inside of our system I give you These long form videos you can actually Cut these long form videos or you can Hand them to a virtual assistant to take These videos plug them into a tool like This one called cap cut and They'll actually go and put your links In the videos but you don't actually Have to do any of the talking I'll you Know I'll make the video basically for You and then it goes to your links your Offers So

I'm not going to dive super deep into it Go check it out the Program the deal I actually just put up A lot of people ask me on YouTube they Said Chase will you please make a Payment plan because it's too expensive Right now for me to get in and so I'm For this limited time I put up a payment Plan so you can get in I'm not going to Keep it open for a long time it's just If you really want to get in You can go get it but a lot of people Ask for it so it's in there right now so You don't have to pay the full price up Front if you don't have the money to get In but again if you if you don't have Any money and you want to get started For free Remember the easiest way to get started Find some content that's trending things Around AI find some affiliate links Create some videos start sending traffic To those links from your videos it's the In my opinion the hands down the easiest Way to make money and and the reason why Again is because you're taking the best Form of content right now to get views With which is short form you're taking One of the most viral topics on the Internet which is AI and you're and You're taking the list of any of those Tools that are probably some of the best Selling tools on the internet right now Around AI

And if you put them all together it Becomes very easy to make money so That's it if you have any questions let Me know and I'll see you very soon till I do happy money making see you guys bye

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