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Video today I want to show you how to Make money on YouTube short with Pre-made videos that you can create in Any niche in a matter of minutes and These different types of videos have the Potential to make you tens of thousands Of dollars in ad Revenue YouTube shorts Is absolutely blowing up you can see That videos are still getting hundreds Of thousands of views in a matter of Days and millions of other views in a Matter of weeks and what's exciting Right now is that YouTube is allowing YouTube shorts to get monetized meaning That you are going to be able to make Money on YouTube short and get them Monetized just like standard videos all You need to do is get 10 million views In 90 days and 1 000 subscribers you're Probably thinking but that's a lot of Views but when you take a look at the Potential of YouTube shorts you can see That some videos have hit 104 million Views in just one month and what's Exciting about Is I'm going to show you a niche that is Absolutely blowing up that you are going To be able to take advantage of without Showing your face without using a camera And without creating any of the videos Yourself these videos are really simple To create and I'm going to show you Everything step by step so that you too Can take advantage and make money on

YouTube shorts and earn tens of Thousands of dollars not to mention that You can also make a lot of money with Affiliate marketing and on this video I'm going to walk you through this Entire strategy step by step so that you Can be one of these people that get Monetized with YouTube shorts so like I Said Guys YouTube shorts is still Blowing up with a lot of creators taking Advantage of this and making a lot of Money through sponsorships through merge Sales through affiliate marketing on top Of this like I said you will be able to Do this because you are going to be able To get into the YouTube Partner program And YouTube is going to be splitting This up you're going to be earning 45 as The Creator and you YouTube is going to Be taking 55 but on top of that don't Forget that you can still create normal Standard size videos with what I'm going To show you today so that you can make Even more money with YouTube so what You're going to be doing today is you're Going to be signing up to this platform Over here called in video dot IO the Beautiful thing about in video is that You can create videos in a matter of Minutes and I'm going to show you Exactly how you can do that on this Video with these 5 000 customizable Templates which are basically videos That are pre-made that you just need to

Customize and tweak a little bit and Then you can upload these as YouTube Short you're going to get the views that You need get your channel monetized get Approved into the YouTube Partner Program and start absolutely crushing it So in order to get in video all you need To do is go down the bottom and click Onto the link in my description but I Want to show you something that's Absolutely amazing when you sign up to Nvidia you can actually start this Absolutely for free but in video has a Massive special all at the moment and What this special is you can see here That at the moment you can get this for As little as 15 if you go on to the Yearly you can see here if you go into The monthly sorry it's 30 if you go into The yearly it's 15 and if you go to the Unlimited it's thirty dollars however I Have an even bigger saving for you if You type in my code that I'm going to Give you over here which is smt 25 and You hit apply you're going to be able to See now that this has gone from sixty Dollars a month to 22.50 a month for the unlimited plan and If you take a look at the business over Here you can see here instead of paying A huge amount of money so you can see Here if you go into the monthly it's Thirty dollars a month you enter my code Smt 25 hit apply and go on to the yearly

It's now costing you just a little over Ten dollars instead of thirty dollars You could be spending just over a little Over ten dollars and you're going to get All the features to create amazing Videos so if you want to sign up and Take advantage of the these the link is In my description make sure you use my Code Smt25 now once you sign up to in video It's going to bring you over to a page That looks like this and then as you can See here you've got a few options within Video you can create these amazing Videos using templates text to video Stock media and just the plain video Editor what we're going to be using Today are these templates so you want to Click onto these templates once this Loads you will be able to choose the Niche that you want to do this in so for Example if we come over here and we type In Fitness as an example and we hit Enter it's going to give us all these Different videos that we can start Creating but it gets better on the left Hand side over here you can see that You've got Landscapes square and Portrait we want to select the portrait Option because we're going to be doing This for YouTube shorter okay then down Here you can see here that you've got All these type of videos that you can Create once you click onto more you want

To select a few of the 10 templates that Are going to be used as in how-to videos Tutorial videos so if you click onto Tutorials if you click on how to over Here if you scroll up you can also use Explainer videos you can also click on To listicles Etc you can maybe select Ads and then what you want to do is take A look at these different templates as You scroll down what you're going to Five I mean take a look at this five Things you can do within video you can Very easily change that to five Different types of workouts and you're Going to find these different videos Like this one over here three exercises To avoid for a smaller waist okay so you Scroll down here Then you can find even better ones you Take a look at this one over here and This is how to make Health chase you so Amazing templates over here tips to Maximize strength and training results So what you want to do is you want to Select one of these templates once you Select this template I'm just going to Pause it you're going to be able to hear That music in there then you want to Make sure that you select portrait and You want to click on to use a template Once you have selected this template It's going to load up onto your computer Now we can customize this Very very simple template into the video

That we want and there are so many Videos on in video I mean you look this Is amazing you don't need to show your Face you don't need to use your own Voice and Nvidia has its own built-in AI Voice that if you want to put that in There you absolutely can and I'll show You how to do that in a second so now What you can do is we can come over here We can play this now I don't like this Music at all so what you can do is you Can click onto this music you can go up To volume and fade and we're just going To get rid of this for now and we'll Come back to music in a second we can Change this music so when you play this You're going to see that the first Exercise is planks okay and then what I Really like about this is you can change This up so start with 30 seconds and aim To get better every single day so this Is perfect okay and what this basically Is so if I just move this over these are Best exercises to do at home so this is Perfect you can use this template for All your videos all you need to do is Quite simply come over to Google type in Fitness facts for example and take a Look at different types of Fitness facts So you could put in five Fitness facts You need to be aware of and create a Video on that the other thing that you Can do as well is you can just go onto Google and type in five simple home

Exercises and then take a look at all The different ones that you're going to Potentially find this one over here has Seven look at that you've got squats Lunges planks push-ups pull-ups Etc and Then you can start to create videos on All these different home exercises you Can create multiple videos in this Niche And start uploading it as YouTube shorts And you will get views I guarantee on Top of that I'm going to show you how You can rank these videos yes you can Rank YouTube short videos and you can Even get views from YouTube search Let Me just show you that very very quickly If we come over to one of my YouTube Shorts you can see that this is the top Traffic of this YouTube shorts you can See it's had 11 300 views and when you Come over here to channel Pages you can See that's the top search at the moment Or that's the top way that this YouTube Shot is getting its view so you've got Channel Pages you've got the shorts feed At 30 and then take a look at this YouTube search is contributing to 15.3 Percent of all the views that this YouTube short video is getting so that's Amazing if you know how to do your SEO And I'm going to show you exactly where And how you can do that so as we come Over to you guys what you now want to do Is as you move this over is you want to Decide the type of video that you want

To make so the first video of here is You can see you've got planks You've got cross crunches which is great Here you've got side plank here you've Got a Russian twist and then over here You've got just the end of it now before The end of it over you guys you can very Easily change this and you can just type In something like come over here remove This and type in something like Subscribe to Smart Money Tactics okay so just do that and then You can stretch this out you can Actually make this a lot bigger you can Put it over here double click onto this And you can actually change the color of This so if we come over here guys and Change this to White okay you'll be able To see that and that's going to stand Out a lot more and you can make it a Little bit bigger like that but now if We wanted to change anything that we Wanted over here so for example you've Got these planks if you wanted to change This video now what I recommend with This video is what they're doing is They're using this circle I'll get rid Of this now what you want is you want to Come over here and click onto videos Once you click onto videos you want to Come up to the top in Search and you Want to type in planks now this is how

You would change the video or if you Wanted to create your own video you'd Quite simply come over here and search For all these different types of Exercises so plank let's just do this Plank exercises Otherwise planks will give you a whole Heap of different things it'll give you Like planks and all this other stuff Like wooden planks so come over here to Choose this now as you can see guys What's going to happen when you search For these different types of videos is You're going to get videos that are Premium you're going to get videos that Are free and you're going to get videos With a ice stock and what you can do Quite simply if you're on a free version All you need to do is find the free Videos you can also uncheck this okay And it's only going to give you the free Videos so let's just say now that you Wanted to use this video you'd quite Simply hit this plus sign now what you Want to do is you want to make sure that You're choosing this video to fit this Scene and then all you need to do you Can see trim video to fit scene what This basically means is that this video Is not going to be any longer than this Actual scene itself so you want to click Onto that then you want to click on to Add and then this is going to be added On to this layout so you can just grab

That and bring it up to the top okay and I recommend that you do that guys and You can even stretch this out like this Because you want it to look like this You you wanted to stand out okay now When you play this okay so if we come Over and hit play you're going to be Able to see that entire video and that Looks better than having it in a bubble Okay so I like that a little bit better And then you want to come over here and Change this so again if you wanted to do Cross crunch you'd come over here type That in and then you would change that If you wanted to change any of this Writing guys very simple to do all you Need to do is double click onto it come Over here and make changes to it now if You wanted to change this music because I definitely don't like the music that We have here all you need to do is come Over here on the left hand side and Click onto music now when you go on to Music guys you're going to have mood you Can have sound effects and all this sort Of stuff now let's just say you wanted To do something like let's just type in Workout Say what comes up say hit enter And once you type out workout you can Hit come and hit play okay so that's all Coming up with machine so let's just do Inspirational hit enter And then what we can do is we can see

What type of songs are going to come up So play this Okay I want something a little bit more Upbeat Okay we can try this one and hit add Plus what this is going to do is it's Going to ask you do you want to replace That so you can see that that's in there We can quite simply grab that and delete That now what's going to happen is if we Play this okay so if we hit play So best five exercises to do at home now What we can do is quite simply hit Volume and fade and we can lower this to About say 45 say 40 now what you can do Guys is you can see here you've got this Add voice over options over here see This little microphone option so what we Can do is we can quite simply click onto That now you've got a few options For voiceovers okay you can do automated Text to speech which I'll show you that In a second The other one is you can import from Your uploads so if you've created any Sort of a voiceover if you've paid Someone to do it Etc you can upload a Voiceover file as well or record your Own voice so if you wanted to do your Own voice you absolutely can or you can Select automated text to speech so let's Just click select automated text to Speech and once you've selected that You're going to see it's going to come

Up to you and it's going to ask you to Enter your text over here so it's going To ask you what you want this system to Say now before you do that before you Enter that in you can quite simply just Copy what you have here so if you double Click onto this writing you can grab This guys you can copy this okay so just Command C so copy that then what we can Do is we come back over to here click Onto that hit automated text-to-speech We can delete all this Okay Then we can paste that in there what This is going to allow us to do is it's Going to allow us to copy that so we Don't need to write it now what we can Do is we can come over here and we can Put planks first so planks comma Now With the voiceover you want to make sure That this is moved over to the start Over here because that's where you want It to start when we import when we Insert this and now you want to come Over you guys and you want to listen to The different types of voiceovers that You have so you've got Sally as an Example so you can hit play to hear what She sounds like Thank you So you can pause that now let's just say We want to use Sally we're going to hit Generate voiceover And once you hit generate a voice server

It's going to do that and now you can Hit play to hear it thanks start with 30 Seconds and aim to get better every day Okay so you can hear that sounds a lot Better now what we're going to do is We're going to hit add once you hit add You can see that this has now been Imported inside this video okay so what We want to do now is want to play this So you can see exactly what this is Going to sound and look like thanks Start with 30 seconds and aim to get Better every day okay so you can see That sounds a lot better now what you Will do is you'll quite simply repeat This process you would come over here You'll do this for cross crunches you'll Do this for side planks you'll do this For the Russian twist you'll do this for Pretty much all these you can even do it At the start best exercise to do at home Etc and then at the end you can just add Subscribe to your Channel or subscribe To Smart money tactics whatever it might Be and you can see that this video is Only 32 seconds long this is how simple It is to start creating these YouTube Shorts using these pre-made templates or These pre-made videos in a niche that's Absolutely blowing up from here what you Need to do is you want to come up to the Top and you want to click on to export Once you click on to export choose the Default that you have and then hit

Export now in video is going to export This video onto my computer and from Here I'm going to show you how we're Going to upload that onto YouTube and How we are going to customize this video So that hey you can get really good Search results number one and also how You're going to ensure that this video Blows up people are able to find it so That you have the best potential to make Money with YouTube shorts not just with Ad Revenue but also with affiliate Marketing alright guys so this video has Just finished downloading onto my Computer and the other thing that you Can do within video guys is you can also Connect your YouTube channel to Nvidia Which is going to allow you to upload These videos directly onto YouTube so You don't have to download it onto your Computer but that's fine I prefer to Download everything onto my computer so Once that's done you just want to click On to download and you can see this Video is now downloading onto my Computer from here what we want to do is Now we want to upload this onto YouTube So quite simply you'd come over to YouTube guys you would click on to Create and click on to upload once you Do that it's going to bring you over to A page that looks like this so you want To grab that video you want to drop it And as you can see this is now

Downloading onto YouTube so you want to Get rid of this file okay because we're Going to change that now what we have Over here is we have created a video for A home workout okay so five of the best Home workouts you can call it something Like something like that so just come Over here to the title so five easy home Workout routines okay then what you want To do is you want to put something like Shorts now in order for yourself to know Whether or not this is a good title Whether or not this is a searchable Title what you want to be doing is you Want to be using a software like this One over here called vid IQ okay this is An amazing software and I use this Software as well to see what other YouTube channels are putting as their Tags because you saw that you can and Get search with YouTube shortcast this Is extremely important now when you come Over here and you type in home workout As an example vid IQ is going to show You that home workout is searched 407 000 times every single month so using Home workout inside the title of this Video is exactly what you want to be Doing because YouTube shorts Works a Little bit differently to other videos It's already going to be showing through The real and people are going to be Looking at it but when people type in Home workout if there isn't a lot of

Videos with YouTube short with if there Isn't a lot of videos with home workout In it with YouTube shorts and your video Is going to come up regardless of the Competition that's already there so this Gives you a really good opportunity to Get really good views doing this and as You scroll down you can see other things That you can type in like chest workout At home workout at home abs workout at Home full body workout at home cardio Workout at home I mean look at all the Potential of videos that you can start Creating home workout for men then you Can do obviously home workout for when Women leg workout at home Etc so you can see that you've already Got about 10 to 15 20 video ideas just By using vid IQ and if you want to sign Up and get this extension I will have That link in my description for you you Can actually sign up for free with this As well so yes using home workout is a Perfect in here okay so five is the home Workout routines and then you've got Hashtag shorts so what you want to do From here guys is you want to grab this You want to copy that you also want to Have this inside the description of your Video and you want to make sure that You've got this at the front as well That you've got home workout then you Might want to go through and also put in The different workouts that you have on

This video okay so you can quite simply Just come over here and tell people what Are the five different workouts now Before you do that what you want to do Is you want to have a product that you Are promoting because when you people Look at YouTube shorts they can also Take a look at your description and you Don't want to be giving up the Opportunity to make money with affiliate Marketing and YouTube shorts because People do click on those descriptions I Have tested it I've actually gone and Put in a separate link inside my YouTube Shorts and I've tracked it and a lot of People do click on your YouTube shorts Links as well so what you want to do is You want to come over to a platform like This one over here as an example like Clickbank.com or digistore24 and you Want to get an affiliate offer for Yourself to start promoting so sign up To ClickBank it's an affiliate Network Once you sign up to ClickBank what You're going to see is that they've got This entire Marketplace of products now There's heaps of different marketplaces That you can go to I'm just giving you One example that you can start using you Scroll down over here on categories as You scroll down you're going to be able To see health and fitness as an example And you want to quite simply just choose A product that you are happy to promote

I mean this is going to help you make Money before obviously 2023 before your YouTube shorts are monetized for example But also supplement and income and get You even more money because take a look At this one sale can get you over 100 And 46 dollars so let's say you wanted To promote this product it's a Supplement I'm not going to go into this Too much just want to show you how to do This you'd quite simply click on to Promote once you do that you will create This hop link once you click on to Create this hop link from there you want To copy that unique URL which is this One over here once you click on to copy From here what you want to do is shorten That link quite simply come straight Over to this site over here tinyurl or Bitly.com paste that in there guys and Just click make a tiny URL this is just Going to shorten this link so it's not Too long and ugly so you want to copy That and then come straight back over to Your video over here that you're putting Up and then type in something like okay So do that guys and then command V make Sure you fix up any spelling mistakes so I'm just trying to type in really Quickly here and then that's going to be Your affiliate link and all you need to Do now guys is follow this through and Publish this video This is how simple it Is for you to start creating these um

Amazing videos on in video using all These different types of templates and All that's left to do now is to quite Simply come back over to in video and to Start creating even more of these videos Now if you want to use even more images And videos or even sound the YouTube Audio library has different types of Sound that you can use and then what you Can also do is you can come over to Platforms like pixels as an example so If you click onto pixels over here this Is going to allow you to use different Types of images so all you need to do is Type in Fitness as an example okay once You hit enter you're going to see all These different types of images and Videos that you can start using there's A royalty free images and royalty free Videos this is going to allow you to Create these amazing videos and like I Said from now all you need to do is just Repeat the process Guys these videos get A lot of views as you can see when you Come over to YouTube shorts you can see A lot of these videos are absolutely Crazy crushing it in these channels if You're going to be one of the first to Get started with this in 2023 you're Going to be one of the ones it's going To reap the rewards and you're going to Be earning a lot of money with YouTube Shorts and absolutely crushing it you Can very easily maybe in 12 months from

Now be earning anything from five to ten Thousand dollars a month supplement an Income or leave your nine to five it's Completely up to you I just wanted to Show you one of the best ways that you Can make money with YouTube shorts in 2023

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