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The easiest beginner method to earn a Thousand dollars a day in a legitimate Way is by utilizing this method I'm About to show you here as you can see my Name is Ryan Borden let's jump in here If we look at PayPal for the past 30 Days it's eighty thousand dollars if we Roll out to 60 days we can see you know It's a couple hundred thousand dollars 90 days so on and so forth right so this Is just PayPal and I'm not saying this To brag what I am saying is this is Possible so if we jump back to 30 days For example we can see it's like eighty Thousand dollars obviously that's more Than a thousand dollars a day even Though a thousand dollars a day is the Focus of this particular method that I'm Going to show you but a thousand dollars A day is still thirty thousand dollars a Month and for Majority of people that is a massive Amount of money because if we are Talking about that on the scale of a Year then we are well over three hundred Thousand dollars a year and that puts You into the top few percent of earners Around the world Which as far as I'm concerned is a good Place to be so what is this easy method Well I'm going to take you through it There's a few moving Parts if you could Do me a favor before we start and just Pause the video right now and leave a

Yes down in the comments I would Appreciate that that helps on YouTube But it also helps to understand that This is actually a method that you want Because I have a list of methods and I Want to steer it towards this and future Trainings towards these particular Methods that you guys like so if you Could leave me a yes that'd be great the Next thing I want to mention is that There is a checklist this is the Checklist we're going to talk about Which you can get at this website here And there is okay let me back up there Is two checklists there is a checklist Of companies you can get paid to promote Which you can get at this website and Then there is a checklist that walks you Through how to do it step by step which You can get at this website alright so The first thing that we're going to need To do is to replicate a video that is Existing so that we can begin to get Views because the process looks like This we get views which we're going to Turn into leads which we're going to Turn into sales now the leads and sales Part is automatic utilizing a CRM which Is a system that does all this for you Which I'll explain in a minute but Ultimately on the other end is money so Views equal money And then of course we need something to Sell so as far as to something to sell

We will talk about that in a minute Right now we need to replicate a video So we can get views so we can jump over To tick tock we can jump over to YouTube And just grab a video And I just bounced to YouTube here how To make money online beginner method I Filtered by under four minutes here in The filters and we have stuff like this 122 000 views sixty thousand forty one Thousand so on and so forth across the Way and then more over here right so Lots of videos what we're going to do is We're just going to replicate an Existing video one that already works Because the platforms tend to they Obviously want views that's why they Exist because that's how they make money Off of their ads and so they want to Give people what people want to watch Pretty simple People obviously want to watch these Types of videos that is why they have so Many views so if you make a similar Video the platforms want to show it Because they can tell that it's similar And then it's more likely to get views And also it's more likely to get views Because people actually want to watch it Because they've already kind of raised Their hand and said hey we like this Video because it's got 122 000 views Right so and this one's 414 000 Etc so Make something don't reinvent the wheel

Just replicate one that works so just Make another video just like this now I'm only this is like a 10 minute YouTube video so if we're going to be Honest here like a thousand dollars a Day isn't something you're gonna get to Tomorrow you're not going to push a Button and watch one video and and voila Now we're making a thousand dollars a Day it's just not how it works right It actually takes some work and some Learning so the point I'm trying to make Here is that I have another video Actually multiple on this same channel On how to replicate these videos so if You don't know how to replicate a video You can go watch one of those but you Can also go over here to the checklist That you can get here and it has Everything so like if we go in here we Can see that this checklist has let me Pull it up this checklist has everything As you go through here so we have all of These things under the basics and then Tick Tock setup and then ads and let me Just pull up the checklist So here is the actual checklist so we Have all of these videos here and then The tick tock setup videos videos on ads Videos on CRM stuff and then YouTube and Facebook and Instagram and email and Editing and the marketplace and all this Jazz right so we can see this is still Being built so I'm cranking out videos

Every day Chase is putting videos in Here too so we have a lot of the videos Done by the time you can get through the Videos that are done we'll have a lot More in here as well so anyway so the Checklist is expanding basically it's Really great because as we get feedback So the Facebook group is a free Facebook Group and when you join this checklist Here when you get it it's free checklist When you go here to this website and get The free checklist of companies you get Paid to promote this yellow bar here you Can join the free Facebook group someone Go in the free Facebook group and we say Hey how do we do this I can say hey it Is on the checklist already it's online 21 I don't know right based on the Question go watch that video or it can Be like oh hey wait we don't have Actually have a video on that hang on Let me just go ahead and add in another Row here and voila then we just added in And now we have a video on it so that's Why the checklist is great because it Lets us add in and answer questions and Give videos and then also reference Videos that already exist so you have The whole tutorial ready to go So the checklist covers everything it's Like step by step it's the point so the Checklist the short form checklist so it Covers everything so back to the process Here we replicated a video we have

Posted it on YouTube Tick Tock Instagram Facebook Twitter wherever you want to Post it right I would definitely do YouTube and Facebook and Instagram and Uh Tick Tock those are the four major ones I know some people having great success With Twitter as well But you can post it other places too Stick it on Snapchat if you want Wherever wherever you have accounts or Wherever you want to make accounts Definitely upload the videos because the More places you upload them the more Views you will get which ultimately Means the more money you're going to Make So now we have to convert this these Views to traffic right so we have people Watching our video that we put up how do We convert it to traffic well again this Is covered in the in the full checklist The short form checklist which is you Know just the one right here I'm talking About How to convert them to traffic but Basically you're going to get a domain Name like myawsomwebsite.com or whatever And we'll walk you through how to set it Up it's really easy and then once you Have that you're going to put it in your Video so you put it in the video you put It in the comments you put it in your Bio on Tick Tock you put it everywhere

Right and when people reply to your Video in the comments you put it as well In there if they ask you for the website So on and so forth so that is how you Convert it to traffic because basically Whenever you have your video that you've Made like so at some point in the end You're going to stick it as like a Banner across the top here and we show You how to do that in the checklist Again I'm talking about this checklist Here we show you how to do it in there Where is it okay here we go so as we go In here basically we're going to put it In here and then we're going to put it In the comments as well so when someone Leaves a comment as we hear let's go Into the video and here we have like the Comments so there's 54 comments here you Leave it in the comments as well right And of course you can put it in the Description as well so it's here so on And so forth so we're going to put the Link everywhere we can and then people Are going to see the link click the link And then now they have traffic so now What are we going to do we're going to Squeeze the email out of them that Sounds a little odd what I'm going to do Is go into my CRM this is the CRM so if I was doing uh let's say Jasper for Example I go in here to Jasper I make a Landing page landing page can look like So I actually made this landing page

With chat GPT the except for the image That was mid-journey AI but 100 of the Landing page is made with AI anyway so Chat gbt gave us a great title that's High converting chat DBT gave us a great Subtitle that's high converting and then Someone comes here and they enter their Email address and voila now they become What I call a lead so don't get hung up On terminology you can call it whatever You want I'm just going to call it a Lead so that we can tell the difference Between views and leads right Elite is Someone who has entered their email Address so the reason I said squeeze the Email This is called a squeeze page so when You go you can even see in the title of The page it's called Squeeze page that's The default the point of that is is that You get traffic here and you don't give Them anywhere else to go there's no Menus there's no Social Links down here There's nothing else to do except for Putting their email address and click The button or leave Hence the squeeze page now that we have Them it's going to send them an email Which is what makes the sale not just One email lots of emails every single Day so if we go to emails we have a Campaign set up and this is all Automatic and so again chat GPT wrote All the emails for me but when we go in

Here we can see that there's an email Selling them something and then there's A place to put a link now what link what Are we going to link them to well that's Where this first checklist right here The free checklist of companies that you Can get paid to promote comes in you go Here and you know there's a bunch of Different options obviously but you go Here and you pick one you start with one And then just keep going right so we Pick one here of a affiliate program and If we roll down to the bottom we can see The affiliate program and we can log Into the dashboard here and when we're Logged in we see stats and we can see Like ours for example has like three Thousand dollars of unpaid earnings and You can see as we roll through here There's two to three thousand dollars of Unpaid earnings over the past well more Than a year uh because they have a Reoccurring commission structure here so It is 30 reoccurring so once you get Somebody to sign up like all these Customers get paid every single month For as long as they're a customer that Aside which is a great feature but that Aside this is the link that we need to Do it so when someone goes here for Example we can see they get this nice Video and they get an option to enter a Free trial and all this stuff going on Right so lots of ways to sign up and

Then once they sign up you get paid so This is your link this link tracks to You and anyone that uses this link and Clicks on it and signs up you get paid So this is the link that you're going to Copy and in your CRM here this is the Link you put right here so that way when Someone watches your video and let's Review they watch the video you Replicated they go to the website that You put in the video then they get to The squeeze page which is just the page Like so they enter their email address And then what happens is the CRM is Going to make the sale for you it sends Them an email straight away and says hey This is one of the reasons why it's Amazing and so on and so forth click Here and you can go ahead and sign up so If they click and they sign up you get Paid the thing is is that most people Don't sign up on average until they see An offer seven times So the zero minute delay here happens as Soon as they enter their email address But they might not sign up and buy the First time so then or they might be busy Right they were going along they saw the Video they did it but now they got to go Back to doing whatever it is that They're doing you know maybe they got to Get their kids from school or maybe they Got to go back to work because they're Just on break at work or maybe they're

Running a company and now they have Customers they have to take care of but They're still interested in it so some Of it's timing too so the next day a day Later it's going to send them another Email with once again a place to put Your link and if they click on the link And sign up you get paid the next day so Two days after the first when they enter Their email address it's gonna send them Another email And again I click the link so every day You're going to send them an email so You do that for seven to fourteen days Maybe even 30 days if you want to and Then we can move to the next offer and Of course chat GPT can write all these Emails so you can see there is tons of Emails in here and if we go to like this Campaign lots of emails and so on and so Forth so so then what well then after You make the sale of course you want Them to go to the next offer so once you Have them the first one it's the second One the third and the fourth and you Kind of go down the list now this isn't An exhaustive list by any means this is A long list and if you were to work Through these it would probably take you It'd probably take you several months to Get everything set up to promote every Single one of these offers and make Videos about them and so on and so forth But you could definitely do that and

Then once you run out of these there's Hundreds of thousands if not millions of Other companies out there with affiliate Programs that you can sign up for as Well And promote all their products and get Paid when people buy so it's pretty much Like even Walmart has an affiliate Program where you can you know if you Get people to Walmart and buy then you Get paid like everywhere Amazon they all Have affiliate programs the big ones the Small ones that have affiliate programs Because they want to make sales and They're happy to give you a cut of those Sales since you drove the traffic and You ultimately did that by getting a Video and then converting it to traffic Getting their email address and letting The CRM make the sale but the cool thing Is is if Bob comes over here and enters His email then you have Bob's email and Then Sally comes along and enters her Email then you have Sally's email right And so the thing is is you can then sell Them the first offer and then you can Sell them a second offer so if you get Someone then you can continue to sell to Them all year long so as you get more People you start to build up your email List and then it's just working for you On autopilot all day every day all night Every night sending emails to people Appropriately as they work through the

System based on when they sign up it's All automatic and it just works and so It makes sales for you and then Ultimately obviously you get the money And this is how we get to a thousand Dollars a day it's not by a magic button Or it's not by you know just like doing Nothing you have to learn how to do it It's not complicated there's some moving Parts don't get me wrong and so you do Have to learn some things which is why There's the checklist number five here Which we'll talk about in a second But look it's going to take a little bit Of work and some time to do this and if You don't want to get to a thousand Dollars a day stop at 500 stop at 100 It's whatever works for you if you need To make 200 a day you know to live the Life you want to live then stop at 200 a Day if you need to make five thousand Dollars a day then push hard and make Five thousand dollars a day you can go Into the free Facebook group and look Here at this website so go to the Website get this free checklist and then Join the free Facebook group there are People posting every day about the Success they're having about the money That they're making and they're Answering questions and helping other People so definitely a great place to be Plus then we can take the questions that You have and build them into this

Checklist right here which again is Like so which is the step-by-step Checklist so that brings us to point Number five a legit easy checklist this Isn't a get rich quick scheme it's just Not this isn't a you know do five Minutes of work and retire on the beach Setup it's not that at all you're gonna Have to do some actual work and learn Some actual things however what this is Is it's a legitimate way to make money And there's an easy checklist that you Can follow even works for beginners and Start earning money online so what's the Checklist well you go to this website Here and you can read all about it and All that jazz but basically you sign up And you get the checklist and so here's The checklist like I said it has all These videos and they're like five Minute videos and so they're attainable And you can watch it more than once if There's a technical point but basically You just go through here and you start Watching the videos and you start Working through the process step by step By step Right one step after another and then if There's questions we'll add more videos And of course it's being built So within The coming days a lot of this here will Be built and then so on and so forth and There'll be some more videos added in Here as well that I haven't even put the

Titles in but you get the point the Point is is that you got to take some Action and do some stuff and obviously You need the free checklist here of the Companies you get paid to promote so Grab that right here at this website Obviously you need to join the free Facebook group so that you can get among Like-minded people get the encouragement You need the focus you need ask the Questions and get the help that you need As well as provide the questions so we Can say hey it's online whatever the Checklist or that we can add it to the Checklist if your question happens to Not be in there and then the last step Is just to go over here to this website And get this full step-by-step checklist Here and get started and just start at The top the introduction and start Watching the videos and start working Through it so that is what I have for You today and until the next video happy Money making

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