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There is a massive exploit going on Right now that allows you to make money Extremely fast and it’s something that I’ve been seeing other people do and I’ve actually been giving this as advice To my friends to the people that are Earning money online and I’m seeing Their results Skyrocket right now so if You’re interested in a super efficient Hack that will allow you to start Earning money probably the fastest way I Know of then you want to stick around And watch this video now if you’re brand New here and you have no idea who I am Welcome you’re in the right place if You’re looking to earn money online I’ve been doing this stuff for over Seven years now and if you look at my Older videos you can see I started out In a garage and I wasn’t making any Money you can follow me on my journey as I go from making a few hundred thousand Dollars in the first couple years to now Where I’m making over a million and I’m Planning on doing hopefully around three To four million dollars in Revenue next Year And I want to invite you on that Journey With me because there are plenty of People right now that are implementing The strategies that I share here and They’re earning a crazy amount of money And I’ll talk about them in a little bit Now one thing I want to mention before I

Dive into this method is that the Program that I have called is going to be going Up in price tonight and so if you want To get in before the price goes up this Is your last chance to get in if you’re Not in already we already have thousands Of students that are in this program They’re earning money they’re Implementing the strategies If you go and enter your email again click on the video You can watch sort of my whole layout of Where I started how I got into this Stuff how I started deciding to take my Income to the next level and you can see All the different results from the Different people in the program a bunch Of different testimonials and I’ll talk More about that at the end but without Wasting any more of your time let’s talk About the method so there is like I said A trend that people are using right now That’s basically exploiting The YouTube shorts and Tick Tock Algorithm and it is crazy everybody that I see do this they blow up in fact one Of the people that I saw do this Recently who was the person that I I Very first learned this from was a guy Named Austin Armstrong And there’s actually two Austin Armstrongs this isn’t the right one he Is under social D Pro now this guy a

Couple months ago started reposting his Tick Tock videos on YouTube and Unbelievably he went from 500 Subscribers to 419 000 subscribers in just a couple months Now if you look at his shorts here look At this he got 16 million views on this Short 1.3 million views on this short 800 000 and he’s posting a lot of the Same videos now you might be thinking Well how is this going to work for me Look everybody that I see do this trend Blows up and they get a ton of email Opt-ins I’ll show you how let me Actually show you Paul James here this Is uh actually my mentor I told Paul about this strategy that Austin was using and look at this 10 000 Views 22 000 views twenty five thousand Views 44 000 views ten thousand hundred Fifty three thousand five hundred Thousand three hundred thousand and the Best part about this is Paul was only Getting a couple thousand views on his Other videos before he started doing This now you can do this with brand new Accounts the way the shorts uh and Tick Tock algorithm works is if you can get a Few videos that hit the algorithm and Start trending your account will start Blowing up look at Austin he had 500 Subscribers prior to this No Real views on his channel and all of A sudden he started posting these shorts

They started taking off and now because The algorithm warmed up to his account He started getting all these views now There’s a bunch of different types of Shorts you can use besides this the Point is is if you start doing shorts or Any sort of short form content right now You will start blowing up even my Channel 105 000 subscribers now has been Growing like crazy I’m not even Replicating this trend yet But look at my analytics here pretty Much all of my videos that are getting Views right now are short form videos 200 000 views 195 000 views 139 000 Views and the best part about this is The way the algorithm works with these Shorts Is you’re not actually really doing Anything new you’re replicating Trends You’re finding videos that are working Like the things I just showed you a Second ago and I’ll go into how they Work in a second but You’re replicating these videos and You’re basically sending traffic from These short form videos into uh email Opt-ins or things that you can actually Go and control your traffic with I went From let me actually show you my email List here I went from I think like 40 000 email subscribers on my email list To almost doubling my email list Within a couple months just using this

Short form content now what I actually Have been doing by the way and I think You’re going to like this a lot Especially if you’re already in the AI Profits course and by the way if you’re Not familiar with the course basically The way it works is I give you products You can sell I have um software that I’m Building I have a team of 14 people half Of them are Developers And basically we’re building all these Tools we’re building on these different Things that you can sell so when you go Into the ad profits you get the emails That I use you get the Um tools that I use you get everything To sell and You can basically load up swipe files I’m trying to freaking log into the Stupid convertkit account one six zero Two five Two four Here I’ll show you what I’m doing here I’ll go into it in a second let me just Log in here because I want to finish What I was showing you with the email Sign ups There we go so look at this it is 9 A.M Here today 214 sorry 249 new email Subscribers in the last seven days three Thousand email subscribers now if you’re Not familiar with how email works Ideally Every email you get is worth around one

To two dollars per month now if you are Getting Look at 16 000 new email subscribers in The lat in in 30 days so every 30 days Right that would be ideally an extra Sixteen thousand dollars per month and If you don’t believe me let me show you This last year I’m not kidding I only Made I think 440 000 gross profit net Profit was about What was it I think it was like 100 Grand it wasn’t out of luck because I Paid for ads I paid for Um actually very little in ads I Probably spent like 40 Grand on ads I Pay for a lot of employees I pay for a Bunch of stuff Um and I have a whole other thing on why You shouldn’t have a big net profit and We won’t go into that right now but Um this year though I made over 1.4 Million dollars and if you don’t believe Me look at this On Thrive cart today I’m already at 1145 Dollars yesterday four thousand dollars Day before 2000 day before six thousand Day before 2 500 day before three Thousand so on average you can see I’m Making about three thousand dollars a Day now some some weeks I’ll make more Some weeks will be like five or six Thousand dollars a day on average Um if you look at my stripe account You’ll see I was not making that much

Money until this year and it’s because I Started understanding A system that Works extremely well uh let me show you Stripe here 12 months 780 uh six Thousand dollars three months three Hundred and five thousand dollars now I Don’t say this to brag to you I always I Always try to add this as a disclaimer I’m not saying this to brag to you I’m Saying this because I want you to know That it’s possible uh to go from not Having any money coming in to start Building a list start building a list of People using some sort of short form Content Using the algorithms that are dispersing Content right now and then as you start To build your list you can start Monetizing it and make a ton of money And really it’s a very simple system Okay so step one you’re joining the Course right you join you get in there get In before the price goes up tonight you Start going through the videos and you Decide on what you want to sell you can Sell your own products if you want you Can do affiliate marketing or you can Sell the products that I give you next You’re going to start either making your Own Tick Tock videos or short form Videos Um you can actually repost the videos That I give you and there’s people in

The program that are reposting the Videos and they’re still getting views They’re reposting my videos getting Thousands and thousands of views it’s Incredible Um you start getting opt-ins with those Videos and the way it works is in your Videos you’re basically telling people To go to the links in your comments as People go to your links you’re going to Start getting opt-ins so I’ll give you An example of a short I recently did This was one I did yesterday it’s Already at 1.4 000 views look at this I Tell people go get started now at AI Profits they click on this they go into The email opt-in they sign up but Instead of it going to my link they’re Going to go to your affiliate link and You’re going to get credited when they Buy the cool thing though is you don’t Have to sell the course you can sell Shine ranker which is my software that I’ve been building you can sell my other Things I have checklists that you can Sell or you can obviously sell your own Stuff but as you start to make money You’re going to also be building your List and you could start selling Whatever you want you can automate the Whole process and what’s even cooler is I give you pre-built emails so if you Want to start monetizing your list I Give you the emails

Let me show you the shine ranker emails Look at this this is for shine ranker if Somebody signs up to try out this tool Uh you get all these different emails of People that are using the tool with Success and then when people buy you get Credited you get 30 reoccurring Commissions on that Tool uh with the AI Profits course you get 50 with some of The other stuff you get 50 but again There’s more than one way to do things Right I’m just giving you the easiest Quickest way to make money so you start Making money because most people don’t Have any sort of product or thing that They can give to people yet and so one Of the best ways to start is by Promoting other people’s products it Helps you build your list as you start To build your list you also make money On the front end because you’re selling Other products and as you start to Generate this traction then you can Start deciding well do I want to sell my Own products do I want to keep doing Affiliate what do I want to do it’s Completely up to you but um let me just Show you some of the people in the AI Profits program right now if we go over Here Just last month alone Let’s do last month here This is this month For some reason uh Thrive cart is a

Little laggy I don’t know why Nine thousand five hundred dollars Commissions earned Okay so That is 10 that’s double right so that’s 19 000 sold from people in the program we Got this guy Jason down here selling Stuff he we got Lee Williams we got this Guy we got Paul we got blessing we got All these different people that are Selling stuff in the program And really all they’re doing is just Using the system they get started uh Posting content they start bringing in Email opt-ins and they start earning Money by using either the swipe files or They’re going to be using the new system That we’re putting in which by the way Every single week I’m updating the Course there’s the course started A few months ago it was like 300 bucks And it started with only like 10 videos And so every single week I’m adding more Videos and I’m upping the price and so If you get in now at a lower price what Happens is you get all of the updates That I’m going to keep updating this Course till it’s over a thousand dollar Course there’s going to be hundreds of Videos in this course and so a lot of The people that got in earlier they’re Getting the benefits from all of the Future things same thing with shine Rinker I’ve been building shine ranker

Since it was like a 200 Tool uh now it’s A lot more and so that’s how I like to Build my products I like to build my Products where the people who get in Early get rewarded and the people who Get in later they pay more but they Still get the value of all the things That we’re building in Um and so if you’re on the fence you’re Like I don’t know I don’t know what to Do to get started I’m telling you one of The best ways to get started is by Following our step-by-step process let Me actually show you what this looks Like so you can see How it works basically it’s a big Spreadsheet and inside the spreadsheet It has all of the Step-by-step videos so you know uh What’s in the program our group we have A a Facebook group that you can join and Ask questions in Um how does the setup work how do you You know get your affiliate links how do You start building your own products if That’s what you want to do how do you Repost our videos how do you build short Form content how do you edit Tick Tock Videos how do you uh send contact forms And one of the other things that we’re Actually building is we’re building a Contact form tool that you’re going to Get early access to which has been Taking a little bit longer people keep

Asking about the tool they say Chase When’s the tool supposed to be up Uh we had to postpone it a little bit Because we wound up bringing in a Project manager who really wants to do Things right and so we’re doing it right Making sure that the tools really really Solid before we release it and uh Basically the contact form tool will Blast out our videos for us and get us Um user engagement metrics which will Help us boost our videos and the Algorithms too and so we have all this Really really cool stuff coming we got Tools we got software we got videos I Have a whole team right now working on Building templates building videos that We can repost all this really really Cool stuff I even have two people other Than me in the program teaching so if You’re already in the program and you’re Excited about all the updates let me Know in the comments I love hearing from You if you’re about to get in and you’re Ready to jump in let me know as well Again the deal Ends Tonight and the Price is going to Skyrocket so do not Wait and thanks for being here I hope You guys enjoyed the strategy I’ll be Talking more about it in the program I’m Going to show you exactly the Experiments we’re running with it we’re Running a ton of experiments with this New method and we’ll see you soon till

We do happy money making we’ll see you Guys bye

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