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Guys I want you to take a look at this Video over here because the person that Posted this video didn't even create This video on top of that they're not Even showing their face when they're Putting up these videos all they're Doing with these videos is making sure That they're linking back to the Original creator of this video and this Is 100 legal and legit and what's Happening when they're putting up these Different types of videos because these Videos are going viral and they're Getting a lot of views when they're Putting up this different type of Content they're driving traffic to a Link inside the description of their Bios and when you take a look at this They're getting tens of thousands of Views and what happens from there when People click onto that link they're Getting visitors to these different Types of products which is driving sales You can see that just today I've had 17 Sales these sales have led to over a Thousand dollars in affiliate at Marketing commissions and on this video Today I want to show you exactly how you Can do this where you're going to get The content how you're going to pay Credit and which platforms you can post This on 100 legally to drive a lot of Sales and make money with affiliate Marketing if this is something that

You're interested in because this is Super simple it'll literally take you Minutes to copy and paste this content For you to start making hundreds if not Thousands of dollars every single day Let's get into it so step one what we Want to do is come over to this website Called more Niche is an Amazing affiliate marketing platform That promotes health and fitness Products for people that are looking to Lose weight bodybuilders and everything Else in between you can see here that This is the number one Health Network These guys have paid out over 57 million Dollars in commissions since 2002 and they have some amazing products And it's so simple to get that affiliate Link so that you can start promoting These different types of products on top Of that they pay out up to 70 percent in Commissions and some of their products People purchase are worth hundreds of Dollars so with just one sale you can Very easily make anything from 50 to 200 Every single time someone purchases and Because their products are amazing People are buying this every single day So what you want to do once you come Over to is you want to come Up to the top you want to sign up once You sign up you want to click onto Brands once you go over to Brands what You're going to find when you scroll

Down is they've got a range of different Types of health and wellness products And when you scroll down depending on The type of content that you are going To be creating will depend on the type Of product that you are going to promote But on this video I'm going to show you How you can promote multiple products so You just don't just have to promote one You can promote three four five products Which is really really going to increase How much money you're going to make in Affiliate marketing commissions and the Best part is you can get thousands of Views and clicks with the free traffic Method I'm going to show you on multiple Social media platforms and you never Need to show your face use your own Voice or create this content yourself And it's 100 legal I'm going to show you Proof of people that are doing this if You're enjoying this content so far guys All I ask that you do is that you smash That like button in appreciation and Just go down the bottom and comment let Me know what you thought of this video When you get to the end because I'm also Going to have a bonus strategy somewhere Throughout this video that can also help You make even more money online and how You can get the training for that as Well so as you go through and you take a Look at all these different brands you Want to click onto for example let's

Take a look at this brand called trim Tone I know this brand because I've been Promoting it myself and it's a brand for Females where it helps them tone their Bodies and trim so what you want to do Is you want to click onto it once you do That it's going to bring you over to a Page that looks like this and as you Scroll down you can see that you can Earn up to 70 commissions per sale and It depends how much people buy what Products they buy Etc will depend on Whether or not you get the 70 or not as You can see here the average order value Of this is 98.58 which is amazing because you're Going to get 70 commissions on these Different types of orders then from here You can see that the average conversion Rate is 3.2 percent and earnings per Click is 80 cents so every single time Somebody clicks onto your link it's Essentially worth 80 cents for you Because that's going to give you the Average of how much people are buying Okay so really good earnings per click As well so from here what you want to do Guys is you can very easily click onto This which is going to take you over to Their website it's going to bring us Over to this page now as you can see This is the product itself this is what People are going to see when they click Onto your link and when you go through

This website side you'll be able to see That there's different types of products When they purchase and this is what's Going to affect whether or not you get The 70 commissions or you get 40 Commissions with this product because I Know there's two tiers and as you can See people will sometimes buy a one Month supply two months supply three Months Supply so you can very easily Start to make some really good money With this particular product now if we Come back over two more Niche if you go Over to offers this is where you're Going to see all the brands that you can Potentially promote and get that link You can see there's trim tone so if we Click onto that it's going to bring us Over to this page and this is where you Can get that affiliate link so quite Simply all you need to do is Click onto Copy link once you click onto that you Can see the link has been copied now From here what we need to do is we need To paste this link somewhere where we're Going to run this traffic so that was Lesson one this is where you go to get The product this is where you go to get That offer so you can start promoting it Now I want to show you how you're going To get this traffic this is really Important then I'll show you where You're going to place these links so in Order to get this traffic one of the

Best places to go to start getting Traffic is to start using Instagram what I did is I came over to Instagram and Found all these accounts that I'm going To show you that are doing this without Showing their own face none of these Videos are theirs they're just reusing Them but also I want to show you how you Can add a call to action to these videos So let's take a look at this account Over here it's called Kettlebell workout Videos now when you scroll down you're Going to find all these different types Of kettlebell workouts none of these Videos are theirs because you can see That every single one of these videos is A completely different person completely Different location from all over the World okay and as you can see some of Them have text overlay which I'm going To show you how to create so that you Can put up a call to action which is Going to increase the amount of people That are going to click onto your offer And the crazy thing is guys when you Take a look at this this account has 216 000 followers and look at this tens of Thousands of views on their videos some Of the the videos have hundreds of Thousands of views and some of their Videos have even had millions of views And if you're posting this all the time Which is only going to take you a few Minutes I recommend two to three videos

A day because hey you don't even need to Create these videos it's going to drive A lot of traffic for you and get make You a lot of money in affiliate Marketing commissions so as you can see All you need to do with your profile Once you set it up is you want to have a Link inside the description of your bio Which is going to drive traffic to that Link and I'm going to show you two Platforms that you can use to shorten These links so this was the first Account that I found here's another one That I found over here this is called Workout videos for you this is a new Account they've got 401 followers and as You can see they've already put up here It says DME for promo rates what this Means is that people have already Started coming over here and paying These people to promote potentially Different types of products and paying Them to put up different types of posts And as you scroll down again you can see That none of these videos are theirs It's different types of workout videos I Don't even have that many videos they Already have 401 followers and they're Already getting people to DM to start Promoting they can pay them 50 to a Couple hundred dollars to promote Different types of products whether it's A real or whether it is a post over here So this is amazing you can see that you

Can start to do this even with a brand New account here is another account that I found over here it's called workout Videos with an underscore 250 000 Followers over here guys again none of These videos are theirs they're quite Simply going and they're reposting these Videos one thing that you need to know When you look at these different types Of videos when you click onto these Videos is you're going to find that Every single one of these people are Paying credit to the original owner of This video this is extremely important And something that you have to do the Other thing that this is really good is That if you quite simply come over here Now click onto this this is going to Take you over to this person's profile Where you can then find even more videos That you can use and look at this all These accounts that I have found are Doing the exact same thing with this one Over here 98 000 followers and you can See that they've got a link over here That's going to an offer where they're Making money and they're not creating Any of these videos again if I click Onto this video when you scroll down You're going to find video by they're Paying credit to this person this Person's not going to get upset because They're also driving traffic back to Their account and the good thing for you

Is you don't need to create any of these Videos so I think you get the idea all You need to do is go out and find all These different videos that you can Reuse so let's say that we wanted to Reuse one of these videos so I'm going To click onto this video here I'm going To pause it what you want to do is Firstly you want to download this video So you want to come up to the top and You want to copy this URL so we're going To copy this now what I want to do is Show you how you're going to download This and then how you can potentially Add a call to action so one site that You can go to is this one over here Called Snap insta dot app once you're on This page you can see the you can Download videos for Instagram photos Rules stories Etc so you want to make Sure that you're clicked onto reels you Want to come over here and you want to Click on to paste and then click on to Download once you do that you can see That this video is now downloading on to My computer once this video has Downloaded then we're going to have that File which we can then customize on a Free software that I'm going to show you How to do and add a call to action so While we wait for that video to download What I want to do is show you what I do To make anything from a thousand to Three thousand dollars a day using

Social media and 100 free traffic and How I can help you do the same go down The bottom and click onto that link Inside my description once you do that It's going to bring you over to a page That looks like this and you can see Here that I have made over twenty Thousand dollars every single month for The last five years and to find out how I do that all you need to do is watch This video over here which is going to Explain everything for you this is my Jet video Academy YouTube course it's Going to tell you exactly how you can Get involved in this and once you're Involved how you can also also get all Our exclusive coaching and mentoring That we are going to provide to you Inside our Facebook group so not only do We give you all the modules that you Need for you to start and do this step By step we also provide you ongoing Coaching and support and you can see That we have over 941 members inside our Coaching and mentoring group at the Moment and people are posting Real Results every single day asking us Questions and when I say asking us it's Myself and Greg kononenko who's got a Channel called caffeinated blogger and We help our students every single day Achieve success on YouTube the powerful Thing about YouTube at the moment is any Content that you're creating with

YouTube shorts you can re-upload onto Tick Tock you can re-upload onto Instagram you can upload as Facebook Reels you can upload onto Twitter and Pinterest and get a lot of traffic which Is going to allow you to make even more Money with affiliate marketing not to Mention ad Revenue promotions Etc so This is what we're teaching our students Every single day and we do this step by Step to make it nice and easy for you All you need to do is Click onto that Link in the description watch that video I'm going to show you exactly how to do That on top of that for doing that as a Thank you you will get my ultimate Affiliate marketing guide which is going To show you exactly what I do to make Money with affiliate marketing this is My gift for you all you need to do is Click onto that link enter in your Details you'll get this inside your Email and then watch that video and You'll learn exactly what I do to make a Lot of money online and how I can help You do the same alright so now that Those videos have downloaded what's Happened is as you can see the video I Chose over here had more than one video If I click over here move over to the Right you're going to see that there's All these videos so what's happened snap Insta over here has downloaded all these Videos all you need to do now is click

On to download choose the one that you Want and as you can see this has now Downloaded on to my computer from here What we need to do is we want to add a Call to action to this video so in order To do that all you need to do is come Over to the site called canva Is absolutely free for you to do this All you need to do once you sign up is Just come up to the top and click onto Video it's a lot easier go to mobile Video you want to make sure that the Size that you're using is 1080 by 1920. So just click onto that and this is Going to bring up just a blank canvas For you like this now what you want to Do is you want to grab this video drag It and just drop it over the top and as You can see here is that video then from Here all we need to do is just expand This video okay and just move it over to The middle just like this so we are Covering this and everybody can see this Now what we want to do is we want to add A call to action to this video so quite Simply you want to come up to the top Where you've got text then select any One of these headings okay scroll up to The top now what we're doing is we're Promoting a shredding product now what You can do is you can slide this over The top and let's say you wanted to stop This here as an example we're going to Right Mouse click and we're going to

Split this because maybe you don't want To have this call to action from the Start of the video maybe you want to Have it from maybe halfway through the Video or maybe towards the end of the Video what I'm going to do is I'm going To have it just towards the end of the Video so now what we want to do is we Want to click onto this and what we want To do is put a call to action and this Is what it's going to look like all Right so what I've done is I've just Very quickly typed up click here to get 100 natural fat burner for women so you Want to click onto effects and then from Down here you can click onto this Background and as you can see it's going To stand out okay so what you want to do Is maybe just drag that over here and Then what you can do is just put that to The side then the other thing that you Can also do guys you've got animations And you can choose any one of these Animations that you want okay just to Make that come over the cross like that So now when you're playing this if we Come over here and hit play You're going to see that it's got that And then it's going to move over Okay and then that's going to slide in What you can do is come back over here If you've just got that just delete that And then you've got this video once you Have all this all you need to do is come

Up to the top click on to share scroll Down click on to download and make sure That you download this as an MP4 video And then quite simply just click on to Download So as you can see you want to Make sure that you choose both these Pages and just click on to that and then Hit download now this video is Downloading onto my computer from here What we need to do let's say if this was Your Instagram profile over here guys You would need to come over to the left Hand side over here as an example and Then you would quite simply click on to Create and as you can see Instagram is Going to ask you to drag that photo or Video from your computer so once that Downloads you just want to grab it drag And drop what it's then going to ask you If you have a look at any one of these Posts so if we click onto this it's Going to ask you to add a title just Like this and then it's going to ask you As you scroll down over here to add all This information so all you can do is Put in a very very similar bio okay and As you scroll down then from there what You want to do is you can copy these Hashtags because we already know that These hashtags are doing well so you Don't even need to do hashtag research You can pretty much reuse the same Hashtags what's really really important Is that you make sure that you give

Credit to every single one of these Videos okay so as you scroll down you Can reuse for example something like This just make sure that you're paying Credit to the original Creator so it Probably won't even be workout videos For you like I showed you when you took A look at some of these if we click onto This one this profile over here that's Called women workout videos if you click Onto this video let's say you download This video what you would be doing is You'd be paying credit to the original Creator of this video so sometimes you Might need to scroll through like this One over here video buy at Rachel Underscore price this is the same person That you need to pay credit to so you Can literally copy this entire section And even copy be the tags if they're Using tags once you re-upload this video Now inside your bio you can see here That some people are just using one link As an example and it's taken them to one Offer now I promise you I was going to Show you how you can do that so once You've got that link from more Niche There's two ways that you can do this so If I come back to more Niche over here And I copy this link again there's two Platforms that you can use it's the First one is you can shorten this link By coming over to a platform like quite simply just scroll down

Okay and just paste that link in there Okay that's my affiliate link I'll click On to shorten and it's going to give me A shortened link that's if you just want To promote one product if you want to Promote multiple products like if you're Doing you know weights and and different Types of muscle building products which Is a whole heap of them okay then what You can do is you can use something like This is you can use a link tree this Site will allow you to post multiple Links so if you scroll down you can see It can look like this you can have your Name there and you can have multiple Links that you are promoting care and This is absolutely for free so if I come Over to the back office of mylinktree Account you can see that this is what This is going to look like so you can Come over here you can add a link put The name there then paste that affiliate Link in there and as you can see this is What that's going to look like so I've Got a few links over here some of them That I'm not promoting at the moment and If somebody clicks onto my link it's Going to bring them over to a page that Looks like this and I've got one two Three four five six offers that I'm Promoting at the moment so this is how You can promote multiple products now if You want to take it one level further What you want to do is potentially start

Creating a very simple opt-in page and Collecting emails and you can do that For every single offer and have that Inside your link tree account so for Example if you're promoting trim tone You can have a very simple opt-in page All you need to do is come over to Trimtone their website over here and Just create something very simple like New 100 natural fat burner click key to Get access to trim tone and what happens There an opt-in page is going to allow You to collect an email which then you Can send out broadcasts or emails to These people that have signed up to this Offer promoting even more products which Is going to allow you to make even more Money and in order to do that what you Want to do I'm going to have a link in My description to all the resources I've Discussed on this video you want to sign Up to a product like the Good thing about convertkit is that you Can start absolutely for free if I click Onto pricing over here you can see that When you scroll down if I move this up To I believe it's 1 000 you can see here That up to 1 000 subscribers or one one Thousand email sign ups it's still Absolutely for free and this is going to Also allow you to send out unlimited Landing pages forms unlimited broadcasts As well and also collect these emails so Once you've signed up to your convertkit

So this is the back of my convertkit What you want to do is come up and click On to grow scroll down and click onto Landing pages and forms once you click Onto that quite simply you can see here You've got create new click onto that Once you click onto that you can see You've got landing pages from here it's Going to give you all these different Templates that you can use to create These landing pages in a matter of Minutes and all you quite simply need to Do is scroll down and find one one that I use all the time is this one over here Because it's very very simple to use and It's nice and plain text so if you click Onto preview it's going to show you Exactly what this looks like and all you Need to do quite simply now is customize This just say if you want to get access To trim tone enter your email address Down the bottom and click on to get next So you can see here all you need to do Is type this up once I click onto this It's going to redirect them over to that Offer which is this one over here but What's happened in that time is that You've collected that email address Which then you can go off and send off Even more products that you can get from More Niche this is more of an advanced Version because collecting these emails Allows you to make even more money with Affiliate marketing you're not just

Sending them directly to an offer so There's two ways that you can do it it's Completely up to you which way that you Want to go I personally recommend that You collect these emails because you're Going to be getting a lot of traffic and It's going to allow you to promote even More affiliate marketing products so all That's left to do now guys is to go over To Instagram create yourselves an Instagram profile go out and find all These different videos that you can Reuse and upload just remember to make Sure that you're paying credit to the Creator so that you don't get any into Any trouble and this is 100 legal as you Can see like I showed you a lot of these Accounts have hundreds of thousands of Followers and not having any issues They're not showing their face using Their own voice and absolutely crushing It with affiliate marketing and you can Do the same so that was my video of Today guys in another amazing way that You can make money with affiliate Marketing using 100 free traffic if you Enjoyed the video don't forget to smash That like button in appreciation that You subscribed to the channel for some More awesome content coming your way now If you want another easy way that you Can do this and get a lot of traffic on Instagram using chatgpt make sure you Click onto this video over here right

Now it's an amazing strategy you're Going to absolutely love you can even Incorporate it with this I'll see you on This video until next time you guys take Care of yourselves and goodbye

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