Teikametrics & The Future of Ecommerce Roundtable: AI, Technology & Automation

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[Music] All right everyone thank you so much for Joining us we’re Joined by aleister veru and david glenn Uh this is a big segment we’re taking a Moment to kind of take a step back each Of you have seen a lot of walk-throughs And a lot of logistical announcements Around flywood 2.0 the technology that Takeometrix is implementing and the goal Of this is well first i’m joined by Three incredible leaders in the company That have that are the backbone of the Announcement that you’ve seen today And we’re really focused in this session On taking a step back talking about Technology talking about ai the Implications for takeometrics and the Implications for the industry as a whole Before we jump in though i’m going to Ask each of you to just briefly Introduce yourself to give people some Context for Who’s talking when you’re answering some Of these questions so aleister if you Could kick us off Well thanks cameron and thanks everyone For tuning in to this special event my Name is alistair maclean foreman i’m the Founder and ceo of takeometrics Super excited to talk about this Specific topic It’s really The central part of our value

Proposition to how we help customers and Sellers maximize their potential on all The most valuable marketplaces so thanks Cameron David Hi thanks cameron david glenn i am the Director of ai at take a metrics i’m Responsible with my team for all of the Research development for The backend algorithms that deliver the Ai agents that that deliver all the Automation for Campaign optimization bid optimization Optimization and so forth i’ve got uh Phd in operations research and about 18 Years of experience delivering Business systems that optimize decision Making so looking forward to talking With you thanks cameron and beeru Yeah thanks cameron um i’m veru namatory I’m the chief technology officer for Techmetrics Super excited to be Part of this conference And I’ve been building optimization Platforms for my entire life you know This is one of the very exciting spaces We’re in Where the amount of data that we’re Gathering in the e-commerce space is Just exponentially growing And with large amounts of accessible Data comes the opportunity to build

Amazing algorithms and the power of ai Coming to fruition so very excited to be Here and talk about ai If uh If you’re wondering about the impact of Technology and ai and the effect that That has on your business and e-commerce This is the group To listen from to hear from so thank you All so much for being here let’s start Off simple Maybe it’s not that simple but let’s Start off by defining artificial Intelligence this is a really good place To make sure that we’re all kind of on The same page and talking about this Really core subject so david i’m going To lead with you if you could when we’re Talking about artificial intelligence Define that for us a little bit what do We mean Usually artificial intelligence refers To Any computing system of agents that is Able to perceive its environment And make decisions and perform tasks to Optimize Its goals and objectives so if you think About that in simple terms think of Things that humans are able to do in an Instant like recognize a face in a crowd Or perceive someone’s meaning when They’re speaking Or in the domain of e-commerce uh look

At some charts of Roads and ad spend and quickly perceive How something is trending and quickly Make some decisions about what to do now Imagine taking that those individual Tasks that a human can do very well Instantaneously and then multiplying That out over thousands hundreds of Thousands millions Of instances instantaneously And then imagine the computer is Actually starting to be able to do Better than humans because Computer doesn’t have a bad day it Doesn’t have any cognitive biases or Emotional challenges for the day right And then even beyond that imagine the System of agents able to start to see Interconnectivities and patterns across All of these nodes that no human could Ever perceive because you know we have Limit limited memory limited energy and Capacity so that’s the power of ai Aleister vero do you have anything to Add to to paint that picture that was Very well explained david i i appreciate That i just want to open the door i Thought it was a great explanation david I just think we’re in a very interesting Time in technology you know you’ve heard About ai big data machine learning and There have been sort of eras over the Last 20 years where people have Sort of used those terms and i think um

In certain cases maybe It’s been a bit of a disappointment you Know i think Right now there are so many applications Including take metrics and the value That we’re creating there’s really Applying ai to solve a big problem and We’ll talk more about it in the session Um And you know i i love how david Explained it i think it’s it’s spot on Yeah plus one same thing you know um David’s explanation is spot on Um The only thing i’ll add is when does You know ai come in handy it’s it’s a It’s an aspect that’s been you know Debated quite a bit you know a lot of People try to bring in Ai pretty much in every application out There The simplistic way of thinking about This is if there’s a task out there That’s too boring too repetitive You can expect a machine to be able to Start to learn to take that up And if it’s a task is very challenging That’s another area where ai can be Deployed to make it simple and help the Human being but ai and the fundamental Like david explained is mimicking human Behavior in an algorithm That can be built because of you know Access to large amounts of data

The uh The the solution of solving problems That scale is a huge aspect The the aspect of of artificial into an Aspect of artificial intelligence and i I want to paint the picture for E-commerce A little bit more so aleister i’m going To go to you for this question first Vero david uh add in anywhere but there Are kind of two parts to this question Number one why is ai So essential to the present and the Future of e-commerce And how is it solving those problems at Scale Yeah great question And i think it is so relevant and super Passionate of what we do here at take Metrics and you know i’ll take you back Back in time you know i for those of you That don’t know I was one of the first third party Sellers on amazon back in 2003 And at that time Amazon believe it or not was really just Known as a book website they had done a Project with toys r us They had started to sell certain Products and i was fortunate enough to Be invited by amazon to sell As i said on this book website it wasn’t Particularly compelling If you take take back go back in time to

What i was doing at that time you know i Was Really selling products on my own Website I was selling products on my own website Um Primarily getting traffic from google Organic this was also around the time Pre-google shopping Uh there was a product that google had Called frugal where you could list your Products but that hadn’t really taken Off so there was only really ebay And organic google And And i really It was kind of comical back then because What you were doing is on your website You were Doing some basic things like Highlighting that you may have a certain Type of ssl encryption So you wouldn’t um abuse people’s credit Cards or give people confidence that They could check out Um you would say you know normally ships Within four seven to 14 days Um and There was a lot of work done at the time And i remember this Around optimization of how does your Website look How do we present the products and there Was this whole field of website

Development that sort of intersected With e-commerce What amazon has done and really they are The flagship they’re that’s the company That has evolved e-commerce the most in The last 20 years They’ve centralized The And and and basically simplified the Consumer experience that’s the beauty of Amazon they’ve got one Really really simple search engine from A consumer standpoint that is the Everything store there’s one secure Checkout process Where i’m going with this is in a world Where The goods are the goods And the website is homogeneous and Frictionless Where is the capacitive advantage That’s what led me over the years to get More and more focused on the back end Optimization because you wouldn’t get Any advantage from the front end Optimization So i think the Advantage now if you think about the Value chain of where you’re going to Create value Is in the optimization it’s in the Product And the optimization And that’s really what led us to build

You know taking metrics um you know i as A amazon seller was selling more and More on amazon than i was on my own Website with things like amazon prime Again you took out all of those Fulfillment challenges So um you know amazon has really teed up The world of automation And has also implemented an api first Mindset You know when i first started operating On amazon there was no product api to Connect with the goods that you had There was no pricing api in fact a lot Of companies including ours were Scraping data And you know amazon just like facebook Just like google The real pioneers of this sort of api Mentality With an api You get an interface to the data and Tons of it So all of these um Changes that really are Evolutionary in terms of the last 20 Years of e-commerce have led to a Company like ours actually being the Brain for the seller And so i think it’s you’re going to see More and more companies in other Industries i think there are going to be Multi-billion dollar companies hopefully Ours included that are going to be

Building Value not on website optimization not on The front end not on the consumer side But on the back end And helping people deal with all those Complex problems and as we know and if You’re a seller on amazon or walmart or Any other channel you know that It’s very very complicated and it’s just A perfect problem to solve just like David glenn said With that sort of beyond human Capability Technology I i want to go a little deeper but i Also want to open the door for for vero Or david to give input with with this Bigger broad question so Opening that door Uh yeah um thanks cameron So I mean alistar said really well but you Know the thing i will add to it is he Mentioned a few things optimization in a Competitive landscape now we know how E-commerce has become extremely Competitive not 10 years ago where you could as a seller Succeed if you focus on your products And your supply chain and start selling On e-commerce and you know make it big Now there are a lot more variables in The e-commerce marketplace the number of Variables that is increased whether it

Is Your own products the reviews that You’re getting the competition which are The brands you’re competing against The other channels that you’re competing Against price optimization And your supply chain because there are So many factors that are coming in and The time of the day day of the week week Of the year and so on seasonality that’s Kicking in The uh amount of learning That is needed now To eke out that small amounts of Optimization and beat your competition Has become vital in the industry Right And those who are able to eat that out Are able to win and gain a big large Marketplace a market share the others Are unable to compete And this is again where ai clean neatly Ties in the difference between an ai Algorithm and a regular algorithm right Is and now you can build an algorithm to Deliver really good results But in ai algorithm gets wiser the Longer it’s deployed it’s basically Learning from the experience just like a Human does Learning from some of the mistakes it’s Made or some of the good stuff is Delivered and building wisdom based on That to better operate in an

Ever-changing dynamic environment which Is today’s e-commerce marketplace I love what you’re saying there viru um And it actually Brings up something that i think would Be fun to discuss um Because you know when you think about The background of our name There’s two parts to it you know taker Is a japanese word for market price and Relates to the history Of me really transitioning from selling On uh.com website To Recognizing that the future of retail is Going to be in these water gardens like Amazon and it’s really the classical You know econ 101 chart where it’s Supply meets demand amazon’s going to Bring the demand And we have to optimize the supply on That curve and and that’s who we are The other part to our name is metrics And that is derived from econometrics Which um was a field of study That i touched on not at David’s level of course um but now i um I did study that in college i’d i’d love To just use this to bring and maybe Ask david a question because very you Said some things that i think are very Relatable to anyone that knows about the Field of econometrics um That that being

Instead of just looking at machine Learning or ai algorithms in a vacuum You’re looking at a bigger system with Econometrics as an example You can use econometrics to Understand the Impact of taxes or what’s very relevant Right now inflation I think what’s really interesting is for Our optimization problem last week we Had prime day And that’s sort of an economic Event That’s sort of outside of the core Algorithm And i think David what are your thoughts on this Because i know that there’s a whole load Of debates regarding uh Econometricians Like at amazon uh they bet a lot on um Some of the world’s top economists and There’s almost like a Uh not not a battle but there’s always a Question of is economic metrics better Or is you know Machine learning stroke you know Computational ai better I’m a bit biased i think there’s some Power in what very was talking about Which is like seasonality Specifically around prime day or black Friday what do you think david between That

I think i mean if you’re really talking About the difference between a real Expert and an ai system There are many cases where the ai system Can actually do outperform The expert because of the the vast Amount of data that it’s able to collect And synthesize Very quickly and avoid I wasn’t sorry to i didn’t mean expert i Just meant a Um a conometrics approach to the Mathematical solution taking into Account seasonality and so on less so an Individual i am completely bought into The machine that certainly you’ve built Would outperform any human in the world Um what are your thoughts on Econometrics versus ai or even is that a Fair argument a valid one I mean i guess i would view [Music] Any ai model needs to be able to do a Good job of forecasting and at the end Of the day econometrics is often about Forecasting so i would say a good amii Model for E-commerce is going to subsume The best econometric model so for Example our system Uh looks at prime day events in the past And slices it out into the great detail And it predicts how our conversion Rate’s going to change how our volume is

Going to change During this event so that we can give The best guidance possible to our users So that makes sense so i suppose then Just listening to that and You know you’re saying that the best ai Models are effectively applying Models that are very similar to Econometrics and not just looking at the Data in a vacuum which makes sense um I think it’s super relevant with E-commerce and Um i think there’s a lot that that Relates to that with The demand and there’s so many you know Different factors right with you know Supply chain Time of year seasonality that um you Know we can build models that take that Into account For our customers and then there’s a Scaled data component i mean um david I’m i’m you know i’m really proud of how Much data we’re getting and in a way The more data we have the better the Models your team Is going to be able to develop um I wonder what your thoughts are on that You know will we be able to predict A better prime day next year as an Example Yeah it’s that that is the goal i mean We’re always looking for taking in Additional external data beyond simply

What the channel is able to provide to Us And uh integrate that data in so that The machine learning models are able to Uh respond and Become more and more accurate over time I i want to uh help people define we’re Talking i want to get more specific About like taking metrics And about the recent updates that have Happened to flywheel 2.0 so we’ve Defined we’ve At the very least scratched the surface Of of defining the importance of ai and Kind of painting that picture a little Bit but when it comes to the recent Updates Why are why is this kind of a stake in The ground moment why are these updates So important for the ticometric Ecosystem maybe what’s gone into that Why do they matter And how is ai being leveraged In these recent updates open question Whoever wants to take a stab at that First Um let me take a crack at it but i would Definitely lean on um david to fill in The gaps there So uh and this is a little bit of Leading off from where alistair was Poking at as well Um see When it when it comes to our our ai

Models right one of the things that is This is so powerful is with the large Amount of data that we’ve been Collecting we are finding patterns in These data So While we know all the variables that Need to be accounted for and coming up With an equation or an algorithm to Solve these optimization problems Knowing not just which how much weight To apply to each of these Variables and factor them in It’s no i finding patterns and Uncovering the insights to know Um if we should have multiple slices of Models For let’s say uh by category right so David’s models what they do is do they Don’t treat prime day The same way for all categories of skews You know there these models are able to Identify which Apply uh in different ways different Factors and so on and knowing That you know it’s it’s it becomes a Huge scale problem it’s a little bit Less than now about building an economic Economic Algorithm which starts to learn Further in bringing those patterns into Build an ai algorithm that over a period Of time just gets wiser so this question That aleister you asked david is our

Prime day going to be better next year Well absolutely the learnings from this Year and every peak that you’re going to See It’s going to know the number of ways it Should not fail and the whole other Number of ways it has succeeded and it’s Only going to get better from it the More we explore the more we are going to Be able to exploit And this is key to our ai technology the Launches that we did in the last six Months have been tremendous towards one Big factor in many small factors and the Big factor is learning the seasonality Learning to know how to forecast for how Demand is going to come If you can predict How many units of a particular skew You’re going to be able to sell Given the environment and the conditions And the Factors that are going to be in play We can in real time as these factors are Coming in To fruition be able to very effectively And intelligently react to it Unlike Maybe other models or other algorithms That are reacting to performance data in Real time which means they’re Continuously changing Based on the outcome they’re receiving Based on very small amounts of data

Reacting to small amounts of data means You’re going to keep on making the same Mistake over and over versus reacting to Patterns that we built on large amounts Of data And from our forecasting means we are Always one step ahead it’s not two steps Ahead of our competition David do you have anything to add to That I mean with respect to The latest release there’s some really Key things there um and one thing i Would point out the power of ai for E-commerce and why it’s essential Uh number one it’s about scale right you Can hire You know big vendors big sellers they Can hire experts manage services to Manage their campaigns and those experts Are going to do a great job but they can Only pay attention to a handful of Opportunities at a time the key here Thing the key thing is the middle and Long tail of products and ad groups that Nobody has time to really micromanage The ai is going to optimize all that for You and you get this thing where the Summation of very The summation of a very large number of Very small gains adds up to a lot So one key element of that in the latest Release is is the ability for users to For the system automatically generate

Campaigns for them the the right Type of targeting whether it’s a manual Campaign or an automate automatic Campaign The right uh competitive orientation Whether it’s a branded campaign Or competitive keywords and then the Target recommendation will automatically Populate that campaign with relevant and A rich set of keyword targets that are Going to optimize placement all of this Done automatically for the user to now Enable the user to step back then and be More strategic and really pay attention To the specific areas where opportunity Lies And then finally one last detail about Latest release is that the bidder is Becoming more and more Aware of the product’s status so the Bidder knows if you’ve had a stock out It knows how to respond properly if the Ad is not serving for any other reason It knows that and it responds properly When the ad comes back online Immediately there’s a lot of detailed uh Nuances about um the factors at play That we’ve embedded in this recent Release Alastair did anything that I was just gonna say you know thanks and Um And you know for david and very to talk Talk about the features i think you know

One of the things that’s challenging for Us which is why we’re putting on this Event and it’s a great idea by you uh Cameron and the rest of the team to do It is We’re genuinely Constantly upgrading our technology um You know we’ve absolutely committed to The mission statement of Helping build technology with ai To maximize the potential for every Seller so um You know just some of the stuff that David touched on is is just some of the Big ones but you know the and that’s the Conversion rate um forecasting model Which is enhanced Um There are so many interface upgrades We’ve uh actually also worked very Closely with walmart who’ve changed from A first price auction to a second price Option that’s a huge game changer for The auction dynamics so we’ve had to Recalibrate our algorithm to do that There’s a huge amount of work With regards to what we call the Targeting engine Which is surfacing up the right keywords To then apply the bidding to And i could go on and on and let alone All the different um ad types that the Bidder is supporting so Um i think this is a classic problem

Actually with ai um how do you know If you know take a metrics is better Than company X y or z Um and you know i think putting on these Events being more transparent Um surfacing more of the data as we get Better and better is is just a really Important way Um you know we’ve just had you know Amazing results that we uh reviewed uh From prime day um we’ve seen some of the Most The best results that i’ve ever seen Um and it’s really really important Right now because you know the brands Out there are really questioning well is Consumer confidence coming down is Demand coming down is this prime day Going to be better than Or worse And what’s going to happen for the Second half of 2022 and i’m really proud That we’ve seen those innovations Actually Positively impact our customers Um so there’s i know there’s a lot of Things that i’m saying at once there but Um i think the Commitment from us um You know and i look at some great Companies that have innovated in in you Know let’s take tesla as an example you Know that the um over the um

You know the the the um You know over the radio or um remote Update Updates that you get in a tesla it’s Constantly upgrading and innovating And you know that’s truly what we’re Doing Um One of the things that we need to do Though is make sure that we test Everything And make sure that the Investments that we’re making truly do Benefit um and i think that’s one of the Reasons why it’s good to address in this Session And we’ve been working very closely with Amazon beta testing some of the new data That they’re giving us Specifically around amazon stream And you know there’s quite a bit of buzz In the industry you know yes you can get Data more frequently through a push Mechanism versus pull But i want to emphasize more data and More frequent or higher resolution Doesn’t necessarily mean better Decisions And i think that’s just really really Important of of the amount of resources That we’ve invested Under david’s team and various team to Make sure That we’re back testing these algorithms

Not just simply You know jumping on this idea of you Know building a black box um It’s really important because i think The best ai companies over time are Really gonna need to build trust And and that’s just a you know sort of Stepping back a bit that’s a really big Deal for ai right like whether you’re Gonna trust a tesla to drive you through A busy neighborhood one day Or um us to you know manage your you Know entire business on amazon or Walmart you know so Um you know that’s why you know we we’ve Got a lot of great support you know in Fact our last investor or lead investor In our last investment rounds was intel They are The uh Within the top three Of investment companies that are focused On ai And i think that’s a really important Thing to tell everyone because it Relates to who we are who we’re hiring The way that we approach the building You know david’s approach to the um Investments that we’re making um Yeah and you know we We welcome any feedback by the way Anyone listening to this Um you know we should be continuing Listening i know the um one of the

Benefits that take metrics is the fact That we’ve got an incredible managed Service option And that’s where you get that human in The loop Meets the world class ai and that’s a Really really good Um really good combo and i love when we Look at our release channel And uh there’s some comments sometimes And one strikes out in particular when You’ve got one of our leaders on the Managed server side interfacing with Customers coming back and saying you Know the ai teams you know hit a home Run here And it’s the biggest update and uh you Know it’s gonna have tremendous impact Um so we’ve got that sort of trusted Expert in the loop piece as well and Again this is another component of ai Right like how much is going to be Automated how much is going to be That symbiosis with a human I there i have two questions left and This has to do with literally what you Were just ending with alistair i i asked This knowing that perhaps there isn’t Necessarily a black or white answer There might be but there might be a Whole lot of gray in between as well Is the future of e-commerce Completely automated Or partially automated

Both I think the um Well i’ll i’ll answer and then i’d love To hear what david thinks um And and what very thinkers and things as Well um i just think there’s So much complexity and nuance That Having a human in the loop In that symbiotic relationship between Automation To do the long tail stuff that david Mentioned like the sheer volume But then the feedback and the adjustment From a human um there could be some Inputs right that the algorithm wouldn’t Understand perhaps You may have a new pattern on a product Or you may have acquired a business That has you know tremendous ip And then you might want to optimize that In a particular way or perhaps you want To Lose money as a loss leader there are All these sort of um Control Feedback components that I think are very very important There is actually a a famous paper Written quite a long time ago regarding This which actually speaks to the Symbiotic relationship between man and Machine and there’s been numerous Examples of

You know people with um You know sort of average chess players Using a laptop going up against you know The big huge um Uh chess Algorithm ai machines and it’s that Human in the loop Combination That can actually outperform perhaps Just solely a machine um well that’s What i believe as a business operator Um Curious if if david oguru has any other Opinions or whether we think you can Build the true self-driving car and it Will just do everything for you You know i think um It’s amazing how much If you break it down into individual Tasks within e-commerce it’s amazing how Much of it is already Almost fully automated but on the other Hand there’s always going to be a need For a human in the loop to manage Strategy and to keep track of those edge Cases where the tesla Fails to recognize some situation it’s Never seen before you’ll always need a Human in the loop but the name of the Game actually is as ai advances you’re Going to automate more and more and more And do more and more heavy lifting for The user so that the user is able to More and more focus their energies

On the strategic opportunities that’s The key Yeah I agree with both of you Um Cameron i believe we’re going to live in A world where you know both human and The ai are going to coexist i don’t Believe the human will never go away and The level be a world where artificial Intelligence is completely taken over Autopilot mode right Now uh the evolution that i believe We’re going to see isn’t how is the Human participating in this landscape Human intelligence is going to start Helping the artificial intelligence get Better The human is not working independent of The artificial intelligence right the Human is more and more helping drive how Ai gets better in the future Uh this is you know when we were Thinking about our algorithms uh you Know we’re always thinking about what Are the smart defaults that ai can Present And allow the human to then know To step in and override where they need To Right you know the features that david Glenn talked about how our campaign Optimizer is essentially generating Building campaigns for you and

Optimizing your campaigns along the way Based on changing environments and Situations there will always be some Scenarios where A human being has data or information or Context that the machine doesn’t and Knows that the machine doesn’t have that Context and needs to bring in and Overwrite that and teach the algorithm That right so we’re going to see that Evolution more and more happen it’s Already sort of part of how we are Developing our systems but you know There’s going to be a big evolution There Um As our sellers are waking up every day To say how do i grow my business how do I double my business right our Algorithms are also going to keep on Building those kind of recommendations To help drive the experience our Customers are getting okay these are the Set of recommendations for for actions That you need to take And then Have the human then review them And go yes i will accept some of these Some of these there are more nuanced or You know reject these every Recommendation That a system provides that is either Accepted rejected or nuanced you know Overridden

Our systems in the back end will Continue to learn from that And then evolve and get better So that’s the world i i see us getting To I want to just continue bureau off of What you were saying and we we’re Talking about the future and we’re Talking about general Ai and bureau you were starting to get Really painting the picture of what the Future particular metrics holds and We’ve also talked about the feature of Psychometrics we touched on this earlier In the conversation as well when it Comes to prime day for example Our information our data Being informing our system to perform Better next year during prime day next Year right My question is how will takeometrics Continue to evolve and raise the bar When it comes to an update like we saw With flywheel 2.0 in this instance what Basically what’s next as much as much as You’re you’re willing to paint the Picture For what’s next with for takeoff metrics Yeah um so two parts there one how will We do it right you know My core philosophy is talent Is the long-term sustained advantage for Any company in any industry and this is Where i think alistar alluded to it the

Great team that you know david glenn Built under him um i am super proud of The ai team that we have here at take a Metrics i believe the best ai team that We have you know among all our Competition bar none So that is the how how we will get there Is our commitment to double down our Investments in ai to help our sellers Grow their business Now where will we get to is you know This Goes back to our philosophy also we’re Constantly looking at the challenges That our seller is running into Right In fact Internally alastair has has us running Our own seller business you know as an Example i’m selling some t-shirts and David glenn is selling some uh skus Himself as well and as we are going Through this we realize the pains we Realize the challenges our sellers are Encountering not just because we’re Helping the sellers or interacting with Them and questioning them we ourselves Are living the lives of these sellers These entrepreneurs and these Entrepreneurs Always are looking at the next Bottleneck the next biggest challenge That is you know coming up to double Their business and as we look at that we

Will continue to operate and innovate And build our ai towards that When we released our latest uh product To Uh Automating Targets in in the campaigns to optimize Their campaign structures for all the ad Types We also learned the very next challenge Is The budget management how The setting of the a cost the budget Management the goals the life cycle of a Skew how does the user a customer seller Tell us what their goals are and for the Algorithm to turn decipher from the Goals to how The campaigns need to be optimized over A longer period of time Right that’s the next piece of Functionality that we’re working on Expect To hear from us before the end of the Year A major release coming from take a Matrix where you can simply say hey you Know what this is the skew i’m launching This is a skew that i am looking to Maximize profit on I have a newer version of a game console Coming up i need to start deprecating or Liquidating this console Help me liquidate that better you know

You for a seller to be able to tell Their intent for a sku and for the ai to Then manage their advertising completely Is the next set of challenges we’re Working on That’s huge alistair david this is the Final question so any input you have Here Well i uh i’m super excited uh and just You know gets me excited listening to Very talk about those functionalities Um look i think we had some really Important points in This session because And i looked it up as we were talking You know the man computer symbiosis is The name of the paper back until 1960 For anyone who wants to do some Bedtime reading i actually think that Encompasses who we are as a company Because i want to emphasize that We’ve built an amazing team of folks That actually have The best experience The best research And Can provide the guidance like a sherpa Would to apply the ai We have that option And that’s where we offer our premium Standard packages to any sellers it’s Super accessible It’s the best pricing the best value in The entire market

And we’ve also got the option To do it yourself with self-service And that price is again Incredible and this is around our Commitment to democratize ai for every Seller So when you put those two packages Together That’s who we’re gonna be cameron that’s Who we’re gonna be for everyone who’s Listening it’s just the best Choice If you’re struggling on amazon and You’re flying blind and dealing with all Of the noise of what ad type should i Run should i do this should i do a plus Detail pages should i do video ads Should i do dsp there’s just so much and Then you switch it on to amazon and Walmart at the same time You know we’ve got you we’ve got you on The self-service side and by the way if You’re under ten thousand dollars a Month in sales Completely free We’re going to invest in that and in Your partnership so Um you know in addition to the cool Stuff that various talking about the Cool stuff david is is building i want To emphasize that It’s that True Help

That embodies our company right and Going back to man computer symbiosis i Think that’s the future and um yeah it’s Awesome David anything to add Yeah i mean i could give a little bit More detail on what vera brought up i Mean in terms of allowing the user to At a high level set their goals and Their intentions for products wherever That product is in its life cycle the System will then recommend back out to The user where they should be Strategically so for a category of Products is going to recommend out hey What is the sweet spot for your Advertising cost of sales for each and Every one of these products based upon Your your gross margin and based upon How your ads have been performing but Not only that it’s going to optimally Allocate your ad spend across products In the portfolio across markets within The channel and even across channels so It’s going to do a fair amount of budget Optimization Um so that the user really can manage From a strategic perspective and that’s Sort of i mean that this is that’s this Is a game changer but we’ll also be Paying attention to the details as well So things like very specific examples Like for example if for whatever reason Your supply chain has slowed down and

You’ve lost your prime shipping status And you’re you know it’s fbm now The the bidder will become aware of that Situation hey the conversion rate just Suddenly dropped because i’ve lost my Prime status so now the bid is going to Be respond more responsive to the Nuances like that so we’re really Looking at the big game changers as well As always the fine-tuned details of Making it smarter and more adaptive Thank you all alistair do you have Anything to add i was just going to say Also you know one of the things that we Do um and super important is um work Very closely with amazon and walmart so We will be supporting Uh the stream data set which will Increase the resolution and perform even Better and you know that’s a big part of Our job you know working very closely With amazon working very closely with Walmart and all the other channels that We’re going to support in the future so You’re going to see big innovation there As well and just make everything better I i think that this session specifically Is the most important session out of Upgrade Mostly because it gives really good Context for i think just helping people Understand artificial intelligence but Mostly understanding the core of take a Metrics and and painting that picture a

Little bit better so Thank you to each of you for being here And breaking down such a complex topic In a way that makes it a little bit Easier to understand it’s been great Having you here Well thank you so much and thanks Everyone for watching i hope you enjoy It and uh best of luck with your selling And thanks For the opportunity to help you it’s Been a pleasure [Music] You

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