Getting Started With MidJourney + ChatGPT = A.I. Art #midjourney #chatgpt gpt3

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These images are generated by Mid-journey and chat GPT Click on join the beta you will get a Discord invite link Click on accept invite You are in the mid-journey Discord Server Choose one of the newcomers Channel Not type slash imagine space and then Anything you want to create You have to accept terms of service for The first time Now it will take one or two minutes to Generate an image you also need to Scroll up and down to see response for Your request This is what we got It gives four images U stands for upscale and these stands For variation To create cartoon characters type this In the prompt It will generate some random cartoon Characters Let’s generate a superhero cat And here we have options to upscale Images or we can choose one image and Create four variations You can click on the image to view it Let’s upscale image 4 by clicking u4 This is a higher resolution image We can make variations of this image Click on make variations

To create cartoon from an image Copy link of the image and paste it into Prompts And add cartoon character animation and Dash dash Q5 Q stands for quality and it ranges from One to five And it will convert the person into a Cartoon Avatar let’s upscale the first Image Let’s use chat GPT to generate a Description of a natural scenery view For us Now ask chat GPT to descend it to nouns And adjectives separated by comma copy This Type slash imagine and Paste it here And this is the art created based on Text of chat GPT Look at this Click U2 to upscale the second image Let’s create some other description About robots on the road in future Then descend it to nouns and adjectives Copy this Type slash imagine Paste the text here And these are another four Images based On description from chat GPT Try to use chat GPT to generate text and Then use mid-journey for text to image Generation Thank you for watching and see you in

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