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Hey what's going on Garrett here in this Video I'm going to cover High ticket Affiliate marketing for beginners if You're someone that's completely brand New to the idea of making these higher Priced commissions then you're in the Right place now I'm going to share with You how you can make two thousand Dollars or more per commission that's One referral to a product that you don't Even have to create yourself now you can See on the screen right here it says Hey Garrett this was actually an email of a Affiliate commission I received of a two Thousand dollar commission so you can See what's possible and what I'm gonna Do inside this video is I'm literally Going to share with you first off how to Find the right High ticket affiliate Program to promote there's a lot of them Out there they're not all created equal And as You Follow Me and learn the Criteria I use over the last six years To choose the right program I think You're gonna have a lot of light bulbs Going off I'm also going to share with You how to quickly build an affiliate Website now what I mean by that is as I'll cover a little bit later in this Video video there's a major problem that Most affiliate marketers are doing when It comes to Marketing Online now this is Making you miss out on close to 90 of The money and just with this one little

Hack as you'll see in a little bit you Can dramatically increase your earning I'm also going to share with you a few Secrets to generating traffic now I have A lot of other videos on my channel Dedicated to specific traffic methods But in this video I'm going to share Some principles you can use specifically For these high ticket commissions now be Sure you stay to the very end of the Video because you're even gonna discover How to start profiting in as little as 20 minutes a day from scratch that's Zero following zero experience and zero Technical ability so stay tuned because You do not want to miss this also get my Free four-day affiliate marketing crash Course below and you can also find out How to partner personally with me and my Team with our number one high paying Affiliate program with without further Ado let's go ahead and dive right into Today's training so first off again if You're completely brand new what is high Ticket affiliate marketing because again It's very different than regular Affiliate marketing now basically what Happens is you become an affiliate of a Company that has higher priced products So one of the benefits of promoting These higher price products is based on Your income goal you only need one or Two of these sales to create Life-changing income you know one

Commission at a two thousand dollar Price point can allow a lot of people to Live for that entire month so it's Absolutely incredible now you promote These products and every time you refer A customer through your link you will Earn commissions so you will get your Own affiliate link your own link track To you and that's how the company owner The product Creator knows you made that Referral and they will pay you now High Ticket affiliate products typically pay Commissions of 250 dollars or more per Referral that's what sets it apart so Again if you do low ticket if you have a Goal of a ten thousand dollar a month Income you would need hundreds at a Lower price point but with this only Five sales a month at a two thousand Dollar commission price point and you're Hitting your income goal now how do you Find a high ticket program to promote Right how do you find the right one Because like I said there are some out There well first off you can use Affiliate networks such as ClickBank and Jvzoo to find High ticket products so For example this right here is ClickBank I've covered it in some of my other Videos this is a big Marketplace of a Lot of different types of products from Health and fitness making money online You can actually start here you can Create a free account inside a ClickBank

And then you can go and filter by the Highest paying product now jvzoo this is Another place okay so you can go here Jvzoo is more software type products and What you can do is you can find products Now I will say these two places pay you A little bit slowly okay so they're not My number one recommendation and also You have to give a portion of the money Away to the product Creator and Typically it's a lot of the money okay So it could be 50 of the commission You're still having to give to the Product Creator now at the first link Below you can actually discover how to Partner with myself and my team with my Number one instant paying affiliate Program the reason I like that is Because you get to keep up to 90 or more Percent commissions and you get paid Instantly okay High ticket commission so You can go ahead and check that out if You're interested now why is it crucial Okay and this is what I touched on Earlier in the video the major problem That most struggling affiliate marketers Are having and if you've been doing Affiliate marketing for any period of Time chances are if you didn't know this What I'm about to cover you were leaving Tons of money on the table and Struggling to create sales why its crew Should have a funnel when promoting now First off what is a funnel a funnel

Consists of a page to capture your leads Contact information before sending them To the affiliate link or sales page now I want you to see this online whiteboard Right here this is why most people Struggle because this is what people Mostly do when they do affiliate Marketing so they go out there they work To get traffic this is simply visitors To a link maybe they make a post on Facebook maybe they do Twitter maybe They post a Tick Tock YouTube they get Traffic right they get visitors to a Link but what most people are doing is They're sending it right to the sales Page right to the affiliate link and why Is this a problem because as you can see Right here one out of a hundred people May buy right away okay and especially At a higher price point that number may Be even more okay so you may need you Know 150 people for someone to buy right Away so you get very few commissions With this specific strategy but if you Could do a different strategy okay if You could do this strategy here this is How you need to do it if you really want To generate those commissions okay so There's just one extra step so you still Get traffic okay you need to be posting Whether it's Facebook Twitter you get Traffic and rather than sending them Right through the sales page we put in This page okay this is a capture page

Now this is a page with a headline and a Box that collects our prospects Information their name their email okay The more information the less people but They're more qualified that will put Their email in or their information in So we do that now what happens is two Things happen simultaneously when they Put their email or their name and email In there it's going to take them to now The sales page but what also happens and This is the real Beauty they get added To something called an email list now This is just your list of email Addresses of prospects that shown Interest in whatever you're promoting Now what happens is with this email list You can have pre-written automatic email Messages that start going out to your Leads following up with them understand This the fortune is in the follow-up Most people are not going to buy right Away but when you do it this way okay They get added to an email list email One sends back to the sales page email Two sends back to the sales page what's Gonna happen is they're gonna see it Multiple times now it's been shown a lot Of studies online it can take on average 7 to 12 exposures 7 to 12 times for Someone to see something to make a Buying decision so when we do that it's Going to lead to much higher payouts Especially since we're doing a high

Ticket affiliate marketing now I want to Share with you an example of a capture Page just so you can see more of what I'm talking about okay so this right Here this is an example of a capture Page so you can see it has a headline it Has a button and when they click that Button they can put in their name right Here and then their email okay and then When they click there it takes them to Now the affiliate link now like I said 90 of people will not buy the first time They see the sales page so then you can Follow up through emails to convert them Now one thing I want to share with you Is you want to focus on getting 30 or More leads opting into your funnel a day Okay this should be your goal initially Sometimes people come to me they say Garrett you know I'm promoting but I'm Not making any sales and then I ask them Well how many leads how many people per Day are putting in their name and email And a lot of times they're like oh you Know one or two this is not enough you Need to focus on at least 30 because Once you start getting 30 qualified People if you're using the right traffic Strategies traffic strategies I share in My four day affiliate marketing crash Course for free at the link below Traffic strategies actually there before When you use the right traffic Strategies you can do that okay now with

This amount you'll start seeing sales it Will start to snowball you'll start Having you know daily commissions coming In because it's the right people and You're having these people getting Followed up with on autopilot now what I Highly recommend you do is you focus on One main traffic method you enjoy and Make it a goal to get 30 leads a day Okay now I say one traffic method you Enjoy a lot of people maybe yourself you Think oh there's some secret best Traffic source that you don't know about And what I want to kind of help you Understand is there's no real best Traffic method it's which one do you Enjoy the most are you naturally on Instagram we'll start focusing on Traffic on Instagram are you naturally On Twitter focused on Twitter pick one You can enjoy because then you can stay Consistent now this can be free or paid Okay both work so if you have more time And not a lot of money I would start With free if you have less time and more Extra money then you can start with paid Traffic you can invest into traffic Sending it to a funnel to start to get These sales coming in one of the last Things I want to share with you in this Specific training is how to scale so Once you start succeeding once you start Getting 30 or more leads a day that are Hyper qualified you start making these

High ticket commissions I highly Recommend you reinvest your earnings as You make sales reinvest back into Advertising to scale your business now It's a good idea to take at least 30 Percent of your earnings and reinvest Okay so for example if you made a Thousand dollars then I would take 300 Of those dollars and reinvest back into Paid advertising this is going to allow You to constantly scale constantly grow Your business so every single month You're making more and more money Rapidly hitting your income goal now Make this a habit okay stick with it Every week if you have a phone you could Put a reminder on your phone you know Every Monday morning to invest 30 Percent of what you made last week and As you follow what I shared in this Training as you follow what I share in My crash course you're going to be able To dramatically increase your earnings And really see the results you want so There we have it my friend I really hope You got a tremendous amount of value I Know this video was shorter more to the Point but I wanted to share with you Just the basic steps for high ticket Affiliate marketing so you can go out There equipped and ready to start to Make the commissions you truly deserve Now if you got value be sure to like Comment and subscribe the Bell icon on

This channel for more training just like This also go down below under this video Get my free four day crash course with Affiliate marketing to learn some key Secrets to make your first two thousand Dollars online as well as have the Chance to partner with our team with the Number one affiliate program thanks so Much for watching and I will see you on The next training [Music]

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