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What's going on guys Chase Rainer here And today we're going to be talking About how I made forty thousand dollars In the last four days now I don't make These videos to brag and tell you how Cool I am I make them because I want you To see that it's possible and if Somebody like me who started out in Their garage as you can see in my older Videos If you scroll back through my Oldest videos on YouTube can go from no Money whatsoever to making over a Million dollars a year then I believe You can too and it's not going to be Something that's going to be easy Necessarily it's not going to be Something that's going to happen Overnight but I'm going to give you the Easiest and fastest way that I know of To start out and so if you are in a Position where you're like look I know There's all these different ways to make Money I know there's all these different Options available to me and it feels Overwhelming well to guess what I've Been in that same exact boat for many Years and even now I still have a hard Time sometimes maintaining the right Direction but part of this video is Going to be show showing you that it's Not about being perfect it's not about Doing everything correct it's not about Being the best it's about practice and It's about competing in a race against

Yourself and the idea is that if you can Make a dollar online you can make two And if you can make two dollars online You can make four and so on and so on Okay so our goal is to help you make Your first dollar or if you're already Making a couple bucks double it and so I Want to show you how I can help you by Taking wherever you're at and maybe some Of the stuff that I'm doing might give You some ideas on things that you can do As well no matter where you're at okay So let me show you the results first let Me show you how much money I've made Because I don't like making videos that Don't show proof and I know a lot of People are new on these videos and so I Want to show you as well if you're new Here welcome by the way excited to have You here if you're excited to be here Let me know you're excited but let me do A screen share here okay so this is my Thrive card account this is what I use To sell most of my stuff online now this Isn't all the money I make I make money From affiliate products and some other Cool stuff as well but today we're at Six thousand two hundred and eighty two Hundred twenty eight dollars earned net Revenue five thousand nine hundred Dollars yesterday day before was nine Thousand six hundred day before was Twelve thousand day before was three Thousand seven hundred this was a low

Day at 600 that was one of my lowest Days in probably the last couple months And the day before that was two thousand Okay so if you combine all of these Together Um starting on the 24th you'll see it's About it's going to be about close to Forty thousand dollars okay so how did I Do this and how am I making this much Money especially again as somebody who Hasn't had any Um real education I didn't have anybody Help me I didn't have anybody give me Money you know I dropped out of high School I dropped out of college and I Basically just started in a garage how Can somebody like me make this much Money and how can somebody like you who Might be in a similar position make the Same amount of money as well or how do You get started well I'm going to give You a simple step-by-step system that You get started with and if you want to Follow my full system because I can only Show you so much inside one video I Would recommend you get my full program AI profits course at It's actually on sale right now for Cyber Monday it will be up higher so if You're watching this video later it will Be more expensive starting tomorrow I do add new things to it every single Month and the reason why I do that is Because I want to add as much value as I

Can into the program and any of the Products that I I make I try to add as Much value as I can in the future so That way when you buy something it's not Just something that I worked on in the Past and I'm not working on anymore okay Now I also have a full Black Friday Slash Cyber Monday package with all of My different programs and everything I've made over the last few years if you Want to get access to that I have Software I have you know other courses Go to the link in the description I'll Leave a link in there but again Everything does end today so get in While you can so anyways um here's the Last three months here 395 000 so probably around what 130 000 a Month on average and it's with a very Simple system I don't work a ton I work About an hour to two hours a day I spend A ton of time trying to work smart Instead of work hard and so when I'm not Working I'm going to be researching I'm Going to be thinking I'm going to be Spending my time I guess sharpening my Ax so when I go and do something it's Very very efficient okay and so the Secret to making money I was talking About this the other day is not Necessarily do having a huge output but It's it's being able to take a small Input and create a big output and the More you can automate or streamline a

Small input into a big output for Example if you can do a short form video That's a large way or a great way to Build a large output right now you're Spending about 15 seconds doing a video To get thousands and thousands of views Because it's so so easy to get views Right now with short form content and We'll talk about that okay so let's get Into the system okay so ideally you want To have a couple of things in place okay And ideally you want to spend about one Hour a day working on this if you can Commit to about an hour a day and you Can commit doing this every day for for The next couple months I guarantee you That you're going to greatly increase Your chances to be successful and that's With anything though right so if I'm Going to the gym every day my chances of Gaining muscle are greatly increased Right if I'm going to Um karate my chance of getting a belt Higher than the one I'm at is greatly Increase if I get my if I go to a hair Salon and my chances of getting a Haircut are pretty high right so I'm not Going to guarantee you that you're going To get success but if you put in the Work and you take action and you Practice practice practice you're going To greatly increase your chances of Succeeding okay so how does this work Ideally we're going to do step one which

Is creating some some sort of movement Of movement like video I really really Recommend video right now doing Something like this a short sorry a long Form type video talking about whatever You're working on and breaking that into A short form video is going to be a Great way to start getting momentum and By momentum I mean in a list you want to Build some sort of list like an email List a text messaging list whatever type Of list you want to build where you can Reach out to people because the truth is You're not going to be able to be Guaranteed to reach people on the Platforms that you're participating on Okay so it could be that tomorrow Facebook banjo could be tomorrow YouTube And you could be tomorrow Tick Tock or The algorithm changes and so you don't Want to have to rely on these platforms To get give you traffic because without Traffic you're not going to make money So we need to be able to figure out a Way to build a list so we can generate Our own traffic whenever we'd like if I Send off an email right now I can get Close to 300 people on anything that I Want so if I wanted to get people on a New product that I'm promoting if I Wanted to get them looking at a new Video that I've made I can do that in Just a couple seconds and the reason why Is because I spend a ton of time

Building my email list and so on the Surface it might look like I only get a Few thousand views which I do but I get A ton of traffic to whatever I want with My email list and so I don't ever really Have to worry about whether or not I'm Going to make money because I have an Asset that I control okay and so the More you can focus on assets that you Control rather than liabilities like Being on a platform that might not Distribute your content the easier it is Going to be to make money okay so you Have to do some sort of movement though In order to build that audience and so What does that look like so an example Of this is a YouTube video like this in The beginning of the video I said hey go To and do what check Out my program now in order to check out My program you have to your email so Then you get on my email list and I can Update you with some of the whatever I Want to talk about and so I get about 300 to 400 new people every single day Signing up for my email list now when I Started and I started about six or seven Years ago on YouTube I wasn't promoting An email list at all in fact I was only Promoting my YouTube channel for the First like five years and then what Happened is I actually had an email list About 10 000 people and I met a guy Named Paul James and Paul James said you

Know where what are you doing with your Email because I was asking them how to Make money and I said well you know I Actually just deleted my email list Because nobody reads their email and Paul was like well what are you talking About everybody or not everybody all of The money that I make or a lot of the Money that I make is from my email list And I and I didn't really understand how That worked and so I I spent some more Time learning from Paul and eventually I Realized how important the email list Was and now I make pretty much all of my Money from having an email list because I control the traffic right if I don't Feel like making a video today I don't Have to I don't have to make this video I I could still make money without Making this video I went to Hawaii about A year ago and I really realized the Power of an email list because what I Did is I I went on vacation I was like Well you know I'm probably not going to Make any money but I'm going to send Some emails either way so I sent an Email a day and I was talking about Whatever I wanted to promote it was Probably my my tool my shine ranker Software and I made around twenty Thousand dollars in seven days without Without having to do any content just Just sending emails spending 10 seconds A Day writing an email and sending it

And so when I realized that I could pay For my entire Hawaii trip with just a Few emails that's when I really realized The power of email and back then I think My email list was only twenty thousand Or Thirty it might have been a little Bit more maybe it could it could have Even been less and you might be thinking Well that's a lot it's not you could Actually get a list of 10 000 people Pretty quickly if you get one video to Go viral on shorts and you might be Thinking well you know it's really hard To get content to go viral right now With short form content you could create A video that just blows up overnight With a brand new account I've seen it Happen with tons of people I've seen People with brand new accounts go from Zero to hundreds of thousands of Subscribers within a single month just By having a couple videos blow up okay And so you want to identify what's Trending you want to identify what's Working and take advantage of the thing That's working while it's working and so I got really lucky when I started Because I started with YouTube back when YouTube was a lot easier I got lucky With this short form content now because I'm doing it when it's easy and so you Want to do things when they're easy Because chances are at some point things Are going to become more difficult

You're going to miss the opportunity and Then it's going to be something else Okay and there's always going to be some Opportunities always going to be a new Opportunity there's always going to be Something that works really well and you Want to capitalize on the things that Work well and build your list while you Can and then you know keep pivoting to The things that work well and just keep Building your list and eventually you'll Have such a big list that you will not Have to really do anything except just Send emails to the people that are Following you okay because you control The traffic you took your you took your Work whatever content or whatever you Built and you siphoned it into your own Platform when you when you have an email List you basically own your own platform You don't have to worry about doing a Video you just click a button and Everybody gets notified okay so very Important but the only way you're going To get that list again is what creating Some sort of movement creating some sort Of content now if you haven't watched my Recent videos on how I automate my Videos like this one this video is Automatically edited with Bots and uh Basically just Auto jump Cuts I would Recommend you check out my make hun make 100 000 per month with my YouTube video Automation strategy this I show you how

I use a tool that costs like 10 bucks a Month to basically just automatically Edit my videos and then my most recent Video before this one make a thousand Dollars per day with this automated Tick Tock system in here I show you how I Automate my Tick Tock videos with all of My captions and everything else but Again this system should only take an Hour a day maybe it'll take a little bit Longer when you're starting but it Shouldn't take too long so what you're Doing in the system is what you're doing Some sort of long form content and long Form content I really just tell stories That's what I do so what am I doing in This video all I'm doing in this video Is I'm talking about something that just Happened right I just made forty Thousand dollars in four days okay how Did it happen it's using this system Tomorrow I'm gonna think about whatever The next thing is that I did maybe I got A thousand views on a video maybe I got Ten thousand maybe I you know achieved This maybe I achieved that like most of Your content is going to be pretty Similar and that's what I think a lot of People don't realize is that you don't Have to make your content extremely Unique you don't have to be super smart Or be somebody that's really uh Successful you can create content just Showing people how you made a dollar

Okay if you can make a dollar on Tick Tock if you can make a dollar on YouTube If you can get any sort of achievement You can share it and it helps you build A following and helps you make money Because you have a following that's Opting in for whatever you're selling Okay and so for me most of my content is Very similar like today's video is going To be very similar to yesterday's video Except maybe it's just a little bit Different in terms of the next thing That I've done and so I I've been making This type of money for a long time right I showed you a second ago that I made Four hundred thousand dollars in like The last three months so ideally like The video the content that I'm making Right now is not anything new but the Angle is and so the more you can come up With angles right the more I can say Well you know in the last four days this Is how I made money you know I'm just Thinking of different stories that I can Tell around things that I'm doing okay And so every single day I just make a Video regardless of how I feel I didn't Want to have to make a video today why Did I do it because practice because Doing something is usually better than Doing nothing as long as you're doing Something that's worth doing and I think What happens is most people will do Things that aren't worth doing instead

Of the things that are worth doing are Worth doing and so they they lose their Momentum because they're not doing the Thing repetitively so for example I give This example all the time if you're Going to the gym what do you do show up Do a workout and you leave it's not Rocket science it's just practice it's Just putting in the Reps and it's the Same thing with this if you want to Start making money if you want to start Developing being a following if you want To follow this system just do something Every day follow me follow what I do not What I say and so every single day You'll see I pretty much try to shoot For doing a video I try to shoot for Doing an email or two emails I try to do Some tick tocks I do the same thing Every single day but I'm only working For about an hour to two hours a day I'm Not doing a bunch of crazy work okay and So you can put in more volume if you Want but you shouldn't really have to do That much this system that I'm giving You here pretty straightforward so you Do some sort of long-form content you Talk about whatever like some sort of Story right I use a tool called OBS That's what I record these videos with Again it's in the course at the full checklist Everything you need to know is in there And so again if you want my full system

Because you might be in a position where You're like well you know Chase all of This sounds good but I don't understand Everything that I need to do well Everything you need to do like every Single button that I click on is inside Of program and I add videos to it as Much as I can so you see this checklist This this is the one that you'll get if You go to I show you You know what you can sell I give you The products you can sell I give you the Emails that you can send I give you the Landing pages that you can use I give You a whole list of tools and Affiliates That you can recommend if you want to do Affiliate marketing I talk about you Know doing Services if you want to do That I just talk about using automation Like I give you every single single Thing I do broken into five to ten Minute videos that basically show you Step one click on this button step two Click on this button because look if I Were to show you all of that in this one Video this video would be like 10 hours Long okay and I'm not going to keep Repeating the same video 10 hours every Time I do a YouTube video so again if You want the course But what you're doing is you're doing a Long form video You're automatically Editing it you're breaking it down to a Short form video and look you don't have

To necessarily do your own content you Could clip my content I show people in The program like how to basically just Take the content that I'm doing and edit It you know if you want to edit my Videos and put a link with my course or With your affiliate link with with Selling the course because you can sell Any of my products and get a percentage You can do that you can also do it with Other people's videos I don't know if You're going to need permission for that You might but like in the program I give You complete permission to basically Copy anything that I build and if you Want to you know use my videos you can But ideally you want to practice and so You might be saying well you know I Don't like being on camera I don't like Talking I don't there's all kinds of Different ways to do this right like There's so many different ways to become Successful but I would recommend that You start learning how to do video There's people I show you in by the way In the program that use text to speech Like they just do videos of you know the Top five websites or whatever and they Show you know this website and then it Says it has a bot basically say whatever The thing is Um but here's the thing you want to Think about this how many people are Willing to do what you're doing versus

How many people are not willing to do it Because part of the reason why you're Going to become successful and make Money is because you're willing to do Something that nobody else either knows How to do or is willing to do okay and If you're doing something that everybody Else can do then your value is going to Go down because anybody can do it and so Part of the reason why video is so Popular is because so many people don't Want to do video or they don't want to Practice doing videos so their skill at It is not very high and so if you can Start practicing right start recording Videos don't post them just do something Every day start putting in the Reps you Don't have to again be somebody that Everybody knows you could be somebody That is very Niche specific right like Look at a lot of the SEO people when I Started out I started out um doing Search engine optimization I was Optimizing websites to rank higher on Google well not a lot of people people Knew me but I still made a lot of money I made a lot more money than some people That were getting you know tens of Thousands or hundreds of thousands of Views on their videos and even now you Know I only get a couple thousand views On my videos and if you look at what I'm Doing opposed to let's say somebody That's getting millions of views there's

A lot of people that are getting Millions of views and they don't make The type of money I make but the Difference is I've learned how to not Just use video to create views but how To sell things because if you can take Any sort of video and bring it into an Opt-in and then sell something to the Email list that you're building you're Gonna make a lot of money and a lot of People don't know that okay and so the Reason the real reason though that I Made as much money as I did in the last Four days is because I built a system I Built something that works really well And it's not any sort of like secret Hack or sort of you know one sort of Thing that I'm doing it's a bunch of Little things that I do every single day That add up to one thing that works Really well and so there's these little Micro adjustments that you usually want To make when you're running running an Online business and the more of these Things that you can start implementing The easier it is to it going to be to Start earning money but you have to get Started with earning your first dollar Online or maybe even earning your first Couple bucks online and you need to do More of what's working okay and so it Takes practice it takes Experimentation you need to start Spending some time or I need to spend I

Need to spend my time testing and that's What I do a lot of is I just test you Know I try different things but no Matter what I always do pretty much the Same thing same thing every day because It's the consistent action that really Builds the results that you're looking For in anything you do okay so again if You want the Black Friday deal make sure You go over to the link in the Description uh it ends today but that's It thanks for stopping by and we'll see The next one until we do happy money Making and happy living see you guys bye

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