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Hey everyone in today's video I want to Show you an unbelievable strategy that You can use to make money with chat GPT And affiliate marketing passively that Can make you as much as ten thousand Dollars a month consistently and then I'm going to show you how you can scale This I'm going to show you how to use This amazing new software called chat GPT that's going to do some of the work For you on top of that I'm going to Reveal how you can get a lot of traffic In low competition niches actually very Low competition products that you can Scale and make a lot of money with Affiliate marketing on top of that I'm Gonna go through some products that I Don't normally talk about on this Channel it doesn't involve ClickBank or Digital 24 Warrior plus these are Amazing affiliate marketing products That pay a lot of money in high paying Niches and I'm going to show you a Secret strategy that's going to make you Even and more money with that plus I'm Going to give you and reveal to you Exactly what I do and how I do this to Make money every single day passively And how you can get your hands on the Exact same strategy that I'm using to Make well over a thousand dollars a day With that being said if this is the First time you've come to my channel Smart money tactics make sure you go

Down the bottom hit that subscribe Button turn on that Bell notification so You get notified every time I post a Brand new video and make sure that you Watch this video to the end because I'm Going to put everything together for you Nice and easy so that you're able to go Away and put all this together with that Being said so what do we need to do to Use chat GPT to make money with Affiliate marketing well the first thing That you need to do is you need to find Yourself an affiliate marketing product And like I promised we're not going to Use a traditional ClickBank and all These other ones there's so many Products out there so what I want you to Do is come over to Google and type in Something like Finance affiliate Marketing programs now you're probably Thinking why Finance Well Finance pays a Lot of money people that sign up to Different affiliate marketing programs Can earn a lot of money in reoccurring Commissions and up front Okay so once You type that in you're going to find a Lot of different options a lot of Different websites it's going to give You suggestions on these affiliate Marketing products so you can come over Here let's take a look at this one 12 Best financial affiliate programs click Onto that you can see they've updated This so that it is applies to us in 2023

As we scroll down what you're going to Do is you're going to find these 13 Finance affiliate marketing programs now All you need to do is go through and Click onto any one of these to take a Look at what they offer how much they Pay Etc you can also click into the Individual websites to have a look at it And I'm going to show you exactly how You're going to do that now so let's say For example you wanted to take a look at This one over here called M1 Financial App program okay so you want to click Onto that once you do that it's going to Bring you all the way down to the bottom And it's going to give you a little bit Of information about this financial Affiliate marketing program for M1 as You scroll down it's going to give you a Spill it's going to talk about it now M1 Financial is an app that people use to Track their Investments their Savings Credit cards Etc I'm going to show you All that in a second what's most Important for us is you can scroll down And see how you can apply for this Affiliate marketing program but we'll Get into that in a second and also What's really important here is the Commission how much money are you going To make with this affiliate marketing Programs you can see here that Commissions are paid two ways number one Is you can get seventy dollars for every

Qualified funding so when people invest Inside this app you can get paid Immediately seventy dollars or you get Paid up to fifty dollars for initial Funding Network and software okay so you Can see that there's a couple of ways That you can get paid so what you want To do now when you find one of these Products that you're happy to promote Now this is just one suggestion I Recommend that you go through and take a Look at all these but what this tells me Is that you have 13 options over here 13 Different affiliate marketing programs That you can start promoting immediately Okay so what you want to do now is you Want to come over to their website now As you can see this is the product that You are going to be essentially Promoting so you want to be happy with This product you want to familiarize Yourself with it you want to scroll down And take a look at it and like I said You can see that this app basically Tells people what they have invested how Much they're spending borrowing Etc so as you scroll down you can very Easily take a look at this you can see That people can keep an eye on their Checking accounts their credit accounts Etc so this app is amazing and a lot of People are actually using this on top of That this is a legitimate affiliate Marketing program you can do your own

Research and every single one of these And I recommend that you do and on top Of that take a look at their reviews and I've had a look at the reviews on this They're actually pretty good so from Here what you want to do is you want to Scroll all the way down to the bottom Because what we want to do is we want to As you can see click onto their Affiliate section once you click onto That it's going to bring you over to a Page that looks like this and what this Is going to do is give you a little bit More information about their affiliate Marketing program so as you scroll down It's also going to tell you why you Should promote M1 you already saw how Much money that you can make and it's Going to give you some more perks as to Why you should be promoting this product And I can tell you they're pretty good When I promote something I'm not really Looking for any of the other benefits or Probably not sure if I'll even end up Using this app myself but I want to make Sure that it's got enough perks for People that are going to be using this That it's beneficial for them and what I'm interested in is how much money I Can make from this but it does have a Lot of other perks which is fantastic And as you can see it is recommended by A lot of really good reputable companies And once you're happy with what you see

All you need to do is scroll all the way Down to the bottom guys and this is Where you can apply you've got two Options number one you can apply for the M1 credit card or M1 invest you can Probably even apply for two and promote Both of them have them both linked where I'm going to show you to promote this Product so now that you know where to Find these different affiliate marketing Programs and you know exactly how you Need to apply what we now need to do is We need to get traffic and I want you to Pay close attention to this section Because I'm going to show you exactly How you're going to get this traffic Then I'm going to show you how I can Potentially help you do this as well and The traffic source that we're going to Be using for this is YouTube and I'm Going to show you exactly why YouTube in A second when you take a look at YouTube And you come into the top and you type In M1 finance app review and you scroll Down the first thing that you can see is That these types of review videos and These videos on M1 Finance firstly get a Lot of views the second thing is there's Some people that are getting a lot of Views that actually don't have a lot of Subscribers I've seen ones that only Have a few thousand subscribers that are Getting a lot of views okay some have a Lot of subscribers this person only has

Just under seven thousand And they have 128 000 views so you can See even someone with a small amount of Subscribers can get a lot of views and All these people have that link in the Description of their videos so how does Someone with a small amount of Subscribers get a lot of views well I'm Going to show you why right now you can See that I've got this extension over Here called vid IQ I'm going to show you How you can get that in a second and When you scroll down you can see this Word M1 finance app review you can see Here that the competition for this Keyword is very low but the volume of People searching for this is actually Quite high you can see that the highest Views for this is 253 000 the average Views is 49 000 which is amazing but the Competition is very low which means that If you make a decent sized video on this And you have some really good Information about this product you will Have a good opportunity to rank this Video now you're probably thinking Alan I don't know how to create video videos I don't know how to rank videos this is All too hard well this is where I can Show you exactly how I may be able to Help you and this is only an option I'm Also going to show you how you can do This yourself for those of you that Don't know I actually do have in the

Description of this video my YouTube Course that I have created with another YouTuber called Greg kononenko and we Actually review reveal our Evergreen Views formula this formula makes us Consistently over twenty thousand Dollars a month on YouTube with ad Revenue and affiliate marketing we've Actually made hundreds of thousands of Dollars and I want to show you exactly How you can do this yourself like I said This is myself and Greg kononenko who's Got caffeinated blogger we're putting Everything that we know together for you On this course to help you achieve Success on YouTube this is one of the Cheapest courses that you're going to Find that two YouTubers have put Together they have successful channels Successful affiliate marketing Businesses that we have combined Together to help you be successful as Well inside this course you will get all The modules that you need to put this Together as you can see we've got from Starting from the basics to equipment to Niche selection Channel setup creating Quality content maximizing video Performance as you can see we also show You how to maximize your profits as many Ways to make money on YouTube which is Why I mentioned the finance Niche Because the finance Niche pays High cpms Which means not only will you be making

Really good money once your channel is Monetized and in order to to monetize Your channel you need 4 000 watch hours 1 000 subscribers to get your channel Monetized once it's monetized you can be Earning insane amounts of money with YouTube ad Revenue not to mention all The other ways that we're going to show You how to maximize your profits we'll Even show you how to do YouTube shorts And YouTube short secret and we go Through and show you how to do your Analytics and everything else in between On top of that we don't leave you there Guys what we also do is we have our Exclusive coaching and mentoring group What that means is you guys get access To us at any time that you want to ask Any question that you want about your Channel and that is through our jet Video Academy Facebook group you can see That we have 647 members that are asking Us questions constantly and we are Replying every single day and there's Also people showing us how they have Just had their channels monetized on YouTube going through the exact same Things that we are teaching you on this Course on top of that you're going to See that we have broken everything down For you in 10 simple modules where you Can go through and watch every single Video at your own pace and like I said If there's anything that you don't

Understand you can very easily ask doing This and following this Evergreen Formula in just the last year I've made Over three hundred and ninety thousand Dollars Greg's made over two hundred and Twenty thousand dollars this is just With had Revenue this is what we're Going to show you how to do now I'm not Guaranteeing you that you're going to Get these results yet but what I am Guaranteeing you is if you follow this Strategy with that help we will help you We will do everything we can to help you Have a successful YouTube channel so if You want to help when it comes to YouTube click onto the link in the Description and we will be more than Happy to help you out so I just wanted To let you know that you do have that Option if you are newbie to this and you Don't know anything about YouTube Because once you get started you are Going to need some help and finding out All the information can take your time This is going to alleviate all that time So coming back onto YouTube over here And M1 Finance this is why when it comes To finding the right type of Niche and Finding the right type of videos to make Vid IQ is going to be your best friend So now that you know that you need to Create this video how are you going to Use chat jpt to make this video well What you want to do is you want to use

Chat GPT to create the script for you Creating scripts is not easy but it is Essential to creating really good videos So what you want to do from here is you Want to come over to this site called from there you want to scroll Down and click on to try chat GPT and Then it's going to ask you to sign up Once you sign up it's going to bring you Over to this page now I want to let you Know that at the moment I have been Seeing a lot of comments with people Telling me that chat GPT is at capacity This will open up it's just that a lot Of people are only at the moment so be Patient you will get on here once you're On chat GPT what we now want to do is we Want to tell this software to create a YouTube script for us on M1 finance and Quite simply what that means is you want To come down here to this search bar and Paste this in here so I've just written Up write me a detailed YouTube script About the the finance super app And then you want to click onto this Little search icon over here this is the Little box that's going to start writing This so you can see it's going to Actually start off with hello and Welcome to our video about the finance Super at now what this is going To do is it's going to write a very Basic basic script about this app what You then want to do is you want to start

Breaking this up and getting more Information so that you can make your Video a little bit longer okay because This is just going to give you a general Overview which is perfect for the start Of your video when you come over to this App when you come over to this Particular software what you're going to Find is you're going to see that you've Got an investing option borrowing Options spending options save plus Resource Etc and what you want to ask Chat GPT is to start giving you Information about these different Benefits of this app and you want to ask It to do that separately once it types Up this section over here so you can see Here that this is actually done now what We want to do now is you can see here One of the things it says over here is One of the key features of the app is Its investment platform now what you Want to do for example is you want to Copy this Okay And you want to come down the bottom and You want to write something like this Can you Give me more info On M1 .com Command e so can you give me more info On investment platform features

Something like this okay and you can Play around with this and then click Onto this What this is going to do as you can see Is it's now going to start telling me That they have several features and you Can see it's going to start breaking This down this is perfect when you are Creating your video because what you can Do you quite simply start off with this And then you can start off by saying You're going to go through the Investment features of this app Especially because one of the things That is going to pay you through their Affiliate program is their investment Side of things okay so as you can see It's going to break all this down now if There's anything that you want more Detail on all you need to do is quite Simply come over here and copy this Paste it in here and ask it for more Information so you can see we already Have two pages of script that it's Written up for us in a matter of seconds And it hasn't taken long at all so once You have your script written up what you Now need to do is you actually need to Create this video now you have two Options when it comes to creating this Video if you don't want to show your Face you actually don't have to show Your face I recommend that you get a Little bit uncomfortable I felt the same

Way when I first started on YouTube Believe it or not even though I'm Confident now go back to my first video On YouTube and take a look at it I Watched it recently and it was just like Oh my God I can't believe that this was Me but you see the growth you see the Confidence and you see how you're going To get better so just get uncomfortable And start putting out content but if you Really do not want to show your face on Camera then you absolutely can do this Just by reading out the script what you Will need to do is you'll need to come Over to this site and you're going to Need to show the different types of Options that you are talking about and You're going to need to record your Voice once you are putting this up if You want to pay someone to record it for You you absolutely can but when you're First starting out what you want to try And do is limit the investment that You're putting out when you're creating These different types of videos now in Order to film these videos there's a few Ways that you can do it one of the Platforms that I used when I first Started out was this one over here Called OBS a lot of people still use This and what this will actually do is It will record your screen and it will Also record your audio video now you can Get a cheap microphone you don't need a

Hundred dollar microphone or a 200 Microphone when you first start out if You go back and take a look at my first Videos I had a 15 microphone actually Online when I first started out I didn't Even use that I used my laptop audio Then I started using my phone audio then I went to a 15 microphone and now I use A microphone that costs a lot more Because obviously as you get bigger as You get better you're going to scale and You want your videos to look better but When you first start out as long as the Information that you're putting out is Factually correct and you're putting it Putting out the right details or the Right information for people to have an Informed decision to sign up as an Affiliate so you can make money then you Don't really have to worry about Everything else the key to this is to Getting the content out there so this is Why OBS Studio or is Amazing because it'll allow you to Record your screen now if once you Record your screen and you've done Everything and you're happy with it but You need to do some basic editing then What you can do is you can quite simply Sign up to this software called it's actually simple and Free so you don't need to waste any Money on expensive editing apps when you First start out you can actually use just to cut things out Especially if you're not trying your Face and you're just going through Factual information that you just want To get out there on YouTube so very very Simple just use now from here once you have That you've recorded everything you've Edited everything then all you need to Do is quite simply upload these videos On to YouTube now once you upload these Videos onto YouTube what you're going to Need with these videos is you're going To need a thumbnail as you can see a lot Of these thumbnails are not that Difficult to make you can get a lot of These different screenshots of this M1 And M1 and all that you can copy them And paste them and the software that you Want to use to create these different Types of thumbnails is quite simply you Can use now canva is actually Free you can use a lot of the services On canva that it's not going to cost you Anything once you're on camera just come Up to the top guys and just type in you YouTube thumbnails once you type in YouTube thumbnails it's going to give You a lot of different options there you Can see here that a lot of these have This Pro side now I've got the pro Version of canva cost me about 15 Australian every single month which is Remarkably so so cheap for what how much

I use canva and what I get out of canva But you can also see that there are a Lot of templates that are actually free Like this one is free this one is free This is free wherever you don't see the Pro sign it's free the amazing thing About camfries if you've seen one that Actually costs you money and you know And you're a little bit creative you can Actually use all these Graphics a lot of These graphics and a lot of these fonts And create a very similar thumbnail Actually absolutely for free and it's so Simple to use let's say click onto this One this one is free over here once you Click onto this you can click on to Customize this template it's going to Bring you over to a page that looks like This now you can very easily just delete Anything you want here and just quite Simply click onto anything that you want Guys and just type in over here over the Top of it now this is just simple Example but this is how you would get Your thumbnails okay so using canva is Perfect for this now when you take a Look at a lot of these different types Of videos like if we click onto this Video over here as an example And we just click onto this probably Gonna have an ad I'm going to pause that Ad and you scroll down you remember I Mentioned this extension this video IQ Extension if you scroll down over here

Guys let's take a look at this you can See here that they have these video tags This is where vid IQ comes in where you Can use and find these different types Of tags and once you sign up to vid IQ So if we come back to vid IQ over here What you want to do is you want to Download their Chrome extension if you Click onto this this is going to allow You to install this to Chrome once you Install that what you're going to be Able to do is you're going to be able to See everything over here so you're going To be able to see this extension on top Of that from there if you decide to one Day upgrade to vid IQ what you will have The ability to do is you'll be able to Come over here onto video IQ you can Come over to keywords type in M1 Finance As an example and when you scroll down You'll be able to see which types of Keywords you could be using inside your Tags Which is going to help you rank your Videos on top of that if you use M1 Finance in the title of your video this Is going to tell YouTube which types of People are best to Target with you Promoting M1 Finance anybody that's Looked at anything to do with Finance Anyone that's hooked to anything to do With financial apps Etc YouTube is going To know to show this video to these People this is how you're going to get

The Right audience for this particular App so this is why using something like Vid IQ is super powerful as well so once You've put all this together all you Need to do guys is start uploading these Different types of videos and remember This was just one example if we come Back over to this page remember you've Got 13 different types of financial Products that you can come over here and Sign up to this is just one website that We clicked onto so you can imagine the Potential that you have to make money Online with affiliate marketing using Chat GPT and you can also do videos for Example like etoro versus coinbase so For example binance coinbase so whatever Two different types of products are Similar you can do something like that Final remarks versus something else and Another product that also competes with That particular product those types of Videos do remarkably well so all you Need to do now guys is go over to chat GPT sign up wait till they have you know Some room for you to get in there they May already have opened up some space Once you do that sign up to these Different types of affiliate programs Get those different types of scripts and Start uploading these videos like I said If you need our help my course is in the Description of this video I'd love to See you there and I'd love to help you

Out because with that help you could be Well on your way to creating an amazing YouTube channel and absolutely crushing It on YouTube and with affiliate Marketing really hope that you enjoyed Today's video guys if you did like I Said don't forget to smash that like Button in appreciation make sure you Subscribe to the channel because I've Got some more awesome content coming Your way now don't go anywhere if you Want to know another amazing way that You can make money with chat GP 80 Highly recommend that you click onto any One of these videos right now take a Look at them you'll absolutely love it I'll see you on these videos until next Time you guys take care of yourselves And goodbye

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