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What's going on everyone my name is Chase Reiner and today we're going to be Talking about how to make over a hundred Dollars per day with automated 60 second Tick Tock videos now if you've never Made money online before don't worry You're in the right place I'm going to Show you how I went from zero dollars Living in a garage you can look at the Older videos on this channel I actually Have a garage door behind me I wasn't Making any money all the way up to Making over a million dollars last year Now this isn't a brag this is just to Tell you that it's possible Now before we dive into the method I Want to ask you if you're interested in This type of stuff creating videos and Making money with short form content Just reply with the word yes in the Comments right now it helps me know to Make more content like this in the Future so I've actually put together a Step-by-step notepad file here with About seven steps and it's not going to Be incredibly complicated I'm going to Give you a few different options I'm Going to show you how to get started for Free I'm going to show you how to get started If you have a little bit of money and You want to accelerate the process money Is always going to help you get to the Result quicker but it's not necessary

And I'm going to show you how to do this Getting started today because we don't Want to wait we don't want to think About all these other opportunities Online there's so many different things Going on and it's so easy to get Distracted by shiny objects this is a Method that I personally use in my own Business it's exactly what I do To make money whether I'm selling a Affiliate product whether I'm selling my Own product whether I'm selling I have a Software company I sell all kinds of Stuff online and this system you can use To sell whatever you'd like that's the Cool thing about this and most people They go well I don't know how to earn Money online because I don't know how to Sell something and part of what I'm Going to show you today is the Step-by-step system of how to start Attracting people who are going to want To view and buy your offers how to start Building a following and how to start Warming up social media accounts because When you first get started you're not Going to have a lot of people Interacting with you and part of the Struggle is really just getting your First thousand followers So we're going to talk all about that Right now so let's dive into step one so Remember how I said earlier this system Allows you to sell whatever you'd like

So there's actually a checklist that I Put together for you it's a completely Free checklist it's at And this checklist will actually give You access to a bunch of different tools That you can actually get paid to Promote now the reason why I actually Tell you to use this checklist when You're starting and to promote other People's products when you start is Because It's hard to build your own products and Build a following when you're not making Any money right you have limited time You have limited resources and so going And building your own product you're Going to have to put time into the Product you're gonna have to get Customer support for the product you're Going to have to probably put some money Into the product if it's some sort of Tool and so instead What you can do is you can take a Commission right so a lot of these tools On this list excuse me A lot of the tools on this list Will give you a 30 to 50 percent Commission anytime somebody signs up for The tool so let me actually give you an Example here if we go to this tool this Is a tool that I have actually promoted In the past I don't really promote it Anymore I kind of just use that as an Example for my videos

I'm gonna log into it here So here you can see they owe me about Three thousand four hundred and eighty Four dollars And if I click on payouts here You can see over the last year I've Gotten consistently paid anywhere Between two to three thousand dollars Per month And that's for promoting this product Uh probably a couple months and imagine If you had multiple products like this Paying you out every single month so Let's say you promoted this one for a Month you promoted this one you promoted This one and so alt combined with all my Affiliates And this isn't even my own products I Make around twenty thousand dollars a Month just from other companies paying Me because I've promoted them at some Point by doing what I'm going to share With you today and so remember if you Don't have your own products you can do What I did when I started And you can start promoting other People's products and getting set up With these products are pretty simple Most of them if you scroll to the bottom Of the website that you're gonna go to They can they're gonna have a little Thing that says affiliate Partners you Click on that they're going to ask you To sign up and it's free they're going

To give you a link the Link's gonna look Like This over here and you're just going to Send traffic to that link with the Technique I'm going to share with you Today So pretty simple And again Completely up to you whether you want to Promote your own products or promote Other people's products if you want to Promote your own products you could even Promote a service you could sell like When I started I started selling Websites or website optimization so People could show up on Google And so it doesn't matter what you sell As long as you can build a following and You're going to take that following that You're going to build you're going to Turn that following into traffic you're Going to turn that traffic into sales Okay So I'll show you how to do that What we're going to do is we're going to Try to hit our first thousand followers How are we going to do that now what I Recommend is short form content the Reason why I recommend short form Content is because it literally is one Of the easiest ways to get traffic right Now and Views and followers And the reason why is because not a Whole lot of people have really jumped

On the trend yet there's a lot of people Doing short form content don't get me Wrong but if you compare this to Something like blogging that everybody Was doing you know years ago people Still blog obviously but it's so Saturated now so many people have Started a blog or if we compare this to I don't know ads Facebook ads Everybody's doing that if we compare That to I mean there's so many different Things right that people long form Content right like you longer form YouTube videos Like the one you're watching right now It's a lot harder to get views and Traffic with things that everybody else Is doing because there's so much Competition now not a lot of people have Really understood that the short form Content Trend yet right things that are Below 60 seconds and part of the reason Why is because I think It's very hard to make something really Good in 60 seconds you have a very small Amount of time to make content that's Going to attract a lot of people and so Because people don't understand it they Don't they're not doing it because they Don't understand it and so because of That there's not as much competition and So it's very easy because you're Competing with less people to get views Okay

And so you could literally go and just Start posting and this is how I started I didn't understand when I first started This I Tick Tock and in YouTube shorts And Instagram reels and all these short Platforms I didn't understand how to do It at all and so I I knew there was Something there that I said okay well There's something here you know there's A lot of people are getting all these Views and followers So what I'm going to do is I'm just Going to start Posting content random content I wasn't Posting anything like Really uh geared to make money or or to Attract followers or any of that I was Literally just posting like videos of my Cat because I was just experimenting I Was just trying to figure out what what That what the platforms were like how Did it work and so what happened is as I Started posting content I was posting Videos of my cat whatever I started understanding it And what I realized is that you could Literally post anything I was posting Videos of my cat and I was still getting Hundreds of views now to put things in Perspective when I first started doing Long-form content on YouTube like the Video you're watching right now And if you look back you can see years And years and years of me doing

Long-form content I've done thousands And thousands of videos And the difference now is that It's so easy to spend 60 seconds to get The same amount of output as the as what I used to get when I first started doing 30 to 40 minute videos if you look at Some of my older videos you'll see A couple hundred views on a video And that's me spending 30 to 40 minutes Right now for 60 seconds you could Literally get not just 200 views on on YouTube not just 200 views on Instagram Not just 200 views on Facebook almost Every social media platform now Supports short form content and so you Could take one video One 60 second video And repurpose it across 10 different Platforms and by repurpose I mean just Repost the same video and get 10x the Output okay so we're seeing people Including ourselves because we have a Bunch of different accounts we're Building with brand new accounts posting Thousands of views With just even one social media platform Then again you combine that by 10 mult Uh social media platforms you can get a Lot a lot of traction okay Now don't take my word for it I have a Full presentation set up for this by the Way you can go through it if you go to uh you can go check out All the different people

That we've basically ran case studies on And you can see how much traction They've been getting just starting out Earning money It's a great presentation it's about 40 Minutes it took me about four days to Put together go check it out but I'm not going to Dive too deep into that because I want To show you the method I don't want to Spend all this time trying to convince You how great it is because If you go here you'll watch the Presentation and see it for yourself So what you're going to do is you're Going to try to hit a thousand followers Now Ideally In an ideal world you would do one short Form video a day how do you do that well You can bring out open your cell phone Go on Tick Tock or record with your Camera and you would create a video How do you create the video well you Could take my content as an example There's plenty of people that are taking My content let's say on YouTube they go To the short section of my channel And they go and look at the video and They recreate it now you could do that By either clicking on the video And you could listen to the video and Recreate it as you listen to it or you Could copy the actual URL go to the long

There's another there's another section Of YouTube here if you go to shorts You don't get the real like video you Just get the short video but if you copy The URL and plug it into your browser You can get the real video and what you Can do on the real video is you can Click on show transcript and then you Could break down the transcript so you Could read off the transcript and change This over to whatever your offer is Now I'm not saying to completely just Rip me off I'm saying you know make it Better in your own way but the point is Is that this system already works right If you look at all the shorts I'm doing These are shorts that I'm doing manually That means I'm going every day bringing Open my cell phone or I'm using Something like OBS project which is a Tool that will actually record your Screen And create short form videos for you and I'm just going and I'm I'm creating Content and some of this content maybe It only gets a couple thousand views on On YouTube but maybe on Instagram it'll Get 10 000 views maybe on Facebook it'll Get you know 50 000 views it's kind of Random and so some videos will blow up On YouTube some videos will blow up on Instagram but these videos tend to blow Up no matter what on at least one Platform and it's really easy again to

Build Views when you're not just worried about One platform And this is all already proven to work There's plenty of people I see new People every day basically taking the Scripts that I'm making From my videos they're recreating the Videos in their own way and they're Getting a ton of traction getting a ton Of views and and People following them okay Now one of the ways you can actually Turn your views and your followers Into Cash is you can send traffic either to One of the affiliate links I showed you Earlier Right here on the scary toolbox Checklist Or You can well I would if I were you Start by just sending them to something Like an affiliate link and eventually as You start to get traction because you're Not going to make a ton of money when You start you're not going to get a lot Of traffic but as you start to get more And more traffic you would want to start Building an email list So what does that look like so there's Different tools that you can use one is Called one's called convertkit There's all these different crms it

Doesn't really matter what you use as Long as whatever you're using lets you Send emails and capture emails but this Is what I use it's called convertkit you Can see I have 174 000 people who have Subscribed to my email list and most of Those people are from the short form Content I'm talking about Now as you start to build your email List you can see I have 200 people who Enter their email to learn more about my Products today I can sell whatever I Want so if I want to sell uh week one I Want to sell this tool and then week two I want to sell this tool in week three I Want to sell this tool it doesn't matter Because I can sell whatever I want Because I have a list of people that Have opted in to learn more about Whatever these things are and ideally You'd stick to a certain Niche right you Would stay within let's say if you're Going to be talking about websites and You'd have a bunch of tools around Different websites if you're talking About making money if you're gonna be Talking about health you get the point You're going to be talking you're going To stay in that Niche so whatever you Build your list for is going to be Relevant to that Niche Now setting up Opt-ins is pretty simple within Something like convertkit you can go to Landing pages and then you just click on

Create new and you get a bunch of Different Templates and things that you can use so This is the one I use for our uh boot Camp I was telling you about earlier With the presentation it's called the AI Cash Cow at and some When you go to that link if you have Already gone to it you'll see this it Says enter your email when they enter Their email or when you enter your email Then I can actually automate the Follow-up and so I'm not telling you to Do all this when you start because a lot Of people get really caught up on this They go well I don't have my automation Set up I don't have my emails set up I Don't have all this stuff set up don't Worry about having it all set up when You start First thing that you need to do is just Get started posting content even if it's A video of your cat be start working on Consistency most people fail not because They don't have the system they fail Because they aren't consistent at doing Something over and over and over okay And so if you don't have all this fancy Stuff set up it's not that important Because you have to have the people in The first place in order to bring them In to a system in order to bring them Into an automation I'm just showing you kind of what

Happens on the back end okay So what you're going to do is you're Either going to create your own videos Like I told you earlier or you're going To clip content from a website I already Have set up for you called and basically what This is is you get access a couple uh Things like 20 30 bucks a month But before you buy that hold on let me Tell you at the end of this I actually Have an offer for you you can stick Around and I'll actually include this in Here but For about 20 to 30 bucks a month if you Just want this as a standalone you Basically get uh rights and access to my Long form content And the way that works is you get in You get my long form videos which are Basically the videos I post pretty much Every single day on on YouTube these are Long form videos here and you can Actually clip these videos but what's Even cooler is you can have somebody Else clip these videos for you so we Actually have a team of it's called va's If you don't know what a VA as it stands For virtual assistant it means somebody That will actually go and do different Tasks for you online like let's say Respond to emails or comment on people's Social posts or whatever you need that's More manual that you don't want to spend

Time on you can hire a VA to do and you Can hire them for around one to two Dollars per short form video So you can have a VA go and take all of The content that we give you the long Form content if you don't feel like Doing the long form content yourself and You can have them clip that content into Short form content now we've actually Built a system and I'm running this on a Ton of different accounts On you know Tick Tock Instagram all These different platforms where we're Taking Long form content like this and we're We're having a team we have about eight Different va's right now going and Clipping content I'm trying to find this On the other screen that's why I'm Looking over here They're going and clipping content and They are essentially just Automating the whole process let me Actually see if I can find this post Really quick just because I wanted to Show you this But we have a Google sheet where They take the long form content they Upload it in Google Drive and they link It in the Google sheet and we have this System set up for you where if you don't Want to do the editing if you don't want To do the content yourself if you don't Really want to do anything you can grab

Our system You can hand this you can hire a VA with Our template Because we actually have a checklist That you give the the VA when they start I can't find the stupid post just Imagine a Google sheet with a bunch of Links in it with you know our short form Content that they're uploading to all These different social profiles But What you can do is you can hand this uh Template to a VA it'll train them It will do everything that you need in Order to get set up and you're going to Have an automated system where people Are basically just creating the content For you and posting it for you Sorry I have really bad OCD and I really Wanted to show you this And I just can't seem to find it Anywhere I think it's right here It is sorry about that so this is what It looks like So this is just one of the sheets Basically and so this is our different Videos right all of our long form videos Or these are our different channels over Here is our different videos and so this Is actually multiple different social Channels so like let's say we have one Brand right you know let's call it I Don't know Chase Runner shorts this is

All of the social media profiles Associated with this so so YouTube Facebook page Instagram page Tick Tock Pinterest Twitter and so we're having Our va's clip a piece of content every Day and post it across all of those Platforms then they're taking another Clip and they're posting across all These platforms the way they're doing That is again we're training them with We have a checklist where we hand it Hand it to them it's called the short Form checklist and the short form Checklist basically just gives them a Full walkthrough of how to edit the Videos how to add call to actions the Video how to add the affiliate links and So The cool thing is you could either go Through the short form checklist Yourself if you wanted to or you could Just hand it to a VA let me show you how That works so What I would recommend you do is I would Recommend you join our group and our Live trainings because we have we have So much built for you on the back end Okay and the price is actually going up Today so if you're not in and you're Watching this later the price will be Higher we raise the price about once a Week And so what you do is you join it's Again Watch the full presentation

Because I I give you a lot more concise Information on how to do this within That presentation when you click on this Video when you're here but We basically give you the step-by-step System that allows you to automate your Income with these 60 second videos and Automate your videos right if you don't Want to do all this stuff yourself Because I kind of showed you how to do It today but again you're going to have To go you're going to have to go learn Cap cut you're gonna have to learn how To clip content you're gonna have to Learn how to make Your videos you're gonna have to learn How to set up your email list there's All these things you're going to want to Learn And so you could do that yourself or you Could just grab our checklist we have a Short form content checklist where We show you step one here's how you set Up your email list here's the button you Click on here's and again if you don't Want to do it just hand it to a VA and They'll go and learn it and they'll set It all up for you because you're going To have the checklist right you're going To get all of my previous classes and Courses I have I have so many hours I Have hundreds of hours of courses I've Created over I've been doing courses for Three years you can go watch all of the

Older content I've done if you want to Go back through it You get our private messenger group chat This is a great place to be we got a Bunch of people in our group chat here Where you can ask questions in Iraq one Of the best things you can do when You're starting is just be around a Bunch of other people that are are Taking action as well in their and They're they're trying to implement the Process so we have a lot of people in Our classes in our live chat it's 24 7 And you can just start being involved And get help in real time You're gonna get our boot camp where we Go live on Zoom Um it's an eight week boot camp where You can watch the replays too as well uh If you have if you missed the the older Classes but you get our boot camp where You get to learn from myself and my Other coaches How to get set up and I we basically Show you live how to do it where you can Ask questions I literally go on camera I'll interact With you and you can basically get help In real time as well if you're not just Wanting to get help within the group Chat you get our email swipe files so We'll give you the whole automation We'll give you every email we send so That you can use the exact same emails

We're using We give you the products to sell if you Don't want to build your own products we Have a ton of products that you can Start selling I have a software company Uh you know with thousands of people who Use the software it's a software that Makes hundreds of thousands of dollars a Year and it's a great software we're Spending tens of thousands of dollars a Month developing it You get our done for you marketplace Where you can hire our team to get Everything set up if you don't even want To hire your VA you want somebody else To do it for you you're going to get our Entire video Content Library which is The viral video Vault so you don't have To be in the videos if you don't want to You get 24 7 support with whatever you Need whenever you need it so my team Will help you whenever like any time day Or night if you contact us will help you You get our latest techniques Everything you get our our T our Google Sheets that we're using in our own Business that our team is using so you Can get set up with all the things you Need social accounts you know posting The full automated system And so I would get in right now while The price is what it's at again the Price is going to be way higher in the Future and so

This is one of the best things you can Do if you want to get started because It's what I'm doing literally every Single day and uh I I basically build Products to make things extremely easy For you again you can get started Manually or you can spend a few hundred Bucks and get everything accelerated and You can become successful at a way Faster pace so that's it for today Thanks for stopping by again if you're Not in go watch the Full presentation join the classes join The system I don't think you're going to Have any regrets on it so we'll see you Very soon until we do happy money making We'll see you bye

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