How To Get Leads From Youtube For ANY Business! (Secrets REVEALED)

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In this video I'm going to share how to Get leads from YouTube now I've Personally generated thousands of leads On YouTube over the last five years and In this video I'm going to reveal some Very simple key secrets so you can go Ahead and post simple videos and Generate leads on autopilot but before I Do that let's go ahead and roll the Intro And in this video I'm going to reveal Some Powerful Secrets but if you do want To go further with YouTube marketing be Sure you go to the link under this video And get access to my step-by-step Training where I go even more in depth You know on my journey I tried a lot of Different things to generate leads Online you know I tried Facebook Instagram Twitter now they all work but A lot of the ways to Market are very Active meaning you have to show up every Single day in your business when it Comes to Facebook you have to post every Single day typically if you want to get Momentum with Twitter it's even more Often you know you're tweet pushes down Every hour or so so you're constantly Posting it's a lot of work but with YouTube Once you plant the seed of a Video you post a video that video will Be up there forever you know I still Have videos that I posted five years ago That are generating me leads and sales

So this is incredibly powerful when it Comes to you and your business so the First step is you need to actually Create a YouTube channel so if you see Right here I found this channel this is All about health and fitness right so The very first step is you want to Create a channel on YouTube around a Specific topic or Niche now this one is Health and fitness so you can see this Person is constantly sharing videos that Have to do with this specific Niche what You want to realize is the riches are in The niches you know a lot of people I See that are doing YouTube incorrectly Are posting random videos you know one Day they're posting a video about you Know dogs the next day they're posting a Video about losing weight and and your Audience is confused you know what you Want to do is you want to build Subscribers you want to build viewers And the way you do that is through Consistently solving problems of your Niche okay so whatever Niche you're in If you already have a business whatever Niche you're in you want to create a Channel and typically name it something Or you can name it your name okay if you Want to do a personal brand but you want To make it relevant around your Niche You can see right here that you know in My channel for example I teach people Affiliate marketing in online internet

Marketing right so every single video I'm doing has to do with that so people That follow me and I've built on this One channel you know right around 88 000 Subscribers people that follow me know That I'm going to be posting typically Affiliate marketing videos so again People are not confused so that's the First step you want to create a channel And you want to make it around a Specific Niche now once you do that you Want to post videos that people are Actually looking for the second problem Most people have is rather than just Posting random videos they're making Videos on topics that no one is even Searching for so understand this YouTube Is the second largest search engine Second to Google right and Google owns YouTube so YouTube is a search engine so When people go to YouTube and they go to The very top Of this search bar and they start typing They're looking to solve problems now Some people go to YouTube for Entertainment but we're interested in Actually providing value and education In our videos so one way you can really Find topics of your videos again you Don't just want to do random videos is You can literally go to the top and you Can start typing a few words that have To do with your Niche so let's say your Niche is in health and fitness I can do

How to lose And you can see right here how to lose Belly fat fast how to lose weight fast YouTube is sharing with us Keywords that actual people are Searching the reason they're showing This is because it's very common Searches from people so what you want to Typically do is take one of these Keywords and you want to make that the Title of your video Okay so again how to lose and you can do Anything how to make money Okay from you can see all these Different keywords show up And you can do it for anything how to Trade Forex for beginners how to trade Forex On phone so this is going to give you The topics now you want to put this Title in the title of your video you Want to put it in the tags you want to Put in the in the description you Basically want to tell YouTube hey this Is what this video is about right this Is about this specific topic because Again you don't just want to be posting Random videos now you may think okay Well what do I say in the video right What if I don't know that topic or I Don't know how to help people it's very Very simple so let's use the health and Fitness example let's say you're in the Health and fitness Niche you're

Promoting a product in that Niche you've Created a channel that has to do with Health and fitness okay possibly like This one now we want to find a keyword Okay so I could do You know how to lose weight Okay without exercise let's say that's The key word I want to Target well what You can do is you can literally go to Google okay and I I searched a different One but I could do how to lose weight Without exercise right that's actually a Keyword I can search that I can Literally find an article okay like this One I can open up this article and then I can literally just read over it maybe Take five of the tips in that article And then I can basically do a video Sharing five tips to lose weight without Exercise so you're basically finding Articles and you're just making that in Video form so again you've created the Channel that's very Niche specific You're actually creating videos on Topics people are searching you're Titling your videos those topics so they Start to show up in YouTube and then in The video you're giving value okay you Want to actually teach people valuable Information that pertains to that topic Of the video and then the last thing When it comes to this specific video That I want to share with you is you Want to always give a call to action in

Your videos you always want to tell People go to the link under the video Now you want to give people a compelling Reason so if you're in the health and Fitness Niche maybe you're promoting a Product that teaches people how to lose Five pounds in 10 days so at the end of Your video If you teach people how to Lose weight without exercise you can say Hey you know obviously I can't teach Everything in this video if you want to Learn how to lose five pounds in 10 days Be sure you go to the link below and Check that out And that's it right so you're giving People a reason to go to the link and When they go to the link under your Video okay you want to actually put the Link underneath your video you can see This is one of my videos I have my my Link right here okay so you always want To put your link under the video when People go to that link you've Successfully generated a lead right and It's really that simple now obviously There's way more detail there's how to Actually rank what are the factors on Ranking how to create compelling Thumbnails very easily how to get other People to create your videos or how to Even create videos without showing your Face again if you want to learn all that And go more in depth be sure to go to The link under this video I have a

Training where I walk you through very Very step by step over the shoulder but Until next time my friend I really hope You enjoyed learning some of these key Secrets to how to get leads from YouTube If you like this video like the video Also subscribe the Bell icon I'll be Posting more videos just like this and Until next time thanks for watching and I will see you on my next video Thank you

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