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Hello wonderful ladies my name is Amanda Obeya and I'm so excited to bring you a Training today about the only five-step Sales process you need to understand and Implement in your business so you can Increase your sales by 30 so for those Of you who don't know who I am my name Is Amanda obey I'm one of the top female Sales trainers online I kind of call Myself the sales translator I had to Learn from a lot of men and now I Translate it in a way that makes sense And feels better to women because Sometimes the men can be A little too much a little too much and A little thirsty and none of us want to Do that so I'm the self-proclaimed sales Translator I've been in sales for 15 Years and Um I love what I do and I love to teach Women these really valuable skill sets I Have a team member who when I taught her She needed when I told her she needed to Learn sales she actually went from Crying and almost quitting her job to Now closing sales worth thousands of Dollars and I'm going to teach you Exactly what I have taught her in fact The diagram I'll be showing you today It's because I was trying to help her Understand something and now she closes Sales left and right Um other clients have gotten results in As little as three days so you know

We've been at this for a while and this Five-step process that I'm going to Teach you it works it's proven if you Work it it works so let's pull up the Slides real quick so I can show you guys Exactly what I mean so today we're going To be talking about the sales flywheel And the five-step process you may have Seen me talk about this before but I'm Going to be going a little deeper into Each stage of the process today I'm Going to be talking specifically about Prospecting uh but I'm gonna I'm gonna Lay out the five-step process for you And then I'm going to go deeper into Some of the other ones so my apologies We're just going to do the five steps Today I'm going to tell you the skills That are needed and then moving forward We'll be talking more about the skills Themselves so stage one is called either The Outreach or the greeting in my Company we call that engage it is the Engagement stage and that means either Your marketing and getting a lot of Attention and leads are coming into your Funnel or as most of you need to be Doing and every business needs to be Doing this you're doing business Development and going out into the Marketplace and putting yourself in Front of new people from there we move Into oh and in that part uh we need to Talk about prospecting so if you're

Going out and talking to new people how Do you get in front of the right people We talk about Outreach what do you say At the end of this live stream I'm going To help you with that Outreach what do You say if somebody gives you knee-jerk Reactions I'm not interested I need to Think about it I need to do stop calling Me whatever stop dming me how do you Respond to that and then keep them Moving through a sales process and then Of course follow-up because people are Very busy and distracted from there we Go into phase two this is called Qualifying and booking the call a lot of People drop the ball in the qualifying And then they end up wasting a lot of Time with people who don't have the Money to pay them people who aren't Serious drop it in the comments and let Me know if you've gotten on closing Calls with people who weren't serious And you were just absolutely tired of Dealing with them that means there's a Qualifying problem that we need to work On and then of course booking the call And making sure people actually show up To the call from and then there's Certain skill sets that are required There and one of the skill sets it's Knowing how to ask really good questions So that you know you know do they have The money to pay me do they have a Problem I can solve and then how do I

Move them on to any actual closing call So in stage three it goes by many Different names it goes by demo closing Call enrollment call consultation call It's all the same thing and in that Stage there's lots of things that are Going on at the same time so you need to Understand pre-close intentions this Kind of sets the tone for the whole call Again you need to know how to ask some Pretty good questions in order to be Able to match buyers up with the right Product you need to be able to pitch the Product then you and talk about it in a Way where people actually want to buy it You need to be able to talk about the Investment you also need to learn if It's if it qualifies not everybody here Is going to be here but let's say you're Selling software or a physical tangible Product then you would need to know how To demo it and show the product from There you would go into closing how do You actually close the sale a lot of People and a lot of women specifically Just don't ask for the money so how do You ask for the money how do you close The sale how do you close the loop and Get the sale across the finish line and Then also objection handling if they Tell you I can't afford it I need to Think about it maybe I'm going to do it Later I'll do it in three months I'll do It in next quarter can you send me more

Information how do you deal with all That and close the sale then we go into Follow-up if they did not close the sale Not not every not even the best sales People have 100 close rate so you're not Always going to be able to close the Sale but how do you follow up with those People how do you keep them engaged how Do you eventually get them across the Finish Line because you will eventually Get them across the finish line and how Do you do it in weights that are Creative and actually get people's Attention and then finally we have step Five of the process which is what is What is your process for reaching out to People who've already paid you Um and how do you either upsell them Down sell them cross-sell them or have Them send you referrals or even give you A testimonial how do you do that so That's the five-step sales process we've Helped our clients implement this into Their businesses and their sales have Completely skyrocketed on average They're seeing a 30 increase in uh you Know 45 days or so but as you're gonna See we've got some clients who get some Insane results in as little as a week Because the the reality is that if you Have leads and you're in front of people And you have good offers usually the Only thing that's missing is some sort Of a sales skill so there's some sort of

Either a process Gap or a skills Gap and That is what we help solve for our Clients so I want to help you out right Now so if you're like oh my gosh Amanda But you said all these skills like you Know the Outreach and what do I say and How do I handle the objection how do I Close not a problem I got it all for you In our sales script evolved it's only 27 And you're going to get 25 plus sales Scripts plus bonuses and those sales Scripts will show you exactly what to do In each of those five stages so you know Exactly what to say all you have to do Is customize it for yourself and your Business but it's literally plug and Play these are the exact scripts that my Team and I use we even turn customer Service problems into money and this Will show you how so you you have the QR Code it will also be in the description And there's just a couple of stories I Want to share with you so for example Elisa she went from hating sales to Really understanding these Concepts and Closing a twenty thousand dollar sale uh We have actually one of the ones who did This fabulously is uh Sylvia Sylvia Closed 13 new clients in four weeks Using these skills same the same scripts I taught her you you can go grab and Then we also have Um Brandi who closed six sales in two Days we have Tamara who doubled her

Launch in 10 days we have Lachelle she Had a VIP day booked for seven weeks in Advance uh we have Kelsey who is making 10 to 15 000 on the side of her job Those scripts are the exact same things That I taught these girls Um here we have Um we have Um Rolanda Rolando closed a 14 000 sale In two weeks Rolanda had leads she just Was missing a little bit of the sales Skills and then that's what we were able To do for her same scripts we taught her We also have these two lovely ladies we Have Tamar Tamar closed you know three Twenty five hundred dollar sales in Three days again she had the lead she Had the offers it was just the skills it Was just the process and the skills and Then we also have Claudia Claudia went From you know working all the time and Making seven thousand dollars a month to Having her first seventeen thousand Dollar week within 45 days same scripts Same skills same process that all these Ladies have access to you can grab in Our sales script Vault it's only twenty Seven dollars you can get all the Scripts and customize them and then You're gonna notice that my team and I Practice what we preach so if you want To buy it just to see if we do what we Say that we teach Do it because a lot of people are

Usually very surprised they're like oh Man you like the exact same thing you Said on the live stream you're actually Like doing and I'm like yup so test us Buy it just to test us and then see how You feel as a consumer and a customer Thank you so much for giving me your Time today I hope you found this Extremely valuable and I will see you on The next one

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