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In this video I'm going to share with You some key lead generation affiliate Marketing tips so you can attract leads To sell whatever product you want to Promote online but before I do that Let's go ahead and roll the intro Now before I dive into this exact Secrets that I've personally used to Generate thousands of leads for Affiliate marketing over the last five Or six years I want to share with you That I have a training on how I'm Personally generating over 70 leads a Day on autopilot and you can get access At the link below but I want to share With you a very quick story so back when I first started with affiliate marketing I was going out there and I was trying To figure out how to start generating Sales right I wanted money into my bank Account and I started watching videos on YouTube and I got very confused I got Very overwhelmed shiny ball syndrome as We call it where it's like you're Watching one person they say one thing And then the next day you get you know Conflicted information and you're always Confused but one thing I realized that Everyone was saying was that I needed to Generate leads right leads are the Lifeblood of your business if you start Generating leads consistently you're Going to be able to if you learn how to Convert the those leads generate

Consistent income so I started studying And I still had massive trial and error Because it's very confusing but I want To simplify this very simply so the First thing I want to tell you is you Want to choose one lead generation Strategy if you look at every top Affiliate marketer they all started with One made lead generation strategy okay This is one main Platform One Main place Where they got most of their leads now You may see them now and think well no This guy's on Twitter this guy's on Instagram yes as they became more Successful they started to spread Themselves out but they stuck with one Lead generation strategy so what you Want to do is you want to pick one now How do you choose you know what's the Best one what you want to understand is There's no real best lead generation Strategy because every single platform Online has people on it and if there's People you can convert those people into A lead and ultimately into a sale and Commission so what you want to ask Yourself is what platform am I naturally On right are you naturally on Facebook Well then you can focus on generating Leads on Facebook are you naturally on Instagram focus on Instagram are you on YouTube focused on YouTube so for me When I first started you know I was Trying to do everything and then I

Started realizing hey I'm always on YouTube you know I'm always watching Funny videos I'm watching other people Teaching things so why don't I just Start with YouTube so for me that was my Path of least resistance so you want to Think about what is your path release Resistance now the second thing is you Want to decide on is free  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">marketing or Paid  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">marketing better for you because Again they both work but they're going To depend on your personal situation so I want to ask you a few questions in This video to help you decide on whether You should focus on free when you first Start or focus on paid traffic so if You're someone that has more free time Right maybe you have some more hours in The day you're kind of you know you have A lot of free time but maybe you don't Have a lot of extra money right then for You I would recommend you do free Organic  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">marketing because you're going To have to invest no matter what type of Traffic you do but with free traffic You're investing your time so if you Don't have a lot of money to invest you Need to invest your time whether that's Posting blogs creating videos creating Posts on Instagram you want to focus on Free traffic Now if you're someone that doesn't have A lot of time maybe you're working a job Maybe two jobs maybe you have kids a

Family and you have some extra money Then for you I would recommend you focus On paid traffic okay you want to focus On taking a portion of your paycheck or Your income and investing it into Advertisements that are designed to Generate leads okay because again you Want to use your situation and leverage That so you can create the results you Want you don't want to fight against it You want to go for the past path of Least resistance so again when I first Got started I was working a job as a Waiter I was barely making ends meet but I had some time right I had a certain Shift that I was working and then the Rest of the time I was free so I started To use the time that I was free to Invest my time because I didn't have a Lot of money and then I started to build I started to get leads and now I will do Some paid traffic Um but I still focus on free because That's what I started with now if you do Free traffic I want to focus on free and Then give you tips for paid traffic as Well in this video If You focus on free You can actually go to whatever site you Focus on so let's say you're on Facebook Let's say your path release resistance Is you know you figure out you don't Have a lot of extra money you have more Time you want to do free traffic and Maybe you're on Facebook all the time so

You want to start with Facebook now what You want to do whether it's Facebook Instagram YouTube you want to do a Couple things in that platform to Generate leads number one is you want to Design a good professional looking Profile okay you want to actually create You know a good photo okay if you don't Have one you know take a photo of Yourself a lot of people they have a Photo of a dog they have a photo of like Some flag people buy from people okay so You want to put a photo of yourself and Then ideally a good cover photo okay so This cover photo Um you know you can go to fiverr.com you Can create that or you can just go to Google and you know find a cover and Then what you want to do is you want to Post on your profile two main things Value and results okay and again it does Not matter if you're doing Instagram it Doesn't matter if you're doing Pinterest You want to post value this is tips Information Okay strategies on whatever your target Market would want to know so it depends On whatever Niche you're in so when it Comes to affiliate marketing the riches Are in the niches you want to pick a Specific Niche whether that's health and Fitness whether that's make money online Whether that's relationships you want to Pick a specific Niche and you want to be

Giving value so again this can be tips This can be training okay kind of like What I'm doing now I'm in the affiliate Marketing Niche or the online  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">marketing And I'm giving tips right now I'm Actually giving value okay so I'm doing What I'm preaching so you want to give Tips you want to give value so for Example you can see right here I had a Live okay A a live that was coming up And I posted this with the link now what Does this do okay these people are on my Friends list they're seeing this and They say hey this guy is giving value Right now why do we want to get value Because what happens is people will come To know like and trust you and they'll Start to see you as an expert in that Field and when they see you as an expert They will now take your recommendations When you go ahead and you know tell them To buy a product or tell them to find Out more information okay so we want to Be posting value Okay and then the other thing you can See right here is the value post The other thing we want to do is we want To post results okay now results can Depend on whatever Niche you're in so in The make money online Niche making money Okay showing that I had commissions Coming in that's a result you can see Right here I had a student okay about to quit their

Job that's a result that's a testimonial That I'm posting now the reason you want To do this is this is proving the value That you're teaching so you're teaching Value and then you're showing results That hey this is actually working now Again it depends on whatever Niche You're in so if you're in the health and Fitness Niche you can post a testimonial Of someone saying they lost weight or You can show a before and after photo of Someone losing weight so whatever Niche You're in that's gonna depend on what Value and what result you share and then One of the last steps on that platform When you do free  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">marketing is you want To always give a call to action you want To tell people to either comment below Or message you for more information so You're posting and then you're saying Hey obviously I can't share everything In this one post if you want to learn More message me and what happens is People will message you people will Reach out to you and then you send them Your link whether that's your affiliate Link your website whatever you're Promoting you send them that link and Now you've generated to leave okay now This works for whatever platform you Want to promote now with Facebook with Instagram it's a little bit more active You have to post a lot more at the link Below again you're going to learn an

Automated way you can actually start to Generate leads Um using free  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">marketing but this is just One option and then if you're doing paid Traffic okay you want to think about What paid traffic has very few moving Pieces now Google ads okay has very few Moving pieces what I mean by that is if You go to Google you know ads.google.com And you start here You can actually run a Google ad and a Google ad is basically going to show up Okay kind of like this when someone goes To type in a keyword Okay it's going to share in your ad Right there so you can get very specific On the keywords you're targeting and Then you see right here it's very little Moving pieces what I mean by that is It's just text right there's no images There's no real sales copy I mean There's a headline and this add text Right here so Google ads is one form of Paid traffic that's very easy to start With okay if you do something like YouTube ads or Facebook ads that's a lot More to it you have to get really good At targeting you have to get really good At creating videos and images and Writing sales copy there's a lot more Steps but again with Google ads for Example you just write a headline and an Ad text and learn how to Target the Right keywords and you can start getting

Traffic to whatever link you want Generating leads so these are just some Powerful tips I wanted to share with you As far as lead generation affiliate Marketing style right but you can apply This to any business online if you've Got value in this video and you want me To make more videos just like this be Sure to like this video also subscribe The Bell icon I'm going to be posting More videos on how to get traffic leads And sales with affiliate marketing and Also be sure to go to the link below and Get access to that training where I walk You through exactly how to get 70 plus Leads or how I'm doing doing that and You can do the same in your business Okay so thanks for watching and I will See you on my next video

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